43 Pretty Holiday Nails to Get You Into the Christmas Spirit

Starting to feel festive? Looking for Christmassy nail ideas? Then you need to check out 43 of the best holiday nails we found on Instagram! We have sparkly snowflakes, nail art inspired by Christmas treats, designs with classic Christmas characters and more. There is something to suit everyone, whether you are going to a glam Christmas party or want to celebrate the season in style! This list is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit.

1. Glam Holiday Nails

We are starting off with these snowflake and glitter holiday nails. The nails are shimmery with different white snowflake designs and small, sparkling crystals. There is also a silver glitter accent nail. Nails like these are perfect for Christmas! Recreate the whole look or maybe try just one snowflake design on all nails.

Glam Holiday Nails with Snowflakes

Source: @kt_tk1

2. Cute Santa Nail Idea

Our next idea is a design inspired by Santa. Some of the nails are red and glittery while two are accent nails with Santa nail art. One nail features Santa’s face and the other his suit. It is a cute and festive nail idea. This design will suit all nail lengths and shapes.

Cute Santa Nail Idea for the Holidays

Source: @lalalovenailart

3. Cute Gingerbread Inspired Nails

It wouldn’t be Christmas without gingerbread! So, next we would like to show you are these cute nails inspired by the delicious holiday treat. The nails feature all different gingerbread style designs. The first one has a cute face, the second one has gingerbread buttons, next we have a festive gold nail and the last visible nail features gingerbread with white icing. Recreate the whole look or choose one of the nail designs to try.

4. Gold Glitter and Plaid Nails

The holiday and winter seasons provide lots of inspiration for nail art! Here we have a stylish and cute idea. The nails have been painted with a red and green plaid pattern with gold glitter and white nails. We love this idea because it uses plaid (a winter must-have) with festive colors and glitter.

Gold Glitter and Plaid Nails

Source: @amkuch15

5. Elegant Holiday Nails

If you are looking for an elegant nail idea for the holiday season, these nails may be perfect! All of the nails are a light shade with beautiful patterns and gems. One nail is snowy, the next has a crystal Christmas tree design, then there is a glitter nail and finally three beautiful gems. Nails like these would be perfect for a party.

6. Festive, Gold and Silver Polka Dots

Next, we have a stylish holiday nail idea to share with you. The nails are dark red with silver and gold polka dots. We love the colors used here as they are perfect for the season. It is easy to recreate this look, all you will need is a red, gold and silver polish and a dotting tool. Use all three colors or try just red and gold or red and silver.

7. Pretty Snowflake Holiday Nails

Our next idea features a wintry snowflake design. The nails all have different designs including candy cane inspired stripes, festive glitter, and a statement snowflake. These are beautiful and simple nails for the holiday season.

Pretty Snowflake Holiday Nails

Source: @badgirlnails

Easily recreate the design with the help of this quick YouTube video by BadGirlNails. Enjoy!

8. Christmas Baubles

Baubles are a must-have for the Christmas tree. These nails have been inspired by the decorations. Each nail features a different bauble with all different patterns. This is such a cute and Christmassy idea. You can recreate this look or you can use similar baubles in colors of your choice.

Christmas Baubles Holiday Nails

Source: @lifeisnails

9. Nutcracker Inspired Holiday Nails

The next idea we have to show you has been inspired by another Christmas classic – the Nutcracker. These nails are a dark red with one accent nail that has been based on a Nutcracker’s uniform. This is a traditional holiday idea that will suit any nail shape and length.

10. Matte Red Holiday Nails

Looking for simple holiday nails? Then this idea is for you! These nails are a bold, Christmassy red with one accent nail. The accent nail features a creative, gold glitter Christmas tree. This is such a chic and stylish nail idea that will bring festive glitz and glamour to your look. You can recreate these in a matte or glossy finish.

