21 Silver Wedding Dresses That You’ll Fall in Love With

Are you a bride-to-be? Searching for your dream dress? Then this is the place to be. We have found 21 beautiful silver wedding dresses that you need to see! We know that silver may not be your first color choice as you may be thinking of the classics like white. However, before you make your decision, you need to see these gorgeous silver gowns. Every one of these dresses are elegant and will suit everyone. We have unique gowns, princess dresses, sleek and stylish pieces and more. Take a look, you will soon be walking down the aisle in a stunning silver wedding dress.

1. Silver Princess Bridal Gown

We would like to begin by showing you this beautiful bridal gown. The dress has one strap giving it a stylish asymmetric look with a close fitting bodice. At the waist, the skirt flows out and creates a princess style dress. It is a stunning silvery color and it is perfect for the bride who wants a glam gown that looks straight from a fairy tale.

Silver Princess Bridal Gown

Source: @kachmarreem

2. Silver Sequin Wedding Dress

If the white ballroom style gowns are not for you and you would like to try something a little different, then take a look at this next dress. This gown is sleek and simple in a stylish silver color. A dress like this is a great choice for the brides who want a gown that is easy to wear and that is stunning too.

Silver Sequin Wedding Dress

Source: @kachmarreem

3. Ivory Silver Wedding Dress

Your wedding is a special event in your life. So, it is important that your wedding dress is perfect for you. Whether that is a classic white gown or a unique and bespoke dress like this one. This silver wedding gown was inspired by warrior queens. It is a stunning dress and suits the wedding that took place in a Gothic castle perfectly. Make sure your dress is one to remember and pick one that shows off your individual style!

4. Beautiful Embellished Dress

Next, we have a gorgeous embellished dress to show you. The gown is a silver color with straps and a flowing skirt. All of the dress has been decorated with what appears to be a floral design. A gown like this will suit the brides that are looking for a stylish, elegant and pretty dress. You can get embellished dresses in all different shapes and styles.

Beautiful Embellished Silver Wedding Dress

Source: @happywedding.lifeen

5. Glam Wedding Gown

Looking for a glam gown? Then this is for you. The dress has a beautiful, flowing skirt with a close fitting bodice and stylish straps. This is a stunning silver gown and it would be perfect for summer weddings. It is a dress that gives you the best of both – you get a princess style dress on the top half, and the skirt is sleek and easy to wear.

Glam, Silver Wedding Gown

Source: @kachmarreem

6. Simple, Silver Grey Wedding Dress

Speaking of summer weddings, this next dress would be perfect for a summer bride! The dress has a plunging neckline and the whole gown is lightweight, flowing and loose. It has a gorgeous design and a dress like this would look fabulous on the beach or for a boho theme wedding. We love this silver wedding dress!

7. Stunning Silver Silk Wedding Dress

Our next idea features a stunning silver dress. This gown is silky, sleek and backless. It has a 1920’s vibe so a dress like this would look fabulous at a wedding with a vintage theme. There are lots of gowns like this available, so you can find one that suits your personal style.

Stunning Silver Silk Wedding Dress

Source: @katebeaumont

8. Trendsetting Wedding Dress

Like to stand out from the crowd? Then this is the dress for you! The gown has a close fitting bodice with a high neck and sleeves. At the waist, the skirt gets bigger, changes material and makes a real statement. The skirt has multiple layers of fabric which creates a trendsetting gown. A dress like this is for the brides that want to wow!

Trendsetting Wedding Dress

Source: @kachmarreem

9. Silver Gown with Belt

The next dress we have to share shows how elegant silver can make you look. This gown is long and sleek with a beautiful belt. It looks effortlessly stunning and a dress like this will suit any wedding theme. The gown looks lightweight too, so it would be perfect for the warmer weather.

10. Short Silver Wedding Dress

Next, we have another unique idea. This is a short silver dress with 1950’s design. The skirt is shorter than the classic wedding dress but it still look chic and classy. It is the perfect dress for those who love 50’s fashion and who want to bring that theme into their bridal gown. Dresses like this one are feminine, beautiful and stylish.

