25 Perfect Tattoos for Moms That Will Make You Want One

When you choose a tattoo, you want the design to have a special meaning to you. That is why a lot of parents decide to have tattoos that represent their family and children. Family is one of the most important things in our life, so it is no surprise how popular tattoos like these have become. If you are looking for a tattoo like this, then you are in the right place. We have put together 25 tattoos for moms that will make you want one ASAP. Any of these will be perfect for the mothers that want to show the world how much they care about their children and family. There is something for everyone from baby footprints, to drawings, family portraits and more.

1. Baby Foot Tattoo Idea

The first idea we have to share with you is this cute baby footprint design. A small tattoo has been created which is the same size as the baby’s foot. This is a beautiful tattoo and when your child is all grown up, it will be a great memory to look back on from when they were a baby. You can create a trendy design like this or choose your own footprint style.

2. Cute Family and Pet Tattoo Idea

Next, we have an adorable tattoo idea. The design includes illustrations of a family with their cute pet dog! This is a unique, creative and beautiful tattoo design. You can have a tattoo like this created that looks just like your family. If you have other animals like cats, you can have those tattooed too. Pets are a part of our family, so it is important to also include them into our family tattoos, right?

Cute Family and Pet Tattoo Idea

Source: @seretattoo

3. Mother and Child Portrait Tattoo Idea

Photos can be used to create tattoos. So, if you have a favorite photo of you and your child, you can have it turned into a unique tattoo! You could consider having something like this designed. Here we have a mother and child portrait. This is an amazing tattoo and even if you do not have a photo, you can have something very similar created. Just change the hair and maybe add some color and you will have a one of a kind tattoo.

Mother and Child Portrait Tattoo Idea

Source: @arodinho

4. Cute Mama and Baby Parrot Tattoo

You don’t have to choose humans to represent you and your child, you can have a design like this. Here we have two beautiful birds sat on a branch. One bird is bigger and has its wing wrapped around the smaller bird. You can recreate this super cute tattoo or you can choose you and your child’s favorite animal or bird instead. A pop of color can also be added.

Cute Mama and Baby Parrot Tattoo

Source: @mardenanquim

5. Child’s Sunshine Drawing

Tattoos are a piece of art, so why not have a design created with your child’s artwork?! Here is an awesome example. This tattoo features an adorable sun drawing in red ink. It is such a unique and artistic idea! You can have any picture your child has created turned into a tattoo. Such a unique and one of a kind tattoo idea for moms and even dads!

6. Baby Footprint Tattoo Idea

Our next idea is another baby footprint design. This one features both the baby’s feet with the date and time the baby was born and the name too. It is a beautiful tattoo idea and it is an awesome way to celebrate a new baby. You can have a similar tattoo to this or have one baby footprint. Maybe add pink or blue color to the design too for a new baby girl or baby boy.

7. Personalized Kid Tattoo for Moms

Next, we have a super cute personalized tattoo idea. This design features a small girl holding a balloon and a toy. The balloon has the child’s name added to the string. You can recreate something like this, just change the design so it looks like your daughter. If you have a boy, you can also have a tattoo like this, just change the design to look like your son. Make sure to include their favorite toy, too.

Personalized Kid Tattoo for Moms 

Source: @goldtattoo7

8. Family Portrait

Earlier we featured a portrait of a mother and her child. If you loved that idea, then you may like this one too. Here we have another photo portrait design but this one features the whole family! It is an amazing tattoo and you can have a design like this created of your own family. You can include your pets too.

9. Baby Weight and Date of Birth Tattoo Idea

The next tattoo is another personalized design. This one features a heart outline. Inside the heart, you can read the baby’s date of birth, what time the baby was born, as well as the weight and size. This is a beautiful design idea and a tattoo like this will be a memory of the special day your child was born.

Baby Weight and Date of Birth Tattoo Idea

Source: @goldtattoo7

10. Mother Holding a Baby

If you want a mom tattoo that will wow everyone that sees it, then this design is for you! Here we have a beautiful tattoo that features a mother holding her baby. There is a little red heart above the both of them too. It is a stunning design that represents the love and bond between a mother and child. You can recreate this tattoo or change the design so it looks more like you and your baby.

11. Adorable Bear Family Tattoo

Next, we have another animal tattoo to show you. This design features an adorable polar bear family! There are two polar bears with two polar bear babies. The tattoo is finished off with red hearts too. This is a unique and cute design and you can recreate something similar to represent your family. You can opt for lions, elephants, birds, etc.

