61 Best Lemonade Inspired Braids

Beyoncé is not only known for her incredible voice, but also her trendsetting fashion. One style we loved are her braids. For her album Lemonade, she wore super stylish side cornrow braids and the look has continued to inspire women across the globe. We love the braided look and know you do too, so we have found 61 of the best Lemonade braids. Any of these hairstyles will make any woman feel like a queen just like Bey.

1. Jumbo Lemonade Braids with Gold Accessory

First up we have super glam braids. The braids sit on the side and are very long. A style like this would be beautiful as it is but the braids also have a gold accessory. The gold accessory is so stylish and gives the braids a wow look. Lemonade inspired braids like these will make a statement and get you noticed!

2. Vibrant Purple Lemonade Braids

Our next idea features Lemonade braids with color. The trendy style has a vibrant purple tone that runs through each braid. We love the purple because it makes the braids stylish and unique. You could recreate the braids with any color, maybe choose your favourite shade.

Vibrant Purple Lemonade Braids

Source: @erica_letstalkhair

Hair Braider Location: Jacksonville, Florida

3. Cornrow Braids with Blonde

If you prefer thinner braids, then this could be the look for you. These cornrows are so neat, stylish and smooth. Braids like these would look amazing in any color but this fashionista has added a warm blonde. If you want edgy Lemonade inspired braids, then consider a hairstyle like this.

Hair Braider Location: Florida (Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Bradenton, & Sarasota)

4. Chunky and Baby Braids

Our next braided style is perfect for the ladies who want a bold new look. The hairstyle features side braids but in different thicknesses. There are very thin braids and big lemonade braids. We love this trendy combination. You could recreate a similar look with any braid sizes.

Salon Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

5. Jumbo Side Lemonade Braids

Next, we have a stunning jumbo Lemonade braids idea. The braids are worn on the side and have a combo of thin braids and very thick ones. You can have any braid length but for a trendy Beyoncé vibe try and choose long braids like these.

Jumbo Side Lemonade Braids

Source: @voiceofhair

6. Side Braids With Blonde

The season is changing, and spring is on the way. This time of the year, many women change up their look to suit the new season. A trendy way to do this is with Lemonade braids with color. This super stylish lady has side braids with a warm blonde tone. Lighter colors like this will jazz up your look and hair like this is amazing for summer.

7. Thin Zig Zag Braids

It’s not just new colors that can give your hair a stylish update. You can use patterns to. This next hairstyle features thin braids that make a zig zag pattern. By using patterns, you can give your hair a unique look. There are so many different ways to braid your hair, so you can try many different looks.

8. Lemonade Braids with Cuffs

Our next Lemonade braid inspired look features thin side braids. The braids have been accessorized with trendy braid cuffs. Braid cuffs are such a stylish finishing touch for braids and you can get the cuffs in different colors, sizes and designs. With the endless options you can create a hairstyle that is just for you.

9. Warm Tone Lemonade Braids

We have featured a few lemonade braids with color and here is another example of how adding different colors creates an amazing look. This gorgeous side braid style has a warm shade running all the way through. By adding a lighter shade like this you can brighten up your look for spring and summer.

Warm Tone Lemonade Braids

Source: @braid.barbie

10. Long Jumbo Braids

Next, we have some fabulous jumbo Lemonade braids to show you! The braids are quite thick and are very neat and smooth. We love the length of the braids because they are so long. Longer braids will give you the edgy and trendsetting look that everyone loved on Beyoncé.

Salon Location: Oak Park, Michigan

11. Dark Red Braids

If you want a complete statement making change then this could be the Lemonade look for you. This braided look features thin cornrows in a beautiful dark red shade. This is a stunning color and would suit anyone. You could recreate a similar look in a different color too, caramel would be a trendy choice.

12. Zig Zag Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Earlier in the post we featured a braided look with a zig zag pattern. This next hairstyle has a bolder zig zag design. We love this more dramatic design because it makes the hairstyle look super trendy and fun. Braids like these are perfect for the ladies who want to make a statement with their hair.

13. Trendy Side Braids

Next, we have another braided style with a funky design. The braids wrap around at the bottom of the head and then have a subtle curve on the top. Then the braids meet on the side. Big Lemonade braids like these with a trendy pattern will look gorgeous on any woman.

Braider Location: East London

14. Thin Lemonade Braids with Cuffs

We mentioned how trendy cuffs look on braids and earlier we shown you a braided hairstyle with gold cuffs. Here are what braids look like with stylish silver cuffs! The silver cuffs just give the hair a different finished look and are easy ways to accessorize. You could even try gold and silver cuffs for an edgy mixed metal look.

