25 Beautiful Lavender Hair Color Ideas

Lavender hair is actually much easier to recreate than you first may have thought. If you’ve ever left a silver / grey toner on your hair for too long, you’ll understand. Instead of going grey or silver as you had hoped, your hair is left with a lilac / lavender tinge. It looks great, don’t get us wrong, but if you weren’t expecting it, it’ll be a nightmare.

Turn your nightmare around and rock it with one of these lavender hair color ideas. There are plenty to choose from, so many styles and shades to play around with. We’re adding this hair design to our list of things to try. Are you?

1. Lavender & Grey Lob

There are lots of ways to achieve these lavender hair color ideas. Hair chalks are great if you want a one-night affair with your pop of color, and you can opt for semi-permanent dyes for something a little longer-lasting. If you want permanent lavender hair, you’ll need to opt for semi-permanent and committing to re-dyeing it for as long as you want it to remain bright for.

Lavender and Grey Long Bob Hairstyle

Source: @cassderosa

2. Long, Lavender Pixie Cut

A great way to ensure your lilac and lavender hair lasts the distance is to mix and match your shampoo / conditioner / dye together. When you’re washing your hair, add some of your dye to your shampoo. It’ll add another layer of color and if you do the same with your conditioner, you’ll get double the effect. It’s a great way to keep touch-ups to a minimum, and also gives you the opportunity to take care of your look at home without resorting to running to a hairstylist when it starts to fade.

Lavender Long Pixie Cut

Source: @beautsoup

3. Smoked Lavender

Speaking of fading, these lavender hair color ideas are well known for fading fast so if you want a look as bright and bold as this, you’ll need to be prepared to keep up with the maintenance of it all. The bright pop of purple will fade to a much lighter tone in just a few washes, and although pastel shades are in, if it’s not the kind of look you want, you might be disappointed. At least we warned you – these looks are high maintenance.

4. Lavender Ombre Hair

If you’re not quite brave enough to dye your entire head a bright pop of purple, lavender hair color ideas like this one are a great idea – an amazing lavender ombre with just the right amount of color on the ends. It’s a subtle way to blend some color in with your natural color and style. If you want a way to wear color but without frazzling your hair completely for the summer, this is a great way to do it.

5. Lavender Updo

One of the best ways to show off the different shades of beautiful lavenders you have in your hair, a plaited or braided updo is definitely the way forward. Braids are back in, in case you didn’t see the Kardashian’s rocking them, and when you have multi-tones, it gives you the opportunity to show them all off. This is a fabulous idea for two-day old hair. When you have colored hair, you can’t wash your hair as regularly as you used to because this will wash the color out faster. Curls can help keep the look going for a couple of days too, just speaking from a little lavender hair experience.

6. Vibrant Lavender

For a look as shiny and vibrant as this one, you’ll need hair that’s in good condition to start with. Otherwise it’ll just look as straw-like and fried as it did before you started to play around. The problem with bright and light colors like these lavender hair color ideas is that you often need a lot of bleaching or lightening treatments beforehand and these are well known for drying your hair even further, and causing more damage. Do yourself a favor and get a head start on the conditioning treatments. The healthier your hair is before you start, the healthier it will look when its finished.

7. Ice Lavender

Why not blend two shades together for a look that is both unique and bold? We love the way a pretty lavender shade has been cleverly blended into pastel and dusky pink tones towards the ends, a look you’ll only really get from hand-painting. The idea of a look like this one and the hand-painted nature behind it, is to get it looking as natural as possible. It’s the same way you’d paint a balayage bronde (brown / blonde), just with brighter and more colorful shades.

8. Blonde Lavender Ombre

Blondes and purples look really great together, and that goes for the bolder shades as well as the more pastel and muted tones. If you want to get a beautiful pastel shade like this, dilute your bright purple dyes with conditioner – the more you add, the more pastel it will turn out.

Blonde Lavender Ombre Hair

Source: @hairbybeccy

9. Dusty Lavender Lob

The conditioner-dilution trick can definitely work with this dusty lavender lob. The lob, or long-bob, is very much on trend for right now, and is a great way to get rid of the dead ends of your hair, giving it a new lease of life for the summer. If you’re going for the chop, you might as well liven things up by opting for a bright and bold shade too. This is bright and bold but still subtle, just one of the reasons why we love it so much.

10. Bohemian Lavender

If you have dark hair, don’t be afraid to let your natural dark roots shine through. The balayage / ombre look with lighter ends and darker roots is very much in style – all the celebs are doing it. Roots are just one of the things you’ll need to embrace when you choose lavender hair color ideas like these. You might as well learn how to rock them from an early point.

Bohemian Lavender Hair Color Idea

Source: @dnalaburbana

11. Lavender Mermaid Hair

If you have length on your side, use it to your advantage. This look has different light and dark shades of lilac and lavender blended together to give a multi-dimensional look – a great tip if you have thin or fine hair. When you add the waves and the subtle layering to the different shades and tones of color, you can make your hair look thicker and healthier. Who said colored hair had to look bad anyway?

