23 Triangle Tattoo Ideas You’re Going to Be Obsessed With

Triangle tattoo designs have become very popular and have been seen on celebrities like Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding and more. A triangle design can symbolize many different things so a tattoo like this can have a unique meaning to you. We love triangle tattoos and wanted to share some of our favorites. So, we have found 23 of the best triangle tattoo ideas, you will find floral designs, unique patterns and more.

1. Floral Triangle Tattoo

Our first triangle tattoo idea is this unique color design. The tattoo as a whole is a pretty floral piece with a triangle outline in the middle. Inside the triangle the flowers are vibrant and colorful, outside the flowers are just black ink. This is a beautiful idea that can be recreated with any flower or any other design.

Unique Floral Triangle Tattoo 

Source: @arodinho

2. Watercolor Elephant Tattoo

Next, we have a black triangle outline with a beautiful elephant design in the center. There is also a blue watercolor effect in the background too. This is an unusual tattoo but that makes it all the more stylish. Recreate a tattoo like this with any elephant design with any background color.

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo with Triangle Outline

Source: @koray_karagozler

3. Simple Triangle Tattoo

There are so many different patterns that can be created with triangles. Here we have a tattoo that uses thin lines and triangle edges. As the triangles are not whole, it creates a unique patterned look. You can take inspiration from this and create something similar or add your own style to it and have a slightly different pattern, maybe with a different color too.

Simple Triangle Tattoo Idea

Source: @arodinho

4. Geometric Beach Tattoo

Geometric and beach tattoos are very popular and this next tattoo combines the two. The design features a wave, palm tree and a small surfer inside a geometric pattern. There are triangles, circles and diamonds making up the pattern. You can have something trendy like this or create your own beachy design.

Geometric Beach Tattoo Idea

Source: @ira_shmarinova

5. Triangle Tattoo with Peonies

Peonies are beautiful flowers that look amazing as tattoos. This tattoo features peonies with a triangle design. The triangle design looks stylish because there is a mixture of lines and dots. We love this idea because it gives the pretty peonies a trendy and edgy vibe. A tattoo like this will suit anyone.

Triangle Tattoo with Peonies 

Source: @arodinho

6. Galaxy Triangle Tattoo

Our next tattoo idea features a thick triangular design that looks like a ribbon. The corners are not sharp like a triangle, but have a straight edge. By using different corners and thick lines, the overall effect is unusual and stylish. The lines have been filled in a galaxy style design but you can fill yours in with any pattern or color.

Cool Galaxy Triangle Tattoo 

Source: @nastyafox

7. Geometric Rose Tattoo

Flowers and triangles look awesome when put together in a tattoo. Here we have a great example. This tattoo features a rose with a black triangle outline. Some parts of the rose are inside the triangle and some of it are on the outside. A tattoo like this will look amazing on anyone. You can even jazz it up and add some color like the first tattoo we featured.

Geometric Rose Tattoo Art

Source: @lucasmilk

8. Triangle and Diamond Botanical Tattoo

You can add other shapes to your triangle design too. This tattoo features a triangle and a dotted diamond shape with a botanical design inside. Recreate the whole thing or maybe just the triangle and diamond. You can use any colors and line patterns to create your shapes.

Triangle and Diamond Botanical Tattoo 

Source: @tattoomink

9. Floral Triangle Tattoo

To get the triangular shape you do not have to have an outline. You can create the shape with a pattern like our next tattoo. This design has beautiful tropical looking flowers with fruit in the background. The flowers and fruit have been designed to look like a triangle shape. This is a beautiful idea and any flowers can be used.

10. Watercolor Geometric Tattoo

Next, we have a double triangle design. This one features two triangles in different sizes. Each triangle has a colorful pattern inside. One is the ocean and the other a purple galaxy inspired sky. If you are surfer, this tattoo is perfect for you, but you can always change the two triangles to a design that suits you. Maybe choose your favorite colors or a different pattern, maybe flowers.