Matte Red Holiday Nails

Source: @nailsbyjema

11. Beautiful Snowflake Nails

Next, we have another snowflake idea. This one looks enchanting! The design features snowflakes, gems, stars and glitter. It is a beautiful nail idea that has been inspired by winter and it captures the magic of Christmas and the holiday season perfectly.

Beautiful Snowflake Holiday Nails

Source: @ana0m

12. Cute Rudolph and Christmas Tree Nails

Our next idea is super cute! The nails feature a Christmas tree, a Rudolph design and sequins. This a vibrant and fun nail art idea that is perfect for anyone who loves Christmas. You can recreate the whole look or try one of the designs. Just sequins would look nice too.

13. Simple Holiday Nails

Are you are looking for simple festive nails? Then this design is for you! The first nail is green with white polka dots, the next is silver glitter, then a red and white snowflake design and then holly nail art. With the help of dotting tool, you could easily recreate these simple holiday nails at home.

14. Silver and Red Bauble Nails

Earlier in the post we featured bauble nail art, if you loved that idea you may like this one too. Here is another design based on Christmas baubles. Most of the nails are a shimmery silver with one red accent nail. On the accent nail, there is a silver bauble with gems. This is a cute and festive idea that will suit everyone.

15. Plaid and Glitter Holiday Nails

Next, we have a gorgeous holiday nail idea! The nails feature red and black plaid, gold glitter, matte red and a stag design. This is such a stylish nail look for the holiday season. Recreate this look or swap the stag for a reindeer instead. You’ll end up with a unique Christmassy look.

16. Christmas Tree Nail Art Idea

Our next idea features a very festive nail art! Some of the nails are dark green, one is striped while the last one has a mini Christmas tree that is too cute for words. This is a creative look that is perfect for the holiday season. If you’re in a hurry, you could recreate the design with only one accent nail.

Cute Christmas Tree Nail Art Idea

Source: @melcisme

17. Chic Blue Holiday Nails

Create a chic look for the holidays with nails like these! The nails are dark blue with two accent nails. One accent nail is a snowflake while the other is silver glitter. We love this design because of the matte blue shade that often gets forgotten in the holiday season. Nails like these are perfect if you like to stand out from the crowd.

Chic Blue Holiday Nails

Source: @melcisme

18. Sparkly, Striped Christmas Nails

Holly is very festive and Christmassy. It has been featured on some nail ideas already but this next one had to be shared! The nails are all different colors and designs, these include: stripes, holly, glitter and red and green colors. It is a stunning idea that is perfect for anyone who loves Christmas and traditional holiday colors and patterns.

Sparkly, Striped Christmas Nails

Source: @badgirlnails

19. Simple Rudolph Inspired Nails

Rudolph is a famous reindeer and he has already made an appearance in our top picks. Here is another idea inspired by the iconic Christmas reindeer. The nails are a brown tone with a reindeer accent nail that features antlers and a red rhinestone that has been used in the place of Rudolph’s nose. This is an easy, but super cute nail idea that everyone will love.

20. Holiday Polka Dot Nail Idea

Love sparkly nails? Then this idea is for you! Some of the nails are red glitter while others are silver glitter. There is also a polka dot accent nail. Designs like this use the festive colors and sparkle to create a stylish holiday look. You can recreate this on any nail length and shape.

Holiday Polka Dot Nail Idea

Source: @nailsbyjema

21. Candy Cane Inspired Nails

Candy canes are a traditional Christmas treat that not only tastes good but looks good too! This next nail idea was inspired by the classic red and white stripe design. As you can see, this nail art is simple but super cute. All you will need is red and white nail polishes and some tape. If you have a steady hand, you can paint the stripes with a thin brush.

22. Elegant Snowflake Nails

Next, we have an elegant holiday nail idea. These nails feature black snowflakes with silver glitter in the middle, and black and silver glitter accent nails. This is such a chic and glam idea. Nails like these would be perfect for a party. You can recreate this look with gold also.

