41 Amazing Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

Red hair is always in fashion and although the shade of red might change, the color itself is in style every season. Do you remember the bright pillar-box reds Rihanna was rocking just a few years back? Well, since then the red look has come a long way and for spring and summer 2021, these dark red hair color ideas are definitely the ones to watch out for.

1. Dark Red Hair + Subtle Bright Red Highlights

One of the best things you can do with a red hair look is to create a balayage style which is essentially hand-painted highlights. You’ve got the beautiful dark red base here, almost purple in nature, but to bring it to live, there are delicate brighter red highlights, giving added depth to the look. Although a bold look, having various shades of dark red is a great way to ensure you don’t have that one-tone, almost comic book effect, and if you have thin or fine hair, those multi-toned hues are the perfect way to fake some added thickness. This works for any shades or colors too, not just red.

Dark Red Hair with Subtle Bright Red Highlights

Source: @paintedhair

2. Silky Hair + Wine Red Hair Color

It was Lucille Ball who was once said, “Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead,” and taking this into account, we’d like to start a new quote – “At least once in her life, every woman is entitled to be a gorgeous redhead!” If you want to achieve a beautiful dark red look like this one, have a really good chat with your hair stylist to determine the best shade or shades for your skin tone, your length and also things like the color of your eyes. These are all important contributing factors when changing your color, especially when you’re doing something as drastic as going from a lighter color to a darker one such as these intoxicating red hues.

Wine Red Hair Color


3. Vampire Red

We all love vampires these days what with True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Twilight gracing our screens. If you fancy going for something a bit more dark and gothic for your newest hair design, why not look at a great vampire red color? It’s bold, daring and definitely one to be lusted after. We love this look, almost a pinky-red, and although it’s hard to distinguish between the different shades, there are a number of different hues to create this one look. There are lighter and darker strands and layers of red running throughout and this is what helps you to get that bright and alive look. You must have good conditioned hair before you start this however. Poor quality hair won’t hold the color as well and you may find that the look turns out patchy also.

Dark Red Hair Color on Long Hair

Source: @guy_tang

4. Wine Red Roots + Hot Red Ends

Just because you want red hair doesn’t mean you need bright red hair all over your head. There’s nothing wrong with just having a splash of color on the ends, a look becoming more and more popular these days. By discussing a look like this with your stylist, you can be sure that you’re hitting the right shades you want to go without looking too bright and bolshy if your job or preferences don’t allow it.

Wine Red Hair with Hot Red Highlights

Source: @bba_beautybyandrea

5. Plum Cherry A-Line Bob

Long hair, short hair, medium length hair… It doesn’t matter. Red hair suits everyone and dark red hair color ideas such as this one are not only elegant and classic but also very simple too. If you’re going to go for a bold color choice, you may as well have a bold haircut to back it up with and what could be better than this season’s hottest trend – the lob, otherwise known as the long-bob.

Dark Red Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

Source: @sadiejcre8s

6. Ruby Red Hair

If you have darker hair already and you fancy going this beautiful shade of red, you’ll need to be prepared to go lighter first and this will mean some kind of lightening treatment, for example, bleaching. You’ll only need to bleach your hair lightly, to a light natural brown as opposed to a bright blonde, but this will still put your hair under pressure and stress, something you’ll need to ensure you take care of afterwards.

7. Red Balayage Look + Pop of Color

Some of the most loved and adored screen sirens have been redheads. What about Rita Hayworth, originally a brunette but she dyed her hair the beautiful shade of red we have come to know and associate her with. If it was good enough for this screen siren, it’s good enough for us but make sure you think about your shade of red carefully. It’s really not a one size fits all situation and there are a lot of things to take into account.

Dark Red Balayage Hair Look

Source: @glamiris

8. Dark Red to Bright Red Ombre

If you want a brighter color but need to give your hair a bit of a rest, why not avoid over-bleaching and treating your hair and just color the ends instead. You could do this for the winter just in time for that good spring clean, AKA the spring-time cut when you get the bulk of those nasty winter-bitten dead and split ends cut off… Which always ends up being a good few inches more than you’d anticipated. A look like this is perfect for a redhead first timer. The dark red at the roots is a more natural color and the ends are left to run riot. Hey, you said you wanted to paint the town red!

