41 Stunning Grey Hair Color Ideas and Styles

It has become one of the most unusual of trends but grey or silver hair seems to have become a bit of a “thing” recently. Once upon a time women were expected to hide their grey’s but nowadays, it’s the trendiest color you can rock.

Rocked by the likes of Pink, Kelly Osborne, Rita Ora and even Cara Delavigne, here’s 41 of the hottest grey hair looks you should be aiming for!

1. Mermaid Grey Locks

Grey hair means minimal commitment and although getting the right shade can be somewhat tricky, the semi-permanent and temporary dyes are easily washed out in two to eight washes. The longer you want it to last, the more often you will need to touch it up. Whether you want a long term look or a short term fix, it’s certainly a great shade to be inspired by.

Instagram / evalam_

Source: @evalam_

2. Grey and Pink Hair

If you like to play around with color, why not try this silvery-grey to pinky-purple ombré style? The light grey color provides the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of colors so be sure to experiment a little. If you go for semi-permanent or wash-in, wash-out colors, you can easily switch it up or rinse it out if you’re not happy with it.

3. Silver Grey Ponytail

The vampy, gray, scruffy up do is a brave look but one that packs a powerful punch. Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards carried off this look for a while and it’s one that works really well for the coming winter/festive season! Simply add plenty of black eyeliner and a killer red or dark plum lip for a look that definitely stands out from the crowd.

4. Silver Melt

It can be hard work getting just the right shade of silver especially if you don’t already have light-colored hair. The best advice you’ll hear for achieve this beautiful metallic style is to have it done professionally!

5. Barely There Grey

Barely there silver hues is another great way to reinvent blonde hair and is a really cute and subtle way to switch things up. Ellie Goulding paired the look with blonde hair and baby pink lipstick but you really could experiment with different colours.



6. Snow White Hair

You can easily achieve this Snow White-grey look with the help of white or silver toner. Just make sure you don’t leave it in too long otherwise you’ll struggle to rid your locks of those lilac hues that can often get left behind.

7. Gray to Pastel Blue Dip Dye

Dip-dye locks are like ombré but without the subtle fading. Rihanna rocked this look for a while and it’s perfect for those who aren’t quite ready to dye their full head of hair! It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look quite perfect and is a great way to reinvent your hair… a little at a time!

Instagram / sammiiwang

Source: @sammiiwang

8. Violet to Silver Hair

This really unique look is simply the reverse of a silver or grey to lilac/purple ombré. If you don’t want to keep re-bleaching your roots to achieve the lightened grey color, try going with a deep, rich plum-purple color instead.

Instagram / sammiiwang

Source: @sammiiwang

9. Grey Bob Hairstyle

This sleek, shiny metallic bob is great for hair that isn’t too difficult to maintain. Although going for the chop can be a tough choice, experimenting with color can make things a little easier. That’s definitely the case when you see this grey bobbed beauty!

Instagram / missgraceha

Source: @missgraceha

10. Frosty Grey and Lilac Hair

You will often find your hair goes a lilac shade when you first attempt to go grey or silver but that’s no worries as this is just as in style. Gennifer Goodwin was recently a fan of this look and the best news is, it doesn’t matter if you end up with lilac strands by accident. You can just say you were aiming for that look!

Instagram / parlourhairlounge

Source: @parlourhairlounge

11. Fifty Shades of Grey

Rather than trying to achieve one solid silver or grey tone across your hair, opt for lots of different shades of grey to really make the look come alive. You’ll find it easier to blend and wash out when it’s more multi-toned, and it’ll also help bring some serious depth to otherwise lacklustre locks.

12. Dark Grey to Silver Dip Dye

Dark to silver ombré grey is such a great style to try if you’re dabbling with new shades and colours for the first time. Kylie Jenner recently spotted this look and if you don’t have the length, you could always look at ‘cheating’ with hair extensions!

13. Grey Hair + Pop of Rainbow

This amazing hair dye job just shows you exactly how versatile grey hair can be. We’ve seen it with pinks and other pastel colors but here you get to see it working its magic with this rainbow themed look. Rainbow highlights will help to keep things unique and individual and you could play around with so many different shades and hues. So why aren’t you?

14. Silvery-Blue Twists

Having different shades of similar but varying colors is a great way to bring some depth to your hair. In the light this hair will change from silver to pastel blues, white, and even lilacs at times. By twisting or braiding the hair, you get to show off the beautiful range of colors you have running through. These curls are easy to achieve with your hair straighteners and there are plenty of tutorials online you could follow. Mermaid is all the rage these days and you don’t get much more mermaid than this.

