23 Stylish Ways to Wear 2 Feed in Braids

Feed in braids are one of the most popular protective styles. This is for many reasons and some of which are that they have a more natural appearance and have a cornrow look. Not only that, but these braids can be styled in so many different ways. So, to give you some hair inspiration, we have found 23 gorgeous ways to wear 2 feed in braids. These styles feature two long braids with added funky patterns and colors. There are also some simple and stylish versions. You will love these styles by the end if you didn’t already. There is a hairstyle to suit all tastes and you can even try them all! Read on and take a look!

1. 2 Feed In Braids with Side Braids

First up we have two chunky feed in braids with smaller side braids. The smaller side braids are such a trendy and edgy pattern to add to the otherwise simple style. It is such a stylish look and best of all, this braided hairstyle will look amazing on everyone. You can try a similar hairdo to this or you could use smaller braids and maybe add one more. That would look awesome too.

2. 2 Feed In Braids with a Criss Cross Pattern

Another pattern that looks stylish with this type of braid is the criss cross. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the style below. As you can see, the hair is styled into two long and sleek feed in braids with a criss cross pattern on either side. It is such a gorgeous pattern. You can find tutorials for criss cross braids online that can show you how to create the look.

2 Feed In Braids with a Criss Cross Pattern

Source: @thechair_beautyloft

3. Ombre Feed In Braids

We love this next hairstyle. Here we have two long and simple feed in braids. These braids start black and then change into a light brown tone which creates a trendy ombre look. The color change looks so beautiful with this type of braid and the ombre makes the hairstyle unique. You can recreate this version or you can choose any color for the ombre from more natural shades to vivid colors like blue.

4. Two Braids with Loose Curls

The next hairstyle is so beautiful! This look features sleek feed in braids that change to loose and curly hair about midway. The curls look so pretty with the braids and with a hairstyle like this, you get the best of both worlds. You can wear braids and loose hair too. This is a stunning hairstyle and you can view a short video which shows you how this look was created on the Instagram page below the image.

Two Braids with Loose Curls

Source: @jess_jessy.s

5. Simple and Stylish 2 Feed In Braids

If you need hair that is easy to wear and is stylish too, then this idea is for you. Here we have two simple and trendy braids. Most of the hair on the head is smooth except for the front sections which are braided. We also love the parting that has been created too. Hair like this will suit everyone and it is versatile so the style can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

Simple and Stylish 2 Feed In Braids

Source: @1755braids

6. Stunning Butterfly Braids

Looking for a hairstyle to wear at a special occasion? If so, this idea is perfect! For this look, the hair has been styled into stunning butterfly braids. So, the hair has two feed in braids at the front and they cross over at the back of the head. The loose sections of the braids are worn to the side as one braided ponytail. This hairstyle has been accessorized with gold cuffs. It is a gorgeous hairstyle and it will wow at parties or other events where you want to impress.

7. Chunky Feed In Braids

Next, we have a simple and stylish hair idea to show you. This time the hair is styled into two chunky braids with one side braid. So, it is like a subtler version of the side braid style that we shown you earlier. Hair like this ticks all the boxes – it looks gorgeous, is easy to wear and it will suit everyone. There is also some added color at the ends which really jazzes up the hair.

Chunky Feed In Braids

Source: @cachell_courtney

8. Multi Braid Hairstyle

The next hairstyle features another multi braid look. For this, the hair is styled into two beautiful braids with a smaller braid on the side. It is a pretty and trendy idea. This style looks effortlessly gorgeous. If you wanted a bolder version, you could add some ombre color. You could even add more side braids too.

9. Statement Making Ghana Braids

This hairstyle is another one of our favorites! Here we have chunky feed in braids where the hair is loose and curly midway. These Ghana braids are also accessorized with gold cuffs and cords too. It is a statement making hairstyle and the placement of the braids is amazing. Hair like this perfect for the ladies who like to be bold!

10. Stylish Braided Pattern

You can be as subtle or as bold as you like with your braided patterns. If you like to go all out with your hair, then this idea is perfect for you! This look features two long feed in braids with a trendy symmetrical pattern on the head. The braids are also accessorized with gold cuffs. It is a beautiful and unique hair idea that will make you stand out from the crowd in style.

