23 Awesome Summer Cocktails for a Crowd

Having a party, BBQ or special event? Then you need to check out these summer cocktails. We have created a list of fruity recipes, creative ways to serve your drinks and more. Each idea will wow your guests and keep the crowds thirst quenched. Take a look to get inspired so you can create the best event of the summer.

1. Cocktails on Tap

A great way to easily serve drinks to a lot of people is with these funky drink dispensers. You can have a few available so there is a choice of cocktail for your guests. Each person can serve themselves a delicious drink. You can create cheap batches of cocktails to keep the taps filled.

2. Summer Cocktails Pitcher

If you want a simple way to serve drinks that looks great consider a fruity pitcher. A jug like this can be bought anywhere and all you have do is add your favourite cocktail and some fruit.  This is a cheap and easy way to give all you guests refreshing cocktails.

Summer Cocktail Pitcher for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd

Source: @theindustryconsultants

3. Cocktail Punch

A brilliant drink to serve your guests is fruity punch. You can create your favourite summer cocktails in big batches and pour into bowls so guests can serve themselves. Make your punch extra special with fruit and edible flowers like this. You can even have pretty cups around the bowl.

Cocktail Punch Bowl Summer Cocktails for a Crowd

Source: @_social_t

4. Watermelon Fishbowl

Give any party a tropical vibe with watermelon cocktails. The great thing about watermelons is that they taste great and can also be used a glass! Serve your cocktail in a watermelon to create a fishbowl drink that can be shared… or not. This is a fun drinks idea perfect for summer.

Watermelon Fishbowl Cocktail for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd

Source: @santorinibygeorgios

5. Classy Margarita

If you want to add a touch of glamour to your party why not serve classy margaritas like this one. The glass, decoration and fruit make it look cool and trendy. To make this cocktail you will need: 2 oz Tequila, 1 oz Lime juice and 1 oz Cointreau. Just shake it all up, serve and you’re good to go. This classic is perfect for summer.

6. Mason Jar Cocktail

If you are having a garden party or BBQ try serving your cocktails in a mason jar. Jars will give your drinks a rustic vibe which is perfect for the outdoors. You could serve any cocktail in these. This idea is cheap and simple but looks great. You could buy many of these for a lot of guests or you could recycle some. Have drinks on tap in dispensers so guests will have a full cocktail jar all night long.

7. Pineapple Cocktails

Another funky way to serve drinks to guests is by using pineapples! You can use the inside of the pineapple to make fruity cocktails and serve the drink in the rest of the pineapple. It is an easy and decorative idea. You could pre-make many cocktails and put them on a tray like this.

Pineapple Cocktails for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd

Source: @timosii21

8. Cocktail Ice Lollies

Cocktails are great for a summers day, but we have found a way to make your fruity drinks even better. Make them into ice lollies! These will be refreshing and can be made with any cocktail. You could make loads of ice lollies to serve a lot of people. We love this idea, it is a fun way serve summery drinks.

9. Boozy Bottled Punch

Next, we have a tropical punch that is easy to make and that every guest will love. Recipes for this vary so you can add in your own ingredients for your own creation. To create summer cocktails like these you will need 1/2 small pineapple, 1 apple, 2 passion fruits , 1/2 cup dark rum, 750 ml apple juice, 1 liter of apple and mango juice and 1/4 a cup of lime juice. The rum can be taken out for a non-alcoholic drink. Serve in a bowl, jars, glasses or pineapples.

Bottled Boozy Punch for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd

Source: @dan_manera

10. Bucket Cocktail

Our next pick is perfect for summer parties! This cocktail is served in a bucket with smaller shot glasses. There are a couple of ways you could serve bucket cocktails to many guests. You could give guests a bucket with straws for a fishbowl or you could have a bucket on each table with shot glasses they can fill themselves like unique punch bowl. We love this!

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