51 Beautiful Long Layered Haircuts

Hair can mean the world to us and it may takes us a long time to find a style we love.  Many of us have long, straight hair but want a change.  Adding layers to your hair will not along change the style, keep the length but add volume and boost your fine strands.  Long layered hair looks dreamy and amazing.  It is a simple hairstyle that every girl loves.  If you have managed to get through the short stages of your hair and now have long, flowing hair, are you thinking of having layers?  Layers in long hair can make a huge change to your hair even though you will still have the length to play with.  Opting for layers can reduce weight in your hair and this is ideal for thicker hair.  You can have layers in curly or straight hair and we are here to show you.  Switch your hair up a little by adding layers.

We have chosen 51 eye-catching long layered hairstyles for you to think about.  Enjoy and just remember you will still have the length, so don’t be afraid to add layers to your hair.

1. Long, Layered Blonde Hair

Long layers can pump up the volume and add movement to your hair. Adding layers to long, blonde hair looks stunning.  It is a versatile hairstyle and you can either wear your hair up or down.  The way you wear it is completely up to you and whatever you choose, your layers will look great!

Long Layered Haircut for Blondes

Source: @riawna

2. Windswept Layers

Create the romantic feel with windswept layers. These windswept layers are fabulous for long hair.  They will release your inner Goddess and you will feel that there’s a wind machines in front of you forming your gorgeous hair.  It is great for thin or thick hair.  Windswept layers create a delicate and girly hairstyle, so go and rock your layers.

3. Curly, Highlighted Layers

Don’t let anyone tell you that layers look better on straight hair. Have a look at this photo to show you that they look great!  The layers will form curly layers and will show off your hair even more so.  By adding highlights to the mix, the layers will stand out and shine.  Keep the top of your hair a darker colour for the contrast and the highlights will speak for themselves.

4. Layered Haircut for Brunettes

Are you a brunette or are thinking of dyeing your hair brown? This is a great colour for long hair and layers.  The front layers will frame your face and the back just looks incredible from all angles.  If you do choose this style, keep your hair looking shiny and healthy by using a colour treated shampoo and conditioner.

5. Layers + Blonde Ombre

What a perfect match! Layers and blonde ombre highlights are a fashionista’s dream!  The blonde ombre highlights will show off the layers and complement your hairstyle.  This style looks amazing down, as you can see from the photo above, but it also looks amazing tied back.  The highlights really do stand out.

Layered Ombre Long Hairstyle

Source: @billicurrie

6. Choppy Layers

If you have thin hair, you can add layers to instantly boost the energy. It will leave your hair looking healthy and fabulous.  Choppy layers will create gorgeous views from all angles.  This is one of a hairstylists favourite hairstyle to do at the moment because it has an edgy and rocker chick vibe.

7. Face-Framing Layers

Long hair can sometimes be a little boring. If you have straight down, long hair add face-framing layers which will create more of a style.  It will highlight your face and your hair will feel fresh.  You have transformed your hair into a trending style by just adding a few layers.  It will feel so different to you even though you have kept your hair length which will make you feel fabulous.  Walk down the street like you are walking down the catwalk, girl!

Face Framing Layers for Long Hair

Source: @kakagomes

8. Layers + Balayage Highlights

Do you want a natural, long hair style? This is for you. Our #8 look is a gorgeous long layered hairstyle with balayage highlights.  These highlights are a natural way to add colour without looking too obvious.  This style of highlights is taking the hairdressers world by storm.  Many people are opting for the natural look rather than the traditional cap style highlights.  Layers like these will complement your new technique of highlights and all of your friends will be the envy of your new hair.

Long Layered Haircut with Balayage Highlights

Source: @nikkilee901

9. Blow-Out Layers

We all love the blow-out layers. They have a magical appearance and will make you feel like you have visited your hair salon every day.  If the layers are cut like this, you are onto a winner and will look amazing every day.