Elegant, Black and Silver Snowflake Nails

Source: @kt_tk1

23. Holly Nail Art Design

Next on our list are these festive glitter nails! Most of the nails are a sparkly dark green, but there are two accent nails. One accent nail is red glitter and the other has a shimmering holly design. This nail art captures the enchanting fun of the holiday season. You can recreate the whole look or just use green and holly, or red and holly.

24. Amazing Grinch Inspired Nail Art

This next nail idea is a must-have for those who love Christmas! Here we have a Grinch inspired mani. Some nails are festive green, one has candy cane stripes and the other one is matte red with rhinestones. Two nails also feature super cute Grinch designs too. This is a fun and Christmassy look. Recreate this mani or just have the character art. You can buy Grinch nail stickers online.

Amazing Grinch Inspired Nail Art

Source: @_allured

25. Christmassy Nails with Mittens and Holly

If you want festive nail art but want the overall mani to still look chic and elegant, then this for you. Three nails are a rich and dark red shade. The other two nails feature Christmassy Holly and mitten nail art. It is a beautiful nail design that is perfect for the festive season. Recreate this or you could have dark green nails instead of red. Holly and mitten nail stickers are available online.

26. Red Christmas Nails

Red is a popular nail color and it is also very Christmassy. If you want to jazz up your classic red color for the festive season, then this is a stylish way to do it. Here we have long coffin nails. Some are glossy and some are a different red shade that also looks matte. Even though all the nails are red, the mani still makes a statement because of the different shades and textures. This is easy to wear and it will suit all nail lengths and shapes.

27. Festive Green Nails with a Bauble and Gold Glitter

If you love Christmas decorations, then this mani could be perfect for you! Three nails are a dark and festive green color. One nail is sparkly and the other is white with stunning bauble art. The bauble looks amazing and it is perfect for Christmas. You can recreate this or maybe create bauble art inspired by your own decorations at home. Bauble nail art tutorials can be found online.

28. Candy Canes, Snowflakes and Christmas Sweater Nail Art

The next nail idea is bold, fun and festive. All of the nails are red except for one. Each red nail is decorated with white polish to create candy cane stripes, snowflakes and Christmas sweater art too. The accent nail is sparkly with white drips. We love this because so many festive designs are included. Recreate the whole look or just use one or two of the designs.

Candy Canes, Snowflakes and Christmas Sweater Nail Art

Source: @lieve91

29. Glam White Nails with Snowflakes

Next, we have a very elegant mani that is inspired by winter. Some nails are glossy white, some are sparkly white and there is an accent nail too. The accent nail is clear with white snowflakes and glitter. It is such a stunning combination with the color and snowflakes. Nails like these would be perfect for a Christmas party.

Glam White Nails with Snowflakes 

Source: @nailbyvan82

30. Red Holiday Nails with Rhinestones

Looking for glitzy nails that are perfect for Christmas parties? If so, this mani could be just the thing for you. All of the nails except for one are a bold red shade. The accent nail is covered in bling! Lots of different rhinestones, in all different colors adorn the nail. It is such a stunning idea and the gems look amazing with the red. You can buy rhinestones like these online and you can stick them on your nails with nail glue. So, you can recreate this mani yourself.

31. Fun and Festive Nail Idea

This next nail idea is so festive and Christmassy! Most of the nails have a different design but all of them include red, white or rhinestones. Some of our favorites are the joy nail and the snowflake nail art. This is an amazing mani that is a great way to show everyone that you love Christmas. You can recreate the whole look or try just one or two of the designs.

Fun and Festive Nail Idea for Coffin Nails

Source: @glamour_chic_beauty

32. Creative Christmassy Nails

Next, we have a fun, cute and Christmassy idea to show you. This another mani where most of the nails are different. Each nail is decorated with an iconic symbol of Christmas including Santa, a Christmas tree, a gift and more. It is a beautiful and unique idea. Nails like these will make a statement.

33. Glitzy Nails with Reindeer Nail Art

If you love nails with adorable animal art, then you need to see this next mani! All of the nails are light and sparkly. Some are decorated with rhinestones and one nail features a super cute reindeer. It is a festive, chic and elegant mani that will look amazing for any festive event. You can buy reindeer nail stickers and rhinestones online.

