23 Stunning Spring Wedding Cakes to Inspire

Getting married this Spring? Then you need to check out our spring wedding cakes! The cake is an important part of the reception so needs to look and taste great. For the spring season there are so many beautiful colors and designs that can be used for your cake. You can also choose from a variety of tiers and shapes. If you are thinking about cakes, then check out these ideas for inspiration there is a cake to suit every wedding.

1. Beautiful Three Tier Floral Cake

First up we have this stunning three tier cake. The white cake has been decorated with beautiful flowers. When choosing a cake, you could have something similar but instead of flowers like these the sugar flowers can match the flowers in the bridal bouquet. A cake like this looks almost too good to eat.

2. Artistic Floral and Gold Wedding Cake

Next, we have a gorgeous two tier cake. The bottom layer has pretty hand painted flowers and the top layer is gilded rose gold with sugar peonies. This cake is a work of art and would look beautiful at any wedding reception. You could have a caked hand painted with any design and with any flowers.

Artistic Floral and Gold Wedding Cake

Source: @sugarfixe

3. Unique Blue Geode Wedding Cake Idea

One of the coolest cake designs we have seen is the geode. This next idea features a vibrant blue geode on a white four tier cake. The geode is very detailed and features many different shades of blue. A cake like this is unique and would be perfect for a spring boho wedding. You can have geodes designed in any color.

4. Spring Flower Cake

It wouldn’t be spring with beautiful flowers. This three tier cake is decorated with vibrant edible flowers. There is also a decoration of the couple’s initials. Edible flowers like these would be a gorgeous addition to any cake. You could have any color scheme to.

Spring Flower Wedding Cake

Source: @annelimphoto

5. Cute Rustic Wedding Cake

Next, we have a cake that is perfect for anyone using the rustic theme for their wedding. It is a two tier cake that is made to look like wood on a tree. Then on the top tier there is a carving in the icing of the couple’s initials inside a heart. We love this cute idea! You could recreate this cake with more or less tiers and with different flowers.

6. Delicate Pink and Gold Cake

Gold cakes are very popular, and we can see why! This cake features a gold cake as the bottom layer and on the second layer there are gold flecks. The gold gives the cake a glam look which is perfect for such a special occasion. You could just have gold cakes or add a similar floral design like the one featured.

7. Less Is More Wedding Cake

Not every cake needs to be full of flowers or color. You could choose a simple but stunning cake like this one. The cake is just two tiers with white icing, it also has a satin ribbon and small plant as decoration. A cake like this would be a beautiful choice for a rustic spring wedding.

Simple All White Wedding Cake

Source: @annelimphoto

8. Traditional White Rose Wedding Cake

Our next cake has traditional wedding features. It has the classic three tiers, white buttercream icing and beautiful white sugar flowers. A cake like this with the white color scheme and flowers is just perfect for a wedding. You could recreate this with any flower.

9. Gold Cake with Delicate Flowers

We have talked about gold cakes and floral designs, but our next cake idea combines the two! This stunning four tier cake has two gold layers and two floral layers. The two designs work very beautifully together. You could have a cake like this made but you could use rose gold and choose your own flowers. The design ideas are endless with a cake like this.

10. Beautiful Ruffle Cake

Next, we have one of the prettiest cakes ever. The two tier cake has a floral design on the top layer and a cute ruffle design on the bottom layer. We love the ruffle design because it is unique and looks amazing. A cake like this would be perfect for spring because of the soft pastel color palette.

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