25 Best Formal Hairstyles to Copy in 2018

Have you got a special occasion coming up? Maybe you are going to a wedding, prom or special date night? If so you need to check out our 25 formal hairstyles. Each of these stunning hair ideas will finish off your best outfit and will suit any formal event. We have something for every style from beautiful bohemian braids to glamorous updos. Take a look to find your perfect hairstyle!

1. Accessorized Updo

First on our list is this very elegant accessorized updo. The hair has been braided and twisted into a low bun. The hair is finished off with loose curls and a beautiful pearl headpiece. A hairstyle like this would be perfect for a wedding. You could recreate something similar with gems instead of pearls for the prom.

Elegant Accessorized Updo

Source: @adnomoreira

2. Trendy Ponytail

A ponytail is not just a casual hairstyle for the gym. You can glam up ponytails for a special occasion to. This ponytail sits high on the head and has loose curls. It also has a knot design in the middle. You could wear a simple curled ponytail or wear with the trendy knot design. Either way this hairstyle is a winner.

Trendy Elegant Ponytail

Source: @franaireshair

3. Updo with Large Twists

Our next hair idea is super glamorous! Multiple twists have been overlapped to make a low bun look. An updo like this would be perfect for any formal occasion. You could add flowers or sparkles for a bridal hairstyle. There are also many ways to wear twists to create different styles. You could create a high bun or maybe add more twists.

4. Vintage Glamour Half Updo

Bring some vintage glamour to your formal event with a half up, half down hairstyle like this one. This hair idea is quite simple but stunning. Half the hair has been put up into a relaxed ponytail, there is also some volume on the top of the head. Then the rest of the hair has subtle waves. Hair like this will suit many hair lengths.

Vintage Glamour Half Updo

Source: @byirfns

5. Elegant High Bun

A popular hairstyle for formal events is a high bun. High buns look effortlessly glamorous and can be accessorized. This high bun is relaxed and has beautiful sparkling gems. The look has been finished off with loose curls at the front. This updo is stunning and would suit any formal occasion, especially the prom.

6. Braided Formal Updo

Next, we have a gorgeous updo that looks braided and twisted. The hair looks relaxed and stylish but formal. Hair like this is perfect for the ladies who want to show off their unique style but keep in with the dress code. You could recreate a similar hairstyle with smaller braids and twists to. For a wedding you could even add some small flowers or pearls.

Messy Braided Formal Updo

Source: @wb_upstyles

7. Fishtail Braid and Loose Curls

You don’t have to have a hairstyle full of intricate twists and braids. Maybe try a simpler style like this one. The hair has been loosely curled and there is a cute fishtail braid on the side of her head. Hair like this is easy to recreate and would be perfect for a bridesmaid or for the prom. You could also wear the braid with straight hair to.

Fishtail Braid and Loose Curls

Source: @_jennloveshair

8. Updo with Cute Flowers

Floral hair accessories are a beautiful choice for formal hairstyles. This next updo features elegant twists and a low bun. The hair is then finished off with a pretty, floral headpiece. A headpiece like this would be great for brides and bridesmaids. There are many different floral designs available to buy so there is something to suit everyone.

Twisted Updo with Cute Flowers

Source: @penteadosx

9. Formal Bun with Loose Braid

If you have long hair our next formal idea is for you. This hairstyle features a relaxed braid that turns into a large bun. The hair also has loose curls and volume. An updo like this is perfect for anyone who wants to look super glamorous for a special event.

Formal Bun with Loose Braid

Source: @maggiemh

10. Twisted Updo

Our next formal hair idea has a boho vibe. The hair has been twisted into a relaxed updo. The updo also has some loose waves. We love this hairstyle because it is relaxed but great for a special occasion. You could wear this hairdo to the prom or a wedding. It would be perfect for a beach wedding.

Messy Twisted Updo

Source: @svglamour

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Some of these hairstyles are really formal, and some honestly aren’t. Maybe look for more formal hairstyles next time?

  2. Anonymous says:

    i must say some of these look like someone just got out of bed. No hate. I really like some of them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have enough hair for any of these, and I don’t have the right hair color and type for these either. I wish you had more that aren’t so difficult as well.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Next time list how

  5. Anoymos says:

    Okay hair styles but some are definitely NOT formal

  6. tiffany wells says:

    I’m trying to find a good and nice hair style for my ball this coming Thursday night and a family member has agreed to do it as long as I find what I want done but I don’t know what to do with my hair all the styles I have seen are nice and I like some of them.

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