Thin Lemonade Braids with Cuffs

Source: @jewejewebee

15. Long Lemonade Braids

Our next Lemonade inspired hairstyle features thick side braids. If the vibrant colors and funky accessories aren’t your thing you could go for braids that simple and beautiful like these. These long braids are gorgeous and will give any woman a stylish celebrity look.

Braider Location: Sacramento, California

16. Stylish Side Lemonade Braids

Braids can start anywhere on the head. These next braids start one side of the head and then are braided around to the other side. We love this funky hairstyle as it looks like a stylish and fresh take on crown braids. You could recreate a similar look and even add in some vibrant colors to make the hairstyle unique.

Stylish Side Lemonade Braids

Source: @daysiaaa_

17. Lemonade Braids with Beads

Another way that you can accessorize your braids are with beads. Beads are super cute and there are so many different kinds of beads available so the looks you can create are endless. These Lemonade inspired braids were accessorized with natural looking beads. This hairstyle would look amazing for the spring and summer. Tutorial for this look by Kersti Pitre is here.

Hair used: Rastafri Braid Salon Professional “My Expert 24” color number 3.

18. Chunky, Burgundy Side Braids

Next, we have some large Lemonade inspired braids with a burgundy tone. This burgundy shade is so trendy and stylish. It would suit any braid design and thickness. If you want to change up your look then braids with color like these are the way to do it.

19. Stylish Thin Lemonade Braids

When you have smaller braids, you can have more of them which gives the hair a more intricate patterned look. This next hair idea features thin cornrows that are very neat and smooth. The design looks trendy, edgy and it would suit everyone.

20. Trendy Lemonade Inspired Braids

Our next hairstyle idea features side braids with a funky color running through them. These braids are very long, stylish and a perfect for anyone who wants a similar look to Beyoncé. Not only that but these are a trendy choice for spring and summer.

21. Side Cornrows

Last on our list are these gorgeous cornrows. We love these braids because they are neat and smooth. They create a pattern that looks like a work of art. If you want to give friends, family and anyone else hair envy then this is the way to do it!

Side Cornrows

Source: @braid.barbie

22. Blonde Lemonade Braids

Be bold with blonde lemonade braids! These braids are a light, golden blonde shade and have a funky wave pattern. Braids like these are perfect for the women who want to make a statement. A blonde shade like this will suit all braids in any length, thickness and pattern.

23. Vibrant Lemonade Braids

Next, we have a vibrant and bold hair idea to show you. Here we have long lemonade braids that have a mixture of bright and fun colors. There are lots of different shades including yellow, blue, green and more. Hair like this is great for anyone who wants to transform their hair. Recreate the whole look or you can just use a few of these colors or maybe create your own color combo.

24. Zig Zag Braids

Love braids with stylish patterns? Then check out this idea. These lemonade braids feature a trendy zig zag style pattern. This is such a cool and creative look. You can try something like this with short or long braids. Designs like this are a great way to jazz up your braids!

Zig Zag Braids to the Side

Source: @theenewwave

25. Chunky Lemonade Braids

Our next idea features chunky lemonade braids. The hair has been braided with a stylish pattern and the braids are very long. It is a simple but trendy look. A hairstyle like this will suit everyone and you can recreate side braids like these with any pattern.

26. Purple Ombre Lemonade Braids

Another cool color idea you can try is ombre. Here is a great example. These lemonade braids feature a gorgeous purple ombre. The hair at the top has a funky pattern and then the color changes to purple. You can try this ombre or choose a color of your choice.

27. Stylish Lemonade Braids

Next, we have another stylish look. The lemonade braids featured here have a trendy pattern and are very long. It is an easy to wear look that will suit everyone. You can try a pattern like this with shorter braids, too. Braids like these would look amazing in a different color too, maybe red.

28. Blonde Multi Tone Braids

Love the blonde braids? Then this next idea is for you. Here we have long braids that have dark and light blonde tones running through them. The different shades give the braids a natural and sun-kissed look. A hairstyle like this will be perfect for the spring and summer.

Blonde Multi Tone Braids to the Side

Source: @hairbynicks

29. Stylish Patterned Braids

Our next idea features more patterned braids. These braids have a subtler zig zag style pattern. This look is trendy and will suit all women. You can try a similar pattern with shorter braids but try to keep the braids thin to make the design stand out.

Stylish Patterned Lemonade Braids

Source: @theenewwave

30. Red Lemonade Braids

If you are looking for a hairstyle that makes a statement, then this could be for you. These lemonade braids are bright red! This bold red shade is fierce and super stylish. Try a red like this or go for a different shade, you can even try red ombre too!

Red Lemonade Braids

Source: @therealshyk

31. Trendy Long Lemonade Braids

Need a hairstyle that will look stylish for any occasion, then check out this next look. The hair is styled with a subtle pattern and the braids are simple and long. It is a versatile and easy to wear hairstyle that will keep you looking glam from work to the dance floor.

