43 Cute Prom Proposals That Will Impress Everyone

So, prom is approaching and you have to ask someone special to be your date. This may seem like a daunting task as you want to impress and surprise them while hoping they say yes. There are so many amazing ways you can ask someone and we have found 43 of the best prom proposal ideas. Whether you want your proposal to be cute, creative, romantic, fun or with a theme, there is an idea for you. Take a look, you will soon be taking your dream date to the prom. We promise!

1. Cute Candle Prom Proposal

First up, we have this super cute candlelit proposal. For this idea there are tealight candles placed on the floor in a heart shape and they spell out ‘prom?’. The proposal has been finished off with a single rose and an adorable dog, too. Your perfect prom date will love to be asked to the prom like this!

2.  Creative Lucky Duck Idea

Looking for a fun and unique way to ask someone to the prom? Then this idea is for you! For this promposal a small pool has been filled with ducks and there is a sign that reads “I would be one lucky ducky if you would be my date”. This is such a cute idea and it is definitely something your date will remember.

Creative Lucky Duck Prom Idea

Source: @anhdinh.v

3. Prom Proposal Flowers

Flowers never fail to impress. That is why our next prom proposal features a stunning floral idea. Here we have a vase of beautiful flowers with Scrabble themed signs that read “Will you go to the prom with me?”. You can choose any signs and flowers for your proposal. Maybe choose the special person’s favorite flowers or their favorite color for the flower arrangement.

Prom Proposal Flowers

Source: @tjsfloral

4. Cheesy Pizza Prom Proposal

Our next idea is perfect for anyone who loves pizza. This proposal features a pizza with a cute message inside. Not only does the special person get a nice surprise, but a free pizza too! Make sure you choose their favorite topping and you can personalize the message.

Cheesy Pizza Prom Proposal

Source: @hollydharris

5. Baseball Proposal Idea

Maybe you want a simpler idea or maybe you both like sport? If so, try a proposal like this one. Here we have a baseball with the message “Might strike out asking, but will you be my ‘catch’ to prom?”. An idea like this is easy to do but meaningful too. You can create a message like this one any sports ball. Maybe a football for a football player and so on.

Baseball Prom Proposal Idea

Source: @savyyyy4

6. Unique Tree Proposal

Next, we have a unique idea. Here we have a prom proposal that has been carved into a tree. This is so unusual and something like this would definitely be remembered! Now carving a tree might be a little difficult but you could always put up a sign instead.

Unique Tree Prom Proposal

Source: @jlynnslade

7. Prom Proposal Cookies

Make your prom proposal sweet with cookies like these! There is a box of cookies that are have a prom theme. One of the cookies asks the question and there are cookies with answers on. This is such a cute idea and it will be delicious too. If any of you like to bake then try to create the cookies yourself to make the proposal extra special.

Prom Proposal Cookies

Source: @sweetiepiconfections

8. Sport Themed Proposal

Our next idea is another sports theme. For this one there are tennis balls placed on the ground to spell out ‘prom?’ and there is a heart shape underneath made out of baseballs. This is the perfect proposal for anyone who loves sports.

9. Funny Vegan Idea

Is your perfect prom date a vegan? Then this is perfect! Here we have a funny and cute proposal idea. Someone has dressed up as an avocado with a sign that reads “I can’t vegan imagine prom without you. Will you avocago with me?”. This is unique, awesome and will make the occasion happy and full of fun. Dressing up is optional!

Funny Vegan Prom Proposal Idea

Source: @gennnyka

10. Beautiful Floral Proposal

Next, we have another floral idea. Here we have large lettered sign that spells out prom. Each letter is covered in sunflowers. This is a beautiful way to ask someone to the prom. You can make something like this yourself if you like crafts. Also, try to choose the person’s favorite flowers to create your sign.

Beautiful Floral Prom Proposal

Source: @laurcollins

11. Cute and Easy Proposal

If you have known the person that you want to ask for a long time, then try a proposal like this one. Here we have a sign that reads “I’ve waited 4 years to ask you this.. prom?”. This is such a special idea because the number 4 is made up of pictures of them both together. You can recreate this with your own photos or no photos at all as the sign would be nice without them too.

12. Superhero Prom Proposal Idea

Are you or the special person you want to ask fans of superheroes? If so, this idea is for you. Here we have a superhero themed proposal. It is a simple idea but the other person will love it! You can customize it with your favorite superheroes too.

Superhero Prom Proposal Idea

Source: @anayauart_

13. Harry Potter Themed Proposal

Our next prom proposal idea has a Harry Potter theme! The proposal took place at what looks like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with a sign that reads “Will you take this muggle to the prom?”. This is such an amazing idea for a Harry Potter fan. You can recreate the whole proposal or just make the muggle sign, it will be just as special wherever you ask the person.

14. Cute Sticky Note Idea

Next, we have another cute and unique idea. For this promposal a car was covered in sticky notes with ‘prom?’ wrote on them. A poster was also made that reads “Will you stick by my side at prom”. It is such a cool idea and it shows you made a lot of effort to.

