23 Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2020

There are so many amazing hair colors to try. One that has become a must-have is ash brown. For those who haven’t heard of that color before, it is a brown shade that has grey tones. The grey tones can be silvery and statement making or soft and subtle. Ash brown just gives the hair more depth and it is a great way to brighten the darker hair colors. It will give the hair new life without being too bold like a blonde color would be. To show you how gorgeous it can be, we have found 23 ash brown hair ideas. We have different versions of the color and some cute styles as well.

1. Wavy Ash Brown Hair

The first hair idea features dark root color which then changes into a light ash brown shade. It is such a beautiful color and it is easy to wear. If you have darker hair, then this is a great way to lighten it up. We also really like the style as the waves look so cute and summery. A cute style and color like this will suit everyone.

Wavy Ash Brown Hair

Source: @carekayy

2. Blonde and Ash Brown Hair

Next, we have an ash brown and blonde hair idea. The hair is a gorgeous lighter brown shade with added blonde color at the front and throughout. Blonde is a great color to add to any brown hair as it gives it a lift, brightens it up and makes it look sun-kissed. The color combo will suit any hair type. Recreate the whole style complete with voluminous curls.

Blonde and Ash Brown Hair

Source: @breakingbronde

3. Dark Brown and Ash Ombre Lob

Looking for a trendy hair color? If so, take a look at this. Here we have ash brown hair that then turns into an ashy grey color. It is such a stylish hair idea and the grey shade looks amazing with the brown. Something like this will really jazz up your hair and even though it makes a statement, the color is not too bold so it is easy to wear. Ombre like this would be amazing with a bob.

4. Long and Beautiful Brown Hair

The next hair idea is timeless and it will suit everyone. This look features long and curly brown hair with added ashy and blonde tones. By adding different highlights of color, you create multi dimensional hair which looks more natural. It is a stunning hair idea and it is a subtle way to lift and give new life to your hair.

Long and Beautiful Brown Hair

Source: @alvison_hair

5. Ash Brown and Blonde Bob

Next, we have a cute long bob to show you. So, the hair is cut into a classic bob and the hair starts dark brown with added blonde and ash blonde highlights. It is such a stunning hair idea and the blonde and ash brown look gorgeous together. Both the color and cut are very trendy and you can go even shorter with the hair length. A sleek chin length bob would look amazing.

Ash Brown and Blonde Bob

Source: @glenhew

6. Sleek Or Curly Hair

Here we have another hair idea and it shows two ways to style the hair. One side features sleek and long ashy brown hair while the other side is beautiful and curly. Both have a gorgeous color and either style looks beautiful. It just shows how chic ash brown balayage will look with different hairstyles.

7. Subtle Ash Brown Hair

Like the subtle and easy to wear hairstyles? If so, check this out. The hair is darker at the root and then the hair changes into a light ash brown shade. This color change is low-key, so the hair blends beautifully. Hair like this is perfect for those who have darker hair and just want to lighten it up without the hair color being too bold or dramatic.

Subtle Ash Brown Hair

Source: @sokiestylist

8. Ash Brown and Blonde Ombre

This next hair idea is one of our favorites. The hair is dark brown, then it has ashy tones and finally it goes blonde. This color blend creates such a stylish ombre look. If you want hair that is trendy and statement making, then this is perfect for you! This color idea is best suited to longer hair as it will really show off the color change.

9. Stylish Bob

Next, we have another bob to show you. Again, the hair starts dark and then changes into a lighter ashy brown with blonde tones. The hair looks highlighted so the dark color really gets a lift. This highlighted bob is so cute and easy to wear. A similar cut and color will suit everyone.

Stylish Bob Hairstyle Idea

Source: @ovolkov

10. Ashy Balayage Highlights

We’re obsessed with this next hair idea! The hair is very dark with added ashy brown and grey highlights. It is such a gorgeous color combo and as the hair is wavy, it really shows off the flashes of ashy color. This is a beautiful and bold hair idea and it will make you stand out from the crowd in style. A color combination like this can be used on lighter brown hair as well.