11. Glamorous Silver Wedding Dress

Our next idea features a beautiful backless gown. There are straps that start at the front and end at the back which creates a backless look. The straps also create a cut-out section too. It is an elegant and trendy wedding dress that will suit any bride. There are lots of backless dresses available when you shop around, so you can easily find the perfect one for you.

12. 1940’s Style Gown

Love the vintage dresses? Then this is for you. This time we are bringing you a dress with a 1940’s design. As you can see, the detail and style of the dress is just stunning. It is sleek, silver and stylish. You will definitely wow in a gown like this one. It would be the perfect choice for the brides who want to look chic and elegant.

13. Winter Wonderland Dress

Planning a winter wedding? Then a silver dress is perfect! A silver dress will suit the icy and wintry weather beautifully. Here is a gorgeous example. This gown is long with a close fitting bodice and sleeves. The whole dress is covered in the same stunning silver pattern. Sleeves and a heavier fabric like this are perfect for the colder weather as it will keep you warm.

14. Sparkly Silver Wedding Dress

Add some sparkle to your special day with a wedding dress like this one. The gown features dark and light silver tones with a belt and silver sparkles. It is all light fabric and the skirt is made with tulle. This is a beautiful dress and it is perfect for a glam bride who wants to look unique.

Sparkly Silver Wedding Dress

Source: @reemacra

15. Trendy Silver Bridal Gown

Our next idea is a trendy silver gown. The dress is strapless and is close fitting with a stylish skirt design. This skirt has a fabric pattern over the top which makes it chic and unusual. A dress like this is gorgeous and would look fabulous on any bride. You could have a gown like this one, but the dress would look beautiful without the different fabric on the skirt, too. It would be simpler but very elegant.

16. Statement Silver Wedding Dress

If you have always dreamed about having a beautiful dress with a long train, then this is for you. This gorgeous gown has sleeves and a backless design. The skirt is long with a stunning train. A dress like this makes a statement and you will look like a glam princess on your big day. We love this gown!

Statement Silver Wedding Dress

Source: @kachmarreem

17. Icy Silver Dress

Next, we have another icy and wintry dress to show you. This sleeveless gown has a beautiful bodice with a low neckline and long skirt. All of the dress is covered in a trendy pattern that reminds us of trees in the winter. A gown like this would be stunning for a winter wedding, you could even add a cape to keep warm.

Icy Silver Wedding Dress

Source: @kachmarreem

18. Unique Wedding Dress Idea

Don’t want to follow tradition? Then this is the dress for you. This is a very unique idea, it is a short silver dress with an elegant overskirt. We know this is way different to the classic bridal gowns, but think it would be fabulous for a beach wedding. It could also be perfect for a glam, party loving bride or for those who like to break the mold. You could even wear it for the party afterward if it is too different for you.

Unique Silver Wedding Dress Idea

Source: @kachmarreem

19. Vintage Silver Wedding Dress

Our next silver wedding dress is another one with a vintage vibe. It has beautiful off the shoulder straps with sparkles and a long stunning skirt. We love this gown because it has an Old Hollywood Glamour look. It is just stunning and you will wow on your big day in a dress like this one.

Vintage Silver Wedding Dress

Source: @kachmarreem

20. Backless Wedding Gown

Love the backless dresses? Then this idea is for you! This dress is sleek and lacy. There are beautiful silver embellishments too. A dress like this combines classic wedding looks like the lace, and combines it with trendy and modern designs like the backless style and silver color. It is a gorgeous gown and it will look amazing on any bride.

Backless Wedding Gown with Lace Details

Source: @pinkwedding

21. Ivory Wedding Dress with Silver Details

The last silver wedding dress we have to share with you is this stylish gown with an overskirt. The dress has a sweetheart neckline with off the shoulder sleeves and it is ivory with a stunning silver pattern over the top. This gown is finished off with an ivory overskirt. It is an ornate and beautiful idea and it is perfect for a glam bride.

Ivory Wedding Dress with Silver Details 

Source: @pinkwedding

We hope you found inspiration from our silver wedding dresses and that you can now find the perfect gown for your special day!

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