Trendy Long Lemonade Braids

Source: @imgorgeous_

32. Trendy, Medium Lemonade Braids

The next idea we have to show you are these trendy lemonade braids. These braids are quite thick and have a stylish pattern. Even though the braids are simple, they will make you stand out from the crowd because they are so gorgeous. This is another set of braids that will look awesome in another color.

33. Simple and Stylish Small Side Braids

Our next idea is another simple and stylish look. The braids featured here do not have a bold zig zag pattern. These are just styled to the side which makes the hairstyle look chic and elegant. The braids have also been styled with braid cuffs. Braid cuffs are a great way to accessorize and will make your hairstyle more unique.

34. Black and Blonde Lemonade Braids

Want to add color to your hair but don’t want all over color? Then take a look at this idea. These braids feature blonde and black braids. Just some of the braids are all blonde. This is such a unique and creative idea. It is great for the ladies who want to add a new color in a trendy way. You can add any color to it does not have to be blonde.

35. Stylish Wave Braids

Next, we have braids with an awesome wavy design. The braids are straight to one side but the sections have a stylish wave. This is such a cool and trendy idea! You can try and recreate this look or add more waves, you can be as bold or as subtle as you like with the pattern. We love this idea.

Stylish Wave Braids to the Side

Source: @braided__

36. Long, White Ombre Lemonade Braids

Love the ombre styles? Then this idea is for you. For this ombre look the braids are black and white. This is such a stylish color combination! It is a cool color choice for the ladies that want to add a new shade to their hair that is bold and unique. You can try white ombre on shorter braids, too.

37. Beautiful Braids to the Side

The next braided style is beautiful! These braids are very long and feature a gorgeous pattern. Hair like this looks effortlessly stunning and it a style that will keep you looking glam everyday from work to nights out. This is one of our favorites!

38. Bold, Red and Black Braids

Our next idea is another colorful look. Here we have trendy lemonade braids where the bottom section of the braids are red. This is a creative and unique way to color the hair. Recreate the red look or try a different color. Either way, your hair will look amazing.

Bold, Red and Black Lemonade Braids

Source: @theenewwave

39. Summery Blonde Braids

Looking for a new hairstyle for the spring and summer? Then these braids could be perfect. These braids feature multi tones. There are different shades running through the braids including: black, brown and blonde. The multi tones create a natural looking, sun-kissed set of braids.

40. Thin Lemonade Braids

Thinner braids really make patterns stand out. These braids feature thin braids and even though the style and patterns are simple, the design makes an impact. You can choose a subtle pattern like this or go for something more intricate.

Thin Lemonade Braids

Source: @onlybells_

41. Blonde and Red Side Braids

Next, we have a color combination of red and blonde. The shades used in this look are more toned down but they still make a statement. We love this hair idea because these two colors compliment the black braids beautifully. Recreate this look for a trendy hairstyle or make all of your braids blonde and red.

42. Lemonade Braid Hairstyle

Once you get your lemonade braids, you need to maintain them. This can take time but luckily LipsticknCurls saves the day with her YouTube tutorial on how to maintain your lemonade braids (the lazy and quick method). Here is a 3 minute video tutorial, make sure to watch it if you are planning to get this type of braids!

Lemonade Braid Hairstyle

Source: @__daikeara

43. Lemonade Braids with Curls

Next, we have a very trendy hairstyle to show you. Most of the hair is braided but some of the hair is left loose and curly. We love the combination of the curls and braids, it is so stylish and creative. This is a glam hairstyle that will suit everyone. You can have a similar hairstyle to this or you can try a different pattern, you could even try a different color too. Red hair would look amazing. These braids are also known as goddess lemonade braids or boho lemonade braids.

44. Jumbo and Small Lemonade Braids

Looking for a unique and trendy hair idea? Then this could be perfect for you. Here we have lemonade braids with a multi braid pattern. Some of the braids are chunky and some are thin. The different thickness create such an edgy and unusual look. Hair like this is a must-have for the trendsetters who want to stand out from the crowd.

45. Simple and Trendy Lemonade Braids

The next hair idea we have to show you is simple and stylish. These braids have a neat pattern and have a long length too. Braids like these look effortlessly gorgeous and they are easy to wear because they will suit everyone. This is one of favorite hairstyles. If you want a bolder hairstyle, then you could try similar braids in a different color.

46. Chunky Braids with Colorful Cords

Love to accessorize your hair? Then check out these braids. This hairstyle features long and chunky lemonade braids. Some of the braids are accessorized with colorful cords. As you can see, the cords look stylish and also jazz up the hair. Recreate a bright look like this or you can choose cords in any color.