15. Prom Balloons

An easy but cute way to ask someone to the prom is with balloons. You could create something like this with giant balloons. For this idea, a room has got large balloon letters that spell out prom. This is a simple idea that anyone being asked will love. You can buy balloons in all colors too.

16. Disney Prom Cookies

Earlier we featured a cookie proposal idea and here we have another sweet treat for you to see. These are Disney themed cookies! Mickey and Minne Mouse cookies have been created and each one has a letter on it that spells out prom. There is also a question mark cookie and a heart cookie too. This is the perfect idea for anyone who likes cookies and Disney!

17. Makeup Promposal Idea

Does the person you want to ask love makeup and beauty? If so, check out this proposal idea. For this one, a sign has been made to look like a highlighter palette. The top of the sign reads “I want you to be my highlight at prom”. This is such a cute and unique idea. We love this one!

18. Will You Be My Sunshine at Prom?

The next idea we have to show you is so cute! This proposal features a sign that reads “Will you be my sunshine at prom?” with a bouquet of roses and sunflowers. Anyone would love a proposal like this because it is so sweet. It is quite easy to recreate to and you can add other flowers to the bouquet.

19. Funny Prom Proposal Idea

Our next idea is funny and perfect for anyone who likes having a joke. Here we have a sign that reads “Prom? You must be at least this tall to say no!”. The sign has been made to make sure that person is below the height line so they are not tall enough to say no. It is a clever idea that will be remembered.

Funny Prom Proposal Idea

Source: @prom__posals

20. Vibrant Prom Flowers

Looking for a simple but sweet idea? Then this is for you. Here we have a beautiful flower arrangement with the word prom added to it. It is a stunning idea and can be made with any flowers. You can choose the person’s favorite flowers or use the language of flowers to send a special message to the recipient.

21. Outdoor Prom Proposal

Next, we have another outdoor promposal idea. The word prom has been created out of natural things and has been placed on the floor. This would be perfect if you are walking with your special someone as they can be surprised by the sign. If you have an adorable dog then bring it along too, as you can see the dog makes the proposal super cute.

22. Creative Up Proposal Theme

Our next idea is another themed proposal. This one was inspired by the movie Up. It features balloons with banner that reads “Are you up for prom?”. It is such a cute idea and it is perfect for a fan of the movie. You can create a similar proposal with any movie theme.

23. Cute Prom Proposal Idea

The next idea on our list is this cute proposal. For this proposal, a T-shirt and sign has been created. We love this idea because it is perfect for two people who have already been to one prom together. It is a nice way to look back on previous proms and look forward to future ones.

24. Out Of This World Cookies

Next, we have out of this world cookies. There are a selection of cookies in different shapes and sizes. All are decorated with a space theme and some even look like planets. The main cookie has a message that reads “Be My Date To Prom?” and there is a hole underneath so the person being asked can either say yes or no with a cookie. It is a fun, unique and delicious prom proposal. Recreate the space theme or try a similar idea with a different design.

25. Amazing Dog Proposal

If you and the person you want to ask love dogs, then this is for you. The sign has a message about how Hoco will be “ruff” if the they say no and each adorable dog is wearing a red sign with letters that spell out “HOCO?”. It is a super cute idea. Not only will it be impressive, but how could someone say no to all those dogs!

Amazing Dog Prom Proposal

Source: @kelseyhoeyy

26. Cute Birthday Idea

The next idea is great for creating a double celebration. This prom proposal features a sign that reads “I know it’s your birthday but will you be my present to the prom?”. So, not only is the person getting a surprise on their birthday, but you will also get a date to the prom. The flowers and balloons are perfect for this type of proposal.

Cute Birthday Idea for Prom

Source: @promsocial

27. Friends Cookies

Do you and the person you want to ask to the prom love friends? If so, this is perfect! Here we have Friends theme cookies! The main cookie has an episode like line that reads “the one where they go to the prom”. There is even the lobster, so you can be like Ross and Rachel. This is a fun and unique idea that anyone who is a fan of the show will love.

Friends Cookies Prom Invitation

Source: @ldmaggio

28. Funny Shoe Proposal

This next prom proposal is funny and very cute. So, this one has a shoe theme with a Cinderella vibe. The sign reads “If the shoes fits will you croc my world at Hoco?”. We have the fairy-tale element with the shoe fitting and the hilarious pun of the Crocs. The Crocs even say Hoco on them which is amazing. This is a very fun and unusual way to ask someone to the prom.

29. Simple Coffee Prom Proposal

Sometimes less is more and you don’t need a fancy sign or cookies. If simplicity is more your thing, then this is perfect. Here we have someone on one knee like a proposal holding a coffee cup with prom? wrote on it. It is cute and great for those who love coffee. If they don’t, you could ask the question with any other drink.

