21 Quick Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween is not far away so you may have already started to plan your costume. But maybe you’re the type who leaves it to the last minute? If this is you, then we are here to help! We have found 21 quick Halloween costumes for women. These are great for any Halloween event and can be created with ease. You will find movie characters, Halloween classics and more. Take a look, you will never have the last-minute costume struggle ever again!

1. Cute Scarecrow Costume

First up, we have this spooky scarecrow costume. As you can see, she is wearing simple scarecrow makeup with a flannel shirt and jeans. This costume is so easy to wear and create. You can find scarecrow makeup tutorials online and you may already have similar clothes in your closet.

Spooky Scarecrow Costume

Source: @annanpage

2. Classic Halloween Pumpkin

Next, we have a classic Halloween pumpkin. She is wearing pumpkin illusion makeup complete with a black tee. We love this idea because it is cute and perfect for Halloween. There are lots of different pumpkin makeup designs so you can try any. Any outfit in orange and black colors will be perfect for this makeup look.

Halloween Pumpkin Makeup for Women

Source: @valpham

3. Fun and Unique Grape Costume

If you are looking for a costume that is fun, easy to create and unique, then this is for you. Here we have a grape costume! It is made up of lots of green balloons and she has leaves on her head. This costume is amazing and it will definitely be remembered. Recreate this or you could try a purple version.

4. Mystical Witch

The witch is a classic Halloween costume and here is quick and easy way to wear the look. This costume is made up of a black dress, hat, boots and a black glove. A costume like this will be perfect for any Halloween event and you can easily recreate it. You can keep it simple like this or add other accessories such as a broom or cauldron.

Quick Witch Halloween Costume

Source: @isabellrrose

5. Cute E.T. Costume

E.T. is a very popular movie about a little alien and this next costume is inspired by it. She is dressed as Elliot from the scene where he rides his bike with E.T. in the basket. It is such a fun costume and it is perfect for fans of the movie. As you can see, she has made this herself so it is great for those who love DIY projects and costumes.

6. Groovy Hippy

Hippies have become such a popular costume and here is quick and easy version. She is wearing cute patterned pants with a top and floral headband. This costume can be made with clothes you may already have and it will suit everyone. A costume like this is perfect for parties and trick or treating.

7. Zombie Bride

This next costume is perfect for any last minute events. The costume isn’t actually a costume. She is wearing a sexy mini dress in white, high heels and a veil. Splashes of blood are added to the veil and she is wearing spooky contact lenses. These two details transform this sexy outfit into a scary one. It is funny, unique and it is easy to create. This is great for any Halloween event.

Zombie Bride Halloween Costume

Source: @pollymarchant

8. Vampire Makeup

Vampires are another great last minute costume. This is because you can wear any outfit from a classic vampire like Dracula to a normal and stylish vamp like those from Twilight. All you need is cool makeup like this. This makeup can be created with products you already have and some blood. Maybe just buy some fangs which are in most stores during the Halloween season.

9. Rachel Green Costume

The next costume is a must-have for those who are fans of Friends. Here we have a Rachel Green costume. This is such a fun idea and it is great for those who want to try something different. Recreate this or you can be any of the characters. Just choose your favorite episode and create the look. You could even get your friends involved too.

10. Wednesday Addams

Next, we have a Wednesday Addams costume. Those who are fans of the Addams Family will love this. The costume is made of a black top and skirt and is complete with braided pigtails and knee high socks. This is so easy to create and wear. You could even try a black dress for the costume as well. Any of the Addams Family can be quite easy to create so choose your favorite.

11. Quick Halloween Costumes for BFFs

This next costume is cute and easy to wear. Here we have a boxer costume. They are wearing pink gloves with athletic wear. This is such a unique idea. You could even base your costume on a famous boxer. This is a great for those who love sports and who want to try something new this Halloween.

Duo Boxer Halloween Costumes

Source: @xolindaa

12. Pop Art Makeup

Want makeup that is bright and bold? If so, check out this next idea. Here we have Pop Art makeup. As you can see, she is wearing vibrant makeup that has a comic book vibe. With makeup like this, you can wear any costume so it is easy to wear. You can recreate the makeup in any colors.

Pop Art Makeup Idea for Women

Source: @shardidthat

13. Fun and Spooky Bat Costume

Bat costumes are another popular one and here is a cute way to wear the look. She is wearing purple eye makeup with dark lip color. The costume is complete with a bat headband. This is a fun and easy to wear look. You can just wear a black outfit with this. Bat headbands can be bought online so just shop around.

14. Werewolf

Next, we have a quick and easy werewolf look. So for this, she has created a furry texture on her face complete with scratch wounds on her neck. You can find makeup tutorials for the wounds and werewolf face online. Any outfit can be worn with this makeup. This is perfect for those who love the Halloween classics.

15. The Sims Burglar Costume

If you love the Sims, then you need to see this. For this look, she is wearing a well known burglar outfit complete with the green plumbob above. This is such an awesome idea that’s actually quite easy to recreate. There are different ways to create the plumbob and you can find some DIY ideas online. As you can see, quick Halloween costumes can be easy, creative and actually cheap.

The Sims Burglar Halloween Costume

Source: @lizmpal

16. Witch and a Pumpkin

Love the witch ideas? If so, you need to check this out. Here we have another classic witch with a black dress and hat but she also has a little pumpkin! She has dressed up her adorable baby in a cute pumpkin costume. This is an awesome idea for moms. Both costumes are easy to find in stores and also wear.

Witch and a Pumpkin

Source: @okaysocute

17. Stylish Halloween Costume

The next idea is great for those who want to dress up but also look stylish. As you can see, she is wearing a black dress with black gloves and bunny ears. A costume like this can be used for cats, bunnies and more. It is just quick and easy to wear. Something like this perfect for parties and Halloween nights out on the town.

Black Playboy Bunny Halloween

Source: @snitchery

18. Quick Halloween Costumes for the Squad

Looking for quick and easy costumes for you and your squad? If so, this is for you. One has a two faced makeup illusion, the next is evil villain Cruella De Vil and the last costume is J-Lo! All the costumes can easily be created and they are all awesome and fun. Of course, you can just choose one as solo costume.

19. Tiffany From Movie Chucky

Chucky is another classic Horror film. Here we have a costume based on the character Tiffany from Bride of Chucky. Again, this another creepy costume that is quite easy to create. With the right makeup, a black jacket and white dress, you will have the look. This is unique and quite scary!

Tiffany from Chucky Halloween Costume Idea

Source: @tinahalada

20. Plastic Surgery Makeup

Next, we have another unique, quick and easy to wear idea. Here we have plastic surgery makeup. So, she has the lines all over her face which surgeons draw. You can try this simpler version or try a gorier version with fake bruises and blood as it is Halloween. Any outfit can be worn but maybe go for a white bandage dress to complete the look.

21. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Costume

The last idea will bring the glamour to Halloween. This costume is based on the iconic outfit worn by Holly Golightly. It is a fun idea and it doesn’t require any specialist items. You can create a version of this with the dresses and accessories found in store. So, it is quick and very easy to recreate.

We hope you have found a perfect look from our list of quick Halloween costumes for women.

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