10. Two-Length Layers

One suggestion we would say would be to think about what kind of layers you want before you head straight to the hairdressers. Having the consultation with your hairdressers, talking about that you want a layered style is easy but if you want a styled layered look, you need to elaborate.  This is a two-length layer style.  It looks incredible with a hint of colour at the end of the layers.

Two Length Layers for Long Hair

Source: @hairajudygirl

11. Front Layers + Balayage Highlights

If you want a hairstyle that will show off your face, this is a good style to have.  It has long front layers and balayage highlights.  People will be instantly drawn to your hair and it will look amazing.

12. Simple and Subtle Layered Haircut

To add volume and a little life, have a few simple and subtle layers. Just add a few here and there and you will notice the difference straightaway.  Your hair will get a new lease of life which will keep you and your hair happy.

Simple and Subtle Long Layered Haircut

Source: @merrgg

13. Long Layers + Balayage Ombre

If you have long hair, and when we say long, we mean long, maybe think about adding longer layers. Long layers will make your hair look even longer and mixed with balayage ombre highlights, you will be trending with all of your friends.  This is for a fashion forward girl with fashion on the brain.  You cannot beat this style for fashion trends and style.

14. Chin-Length Layers

Chin length layers will show off your hairstyle and make your hair look bouncy and healthy. It is a style of its own and looks great up and down.  If you ever get bored of your chin-length layers, which we think you won’t, you can always have a half up, half down hair do which will still show off your longer layers.

Chin Length Layers on Long Hair

Source: @riawnacapri

15. Sleek and Straight

Thin hair can benefit from having a few wispy layers but try not to go overboard and have a lot of layers, because we think less is more. Wispy layers can add style and show off your creative side. Keep the style quite simple and easy to maintain, you have the length and the style so there is no need to add anything else to the mix.

Sleek and Straight Layers on Long Hair

Source: @kakagomes

16. Classy Style

This style is elegant and classy. Adding layers to your long hair will show your classy side and it’s timeless!

17. Bronde, Chin-Length Layers

Bronde hair looks great. For all of you that don’t know, bronde colour is a cross between blonde and brunette. It is the new term people are now using to describe this colour. Bronde is a lovely, natural looking hair colour and is perfect to team with chin-length layers.  It will add your style and character and is suitable for any occasion.

18. Multi-Toned Layers

Multi-tones that are natural looking like the photo below, look stunning. If you want to show off your layered haircut, add a few strands of colours to finish the look.  Your hair will look stunning when the light hits your tones, it will shine and stand out.

Layered Haircut Idea for Long Hair

Source: @riawnacapri

19. Long Layers

Long layers are perfect for people who want to keep the length. This type of layers is great if you are nervous about cutting your hair.  Many people like to keep the length and you can have the best of both worlds with this style.  The layers can come into effect quite far down, so you still have the length around your face and you can still tie your hair back.  You can always have longer layers cut into your hair first and once you have gotten used to them, go back after a month or two and have shorter ones.  I guess you have to experience the longer layers before you go for the shorter ones.

20. Layered Haircut with a Touch of Balayage

Balayage highlights are the best way to add natural looking highlights to your hair. They are applied by free hand and your hairdresser will create a natural and gorgeous look.  Adding layers to the sections that are highlighted is also a great way to show off your style and colour.  Think of it as showing off your cut and colour in one hairstyle!

21. Feathered Layers

If you have always had the standard layers put into your hair, try something different. These layers are heavier than the traditional layers but create something special and girly.  They are feathered layers and your hair will flow so naturally when moving.

22. Layered Haircut with Lowlights

If you are a brunette and are thinking of adding colour to your hair, take a look at this. This layered style with added lowlights, look stunning.  They make your hair look silky and smooth.

Long Subtle Layers for Long Hair

Source: @merrgg

23. Super Long, layered Haircut

Super long hair looks timeless and classy. Having long layers in super long hair, looks great.  You can see the length is still there but the layers add a sexy style.

24. Textured Layers

Textured layers will lift your lifeless hair. Your hair will become movable and it will have a lovely textured, layer style which looks great for any occasion.

