21 Pin Up Hairstyles That Are Hot Right Now

Originating from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, these 21 pinup styles are so hot right now, you’ll kick yourself for not trying them sooner. Some of them are simpler than they actually look and all of them are completely achievable with a little bit of practice. Without any further ado, let’s present to you…

The 21 Pin Up Hairstyles That Are Hot Right Now: 

1. Glamorous Wavy Style

Everyone thinks you need curling irons to recreate many of the pinup looks you see but the reality is… You don’t. You can easily achieve some of these looks, especially this glamorous wavy style, with the help of some smart blow-drying, your hair straighteners and some hair grips.

If you’re shaping your hair rather than curling your hair, your hair straighteners will help to create the flick or curl as long as you flick it out as you pull it down your hair. Once achieved, hold the curls in place with grips until they’ve set and you’re basically ready to go.

2. Pin Up Curls

If you’re going to use curling tongs, make sure you brush the curls out to achieve this beautiful pin up curls look. This is just an original, curly look but touseled and released so rather than being curls, they’re waves instead.

The side parting helps to make things super glam here. In fact, the side parting is a great way to add instant glam to any hairstyle. Just a clever little trick for you to remember!

3. Cute Updo with a Scarf

Whatever the weather, a scarf is a great idea. If your hair won’t go right, cover it with a scarf. If your hair needs washing but you can’t be bothered / don’t have the time, cover it with a scarf. Need a look that will accessories and colour-match your outfit completely, cover your hair with a scarf…

Pin Up Updo with a Scarf

Source: @jennii_doll

Every self-respecting pinup girl knows that her look just isn’t complete without the right accessories. So get accessorising!

4. Tight Curls & Short Bangs Hairstyle

Tight curls are quite scary for some, especially with short hair and bangs but somehow, this orange / redheaded look just works perfectly… Don’t you think?

It’s almost Gatsby-inspired but not quite. It is however, super cute, super simple and works really well with the right length of bang. Not everyone can achieve this super short look but if you can, be bold with it! Rock it!

5. Victory Rolls Updo

Victory rolls are the very essence of the pinup style so you better learn how to do these and fast! There’s a trick to it you see…

Vintage Victory Rolls Updo

Source: @retro_jojo

You’ll want to start with one day post-washed hair. If you have cleaned and conditioned hair, it’ll be too ‘fluffy’ and light unless you use loads of hairspray and back-combing (which isn’t great for your hair by the way). Grab your sections from the front half of your head and pin the rest out the way or hold it back with a ponytail. Split in half and you have the two chunks you’ll be transforming.

Using a little light back-combing along the way if you need to, and spraying some hairspray along the way will help, guide the hair so that it starts to curl around, using your fingers to help guide the strands in place. When in position, hold with bobby pins, and if you have blonde hair, use blonde pins to ensure they’re not too visible. Black pins look very obvious sometimes and can spoil the look. Spray with hairspray, pin the remainder of the hair up, and add a scarf for a real pinup touch.

6. Retro Bridal Hairstyle

This look is another one great for one day post-washed hair, and with this look you can actually get away with it being a little on the greasy side too.

If you had curls the night before, don’t waste them the morning after. Brush them out with a large paddle brush, using gel or hairspray as you go, and coax into this wavy style. Curling the front is super easy with your hair straighteners, simply flicking the hair under as you go, and once again, gel will help keep that front-facing wave in place.

7. Modern Bettie Page Look

Short bangs aren’t an easy look. Baby bangs are high maintenance, need to be kept regularly in-check, and don’t work well with all face types. However, if you have the time and dedication necessary for this look, and your eyebrows are ‘on fleek’, this is a great one to go for.

If you have a round face, this is brave one to go for as the blunt and straight bangs can often make shortness and fullness to be much more accentuated. Oval faces can find blunt bangs very flattering when done in the right way (although keeping it a bit longer is often more advisable than wearing them super-short).

8. The Bombshell Hairstyle

It’s a classic pinup, bombshell hairstyle and one that we can’t help but fall in love with. Heated rollers will be your best friend if you want an easier way to coax your hair into a look like this. You don’t always need to rely on curling tongs and hair straighteners to achieve the look.

A light volume-infusing mousse can help to add oomph and protection before using a blow dryer, and using a large, round brush whilst drying can also help. Drying your hair upside down will also help to add volume at the roots.

9. Victory Rolls Half Updo

Here’s a little tip for you if you want to keep your victory rolls in check when trying this stunning look, make sure you’re using them the right way!

The wavy side should be the side that faces your head, not the straight side like so many of us do. Also, before you use your bobby pins, spread them out over a piece of kitchen paper and give them a light spritz with some hairspray. This will help them to stay right where you want them to!

10. Bumper (Faux) Bangs

If you’ve ever tried a victory roll, this is basically the same but rather than curling it over the side to get that spiral look, you simply roll under to create these bumper (faux) bangs.

Bumper Bangs Pin Up Hairstyle

Source: @_heartwork_

These bangs are a great idea if you’re not brave enough to have your own cut in, plus they are a classic 50’s pin up style which is what makes them so great. Using the longer lengths of your hair, simply backcomb and curl, affixing into place with some grips and a quick burst of hairspray. Obviously the headscarf just helps to complete the look.

11. Elegant Updo

This is a beautiful and elegant updo for any pinup babe and is actually super simple to do. It’s a victory roll but with less height, more spiral, and a little less perfection.