11. 2 Feed In Braids with Loose and Sleek Hair

If you love the braided hairstyles with loose hair, this is for you! Here we have two sleek feed in braids. The braids stop midway and long, loose and sleek weave hair follows. It is such a stunning hair idea and this is another one that would be perfect for a special occasion or party! You can recreate this style or try the loose hair with a shorter length. Either way, your hair will be fabulous!

12. Bold Red Braids

Want to try a new color as well as a new hairstyle? If so, this is for you! Here we have long feed in braids that are a beautiful and bold red color. The red shade used has rich burgundy tones and it just really jazzes up the hairstyle. You can recreate this or you can try a similar red color on a different braided pattern. Different shades can be used too and you can go even brighter with the red.

13. Sleek Braided Hairstyle

Next, we have another sleek and braided hair idea. The style is quite simple with a center parting and two feed in braids on either side. It just looks effortlessly stylish. This is another easy to wear hairstyle that will suit everyone. Keep it simple or you could even glam up the hair with some gold accessories. Cords would look amazing too.

14. Accessorized Braids

Speaking of cords, this next hair idea shows how to wear cords in style. Here we have two braids that wind around the head and meet to create one braided ponytail. The two braids for the ponytail are tied together with gold cords. As you can see, the gold cords look amazing! You can recreate this style or have the two braids loose and both decorated with cords.

15. Two Feed In Braids with a Unique Braided Pattern

We love this next hairstyle! This look features two long braids with a unique and amazing braided pattern on the head. The pattern uses different braid thicknesses and they create a kind of criss cross shape. It is such an unusual hairdo and we think it is one of the best because hair like this allows you to show off your own sense of style to the world. Try a similar look or try using a bolder hair color such as red. That will really make a statement.

16. Pretty Feed In Braids with Beautiful Curls

Next, we have another curly idea to show you! This time the hair has the two sleek braids with loose curls midway. The curls used here are more loose though which creates a more relaxed overall style. This is another beautiful version of the 2 feed in braid look. Hair like this would be amazing for the summer season and you could even add some accessories.

17. Two Chunky Ghana Braids

If you like the braided hairstyles that use bold color, then you will love this! Here we have two chunky feed in braids with a center parting. These Ghana braids have a burgundy feed in hair added. We love this color combo and think it will look amazing on everyone. Recreate this or you can even try three different colors that you like best.

Two Chunky Ghana Braids

Source: @queenkalicy

18. Two Cornrow Braids with Curly Ends

The next hair idea features more beautiful curls. This time the hair has two stylish cornrow braids and the loose hair has tighter curls. It is such a pretty version of the popular style. This is another style that would be great for the spring and summer. You could even recreate this with some blonde or brown color like the multi tone braids above to give it a beachy bohemian vibe.

19. Trendy Braided Hairstyle

Want to give your hair a trendy makeover? If so, this is perfect for you! Here we have two long feed in braids with two side braids. If that wasn’t stylish enough, the hair also has a warm blonde shade running through it. The blonde looks so statement making! Recreate this style or you can use a different shade of blonde. The brighter you go, the more bold your hair will be.

Trendy Braided Hairstyle

Source: @coiffuremoderne

20. 2 Braids with a Wavy Braided Pattern

Like the cool braided patterns? If so, you need to check this out! Here we have long feed in braids with a trendy pattern on each side. As you can see, there is one chunky side braid, a short braid and a wavy braid. We love the wavy pattern because it is stylish but also low-key. Try a similar style or be more bold with the waves.

21. Sleek and Long Braids

This next hairstyle is just wow! It is the sleekest braided look we think we have ever seen. The hair is styled into neat and tight feed in braids and the length of the braids are super long. What we really love is the small braided sections because they create a more statement making style. This hair will wow and everyone will have hair envy!

22. 2 Feed in Butterfly Braids

Earlier in the post we shared a beautiful butterfly braid hairstyle. If you loved that look, then you should see this one too. Here we have another stunning version. This time the hair has one braided ponytail instead of two but it still has those two feed ins. The hair is also a gorgeous caramel color. Hair like this will be perfect for glam parties, events and weddings.

23. Braids with Voluminous Curls

The last braided hairstyle is another curly one. For this look we have two shorter feed in braids with loose voluminous curls. The curls really make a statement and it is a pretty and fun style. Try and recreate this look or you can go shorter with the curly hair. Either way, your hair will look beautiful.

Two Braids with Voluminous Curls

Source: @qthebraider

We hope you love these 2 feed in braids and have found some hair inspiration.

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