Adorable Bear Family Tattoo 

Source: @arodinho

12. Cute Kid Tattoo Idea

If you have more than one child you can consider a cute tattoo like this one. This design features three children with a red heart and the word love. It is a unique tattoo and you can recreate the design to represent your family. This tattoo is mostly black ink but you can add more color. Watercolor effect would look great.

13. Small Footprints and Date

Our next idea is another footprint tattoo. This tattoo features two baby feet with the date of birth. It is a simple and beautiful design. You can have a tattoo like this placed anywhere. The wrist, ankle or arm would be a good choice. Recreate the black ink tattoo or try adding blue or pink for a boy or a girl.

14. Mother and Baby Tattoo Idea

Love the portrait tattoos? Then you need to check out this next design. Here we have another illustration of a mother holding her baby. This is a beautiful tattoo idea and it features the date underneath too. You can have something similar created that looks like you and your child.

15. Cartoon Family Tattoo Idea

Earlier in the post we shared a family and pets tattoo that featured a cartoon family. If you liked that idea, you will love this one too. This tattoo is another take on this type of design. These are little stick people and each one is personalized with hair and outfits. It is a cute design and you can add as many family members as you like. We love the placement of the tattoo, it is perfect!

Cartoon Family Tattoo Idea for Moms

Source: @seretattoo

16. Kid’s Drawing Tattoo Design

Next, we have another awesome tattoo that features a kid’s drawing. This one is of a house, a red heart and there is a message to the mom too! The tattoo artist has recreated the child’s handwriting and as you can see, it is an amazing tattoo. A tattoo like this will be a great memory to look back on when your child is all grown up.

Kid's Drawing Tattoo Design

Source: @goldtattoo7

17. Personalized Baby Tattoo

We have shown you a personalized tattoo design that features the baby’s name, date of birth, etc. Here is another adorable way to create a tattoo like this. This design features an outline of a baby’s foot with all the information written inside. It is an adorable tattoo that is perfect for any mom.

18. Tree of Life Tattoo Idea

If you are looking for a unique tattoo, then this is for you. Here we have a tree of life design with a mother and child. This is a beautiful tattoo that is very meaningful too. The tree represents many things and this includes family. It symbolizes the bond between a family, the family tree and strengthening your family too. This is the perfect tattoo for the ladies that want an empowering and positive design.

19. Mother and Children Tattoo

Our next idea is just stunning. This tattoo features a mother and her two children. All of them are surrounded by beautiful flowers. This is a great design for the ladies that want a bold and statement making tattoo. You can recreate the tattoo to look like your family, and can also use any flowers you like.

Mother and Children Tattoo Idea

Source: @frikink

20. Cute Family Drawing Tattoo Idea

Next, we have another adorable family tattoo design. Here we have two parents and their child having a fun time, surrounded with red hearts in the background. The design also features a quote ‘Il Mio Mondo’ (My World). This a super cute tattoo and it can be created to suit your family. So, you can add more children, change the colors and more.

Cute Family Drawing Tattoo Idea

Source: @goldtattoo7

21. Baby Foot Tattoo Design

Love the tattoo designs that feature baby feet and footprints? If so, you may like this idea too. Here we have an illustration of a mom holding her little baby’s foot. There is also a heart too. This such a cute tattoo idea! You can have a version of this tattoo placed anywhere – the back, arm or leg would be great choices. Also, consider adding color too, the watercolor technique would look amazing.

22. Floral Mother and Child Tattoo

Earlier we featured a mother, child and heart tattoo. This next idea is another beautiful version of this type of design. Here we have a similar image of the mother and child. There is a also a heart too, but this one also features a stunning floral pattern. By adding flowers, you can give your tattoo a unique look. Consider finding out your child’s birth flower by using the month they were born and maybe add that to the design.

23. Fun Portrait

Our next tattoo is another portrait idea. This one has a more fun vibe and both parents and their child is included. It is a cute tattoo and you can add colors, features and outfits that represent your family. It is the perfect tattoo for a mom that wants to show the world her beautiful family.

24. Cartoon Family Tattoo Idea

Next, we have another tattoo that features a cute cartoon family. All the family members are tattooed in black ink and the design is simple but adorable. A tattoo like this will suit anyone and can be recreated to look like your family. If you want a bolder tattoo, you can add a pop of color or opt for a bigger design.

Cartoon Family Tattoo Idea

source: @effe_elle89

25. Mother and Son on the Moon

The last tattoo we have to share with you is beautiful! Here we have a design that features a mother and son sat on the moon. It is a pretty tattoo and the design can be changed so it looks more like you and your child. This is the perfect design for the moms who love looking at the night sky with their children!

We hope you have found a beautiful tattoo design!

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