11. Ash Brown and Blonde Highlights

This next hair idea is perfect for the summer. The hair is long with added ash brown and blonde highlights. We love this because the ashy brown and lighter blonde look amazing together. This hair looks sun-kissed and it is the perfect way to give your hair a makeover for the summer season. Try a similar color combo with beach waves and you will wear a must-have hairstyle.

12. Ash Grey Melt

Next, we have another ombre hair idea. This time the hair is ash brown and the hair goes to a lighter grey about midway. This is a subtle and low-key hair color idea but you still get that trendy ombre look. Hair like this is easy to maintain and wear. If you decide the ashy color isn’t for you, it will just grow out.

13. Stunning Ash Blonde Waves

Like the ash blonde color with waves? If so, check this out. Here we have dark brown hair with added ash brown color. It is a gorgeous and glam hairstyle and the color is so easy to wear. You can recreate this more low-key look or add in some blonde, which will really brighten up the hair.

14. Dark Brown, Ash Brown and Blonde

If you love the bolder colors, then you need to see this hair idea. For this look, the hair is a beautiful dark brown shade at the root. Then about midway, the hair changes to ash brown and finally towards the tips the hair is blonde. The colors are stunning and it is a stylish way to add very light blonde to such dark hair as the ashy tone just makes it all blend.

15. Easy to Wear Hair Color

The next hair idea shows another easy to wear look. This hairstyle features long and wavy hair with added ash brown color. We love this because the ash brown just lightens up the hair and gives it depth but the overall style is still chic and timeless. Color like this will just brighten up hair that is feeling dull and lifeless.

16. Ashy Balayage Ombre

Next, we have ashy brown balayage. So, the hair is long and curly. The hair looks dark brown at the root then it blends to an ashy tone and finally to blonde. It is such a statement making and stylish look. We love the very light blonde, it just really wows. If you want to completely transform your hair, then this is for you.

17. Light Ash Brown Hair Idea

We love this next hairstyle. For this look we have lighter ashy brown hair that then changes into a blonde tone towards the tips. Both the cut and color are very pretty and they will brighten up your look. This is a stylish color combination that will suit everyone. Recreate this or you can be more bold with the blonde by adding more of it.

Light Ash Brown Hair Idea


18. Glam Ash Brown Waves

Looking for a stylish color and glam hairstyle? If so, you need to see this. Here we have long hair that is an ashy brown color about midway. The hair is also styled into beautiful waves. It is such a chic and stunning idea. A color like this will give the hair a lift while the style is just gorgeous. Waves like these can be worn for any occasion.

19. Brown and Blonde Ombre

This next hair idea is another ombre look. So, the hair is about mid length and it starts dark with added ash brown and warm blonde. The blonde colors we have seen have been cooler and lighter, but this one shows how a warmer and ashy shade compliments darker hair too. You also can recreate a similar color on long hair.

Brown and Blonde Ombre

Source: @toby_doeshair

20. Dark Brown Ashy Hair

Like the subtle and easy to wear looks? If so, check this out. Here we have beautiful brown hair with added ash brown color. The color change is subtle but as you can see, it does brighten the hair. Both the color and style look stunning and the whole look will suit everyone. This color combo will look gorgeous with a shorter cut too.

21. Trendy Ash Brown Cut

Next, we have a trendy cut and color. For this look, the hair is dark at the root with added ash brown color. This color does have more grey tones which makes the ash brown more statement making. We love the shorter cut with the waves, it looks so stylish. Hair like this will suit all women and it will look amazing for the spring and summer seasons.

22. Beautiful Curls

Love the pretty and curly styles with the ash brown color? Then this could be perfect for you. Here we have ash brown hair with added light blonde color. It is such a chic color combo and it looks so glam with the curls. A cut and color like this is great if you want a complete hair makeover. The blonde will really give the hair a lift.

23. Ash Brown Bob

The last hair idea features another cute bob. For this look, the hair is super dark at the root and then it changes to an ashy tone about midway. The hair is cut and styled into a sleek, angled bob. We love everything about this style and it is another great look for the summer.

Ash Brown Bob

Source: @salon_58

We hope you have found a beautiful ash brown hairstyle to try!

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