31 Lob Haircut Ideas for Trendy Women

The ‘Lob’ or long-bob hairstyle is a timeless one. Some seriously strong women have rocked this super-chic look in the past and the just-above-the-shoulder look has been favored by the likes of Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor, Louise Brooks and many more.

Despite being short it’s a decidedly versatile look that can be jazzed up (or down) easily with the right styling tools and products. It also appears that the lob haircut is going to be one of the hottest hair looks for 2016. Let’s find out how to do it the right way…

1. Asymmetrical Lob + Balayage Highlights

If you have fast growing, straight and fine hair, balayage lob haircut ideas are the right way forward for a number of reasons. Firstly, because of the natural coloration of the ombre, you can get away with letting your roots grow a little longer. This will save you money on hair appointments.

Secondly, the balayage or hand-painted highlighting effect helps to give you a more three-dimensional finish. When your hair is just one tone it will look more light, limp and fine. The various tones (as you can see here) add depth.

2. Blonde Lob

If you want to go for a shorter look but are too scared to go too short and that’s the one thing that keep putting you off, the lob haircut gives you the perfect compromise.

You get to keep some length, enough length to pop it back in a cute little updo if you need to, but at the same time it’s a bolder, braver, shorter look still. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

3. Blunt Lob

By playing around with the cut, style, color and texture of your lob, you can make it perfect for ANY face shape, just another reason why this should be your go-to look for 2016. You can layer around the front to change the perception of the shape of your face and by going just a bit longer or shorter than you usually would can completely transform the look completely, and your face shape once again.

This is why you should have a chat with your hair stylist before you choose the right cut for you. Sometimes taking a professional’s advice IS the right thing to do especially when going for something like this blunt lob which for some people, can be too scary a move to take.

4. Caramel Lob + Blonde Balayage Ends

If you want to add volume to thin or lifeless hair, try mixing your long bob with highlights to help boost and add depth. You should also ensure you use a mousse product that adds volume, and try to use a volume-boosting shampoo and conditioner.

Caramel Long Bob Style with Blonde Ends

Source: @cassderosa

You should use mousse on wet hair before you blow dry plus a larger nozzle on the dryer itself will further boost oomph factor. Those added highlights also help to give the hair extra depth. It’s a smart way of using two clever hair tricks to make your hair appear fuller and full of life.

5. Layered Blonde Lob

Kate Hudson recently sported a look very similar to this one. The layered blonde lob goes perfectly with this light wavy curls and the subtle highlighting you can see just adds to the three-dimensional effect. It’s clever – a great in-between look for when you’re growing out your shorter ‘do.

For the perfect lob look, the hair should be cut to just below neck length but just above shoulder length too. If the look touches the shoulder, according to experts, this is too long.

6. Layered Lob + Bangs

Don’t go for blunt bangs with a lob if you have a round face because this will only make your face appear wider and rounder. If you do want to have bangs chopped in, make them wispy and swept over to the side.

Blunt bangs work better on oval face shapes but as you can see here, the look still hasn’t been left overly blunt. It’s more of a shaggy affair which is a great look for when you’re not really sure of how you’re feeling that day. It’s easily recreated and low maintenance. Definitely a great look to try if you’re a lob beginner!

7. Peachy Copper Lob

The good thing about these lob haircut ideas is that you still have enough length to really make your hair stand out. What could be better than trying a brave new color like this peachy copper lob?

Sleek Copper Long Bob Haircut

Source: @soraverly

We love the fact that the peachy highlights have been added around the front of the hair, framing the face. The hair is also slightly longer at the front than it is at the back, giving you a really flattering way to wear 2016’s most stylish look.

8. Messy Layered Lob + Beige Blonde Balayage Highlights

For square face shapes, blunt looks aren’t the best ones to go for and when you’re thinking about lob haircut ideas, go for something on the longer side, shoulder-grazing almost, to help soften the face shape.

Just as wide at the jaw as it is at the forehead, square faces look great with light layers to frame the face, starting from the bottom and working to just below chin length. Bangs are generally a bad idea but if you want to give them a shot, use long, side-swept, wispy bangs to stop things getting too square.

Off-center partings also work great for a square face shape and try to avoid too many harsh or straight layers. You want to go for the softer look here.

9. Sun-kissed Blonde Lob

Balayage effect hair is basically hand-painted hair and it originated in France. It’s different to ombre because ombre is more structured. Balayage basically hand-paints the sections of hair that the sun would hit and naturally bleach. It’s a more natural and softer approach to blending colors and shades or tones and again, helps to add depth if you have thin or fine hair.

The good thing about balayage hair is that it is considered to be a low maintenance hairstyle meaning you’re going to be less of a slave to your hair appointments.

10. Ice Blonde Lob

If you have a round face, this is one of the perfect looks to go for. The length at the front helps to ‘lengthen’ the face, therefore making it appear less round, plus those soft, subtle layers and side-parting helps to soften things even further.

This look is considered an A-line bob which means it is slightly longer at the front than at the back. Asymmetrical looks are all the rage these days and when you mix that style with lob haircut ideas, and the include a beautiful color combo like the ice blonde lob you can see here, you have a match made in heaven.

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