20 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Cards

There is no better way to express the depths of your love than giving your special someone a card that will make him laugh. You gotta love a man/woman with a good sense of humor, right?

Many of these cards are probably  applicable to the relationship you have with your partner… and that’s the reason why you’ll like them so much (and your partner,too).

This year finding the perfect card won’t be a challenge. Satisfy your craving for comedy with these 20 hilarious Valentine’s Day cards:

1. Loving you is like…

Loving You is  Like Valentines Day Card


This card is only for couples who aren’t afraid to joke around in a bizarre manner.

2. I’d totally…

I'd Totally Shaved My Legs for You


Women know that feeling…

3. I hate you…

I Hate you the Least Card


The 5 words everyone loves to hear.

4. You are the Sun,…

You are the Sun Card


Wow, so romantic!

5. Nicolas Cage Card

Nicolas Cage Valentines Day Card


Why not let Nicolas Cage help you express your feelings?

6. You’re hotter than…

You are Hotter Than Card


7. Being With You…

Being With You Card


8. Let’s make babies…

Let's Make Babies Card


9. I love you so much that…

I Love you So Much Card

Now, that’s a love!

10. I love you

Funny I Love You Card


11. I knew I Loved you…

Funny Fart Valentines Day Card


First farts can never be forgotten!

12. I’m Thinking of You.

I'm Thinking of You Card


If you joke with your partner about being creepy and stalking the other person all the time… you definitely need this card!

13. I Love you Even When

I Love you Even When Card


14. I can’t Believe…

I can't Believe Card


15. I’d Still Love You.

I would Still Love You Card


This is true love, right?

16. Let’s Grow Old…

Let's Grow Old Card


17. You’re Okay

You're Okay Card



18. I Love You More Than Pizza

I Love you More Than Pizza Card


Pizza always wins.

19. You’re the Reason I get up in the Morning

You're the Reason I get Up in the Morning Card


Honesty is the key to every successful relationship.

20. If I were a Zombie…

If I Were a Zombie Card


That’s good to know!

These cards are great because they don’t feel as cliche as Valentine’s cards can sometimes be. Which one is your favorite?

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