21 Bat Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2020

Halloween is not complete without bat decor. But this year why not add the classic and creepy creatures to your Halloween makeup instead?! You can create so many scary or cute looks and there are so many unique makeup designs that can be created. To show you how spooktacular bat makeup can be, we have 23 of the best looks for Halloween. We have illusions, vampire bats, glam makeup ideas and more. So, take a look, there is a Halloween bat for everyone.

1. Spooky Bat Makeup

First up, we have this spooky bat makeup. She has created bat wing eyeliner and she has black lips with small white triangles that look like teeth. This is a fun and cute idea that is perfect for Halloween. There are tutorials online for bat wing eyeliner, so you can try this look yourself.

2. Bat Face Makeup

This next idea is one of our favorites because it has such a cool illusion. She has simple makeup but she has painted bats all over her face. One bat creates an illusion on her mouth but it is the one on her eye we love. When her eye is closed, it looks like a bat cave with small eyes looking at you. This is such a unique and awesome idea.

Bat Face Makeup

Source: @amynicolemakeup

3. Creepy Makeup on the Lips

Looking for something creepy? Well, then take a look at this. For this look, she has dark smokey eyes and the bat design is on her lips. Her lips are painted black and there are bats surrounding it. So, the bats look like they are flying out of her mouth. This is a simple but spooky idea and it is perfect for those who want to try something different.

Creepy Bat Makeup on the Lips

Source: @yamileth14

4. Bat Face and Body Makeup

If you really want to make a spooky statement this Halloween, then this makeup idea is perfect. The artist has used classic orange and purple Halloween colors. Then she has painted bats on her face and body, but some of the bats are card which gives them a 3D effect. This is such a cool idea and you will definitely stand out!

Bat Face and Body Makeup

Source: @minniemcgee

Products used: Morphe 35O3 Palette, Kat Von D Tropper Liner, Lime Crime Velvetines Lip Liner in Magic & Poison Cherry Wet Cherry Lipsgloss, Jeffree Star You. Better. Work Velour Liquid lipstick, ABH Brow Pomade in Soft Brown & Clear Brow Gel, Peaches Makeup Eyelashes, Milani Cosmetics Conceal and Perfect foundation and Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter.

5. Glam Makeup with Bats

The next makeup idea is perfect for those who want to look glam and spooky all at once. The artist has used rich red lip color and she has paired it with bold black eyeliner. This look is complete with small bats which have been painted on the face. The lip color and eyeliner look pretty and stylish while the bats celebrate Halloween.

6. Unique Bat Makeup Design

Maybe you want to try something more unique? If so, this is perfect for you. For this look, the makeup artist has painted a large bat on her face. The bat surrounds the eyes so it almost looks like a creepy masquerade mask. This is such a cool idea, you could even wear vampire fangs with the makeup. Recreate this or try the classic black bat.

Unique Bat Makeup Design

Source: @sareeeb

Products used: SUVA Beauty Hydraliner in Scrunchie, Morphe 35b Palette and DiamondFX Black and White Face Paint.

7. Lip Illusion

Next, we have another cool illusion to show you. Here we have the bat wing eyeliner and the illusion is on her lips. Her lips are painted black but there is a nude section in a bat shape. Next to the nude section there are flying bats. So, it looks like the bats were on her lips and now they have awoken and flew away. This is a unique and creepy idea.

Lip Bat Illusion for Halloween

Source: @kerena_ve

8. Bats And The Masquerade

This next idea is unique and it is great if you want to give your bat makeup a vampire twist. For this look, the artist has created an elegant masquerade mask complete with rhinestones. She also has red lips with purple eye makeup. This look is finished off with small bats painted on her body. It is such a cool idea because she looks gorgeous but the bats give her a vampire vibe. You can recreate this or add more bats, maybe on the face. We think fangs would complete this look perfectly!

9. Stylish Eye Makeup with Bats

Love the spooky and stylish makeup ideas? If so, take a look at this. This time we have very dark lip color worn with classic black liner. The area around the eye also features small black bats. This is a subtler and more trendy way to wear bats. It is great for those who want to look glam but also dress up for Halloween.

10. Creepy Halloween Bat Makeup

If you want something more scary, then check this out! The makeup artist has created dark eye makeup with red color that looks like blood on the lower lash line. She has also painted a large and spooky bat on her mouth that looks like a vampire bat. This is such an awesome Halloween makeup idea and we love the vampire element.