Instagram / bescene

Source: @bescene

15. Grey Shades on Natural Hair

To achieve these icy-cool tones of silver and grey you must be prepared for a lot of conditioning and pre-lightening treatments. Before you bleach your hair, you should avoid washing it for two or three days (if you can manage it) and this oil build-up will help prevent the bleach from affecting or burning your scalp. Bad conditioned hair will never look good so if your hair isn’t strong enough to accept this bleaching and lightening, don’t try and put it through that.

Instagram / itstoian

Source: @itstoian

16. Liquid Metal + Subtle Blue Highlights

This darker grey look is best achieved at home by looking at diluting darker, black semi-permanent dyes. It’s quite a tough one to get right if this is your first time so as we’ve said before, a professional hairstylist is always the best choice. This beautiful look just goes to show you don’t need to go icy cool in order to recreate the hottest winter trend, and even warmer, darker greys can have just as much of an impact.

17. Perfect “Granny Hair” Look

In order to keep your hair looking just as good as it did the day you walked out of the salon, you’ll need to be prepared to put in a little leg work yourself at home. Using a ‘depositing’ product will help to build up the colors and shades in between the trips to the salon and you can find many of them in drug and beauty stores. It will often look purple in the bottle but it does turn your hair grey! The purple helps to filter out the yellowing in just-bleached hair.

18. Icy Cool + Bold Lips

You may need to change your makeup routine a little to match your new hair especially if you go icy white like this beautiful style. If you would normally go for neutral, nude shades, go a little bolder to add a pop of color. Deep purples and plums work perfectly with this icy hue so why not use your new hair as the perfect opportunity to experiment a little more?

19. Metal Dreams

To ensure your hair keeps looking in great condition, make sure you use a good quality conditioner to protect it from all those lightening and bleaching procedures. If you don’t, the hair will dry out, become brittle and may even break and that aside, the color won’t stick to it as well. You need to have good conditioned hair before you start thinking about playing around with this kind of style so if it’s not quite there yet, give your locks a little more TLC and rethink in a few weeks.

Instagram / lolaliner

Source: @lolaliner

20. Ice Queen

It’s so icy white, it’s basically blue which certainly puts an interesting spin on this almost Frozen-inspired hair style. They are two colors that just compliment each other perfectly so why not team them together for your grey and silver hair? Pick random strands to adorn with the babiest of blue dye you can find or even go for a half and half style – the top of the hair silver and the bottom blue. The decision is yours! Get creative!

Instagram / norvina

Source: @norvina

21. Dark Roots + Silver Grey Hair

Sometimes it really could be as simple as just fading the color down to the lightest it will go. Think about how versatile this look is… It doesn’t matter when your roots grow out and you won’t need to constantly re-bleach, re-lighten, and then re-grey them in order to keep the look fresh. Add some curls to mask any sins and you have one of the easiest ways to wear your grey hair. Roots no longer matter!

Instagram / catthompson

Source: @catthompson

22. Natural Looking Grey Color

Next, we have a chic grey hair idea. As you can see, the hair is cut into a short bob with natural looking grey color. The cut is beautiful and will suit everyone and the grey color just adds to the glamour. A bob like this will suit everyone and it is perfect for those who want to transform their hair.

23. Edgy Black and Grey Hair

Grey can be such an edgy color. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this next look. Here we have a textured lob cut with black roots and grey color. The first shade of grey is darker and the tips are very light. We love this trendy hairstyle, the cut and color are gorgeous. Recreate this look or you can try the grey color on a different haircut.

24. Trendy Short Cut

If you want to try a whole new hairstyle, then this could be perfect for you. Here we have a stylish short cut that is shaved around the back and sides and it is longer on the top. The short and shaved hair is black while the hair on top is a colored in multi tone grey. This is a statement making hairstyle that is perfect for the trendsetters.

Trendy Short Grey Cut

Source: @thehairygodmotherr

25. Beach Waves

Beach waves are such a popular hairstyle. Make your waves look unique by choosing a grey hair color just like this. This look features long and gorgeous waves that are a light grey shade. As you can see, the waves look amazing with that stylish and bold grey color. Hair like this will look stunning on everyone.

26. Short Grey Bob with Bangs

Thinking about trying a shorter cut? Then you need to check out this next hair idea. Here we have a chic and short bob. This one is cut to about chin length and there are side swept bangs too. It is a beautiful cut that is easy to wear. Recreate this natural looking grey or you can try an icier tone for a trendy and bold look.