47. Natural Looking Braids

Our next hair idea is so chic. These braids have a stylish pattern and are simply worn to the side. It is a very elegant hair idea and braids like these will make you glam for any occasion. You can wear hair like this anywhere from work to a special event. We love this natural look!

48. Long, Summer Braids

Next, we have another accessorized look. Here we have gorgeous long braids that are accessorized with lots of beads, a shell and more. The beads look amazing and they really make a statement. We love the little shell too, because that would be perfect for the summer. You can try and recreate something similar to this or add beads to your hair in different colors and shapes to make your hair unique.

Stylish Braids with Beads

Source: @_ammamama_

49. Long Blonde Braids

Another popular color for braids is blonde and with braids like this, it is no surprise! These long lemonade braids are a beautiful caramel blonde shade. The warm blonde looks gorgeous and it is very trendy too. Blonde will suit everyone and it is perfect for the summer. You can recreate these braids or try a lighter blonde shade.

Long Blonde Lemonade Braids

Source: @kinggjai_

50. Braids with a Trendy Pattern

You can make your braids look unique by creating cool patterns like the one featured. These braids have a trendy zig zag pattern. As you can see, the pattern looks so creative and stylish. With hair like this you will definitely stand out from the crowd. Recreate this look or try a different pattern of your choice.

51. Jumbo Lemonade Braids

The next braided look we have to show you features jumbo lemonade braids. The braids are neat, sleek and very stylish. This is a gorgeous look that is perfect for the trendy ladies. Try a similar style to this or you can make the hair even more bold by trying the braids in a different color. Purple, red or ombre would look amazing.

52. Statement Blue Braids

Next, we have another braided style in a cool color. These lemonade braids feature a multi braid pattern on the head and the braids are a beautiful dark blue shade too. We love everything about this hairstyle because it is so bold and unique. Recreate this or you can try a lighter blue shade. You can also wear blue with different braids too.

53. Thin Lemonade Braids with Curly Ends

The next hairstyle is one of our favorites! Here we have gorgeous lemonade braids with beautiful curly ends. As you can see, the curls look so glam and stylish. Hair like this would be perfect for a special occasion and it will suit everyone. Try a similar hairstyle to this or you can try braids and curls with a different pattern.

Thin Lemonade Braids with Curly Ends

Source: @khatbrim

54. Zig Zag Lemonade Braids

Love the braids with zig zag patterns? Then check out this next look. Here we have lemonade braids with a stylish zig zag pattern. It is a great hair idea for the ladies who want a trendy and edgy look. This is another style that would look amazing in a more vibrant color.

55. Trendy Braided Hairstyle

Most of the lemonade braid styles have all the braids swept to one side, but this hairstyle is a little different. For this look the majority of the braids are on one side except for two braids that have been left. There is also a cord on one of the braids too. It is a beautiful and unique style and it will look amazing on anyone.

56. Shaved Hair and Braids

If you are looking for a trendy, edgy and statement making hairstyle, then this could be perfect for you! For this look, half the hair is shaved and half is styled into lemonade braids. The shaved hair looks so stylish with the braids. Hair like this is for the women who like their hair to be different.

57. Lemonade Braids with a Beautiful Pattern

Next, we have another beautiful braided pattern to show you. All the braids are neat and sleek and most of them have an elegant curved design. This is a stunning braided look and it would be perfect for a special occasion or for the times where you want to dress to impress.

58. Gorgeous Lemonade Braids

Love the simple and very stylish hair ideas? Then these braids could be perfect for you. These braids are thin and long. The pattern on the head has a zig zag look too. We love how neat and effortlessly gorgeous these braids are. Lemonade braids like these will look stunning on everyone.

Gorgeous Lemonade Braids

Source: @nevaehjolie

59. Blonde Braids with Accessories

Earlier in the post we featured blonde lemonade braids. If you love the blonde braids, then check out this next look. Here we have beautiful braids and one of the braids is accessorized. The accessorized braid is thin and features a variety of pretty beads. This look is one of our favorites because the beaded braid really makes a statement and the blonde shade looks gorgeous too. Recreate something similar or try blonde braids with different colored beads.

60. Long Lemonade Braids

Our next hair idea is glam and trendy. Here we have long lemonade braids with a sleek and stylish pattern. These braids are beautiful and easy to wear, you can wear braids like these for any occasion. Recreate the smaller braids like featured or you could try a similar pattern with larger braids for a bolder look.

61. Purple Lemonade Braids with a Stylish Pattern

We have another purple braided look to show you next. This lemonade braid style features jumbo braids in a stunning dark purple shade. We love this combination because the larger braids really stand out and the color is quite bold. Together they create a unique and trendy hairstyle. Hair like this is perfect for the ladies who want to make a statement.

We hope you’ve found your perfect lemonade braids hairstyle! We know we did.

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