Simple Coffee Prom Proposal

Source: @coffeewavesalameda

30. Unique Bucket List Idea

Next, we have another cute and unique idea. The sign has a personalized message about how it is on the persons bucket list to take the other to the prom. We love the word prom on this sign because it is made up with all small photos of the pair. This is a fun idea and we think it is likely someone will say yes with an quirky sign like this one.

Unique Bucket List Idea

Source: @promideas1

31. Proposal with a Surfing Theme

Do you and the special person you want to ask like to surf? If so, check this out! Here we have a surfboard with a message that reads “Will you ride this wave with me to Hoco?”. The board is decorated with cute little photos too. This is a unique prom proposal and it will really impress who you want to ask.

Proposal with a Surfing Theme

Source: @promsocial

32. Let’s Taco About Prom

This next idea is a very unique and amazing way to ask someone to the prom. This one features a cat wearing a taco costume with a sign that says “Let’s taco about prom?”. It is so quirky, funny and it is great for anyone who loves tacos. You can recreate something similar or dress up any pet as a taco. A dog may be better as they are more chill while a cat could be more of a challenge to put in the costume.

Let's Taco About Prom

Source: @slyjamesthecat

33. Cute Donuts Proposal

Next, we have another prom proposal with a food theme. Here we have a box of donuts. Four donuts are decorated to spell out prom and there is also a funny little poem in the lid asking the person to come to the prom. This is an amazing idea and who can say no to donuts?! Any donut flavor can be used and you can use any icing design as well.

34. Baseball Theme Prom Proposal

If you are a baseball player and want a cute and fun way to ask someone to the prom, then this is perfect. The person asking is wearing his baseball uniform and is holding a sign that says “don’t let me strike out”. He is also wearing a baseball necklace that says “prom?” on it. This is an impressive idea and you can see a lot of thought has gone into it.

Baseball Theme Prom Proposal

Source: @promideas1

35. Unique Sushi Proposal

Do you both like sushi? If so, you need to see this idea. Here we have a sign that says the person is hot like wasabi while there is sushi underneath that spells out prom. This is a very unique way to ask someone and it is fun too. A proposal like this will definitely be remembered.

36. Friends Proposal Idea

Maybe the prom thing isn’t really for you but you would like to dress up, go out and have fun with your friends. If sounds like you, then this idea could be great. This prom proposal is another one with a Friends theme. The sign reads “I know we are just friends but can “I Be There For You” at Prom?”. It is such a cute idea and it is perfect for those who want to enjoy prom but with their friends.

Friends Proposal Idea

Source: @promideas1

37. Pretty Prom Proposal Cookies

Next, we have another cookie idea. This time there are five prom theme cookies. The largest one in the center has a message asking the person to the prom. This is a very thoughtful cookie design. Not only is a sweet treat for the person, but it features the best thing about the prom which is the dress! It would be hard to say no to a proposal like this one.

38. Summery Proposal

This next idea is so cute and summery! Here we have a pool inflatable that talks about having a spring break tan and let’s make prom the next plan. The prom proposal is complete with balloons. This is a fun and unique idea. You can recreate this with the inflatable or you can use a sign instead. Whatever you prefer.

Summery Prom Proposal

Source: @promsocial

39. Smooth Proposal Idea

Does the person you want to ask love smoothies? If so, check this out. This sign reads “This may not be smooth but will you go to Hoco with me?”. There are also little drawings of fruit and a smoothie. He is also holding a smoothie. This is a sweet prom proposal. You can also ask with the person’s favorite smoothie, they will love that.

Smooth Proposal Idea

Source: @promsocial

40. Cute and Sweet Proposal

Looking for a more low-key proposal? Then take a look at this. Here we have a small box with sweet treats inside. “Prom would be sweeter with you” has been wrote on the inside of the lid. This is a simple but effective way to ask someone to the prom. You can have a box like this with any chocolate or candy inside. Maybe choose their favorite treats.

41. Adorable Golden Retriever Idea

This is another one of our favorite ideas because it is so adorable! This proposal features a sign that reads “You & me at prom would be golden”. The sign is decorated with paw prints and next to the sign there is the cutest golden retriever. No one could say no to this amazing prom proposal!

42. Unique Fishing Prom Proposal

The next idea is definitely one of the most unique we have seen. This one features a box with gummy fish and worms inside. On the inside of the lid there is poem about how they want to tackle prom with you and if you will take the bait and be their date. This is great for those who like fishing and the outdoors. It is a very quirky idea and delicious one!

Unique Fishing Prom Proposal

Source: @promsocial

43. Mountain Dew Idea

If the person you want to ask loves Mountain Dew (who doesn’t right?) then this idea is perfect for you. Here we have cans of Mountain Dew with a sign that reads “Dew you wanna go prom with me”. It is simple, effective and fun. You can even recreate this with different Mountain Dew flavors. Try something like prom will be a blast with Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

Mountain Dew Prom Proposal Idea

Source: @p.ropose

We hope you have found the perfect prom proposal idea!

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