9. Dark Red Highlights

Highlights are a great way to add the effect of thickness and depth to any look and these beautiful dark red highlights really work running through the naturally left, dark brown hair. Sometimes a slight pop of color is all it takes to make a difference and with a vivid shade such as this, too much can definitely be just that – too much. Opt for highlights to start with if you’re not brave enough to try a full head of color. Frame the face with those red highlights so you get a good idea of how the shade will look against your skin. Once you’ve done that, you can always add more during later appointments, going all-over red if you wanted to. Don’t jump in at the deep end if you’re not quite sure. That just spells hair disaster!

10. Dark Red Lob

One thing you’ll need to be prepared for if you’re drastically changing the color of your hair, especially if you are going for something like this stunning dark red bob, is that you will often need to slightly change the color of your current eyebrows makeup. That shade you were using with your blonde or brown hair probably won’t work as well with your new dark red hair color ideas. One thing we would definitely suggest is having a chat with your hairstylist about this, taking into consideration your eye color and skin tone. He or she will be able to suggest the tones of eyebrow makeup you should look for and this will then go on to help you when you start buying new makeup! (YAY!)

11. Cherry Ripe

Audrey Hepburn loved her glossy red locks and she was actually given the nickname ‘Red’ by fellow co-star, Cary Grant, in The Philadelphia Story. If you want to make like the classic movie star and check out some new dark red hair color ideas for yourself, consider a dark cherry color to begin with. It’s a look considered to be very flattering on most skin types and tones and is also a relatively easy one to take care of. Brighter colors will need more re-touching than this beautiful dark red shade.

12. Bright Red to Dark Red Hair Color

With ombre hair styles, you normally find that the hair goes from dark at the root to light on the ends but there’s nothing wrong with reversing it from time to time to create a look that’s definitely bold and brave. That’s the thing about these lush color combinations – there’s no end to ways you can play around with them. There are so many shades of dark red that you can mix them all together to create a gradient effect like this, or just go for multi-toned to give the impression of ‘one color’ but with a bit of added depth.

13. Ruby Red Hair + Soft Waves

It is estimated that only one or two percent of the entire popular of the world has red hair which is what perhaps make it so desirable. Apparently, 40% of the population also carry the ‘hidden ginger’ gene, meaning that they contain the genetic mutation responsible for making the hair color happen. If you want the most natural of dark red shades, you should aim for more copper or strawberry-blonde tones than purple, burgundy ones. Natural red hair is more copper than red anyway.

Deep Ruby Red Hair Color

Source: @larisadoll

14. Lob + Dark Red Highlights

Red hair is meant to be vibrant, beautiful and amazing to look at and if yours isn’t, you just haven’t found the right shade yet. There are plenty to pick from so there is definitely going to be one out there for you. Sometimes you just need to take the time to do some research, chat with a stylist and figure out what would work best for your face shape and skin tone with regards to both cut and color.

15. Dark Red Natural Hair

If you want to go a really bright color like this stunning red shade, you must be prepared for the work necessary before, during and after your hair appointment. Before the bleaching you’ll need to ensure your hair is in good condition to start with. Afterwards you’ll need regular conditioning treatments if your hair has been bleached or lightened as this will damage it and you need to also remember that heated styling tools need to be used minimally for a while to give your hair a break too.

Dark Red Natural Hair Look

Source: @brandilou88

16. Dark Red Hair + Copper Highlights

If you have green or blue eyes, you should definitely go for more copper tones with your dark red hair color ideas. These will appear the most natural and soft against your natural skin tone, especially if you are of a more mature age. The bright nature of these dark red shades means that the eyes will be drawn to them, irrespective of how dark you try to go. This is why the red haired look is often confused for a ‘younger person’s hairstyle’ but the good news is, the darker you go, the more flattering the hair will be and there are plenty of ways to play around with red shades too.

17. Dark Red to Caramel Ombre Hair

Burgundy or dark red hair color ideas like this are considered to be a very stylish look but that doesn’t mean you can’t liven it up a little and just one way of putting your own stamp on the look is to achieve some subtle highlights, in this case, subtle caramel blonde, almost bronde, highlights. The blonde adds another level of depth to the ‘do, giving you the impression of having luscious, thick locks even when you don’t. Layers can also help to thicken, and heated rollers are also an effective tool. More volume equals more thickness after all.

