25 Badass Rib Tattoos to Inspire Your Next Ink

Rib tattoos look amazing!  You can show the tattoo off or cover it up and it will look super stylish. While these tattoos look great they are known to be painful, but you will end up with a stunning piece of body art. After all – no pain, no gain. We love these rib tattoos and think you will too so, we have found 25 of the baddest rib tattoos for women. There is something for everyone including animal art and beautiful floral pieces.

1. Large Floral Rib Tattoo

Our first tattoo idea for the ribs is this beautiful floral design. The flowers used are peonies and the whole tattoo is black ink. This is a gorgeous tattoo and you can recreate it in a few ways. Maybe you could have a large similar tattoo or use less flowers or even add some color.

2. Beautiful Butterfly Rib Tattoo Idea

Butterflies are a symbol of freedom, hope, life and romance. So, it is no surprise that these beautiful creatures are popular in tattoo design. This next rib idea features a black ink butterfly with patterned wings. It is a stunning example of a rib tattoo and you can take inspiration from this and have a smaller butterfly created or choose different patterns and colors.

Beautiful Butterfly Rib Tattoo Idea

Source: @lucasmilk

3. Rib Cage Watercolor Tattoo

Next, we have a cool watercolor tattoo idea. We love watercolor tattoos because they look like works of art on canvas, like the artist has painted the design onto the skin. This technique looks especially beautiful with floral designs, it really captures how delicate flowers are. Here is a stunning example of a floral rib tattoo, a design like this would look amazing on anyone.

4. Small Wave Tattoo

Looking for a subtle but cute tattoo? Then this idea could be for you. A small black ink wave has been tattooed onto the ribs. Wave designs can have many meanings from a love of the ocean to being a symbol of life. You can also have colorful waves created or maybe a bigger design.

Small Wave Tattoo for Ribs

Source: @cagridurmaz

5. Side Rib Map Tattoo Design

Our next idea is for the globetrotters. Here we have a map side rib tattoo. It also has a small quote around the edge that reads “dreams come true”. This is an awesome tattoo idea for anyone who loves to travel. You can make it unique to you by choosing a different map design or by adding your own favorite quote.

Watercolor, Side Rib Map Tattoo Idea

Source: @botykanna

6. Cute Planet Design Idea

Love space and the planets? Then this next rib tattoo is for you! Here we have a cute Saturn design. You can take inspiration from this and choose a similar tattoo or you could choose a different planet. If you wanted a large piece of body art, you could even have the solar system!

7. Flowers & Bird Rib Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a flower and bird design idea. This is a beautiful tattoo that would look amazing on anyone. There are many design possibilities though to make the art unique to you. You can choose a different bird or different flowers or add some color. We love this nature inspired design.

Flower Rib Tattoo

Source: @anna_bravo_

8. Lioness Tattoo Idea

Show how fierce and strong you are with a lioness tattoo! Both male and female lions are symbols courage and pride so it is no surprise that they have inspired many tattoo designs. This rib tattoo features a very artistic lioness. It is a beautiful piece of art that would look amazing on anyone.

9. Large Bright Flower Rib Tattoo

Looking for a vibrant rib tattoo design? Then this next idea could be for you. Here we have a pink floral rib tattoo. This is a statement making and pretty piece. You can have a similar design created or choose different flowers in your favorite colors.

Large Bright Flower Rib Tattoo

Source: @andrejoz

10. Creative Lotus Rib Tattoo

Lotus tattoos are meaningful and look beautiful. There are many cute designs to choose from but our next one is unique. This rib tattoo is very artistic and creative and it would suit everyone. You can take inspiration from this and just choose a similar flower design instead of the outer patterns.

11. Mandala Rib Tattoo

Mandala designs are beautiful, patterned works of art. This next tattoo shows how amazing mandalas look on the ribs. With mandalas you can choose any pattern. So, you can have a similar design to the one featured or have your tattoo artist create one for you that represents you.

Mandala Rib Tattoo Idea

Source: @tattoomink

12. Creative and Colorful Chameleon Idea

If you want a unique rib tattoo, then our next idea could be for you. Here we have an awesome, colorful chameleon tattoo. We love how the chameleon is different colors because it is an artistic take on how they change color in real life. This is a very fun tattoo and you could have a similar design or choose something smaller.