Long Lavender Hair Color Idea

Source: @salon202

12. Lavender Hair with Peekaboo Purple Highlights

This is such a stunning look, beautiful lavender hair with those peekaboo purple highlights. There are so many shades of ‘purple’ you could use to create a look like this. We say embrace them and use them all! One-tone hair is often lifeless hair, so by using different shades and blending them together, you can create a look that definitely isn’t that.

13. Lavender Bob

People often think that short hair is harder to work into colored styles but this lavender bob shows you how to do it the right way. You’ve still got the ombre color, you’ve still got the clever graduation of color, but it’s done over a much shorter look than you’d expect. We’re in love with this look a lot. It makes us want to go for the chop ourselves!

Lavender Bob Hairstyle

Source: @rubydevine

14. Lavender Roots

When you’re growing out your lilac and lavender hair color ideas, don’t be so quick to rush to get rid of it, bleaching it out, or using color-stripping treatments. Let the hair grow out gradually and just make a statement with your roots instead. This look could have been deliberate but it also could have been an ‘accident’. Sometimes the best hair looks happen by accident!

Silver Lavender Roots Hair Color Idea

Source: @playwithscissors

15. Pastel Lavender Pixie

If you want more of a pink tinge to your lavender hair color ideas, why not opt for this pastel lavender pixie look? Beyonce, Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Lawrence have all gone for a cut like this, but this time we’re daring you to do it with some color. Pixie cuts are better suited to heart-shaped faces, but with a little ‘tweaking’, you could replicate this to sort pretty much any face shape.

Pastel Lavender Hair Color Idea

Source: @jai_nice

16. Wavy, Lavender Lob

Short hair and curls are often avoided but this look again shows you why that is so very wrong. This wavy and lavender bob is not only super cute and super girlie, but would only take a few minutes to style first thing in the morning too. If you want a look that is rocking and super easy all at the same time, this is definitely the one to go for.

17. Subtle, Silver Lavender Hair

This look is amazing – a subtle silver and lavender blend using natural roots to ombre into different shades of silver-grey, lilac, lavender and also pastel and dusky pinks. If you thought you couldn’t play around with these lavender hair color ideas just because you have darker hair, clearly you were wrong.

18. Lavender Hair + Dark Roots

It’s those dark roots again but we can’t tell you enough – it’s time to embrace your roots! Although darker roots were once thought of as a bad thing, they are now being worked into styles meaning you have longer between salon appointments. If it’s time-saving (and money-saving) you want, this is a great look to choose.

19. Dark Purple + Lavender Hair

Another ombre, this time working darker purples at the top and lighter, lavender shades towards the bottom. There’s those dark roots again. What did we tell you? It’s time to start listening to us – dark roots are in!

Dark Purple and Lavender Hair

Source: @sadasalon

20. Brunette to Lavender Ombre Hair

Argan oil has proven to be a very big hit in the hair-art world recently and there’s a good reason for that – it’s super nourishing for your hair, hydrating it and moisturizing it at the same time. If you want to play around with lightening treatments before lavender-ing up your ‘do, make sure you condition it well. Argan oil is a great place to start.

21. Lavender Blunt Lob

We’re back to the long bob (or lob) again but this time, instead of soft layers and cute curls, it’s blunt, sharp and to the point. Again, a look like this is going to need to be performed on good condition hair so if your stylist says he/she doesn’t think it’s a good idea, it’s because it’s not a good idea. Sometimes you need to wait a while to get the look you want. You might need to treat your hair first if you want a decent look at the end of it.

22. Gorgeous Cut and Color

We’re definitely in love with this multi-tone shoulder-length cut, incorporating shades of pink and purple together to give an all-over look that still isn’t one tone. This hair would be thin and fine in any other style but because of the layers and tousled waves, as well as that three-dimensional and multi-shaded effect, it looks full, bouncy and definitely pumped with life.

Perfect Lavender Hair Color

Source: @rubydevine

23. Hand Painted Lavender Hair

For a more natural look, if you could even get natural from these lavender hair color ideas, you’ll want a hand-blended effect, otherwise known as balayage. Once your base / root color is on, the rest of the hair is colored using a brush and natural hand strokes rather than using foils or caps. This hand painted lavender hair is a perfect example of clever blending and natural brush strokes. Definitely one on our hit-list.

Hand Painted Lavender Hair Color

Source: @hotonbeauty

24. Lavender Hair + Dark Purple Roots

There are so many shades involved in this look, and we love the silver overtone you can see peeking through. The roots are darker purple (as we keep suggesting), and the lengths, although short, have strands or highlights of darker and lighter lilac and lavender pops. Another great one for short hair, and if you opt for semi-permanent, you could even copy the look with a number of other bridge colors too.

Lavender Hair with Dark Purple Roots

Source: @michelegrubbsstudio7

25. Bold, Vibrant Hair Color

And finally, the brightest, bold and vibrant one – the one that takes your breath away. This is another shiny beauty we’ve fallen hopelessly in love with, another one that shows that good condition hair is important. Make sure you get a good trim before you opt for a bright color, preferably after the lightening and bleaching stage so you can get rid of the bits you’ve just damaged. A good trim has the potential to sort out so many of your hair’s problems, and if you’re going for a color that will pin point every flaw, you’ll want to make sure it’s picture perfect.

And there you have them – 25 beautiful lavender hair color ideas that we fell in love with, and we think that you might too! Which one’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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