27. Beautiful Grey and Blue Hair

Our next idea is bright and bold. Here we have gorgeous grey hair with added blue color towards the tips of the hair. We love the grey and blue combination as the colors compliment each other beautifully. The two shades create a statement making hairstyle. You can recreate this or add more blue. Lighter or darker shades can be used too.

28. Grey and Black Short Cut

If you are fed up of your hair and want to give your hair a makeover, then this idea could be perfect for you. Before the hair transformation, hair was longer and dyed blonde and as you can see, it has been completely transformed with a stylish new cut and grey color. This is a gorgeous hair idea and it will make you look chic every day.

29. Grey and Multi Color Hair

Next, we have another bold hair idea to show you. The hair is a beautiful grey color with added bright shades. We love the colors used as they are so vibrant and they really jazz up the grey. You can recreate a fun and colorful look like this or use different shades of your choice. Purple would look amazing.

Grey and Multi Color Hair

Source: @xostylistxo

30. Gorgeous Grey Ombre Hair

Maybe you want a hairstyle that glams up your look? If so, check this out! Here we have hair that is black at the root and then the hair changes to grey. The hair is styled into stunning waves too. This is one of our favorite looks and it is a beautiful style that will suit everyone.

31. Unique Grey and Yellow Hair Idea

We love everything about this next look. The hair is yellow at the root and then changes into a light grey shade. It is also beautifully curled and there is a cute braided style too. This is a statement making look and the cut, color and style are gorgeous. Hair like this is bold and it is perfect for those who like to stand out from the crowd.

32. Half Grey and Half Black

Next, we have a very unique hairstyle to show you. For this look, half of the hair is colored grey and the other half is black. As you can see, the two colors look amazing together and the half style is so trendy. The cut with the bangs looks gorgeous too. Hair like this is for the ladies who like to be different and try new colors and trends.

33. Cute Braided Hair Style

Braided styles look so pretty and stylish. The next idea we have is a gorgeous example. Here we have hair that is black at the root and then the hair changes to grey. The hair is finished off with a two cute braids. A style like this is easy to wear and will suit everyone. Recreate the color, or try the style with a different grey shade.

Cute Braided Hair Style

Source: @nealmhair

34. Neon Green and Grey

Love Mountain Dew? Then this hair idea is perfect for you! This hair was inspired by Mountain Dew Ice. As you can see, the hair is grey with neon green. This is such a bold, fun and unique hairstyle. You can, of course, try the neon and grey even if you do not love Mountain Dew because it is an amazing color combination.

35. Glam Grey Hair Idea

The next hairstyle we have to show you is glamorous and gorgeous. Here we have a layered cut that is a beautiful grey shade. This is such a chic look and it is easy to wear too. You could wear hair like this anywhere as it will make you will look super stylish for any occasion. Recreate this hair idea or you can try a different grey shade.

36. Cool Blue and Grey Hair

Earlier in the post we shared a grey and blue look. If you loved that idea, then you may like this one too. The hair is a light grey shade and it is a beautiful blue shade at the root. By adding the color to the root instead of the tips, it just gives the hair a unique and trendsetting look. You can recreate the blue or try a different root color.

37. Black to Grey Hair

Next, we have another black and grey hair idea. The root color is black and then the hair changes to grey. This grey shade is quite dark so it blends beautifully with the black. There is a lighter grey shade towards the tips and you can recreate this or choose just one grey color. Both the style and colors are easy to wear and they will suit everyone.

38. Grey Bob with Colorful Highlights

Looking for a cute and colorful hairstyle for the summer? If so, this could be great for you. Here we have a shorter cut in a light grey shade. There are also pastel colored highlights in different shades too. The pastel shades and grey are such a stylish combination and we love it. You can try the whole hairstyle or choose just one color for the highlights.

39. Cute Grey Short Cut

Our next hair idea is so cute and stylish. The hair is cut to about chin length and it is colored in a gorgeous grey shade. We love the curled style tpo. Hair like this is easy to wear and it is another style that would be great for the summer. Sleek and straight or curled, a cut and color like this will look amazing.

Cute Grey Short Cut

Source: @xostylistxo

40. Jewel Hair Color Idea

This next hair idea is one of our favorites. We love it! For this look, the hair is grey with added purple, blue and pink tones. The color combination is stunning and gives the hair a jewel or crystal look. It reminds us of magical crystals like Amethyst. Hair like this is gorgeous and it will make you stand out from the crowd in style.