18. Dark Roots + Bright Red Ends

Your hair doesn’t need to be super long in order to create a beautiful design out of it as many of these dark red hair color ideas show you. This is a medium to long length cut but it will look longer because the bright red ends and highlights help to elongate the look with their handprinted, almost balayage design. This look isn’t about perfection as such, it’s bespoke to each and every style. More color here and there, or perhaps a little less, but you are in complete control. Well, you and your hairstylist of course.

Dark Red Roots and Bight Red Ends

Source: @hairbynoora

19. Deep Burgundy Hair

The redhead look has been in fashion for many years and we all forget that little old Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz was one of our favorite ever redheads, rocking the lock with pigtails and ringlets. These days the look is a little more sophisticated than that as you can see from the beautiful ringlet-waves you can see in this dark red hair with the slightly lighter and darker shades of red shining through here and there.

Deep Burgundy Hair Color Look

Source: @jonahrunswithscissors

20. Burgundy to Bright Red Ombre

We are positively in love with this beautiful matte red, almost dusky pink-red, color, coming down through the gradient of dark red / burgundy to the lightest hues at the bottom. Keeping the curls to the bottom of your hair is great to achieve this look. You can still keep things nice and sleek around the face and at the top if you want to, making it one of the most flattering ways to wear any hair color but especially these dark red hair color ideas.

21. Dark Red Short Bob

Next we’re looking at this dark red short bob, a great romantic look that’s perfect for a number of face shapes and can be adapted even to make the face appear thinner if you get the layers right, and the length too. That just below chin length is great for lengthening the face (if your is round or square in shape), and the red highlights are hand-painted in that balayage fashion that allows for perfect blending.

Dark Red Short Bob Style

Source: @xostylistxo

22. Bold Red Hair with Bangs

Next, we have a bold hair idea. For this look, the hair is long and is a rich dark red shade. The hair is finished off with beautiful curls and bangs. It is a stunning cut and color and the bangs really stand out because they are red. Recreate this or you can try more lightweight bangs or side swept ones.

Bold Red Hair with Bangs

Source: @hairbyyanet

23. Black and Dark Red Ombre

Like to wear trendy ombre color? If so, this is perfect for you. Here we have black and red ombre. The hair starts black and blends into dark red and there are brighter reds and magenta tones in the hair as well. Ombre like this is best suited to ladies with black or dark brown hair. The ombre can be created on shorter hair.

24. Dark Copper Red Hair

There are so many shades of red to try. A must-have is the coppery tones. Many people think coppery red is bright and bold but there are darker shades of it too. This is a beautiful example. Here we have long hair that starts black and then the color blends to dark red and then into a rich copper. We love this hair color idea and think it would be perfect for the fall.

25. Merlot Bob

Love a glass of Merlot and think the color of the red wine is beautiful? Then why not recreate it on your hair? You will get a gorgeous hairstyle like this one. Here we have a trendy bob that is colored a Merlot shade. It is a stunning dark red shade with purple tones and it is subtler than some of the other reds. Recreate the cut and color for a stylish hairdo or use the color on any hair type and length.

26. Subtle Dark Red Highlights on Dark Hair

Looking for a subtler way to wear red? If so, check out this hair idea. Here we have black hair with added red highlights. As the red is dark, it creates a subtler look compared to ombre and full head color. Not only that, but if you decide that red is not the color for you, then it will easily grow out. So, it is perfect for ladies trying red for the first time.

27. Statement Making Red Hair

Make a statement in red with hair like this! This hairstyle features a dark base color with a mix of bright red and dark red color. We love the use of different red shades because they create a bold and unique hairstyle. The colors used for this style are fiery coral and magenta. It is a stunning hair idea and it will make you stand out from the crowd in style.

28. Dark Red Hair with Purple Tones

We need this next hair color in our lives! Here we have a rich, dark and vivid red shade with added purple tones. The red and purple just create a stunning and bold hair color. A stunning red like this is perfect for the fall and winter. It will suit everyone and all hairstyles. You can recreate this or use a similar color as highlights or ombre for a subtler look.

29. Midnight Rose Hair

Next, we have a stunning color with a beautiful name. This hair has been dyed with a red color called Midnight Rose. The color is a mix of tones including dark red, purple and pink. Red like this will just wow and it is perfect for the ladies who like bolder colors. We think a similar color would look amazing with a sleek bob, it would be so trendsetting!