Textured Layers for Long Hair

Source: @riawna

25. Layered Haircut with Babylights

Having baby highlights will set off your haircut whilst showing a delicate and girly side. This type of highlights will enhance your hair.

26. Layered Haircut with Long Side Bangs

This is the perfect solution if you want long bangs. We all the know the feeling of wanting to change our hair but are too afraid to change it.  Whether this be due to not wanting to lose the length or are afraid of the change, longer side bangs will ease your nerves, we promise.  If you want to change your long hair but want to keep the length and want to add a fringe, go for this.  You will still have the security of the length and you will be able to tie you hair back if you wish to do so.  Taking the first step to having longer bangs, will be a great feeling.  The layers will give your hair a natural bounce when you walk and you will look in the mirror and wish you had done this sooner!  Don’t wait any longer, call your hair salon and book that appointment in time for the lovely summer days!

27. Shoulder-Length Layers

Our next look is a style within a style. This may sound weird but we can see two styles in this hairstyle.  It has the long hair style and the shoulder length hair style.  With shoulder-length layers, you are creating a gorgeous two-style haircut.

Short Front Layers for Long Hair

Source: @riawna

28. Blonde Layers + Side Bangs

If you want layers and bangs, why not have both? This is a sexy hairstyle with blonde layers and side bangs.  The side bangs will frame your face and the blonde will show off your hairstyle.

29. Short Layers on Top

Are you looking for a short layers style for long hair? This is perfect.  You can see the short layers at the top of the hair will added longer layers.

Long Layered Haircut with Highlights

Source: @riawna

30. Soft Layers

Softer layers look delicate and are the perfect style for long, thin or thick hair. It is a fresh style and will bring the life back to your long hair which will make you feel super sexy and amazing.

31. Layered Haircut for Thin Hair

Do you have thin hair? This is a style that will suit all types of hair including thin hair.  Many women think that layers are bad for thin hair, but as you can see from this photo, it isn’t true.  Choosing to have layers for your thin hair will immediately change the style, keep the length and make your hair feel healthier and lighter.  Ask your hairdresser to add your layers lower down so you still have the length around your face.

32. Beachy Layered Haircut

Give your hair a beachy look with this layered cut. The layers used here are quite short and the hair has been styled with texture and waves. All of these elements give you that boho, summer vibe. It is a stylish and easy to wear look that will suit everyone.

33. Coppery Layered Hair

Next, we have long hair with short layers. This is a gorgeous hair idea and the layers really stand out as the shortest one is just around chin length. You can recreate this layered cut on any hair color but try the coppery shade for a trendy hairstyle. This color looks amazing on anyone and will really brighten up your look.

34. Stylish Layers

Our next idea is a beautiful layered cut. The layers in this one are quite short too but as the hair is thinner and styled with waves, the overall look is quite subtle. Hair like this will look amazing on anyone and its a stylish way to try layers. Again, you can recreate this look on any color hair but the subtle blonde featured here looks amazing on brown hair. So, why not try that too?!

35. Glam, Long Layered Haircut

Glam up your look with a layered cut like this one. The hair is long and the layers are quite long too. Longer layers are not as noticeable as the shorter ones but they create a chic look. Try adding blonde like featured to your hair as well to make the layers really stand out.

36. Subtle Layers for Long Hair

Never tried layers before or would just like a subtler look? Then this idea is for you. This hairstyle features layers but there is not a lot of them and they are not much shorter than the hair. Layers like these will make your hair look lighter and stylish. We love this hair idea!

37. Stylish Cool Blonde Layered Cut

Completely transform your hair with our next idea. The hair featured here is a cool, icy blonde shade with beautiful layers. This hair shows how amazing layers are when styled into loose curls. Hair like this will look gorgeous throughout the year but the color will especially suit the winter. If the color is not for you, then just try the layered style.

38. Warm Caramel Balayage and Layers

Another way that you can make your layers stand out is with color. This hairstyle features warm balayage. The added color just allows the layers to pop a little more than they would without. You can choose any balayage color. Maybe try blonde for the summer and a similar shade to this one for the fall.