13. Peony Tattoo Idea

Want a large, pretty and statement making tattoo? Then we have just the tattoo for you. This floral design features beautiful peonies. It is all in black ink and is very detailed. For your design you can choose different flowers or you could even add a splash of color too.

14. Simple and Stylish Wave Tattoo

Next, we have a different version of a wave rib tattoo. Instead of a more realistic version which we featured earlier, this is more simple and subtle. It is just one black ink line with three waves that get smaller in size. This is a stylish and cute tattoo that will never go out of fashion.

Simple Wave Rib Tattoo Idea

Source: @lucasmilk

15. Creative Stag Rib Design

Our next idea is a stag. This isn’t an ordinary stag as the shape of the animal is made with trees. This such a creative and unique design and we love it! The use of trees creates a natural and magical looking tattoo. You can choose something similar or choose a more classic stag design.

Creative Stag Rib Tattoo


16. Rose Rib Tattoo

Roses are very popular tattoos. This next idea isn’t a traditional rose, it is artistic and creative. The rose also has an arrow like design running through it. This is the perfect tattoo for someone who wants a unique and pretty design. The design would look amazing with color too.

17. Hummingbird Rib Tattoo

We love the next rib tattoo because it is super cute! The design features a vibrant hummingbird with a colorful flower. This looks so pretty because of the colors, patterns and jewelry hanging on the flower. A tattoo like this would look great on anyone. You could change the design by using different colors and a flower to make it unique to you.

Colorful Bird Rib Tattoo Design

Source: @abrahaoana

18. Elegant Rib Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a beautiful ornamental tattoo. It is a very elegant piece that looks a mixture of architecture and nature. A design like this is perfect for someone who wants a stylish tattoo. You can have a similar design created or maybe try a different size and color.

Elegant Rib Tattoo Idea

Source: @alinatu

19. Cute Rose and Bird Rib Tattoo Idea

Our next idea is a cute rib tattoo with a rose and a dove. A dove is a symbol of peace and a rose is symbol of love, hope and beauty. So, overall this is a tattoo full of peace and love! You can have a rose and dove created or just choose one of the designs. Either way, you will have an awesome tattoo.

Cute Rib Tattoo Idea

Source: @graffittoo

20. Family Tattoo Idea

Is family important to you? Are you looking for a tattoo which represents how much you care? Then this next idea could be for you. Here we have a rib tattoo that features the word family in an elegant font. There is also a beautiful plant at the end. You can have a similar design or choose a quote or different word.

Rib Quote Tattoo Idea

Source: @botykanna

21. Moon and Stars Rib Tattoo

Next, we have another space inspired tattoo. This one features star constellations and the moon. It is a unique and awesome rib design. You can choose the moon and stars design or you could maybe choose your star sign constellation.

Moon and Stars Rib Tattoo

Source: @equilattera

22. Cute Bird Tattoo

Birds provide lots of inspiration for tattoos. This next rib tattoo features a hummingbird. Not only is the tattoo beautiful but hummingbirds are also symbols of hope, freedom, life and joy. This is a cute tattoo that would suit anyone, it would also be great as a first tattoo too.

Cute Bird Rib Tattoo Idea

Source: @nastyafox

23. Pretty Botanical Rib Tattoo Idea

Looking for a subtle design? Then this next idea is for you. Here we have a botanical rib tattoo. This one is different to some of the others because instead of going around the ribs, it is a design that is straight down. You can have any plant tattooed, lavender would be nice and maybe you could add a quote.

Pretty Botanical Rib Tattoo Idea

Source: @o4enalla

24. Vibrant Floral Rib Tattoo

Our next idea is a vibrant floral piece, that is perfect for anyone who wants a cute and pretty tattoo. It is a small design so it would be great for someone who is looking for a first tattoo too. You can take inspiration from this piece and choose different colors or different flowers. We love this design.

25. Dragonfly Rib Tattoo

Last on our list is this dragonfly tattoo. Dragonflies are a symbol of positivity, joy and bravery. So, not only does it look great but it has a lot of meaning too. You can choose a black ink design like the one featured or choose something colorful.

Dragonfly Rib Tattoo Idea

Source: @arodinho

We hope you have found the perfect rib tattoo design!

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