41. Easy to Maintain Grey Hairstyle

If you need hair that is easy to wear and want hair that looks effortlessly glam, then this idea is for you. Here we have a gorgeous grey hair style. The hair is full of volume and it is styled beautifully. Hair like this will look stunning on everyone and you can recreate this grey color or try a different shade.

Are you now brave enough to try the grey hair trend? Hopefully this will have given you some inspiration to get creative with your hair. Remember to share your hair-selfies with us when you get good and creative!

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14 thoughts on "41 Stunning Grey Hair Color Ideas and Styles"

  1. poppie says:

    I think the Grey hue is super awesome ,its limits go beyond hair’s also look super Fab on ultra thin Senegalese Twist Hairdo.#I♡

  2. Judith Faulkner says:

    I love the look! A natural 7 myself, it still took several months and trips to my stylist to even get close.

  3. Liz says:

    Sorry, I just have to say; grey/ silver/ white hair is a HUGE commitment! By no means is it”low maintenance”!The fact this article claimed getting white hair is “easy” or that ianyt called any of these colors “easy” to maintain (besides like, naturally dark hair with a grey ombré) just tells you right there…there IS no expected level of professionalism, care, pride, or knowledge. Pictures are pretty, through! Stupid article- I’m really sorry!!

  4. Lacy J says:

    I guess I am a lucky (blessed) one; I have naturally white/ platinum/grey hair. It’s amusing that wherever I go, invariably I am told how “beautiful” my hair is. I am not a proud person but the comments are uplifting.

  5. June T says:

    My hair is also naturally white/Platinum grey hair. I get compliments many times. Im over 70 now and it first the platinum white hair came in around 40 near the temples and took about 10 years to all over. It really is a very pretty silver white.

  6. Robbie Lynn says:

    I too have a natural lovely grey /white hair color and have had grey since my 40’s. I am often old what lovely hair colorI have. One particular let’s say “moving” moment was at the grocery one day a woman replied what lovely color your hair is .Wherre did you get that color..I replied with a little laugh..”Mother Nature” she said, oh , where can I buy that…SMILE…

  7. Lysee says:

    I am 65 and have been dying my brown hair since my 20’s. I finally decided I wanted to know what my hair color is so I started just coloring the top of my hair line and letting the hair on the middle to bottom come in naturally. I loved how pure white is was so I went to my colorist and had her match the top brown (colored) hair to my natural color. I might look older than I did with brown hair but I get compliments from 90% of those who knew me before. I am fine with looking closer to my age and feel authentic and honest.

  8. Liz van Vuuren says:

    Hello. I am 73 but look 10 years younger. I have colored my hair since I was a student.. I have thick straight hair. I color my hair Clairol Gentle care formula. Mocha Medium Brown. My hair had a reddish undertone with natural high lites . I have to touch up roots every 2 weeks and cut every 6 weeks. It grows like weed. I wear it in a bob. Now with lock down/corona virus. Its time. I haven’t colored my hair for 6 weeks. Can’t look myself in the mirror. I have thought of have a very short cut and having it grey. The hair is now paper white. But it must have a modern look. I still work as an estate agent. Jackmaetincolorist

  9. Anonymous says:

    After years of dying my hair, I am about to retire and decided to let it grow out. I love it!! It’s a bit of a mixed grey effect but I have it cut very short and don’t feel like I’m pretending anymore!

  10. Marie Ravening says:

    I used to love my grey hair, but now it’s totally white and without makeup I look washed out.
    Could I have grey highlights or streaks so that as it grows out it won’t leave a tide line?
    I am almost 81 yrs old and not very well off.
    Is there anything I could perhaps do myself?

  11. Christine O'Brien Hillstead says:

    What about naturally yellow gray hair. It looks white blond but as a born redhead that yellow comes through underneath. Some say it gorgeous and others say I should use something to take the yellow out. I really don’t want to get into a new dying process and fuss. So nice to just get it cut. I

  12. Joyce Williams says:

    My hair is Salt and pepper now but I would love to go all grey or can I achieve the look I want at it myself.. what products or hair color can give the affect of silver..i have seen how beautiful it is and can I purchase the color at my pharmacy cosmetics aisle..or at a beauty supply store..

  13. Mary Messano says:

    Wow I’m impressed. How can I make an app? What’s your closest Solon? I live in Fairfield Ca.

  14. Peggy says:

    Love the matching shoes

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