39. Trendy Blonde Layered Hair

Next, we have a trendy layered cut. For this hairstyle there are short, medium and long layers. This combination creates a textured look and the layers make a statement. Try layers like these on blonde hair for a sun kissed, beachy style or on any other color for a stylish layered look.

Trendy Blonde Layered Hair

Source: @riawna

40. Caramel Highlights and Layers

If you want to freshen up your hair, then this is a stylish way to do it. This hairstyle features subtle layers and caramel highlights. The highlights brighten the hair and the layers lighten and lift the hair. It is a beautiful hair idea and it is perfect for the ladies who want to give their hair a little makeover.

41. Blonde Long Layered Haircut

Our next idea is a blonde layered look. The hair features shorter layers at the front which creates a long fringe look. This is great for those that maybe want to try a fringe but don’t want their hair to be short as it frames the face in a similar way. A cut like this looks amazing with blonde hair but will suit every other color perfectly too.

42. Beach Blonde Layered Hair

Next, we have another beachy hair idea. The layers used here are medium and long, they stand out beautifully because of the curls. This is a glam hairstyle that will look gorgeous on anyone. A hairstyle like this is great for the ladies who love boho hair but want to look elegant too.

Beach Blonde Layered Hair

Source: @michiko_tjn

43. Light Balayage + Layered Haircut

Love balayage hair? Then check out this hair idea. The hair is dark at the top and a lighter brown shade towards the tips. This is a beautiful and easy to wear hairstyle that will suit everyone. If you don’t want to try the color idea, then the layered cut will look stunning on its own too.

Light Balayage + Layered Haircut

Source: @stephaniestemsalon

44. Subtle Layered Hair

Our next idea is another subtle layered look. As you can see, the layers are different lengths but they blend in beautifully. Hair like this is a great idea for the ladies who just want to give their hair a lift if it’s looking tired. Try the hair color too or keep your hair natural.

Subtle Layered Hair

Source: @riawna

45. Multi Tone Blonde Layered Hair

We have another idea that will make your layers stand out even more. This hairstyle features different blonde shades. It is a gorgeous color blend and it makes the layers stand out beautifully. You can try multi tones for other colors such as brown and red.

46. Purple Layered Hair Idea

Want a dramatic hair makeover? Then check out this style. Here we have vibrant layers. The hair is a gorgeous blend of purple and blue tones with a layered cut. It is like the blonde hair idea above but with bolder colors. Recreate the purple look or try another bright color, maybe blue or pink.

47. Long, Blonde Layered Hair

Next, we have another blonde layered idea. The layers in this hairstyle are long and when styled with waves, will give you a beachy look. This is another versatile and easy to wear idea that will suit everyone. It will suit all hair lengths and colors too.

48. Dark and Light Brown Layers

Earlier we shared a multi tone blonde look. Here is a similar style but the hair is brown. This hair idea shows how amazing this kind of style looks with brown hair too. The lighter brown shades really lift the hair and make the layers pop. We love this idea!

49. Textured Layered Haircut

Looking for a trendy hairstyle? Then this idea is for you. Here we have a layered cut with texture. By adding texture to the hair, you create a stylish and relaxed look. This kind of style will not be achieved without layers. You can create a cool hairstyle like this with long or short layers.

50. Bright Blonde Look

Our next idea shows how stunning layers are on very long hair. The layers on this hairstyle are short, medium and long. You can also see how the layers look on nearly straight hair and wavy hair. A haircut like this is versatile, can be styled anyway and will suit any occasion. Try the blonde color or your own natural color.

Bright Blonde Layered Hair

Source: @itsmebethb_

51. Beautiful Red Layered Hair

Next, we have a beautiful layered cut to show you. The layers are different lengths and really stand out. Layers like these will lift and take the weight out of long hair. This is a chic and stylish look that will look stunning on anyone. Try the red color to for a warm and trendy hairstyle.

Beautiful Red Layered Hair

Source: @riawna

We hope you’ve been inspired and found the perfect long layered haircut.

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