For those days you don’t have time to do anything else, the rest of your hair can be tied up, pinned up, twisted into a chignon, covered with a scarf, or whatever you like. With the front piece of your hair, simply backcomb a little, add a quick spurt of hairspray, curl into a miniature victory roll and secure in place with your bobby pins. Once you’ve done it three or four times, it actually becomes incredibly easy, much like most things in life.

12. Faux Bob Style

Faking a bob when you have long hair is actually really simple once you know how, and as you can see, the pinup look just works perfectly with it.

Pin Up Faux Bob Hairstyle

Source: @missrockabillyruby

Heated rollers will help give you some volume at the roots to start with, and you should definitely use some volume-adding mousse before drying too. Creating that side parting first, separate a section at the front which you will then wave into place, framing your face, later on.

The trick to faking that bun-look is to tuck the hair under, using the volume as a smoke-screen to hide the length. Tuck it under, pin it up and go over it with a baby brush to clean away any loose ends and you have a look that is beautiful, bold and terribly pinup!

13. Bun, Faux Bangs + Scarf

No pinup girl would be complete without her headscarf and the even better news is that the headscarf can be used to cover a multitude of sins too!

These faux-bangs are easily recreated by tucking the hair under and back on itself to look like bangs, and the fold-under is covered by the headscarf so no one even knows the difference. It’s a great idea for when you don’t have time to wash your hair, but it’s too greasy to leave down. Pinup girls are smart girls!

14. Sexy Pin Up Look

Red is such a great color and when it comes to pinups, you can’t forget about that original redheaded pinup – Jessica Rabbit. It’s a bold and brave color to go for but if you want to be a pinup girl, why not jump right in and try something bold and new?

Make sure you have good condition hair before you opt for a look this colourful otherwise the color won’t hold at all. You should also be aware that this look is a very high maintenance one. If you miss a hair appointment, it will soon look orange and sometimes, not a good orange.

15. Curly Pin Up Look

If you have fluffy, frizzy curls, don’t cover them up or straighten them out. Embrace them instead with this stunning curly pin up look! If you can’t beat them, join them, as they say.

Gel or wax will help you get that super-sleek, straightness you see at the top of the head but at the bottom, let your curly hair do their thing, add plenty of mousse to get them good and fluffy. Embrace the fluff!

16. Victory Rolls Updo

Why have just one victory roll when you can have plenty! You can create so many different styles once you’ve combatted that quintessential pinup staple.

Pin Up Victory Rolls Updo

Source: @dotdotvee

Having a mirror behind you, showing your reflection to the mirror in front of you, is the only way you cam make this look possible by yourself. Trust us, we’ve tried. If you haven’t got a friend to give you a hand, you’ll find this look a struggle to start with. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it but learning to do things in reverse can make things a little trickier.

17. Pompadour Hairstyle

The ‘quiff’ or pompadour hairstyle is another great one for those days where you don’t have the time or energy to really style your hair. With some backcombing, hairspray, tousling and a few bobby pins, you too could create this great pinup style.

You can make this ‘pouf’ as big or as small as you like. Using the entire front section of your hair, backcombing (whilst smoothing out the front), simply lift back and pouf, holding the base in place with your pins. On a windy day, you’ll need a tad more hairspray. There’s a little snippet of must-know info.

18. Modern Pin Up Curls

Why not modernise these beautiful pinup styles? These modern pin up curls are a classic way of showing you how easy and versatile this pinup look can be.

Modern Pin Up Curls Style

Source: @jennii_doll

Just add that face-framing curl of hair to your original curls, and sweep over to one side so that it falls elegantly over one shoulder and what do you have? A hairstyle that only kitten-flick eyeliner will match!

19. Pin Up Updo

The roll-under you can see here is easy to fake with both long hair and short hair, and gives you a way to rock your hair in the warmer months without worrying about a boring old pony tail.

Curly Pin Up Updo Style


Use your curling irons to coax the hair into that rolled-under shape and then secure with hair grips along the length, pushing them in so you can’t see them. Again, apply plenty of hairspray to keep the look in place, and add a quick burst of hot air from your hairdryer, followed by a burst of cool air, to set the look to last the entire day.

20. Curls + Victory Roll Style

The victory roll is something that will take a bit of practice but the good news is that there are plenty of tutorials for you to follow on YouTube.

Plenty of back-combing will help you to recreate this sassy look. That and plenty of kirby grips. The simple curls at the ends are easy enough to recreate with either your straightening irons or a curling tong, but that victory roll will take a few minutes of extra work. It really is a matter of rolling the hair, but keeping it to stay where you want it to will often be the hardest challenge. May we suggest plenty of hairspray?

21. Cute Pin Up Hairstyle

The ultimate curvy pin-up girl, Tess Holliday, shows us how to accessorize the right way in this cute pin up hairstyle. Curls and flicks aside, those large floral hair accessories are perfect for adding to a side-swept style to make something brand new out of it.

Mix and match your accessories to your outfit, or go for something different altogether. If there’s one thing these gorgeous pin up babes know, it’s how to accessorize!


So there you have them, the cutest and best pin up hairstyles you need to know about. Now what are you waiting for? The warmer weather is coming – the perfect time for these adorable looks.

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    I was wondering what type of gel you recommend to get these styles ?

  2. Monique says:

    Hi! We don’t recommend using gels. For a perfect pin up hairstyle you will need: metal prong curl clips, extra firm hairspray and a tease brush. Hope this helps!

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