Creepy Halloween Bat Makeup

Source: @tephadoll_

11. Purple and Black Makeup

Looking for something more cute and spooky? If so, this is perfect for you! For this look, the makeup artist has created a pretty purple eyeshadow blend. She has also used black lip color and she has created a purple section on her nose that is covered in bats. The colors are classic Halloween and the bats look creepy and cool.

12. Creepy Pulled Up Skin Illusion

This next idea is another one of our favorites and it is so creepy! The makeup artist has chosen simple makeup with bats painted on her face. It is on her body where the illusion is! As you can see, it looks like she has opened her skin and bats are flying out of it. This is such a spooky and unique idea. You can find tutorials online for creating the pulled back skin look.

Products used: ColorPop Main Squeeze Palette & Sol Palette, Illamasqu Inovke Eye Shadow, Snazaroo Paints, Mac Tropic Tonic Lipstick and Beauty Bay Identity Palette.

13. Bat Makeup Mask

Next, we have another spooky bat makeup idea. This time the artist has painted a bat on her face. The wings surround her eyes and the bat is on her nose. So, it is like a scary bat mask. Keep it simple and creepy like this or add some rich red lip color and fangs for a vampire bat look.

Spooky Bat Makeup Mask for Halloween

Source: @villannelle

Products used: NYX Born To Glow foundation, grimasspain Aqua Colors, Makeup Revolution Bronzer and Radiance palette and Peggy Sage Lip liner, Lipstick & Blush Duo

14. Dark Makeup with Bats

If you like the dark colors associated with Halloween, then you will love this. The artist has used a gorgeous grey on her eyes with black liner. She also has a super dark color on her lips and she has painted bats on her face. This is a Gothic and stylish bat makeup look that is perfect for parties! We love the dark grey color palette.

15. Scary Bat Makeup

Want to give people a fright? If so, this is for you. Here we have a simple but scary makeup idea. She is wearing dark lip color with silver and dark purple eye makeup. The look is complete with black contact lenses and hand-painted bats that look like they are flying around her mouth. Everything about this is creepy from the contact lenses to the bats.

Scary Bat Makeup

Source: @litanya.g

16. Bat Wing Liner

Love the bat wing liner? If so, check this out. The makeup artist has kept the look quite simple. Neutral eyeshadows have been used with matte and dark lip color. This makeup is complete with spooky bat wing liner. Something like this is great for those who want to be creepy without going over the top. You can find tutorials for bat wing eyeliner online.

17. Cute Orange Makeup Idea

Next, we have a cute makeup look. This one uses the classic black and orange Halloween color palette. The artist has used orange eyeshadow and black lip color. There is also an orange section on her cheeks and nose with black bats painted on it. This is a spooky and classic idea and it will look amazing for any Halloween event.

Cute Black and Orange Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @meg_ann_lee77

18. Spooky Illusion Bat Makeup

If you want to go all out this Halloween, then this is perfect for you! Here we have amazing bat illusion makeup. The artist has used black contact lenses and the face has been painted to look more like a real and creepy bat. This look is complete with bat wings and ears. It is an unique and scary idea that will wow everyone. They will get a fright for sure!

Spooky Illusion Bat Makeup

Source: @arct.angel

19. Purple Makeup with Bat Wings

Like the bat wing eyeliner ideas? If so, take a look at this. This is another version that features purple and neutral colors with black bat wing liner. The look is complete with dark lip color. This makeup is pretty, spooky and cute. It will suit everyone and any Halloween event.

20. Bat Eye Makeup

We love this next idea! This one only shows the eyes and the eyes are grey and smokey with small bats painted just above the crease of the eyelid. It is a dark, stylish and spooky makeup idea. You can pair this with any lip color but we would go with dark red to give you a scary vampire look. Maybe even add fangs.

Products used: Lotus Hair and Beauty Lashes in Minnie, Frankie Rose Cosmetics Millennium Eyeshadow Palette and ABH Dipbrow in Granite.

21. Vibrant Bat Makeup

The last makeup idea is vibrant, spooky and cute. The artist has created dark smokey eyes and has worn light and nude lip color. This makeup is complete with yellow swirls and black bats. It reminds us of bats flying around in the light of the moon. This is such an awesome and fun idea for Halloween.

Vibrant Bat Makeup

Source: @miss.megkupme

Products used: ABH Carli Bybel Palette, Violet Voss Sugar Crystals Palette, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and Fit Me Powder in 110, Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer, Makeup Geek Cosmetics Blush in Spellbound and ABH Undressed Lip Set in Sand & Summer Vibes.

We hope you have found a spooky bat makeup idea to try!

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