61 Cute Easter Nail Designs You Have to Try This Spring

Do you love nail art? Looking for some pretty nail designs for Easter? Then you are in the right place, we have found 61 cute Easter nail ideas. We have something for everyone from adorable bunnies, to stylish pastels and more. Any of the Easter nails featured will look stylish and fun for the special day.

1. Easter Chick and Bunny Nails

First on our Easter list are these super cute nails. Two nails have chic polka dots, one nail has bunny ears, another has a chick and the thumb nail has an egg design. We love these nails because it uses some of Easter’s most popular themes in one look. You could recreate nails like these or just use one of the styles.

2. Vibrant Easter Chick Nail Art

It wouldn’t be Easter without cute yellow chicks! These nails have a yellow striped design with a chick accent nail. There are many tutorials online to help you create the chick and there are many different styles you can try. You can also just have yellow or white nails instead of the stripes.

Vibrant Easter Chick Nail Art

Source: @nailsbyic

3. Easter Pastel Nails

Easter is in Spring and during this fresh new season pastel colors are must-haves. You can wear these beautiful soft shades on your nails. This next idea features a different pastel shade on each nail. We love the use of different tones as it gives the manicure a trendy look. If you wanted a subtler design, you could use one color.

Easter Pastel Nails

Source: @hotnails_ce

4. Pretty Glitter and Bunny Nails

Glitter is perfect for any occasion. Our next nail idea is a glitter manicure with a cute bunny accent nail. As it is Easter try and choose a soft color like the one featured. You could use pink or another color like pastel yellow. There are lots of tutorials online to help you create Easter bunny art so you can try it at home.

Pretty Glitter and Bunny Nails

Source: @kiantaychambers123

5. Easter Egg Nail Art

Next, we have the cutest Easter egg idea! These nails are a soft pink with glitter and have two egg accent nails. We love this idea because it is vibrant and fun. You could recreate this with any color scheme but keep it light to suit the season. There are tutorials to guide on you on creating the egg design or you could use a stencil or sticker.

Easter Egg Nail Art

Source: @vics_nails

6. Floral and Bunny Nail Design

Spring is the season of beautiful floral blooms. This next idea combines spring flowers with Easter. One nail has a super cute bunny and one nail has a pastel floral design. The other nails have a gorgeous ombre look. You could just use the flowers and bunny look with plain nails or have a go at the ombre. Ombre is quite simple to create with a sponge, have a look online.

Floral and Bunny Nail Design

Source: @fervelia

7. Cute Easter Nails

Our next nail idea features a sweet Easter egg design. The nails have been painted in a soft sky blue and have two vibrant eggs as an accent nail. We can also see some white polka dots to. A manicure like this is perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate the occasion without going too over the top. The eggs can be hand painted or you can use stickers.

Cute Easter Nails

Source: @nailartbyfrida

8. Pastel Floral Nails

Next, we have a stylish manicure that features pastel nails with a floral design. This is such a pretty idea for spring and Easter. Not only will nails like these be cute for the special day but will look great after to. This pattern would suit medium to long nails in any shape.

9. Easter Bunny and Hearts

If you want adorable nails for Easter, then this could be the design for you. The nails feature a pretty heart print with a bunny accent nail. You could recreate nails like these in any color scheme. Pastels and light colors are perfect. Hearts can be created on nails with toothpicks and there are tutorials online to help you.

10. Glitter Easter Egg Chevron Design

Easter eggs often have a vibrant chevron design. This chevron print has inspired these next nails. The nails are painted in different pastel colors with glitter. By using different colors you create a fun and bright Easter look. There are chevron tutorials online to help you create the look. You can also just one color with the glitter instead of a few.

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