47 Stunning Blonde Highlights for Dark Hair

Nothing works better with darker and deeper brunette hair than lighter, blonder highlights. That’s especially the case if you want a look that really stands out. There are a lot of benefits to have multi-tonal hair, some of which we’ll go into throughout the course of these stunning blonde highlights for dark hair looks. We’d love to know which ones are your favourite. Make sure you come back and let us know!

1. Blonde Balayage Highlights

There are so many tones you can choose from when you’re talking about adding stunning blonde highlights for dark hair. There are the cool beiges to start with, mixed in with the neutral and nude-like tones, going right up to more deeper, and darker shades – honey blondes with their slightly red tinges, for example, and brown sugar-like hues. It doesn’t matter what kind of brunette you’re rocking, there’s a way to add highlights that’s going to be super flattering for you.

Blonde Balayage Highlights for Dark Hair

Source: @aaashleee

2. Honey Blonde Highlights

How do you feel about honey highlights? It’s a shade easily worn by many, regardless of skin tone and complexion. It’s also a fun way of lightening the mood when you have naturally dark hair. Remember the highlighted areas will need to be bleached, so go for a less is more approach if you want to give your hair a break … It probably needs one.

Honey Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

Source: @sadiejcre8s

3. Blonde & Caramel Highlights

There’s a big reason why the balayage ombre is such a big hit right now – it’s because the root regrowth allowance is phenomenol. You won’t come across another hairstyle as easy to maintain as this one. As long as your highlights don’t start right at the roots, with a darker shade ombre-ing into a lighter one, you can allow for more natural growth shades at the top. This means you can go an extra few weeks before salon appointments. That’ll give your hair a break, and it’ll save you a few hundreds dollars if you keep the look up for a few months too.

Blonde and Caramel Highlights on Dark Hair

Source: @paintedhair

4. Highlights on Dark, Layered Hair

If you want to add more of a dimension to your dark brown hair, why not think about adding a slightly more tangerine twist to your blonde highlights? The “Blorange” look is a really big one right now, and amidst a backdrop of a darker contrast will look quite spectacular.

Honey Blonde Highlights on Dark Layered Hair

Source: @hairluvbytiffany

5. Beige Blonde

If you want to add some colour, but not too much colour, opt to have those highlights framing your face, rather than being scattered all around your face. It will stop you from needed to play around with your hair too much, saving it from treatments that are gong to be detrimental to its health. It’ll be softer to pull off too.

6. Dark to Caramel to Blonde Ombre

This is a look that won’t be easy to achieve at home, especially if you’re not really a professional when it comes to dyeing your own hair. Gather as many pictures as you can to show a hairstylist what kind of finish you want. The more pictures you have of the kind of blonde highlights for dark hair that you want, the more you can convey that image to her / him. Also: the higher the chance you’ll walk out of the salon with a killer look that everyone will be impressed with.

Dark to Caramel to Blonde Ombre Hair

Source: @aaashleee

7. Sun Kissed Hair

If you have length on your side, this sun kissed hair is perfect for you. The aim of the game is to have the lighter tones hand-painted onto your hair, but only in the places where the sun would naturally hit it. These lighter tones will be mostly around the top layers of the hair, going back to the old-school way of highlighting. Forget the lowlights, and if you don’t want to forget them, keep them relatively dark. You’re meant to be shadowing and mimicking light and dark, remember?

Sunk Kissed Dark Brown Hair for Summer

Source: @jayrua_glam

8. Blonde Ombre

This is a really soft affair, and it’s been made effortlessly glam with the help of those big rolling waves. A large round brush will help you to nail those, styling your hair as you dry it, using your hair dryer to boost volume. You’ll also find a good volume-adding mousse will work wonders, especially if you want your hair to have staying power too.

9. Highlighted Lob

If you’re currently growing out a bob, a lob is definitely the way forward. A lob is basically a long-bob … the name gives it away a little, don’t you think? Add some beautiful blonde highlights to the occasion, lighter towards the centre and more intense towards the ends. This is the look you’ll be left with.

10. Golden Ribbons of Blonde

If you want something stunning yet simple, little peekaboo highlights popping out from the lengths of your naturally dark hair is a good way forward. There are also some slight red tinges in this look. As we mentioned before, there’s so many ways of adding blonde highlights for dark hair, there’s always going to be something that works really well for your hair and skin type.

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    I really like the variety shown here. I must say I am disappointed that All the models had long hair. I would have like to seen the colors in different hair lengths. Doesn’t anyone have short hair anymore?

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