Glitzy Nails with Reindeer Nail Art

Source: @_allured

34. Adorable Festive Nail Art

Next, we have another adorable mani to show you. Two nails have a polka dot pattern, one has a Christmas decoration and the other two nails feature Christmassy characters. It is a fun, bold and cute idea. You can use any festive colors for the base polish and polka dots can be created with a dotting tool. The characters and decoration can be hand-painted or you can buy nail stickers.

35. Matte Red and Glitter Nails

Glam up your nails with a design like this. Three nails are painted in a rich and dark red shade while the others are covered in sparkle. The red is a stylish Christmas color and the glitter is glitzy and fun. This mani would be perfect for Christmas parties. It would look great for NYE too. Recreate the matte mani or use glossy polish, that would be pretty as well.

Red and Glitter Holiday Nails

Source: @dreasnails

36. Polar Bear Nail Idea

We don’t know about you but we love polar bears! This next nail idea shows a stylish way to wear polar bear nail art. Three nails are sparkly purple and the other two are nude. One has white prints and the other has an adorable polar bear. This is a fun and unique idea. Recreate this or use festive colors. You can buy polar bear nail stickers or view tutorials for polar bear nail art online.

Cute Polar Bear Nail Idea

Source: @ewuleeek

37. Winter Nail Design for Coffin Nails

The next idea is festive and glam. For this look, some nails have glitter ombre and the others feature snowflake rhinestones. The glitter and crystals are perfect for Christmas and the snowflakes are beautiful too. This is a gorgeous mani that is great for Christmas parties. You should also check out the nail artist’s page because you can view step by step tutorials for lots of different nail art.

Winter Nail Design for Coffin Nails

Source: @fiepedersendk

38. Cute Rudolph Nail Art

Love Rudolph the red nose reindeer? If so, this is perfect for you. Two nails are festive and red and the other nail is white and sparkly. There is also a white nail that has adorable Rudolph nail art too. It is a cute and fun idea. The design will suit everyone. You can find Rudolph nail art tutorials online or just use stickers.

39. Snowflake Nail Design for Short Nails

Next, we have glam and Christmassy design. Three nails are pink with white snowflakes, one nail is sparkly and the other one features Christmas sweater nail art. We love this because the pink looks beautiful and it is more unique compared to the classic green and red colors. Recreate the whole look or just try the pink and snowflakes. Either way, your nails will look gorgeous.

Snowflake Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @ana0m

40. Matte Red Nails with Rhinestones

If you want your nails to wow this Christmas, then this idea is for you! This mani features long coffin nails that are all matte red. Each one is decorated with rhinestones. The matte red looks stunning and it is so glam. Nails like these are perfect for parties. You can recreate the look with matte polish or glossy polish. Just use a matte top coat. Rhinestones can be bought online and stuck on with nail glue.

41. Festive and Sparkly Nail Design

The next idea is so festive and sparkly! Two nails are red and two are green. Most of them feature glitter and there is a Christmas tree design too. This is a unique and stylish festive mani. It is perfect for those who want to try something a little different. You can paint the thumb nail in either red or green if recreating the design.

42. Christmassy Nutcracker Nail Art

This next mani is another one of our favorites! These nails feature art inspired by a Christmas nutcracker. Two look like a nutcracker and the others have festive designs. It is such a fun and Christmassy idea that will wow everyone. You can see a full list of the products used for this look and you can view a short tutorial on the page below.

43. Bright Pink Christmas Nails

Not a fan of festive red and green? If so, this is perfect for you. Here we have a unique Christmas mani that features Santa and snowflake nail art. Instead of using classic and Christmassy colors, these nails are all pink! As you can see, the pink Santa looks so cool. This is perfect for the ladies who want to make a statement and who want to stand out from the crowd.

We hope you have found some beautiful holiday nails to try!

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