Midnight Rose Hair

Source: @thehairygodmotherr

30. Dark Ruby Red

Wow in red with hair color like this! For this look, the hair starts black and then blends into dark red and then into a brighter ruby red tone. We love this because you get the best of every world. You can keep your natural color for easy to maintain hair with no roots. With hair like this, you get a trendy ombre look and you get to try the darker and lighter shades of red. This hairstyle ticks all the boxes and it will suit everyone.

Dark Ruby Red Hair Idea

Source: @elissawolfe

31. Fiery Red and Orange Hair Idea

Dark red looks amazing with other colors as well. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this next look. Here we have the classic dark red color with added orange towards the ends of the hair. As you can see, the orange looks stunning with the red. It creates a fiery and bold look. This hair would be perfect for the fall and winter.

Fiery Red and Orange Hair Idea

Source: @aaashleee

32. Dark and Rich Red Hair

This next hairstyle is one of our favorites! Here we have long and curly hair that is colored with dark and rich red tones. There is also a hint of purple that gives it that wine look. The whole style is stunning from the color to the curls. If you hair needs a glam makeover, then this is the way to do it.

Dark and Rich Red Hair Color Idea

Source: @hairstyleman

33. Black Bob with Red Highlights

Looking for a trendy cut and color to try? If so, you need to take a look at this. This hair idea features a stylish black bob with deep and dark red highlights. The dark red is quite subtle with the black root color but it does give the hair a lift. You can recreate this bob or go for a sleek and shorter version. Either way, your hair will look fabulous.

34. Sleek Red Hair Idea

Speaking of sleek hair, this next idea is straight and super stylish. Here we have a simple and straight cut that is colored in a beautiful red shade. Even though the cut is classic, the hair really makes a statement because of the color. This is a trendy and easy to wear hairstyle that will look amazing on everyone!

35. Long, Dark Red Hair

If you liked the Midnight Rose color from earlier in the post, then you need to see this hair idea too. This long hairstyle is colored in a similar shade. It has the red tones with a hint of purple and pink. This is like a darker version of the rose. It just shows how amazing similar colors can look on different hairstyles.

36. Natural Looking Red Hair

If all the bold colors are not for you, then this hair idea could be perfect. This hairstyle features dark and long hair with added red color. Now the red used here is not as vivid as some of the others. This one is more of a spicy and coppery tone. It looks quite natural with the darker root color so overall the hair is stylish and low-key. Hair like this is great for those who want to try red without being too over the top.

37. Deep Wine Hair Color Idea

We love this next hair idea! Here we have stunning curls that are colored in a red shade called Crimson Spell. It is one of the most beautiful reds that we have seen because there are so many different tones and there is a hint of purple too. This would be perfect for the fall and winter because it has that deep wine look.

38. Dark Merlot Curls

Next, we have another Merlot red to show you. This time the hair is long and curly. The hair starts with the rich Merlot shade and then blends into a lighter red tone. This is a beautiful style and it is perfect for the ladies who like trendy ombre and bold hair colors. Recreate this or you can try the blend on shorter hair.

Dark Merlot Curls

Source: @ernielovescolor

39. Bold Red Hair Idea

This next hair idea features another bold and stunning red. The hair in the image below is dyed a deep and dark burgundy shade. It is such a beautiful hair idea and this is perfect for the ladies who want to wear red without the hair being too vibrant. You get the statement making red but in a chic and low-key way.

40. Fall Foliage Highlights

The next hair color is called Fall Foliage and it is just beautiful. The hair is black with added deep and brighter red tones. It is a gorgeous look for the fall because it is inspired by the colors of the season. You can recreate this or you can add coppery tones for even bolder hairstyle.

41. Dark Red Ombre Hair

Love the more low-key reds? If so, this is for you. Here we have dark hair with added red color about midway. We love this because it is like a subtler ombre. Dark red like this is a great way to give dark brown and black hair a lift. You can use a similar red on lighter hair but the red will be more statement making.

There are so many ways you can opt for red this season but hopefully these dark red hair color ideas are enough to get your creative juices flowing. It’s time for a change… Could it be time for you to pain the town red?

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