11. Van Gogh Inspired Tattoo

Love art? Then this next triangle tattoo is for you! Here we have a triangular tattoo that features a version of the masterpiece The Starry Night by artist Vincent van Gogh. The Starry Night is a stunning painting and looks amazing as a tattoo. You can recreate this or choose your favorite painting for a tattoo that is unique to you.

12. Butterfly and Triangle Tattoo Idea

Our next design is a beautiful butterfly with a triangle background. The butterfly has stunning detail on the wings and can be recreated like this or with added color. Behind the butterfly are two triangles made up of dash lines. This is a gorgeous tattoo and it can be tattooed anywhere on the body.

13. Watercolor Galaxy Tattoo

Galaxy designs and watercoloring look awesome in tattoos. Here we have a triangle outline that has been filled in with a watercolor galaxy. There is also a palm tree and a character too. You can recreate a tattoo like this with any colors and just have a galaxy triangle without the other designs.

14. Floral Triangle Design

Next, we have another triangle and flower design. This one features a flower that has clear, sharp lines on the inside of the triangle, while on the outside it is a little softer and faded out. It is a clever idea that creates a unique and artistic tattoo. You can recreate this look with any flower.

15. Feathers, Wings and Triangles

Like feather tattoo ideas? Then this one is for you. This tattoo features two triangles with watercolor and wings. There are also feathers dangling off the large triangle too. This tattoo is very unusual and creative. It almost has a dream catcher look to it. Recreate a similar design or use it as inspiration and create your own stylish feathery triangle tattoo.

16. Geometric Flower Tattoo Design

Our next triangle tattoo is cute and colorful. The design has a thin blue triangle outline on the outside with a blue triangle on the inside. There is also a vibrant yellow flower in the middle of the blue triangle. This is a pretty tattoo and it can be tattooed anywhere on the body. Recreate your tattoo with similar colors or use your own color palette.

17. Two Triangle Ankle Tattoos

One tattoo looks stylish but have you thought about two?! Here we have an awesome tattoo idea that features a triangle that has been tattooed on each ankle. The designs match but have a slight difference as one triangle has been colored in. This is such a cute idea. You can have two tattoos like this, or maybe have matching triangles with a friend or loved one. You can both have one triangle tattooed in the same place like this.

Cool, Two Triangle Ankle Tattoos

Source: @tattoomink

18. Lotus Flower Triangle Tattoo

Lotus tattoos have become so popular. This is no surprise as these flowers are beautiful and can be used to create stunning tattoos. Here we have lotus and triangle tattoo idea. The lotus features pretty patterns and it sits inside a black outline triangle. Recreate something like this with patterns of your choice.

19. Watercolor Nature Tattoo

Next, we have another watercolor triangle tattoo idea. This one features an amazing nature theme. There are trees and an eagle while the watercolor looks like a sunset sky. It is an awesome tattoo that will suit everyone. You can create your own tattoo featuring a different nature scene.

Watercolor Nature Triangle Tattoo

Source: @arodinho

20. Double Triangles with Flowers

Love the triangle and flower tattoos? Then you may like this one too. This tattoo features a pretty pink flower with a double triangle design. One triangle is an outline while the other has a dotted line. You can take inspiration from this and have something similar or choose your own flowers with different triangles.

21. Triangle and Insect Tattoo Design

Our next tattoo features a triangular design with an insect. The insect looks like a bee and it has very creative patterned wings. In the background there is a cool triangle and diamond design. This is a unique tattoo that will make a statement. You can recreate with any insect or animal, and with any geometric background.

22. Pretty Gem Tattoo

Prefer something more glamorous? Then this design is for you. Here we have a pretty gem design with a blue triangle outline. You can recreate a similar tattoo to this or use your favorite gemstone, maybe in your favorite color. A birthstone would be a great idea too.

23. Sunflower Tattoo Idea

Last on our list is this flower design. The tattoo features a triangle outline with a beautiful flower in the center. There is also a funky circular pattern on the outside. This is a cute and quirky tattoo that would look great on anyone. Recreate a tattoo like this or choose your own flower, a dotted triangle would look nice also.

We hope you have found inspiration for your next tattoo!

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