21 Stylish Ombre Color Ideas for Brunettes

Today we are talking about hair styling for the brunette beauties. We have a selection of 21 must see ombre hair ideas. There is something for everyone from summer blonde to vibrant flashes of color. These hair styles will create a trendy statement. So, take a look and get inspired ready for your next hair salon appointment.

1. Blonde Ombre

Blonde is an ombre favourite. During the spring and summer brunettes might want to give their hair a light lift. Adding blonde ombre is the perfect way to do it. You get a fresh makeover, brighter hair and you can keep your darker color. There are many different shades, a very light-toned blonde would be a trendy choice.

2. Dark Curls

If you’re looking for something subtler try a dark ombre. Ombre doesn’t have to be a light and vibrant color. You could take inspiration from this and go for brown shades. You get the style but the tones used are closer to your natural hair. Perfect if you want to refresh your look.

Dark Ombre With Light Brown for Brunettes

Source: @shine.hairdressing

3. Bold Color

Want to make a statement this season? Then check out this vibrant hairdo. The ombre was created with red, orange and coral colors which look fabulous. It is a beautiful way to add a splash of color to your brunette locks. Hair like this suits the fun summer vibe.

Bold Coral, Red and Orange Tone Ombre for Brunettes


4. Warm Blonde

Our next style features very dark chocolate hair with a warm blonde ombre. This color combination has rich tones and creates a stunning finished result. Hairstyles like this shows how beautifully dark and light colors complement each other. It’s perfect if you don’t want a very light blonde.

Chocolate Brunette and Blonde Ombre Idea

Source: @paintedhair

5. Raspberry Ombre

Ombre doesn’t have to be one color, you can have a multi tone style. This style features vibrant raspberry and caramel shades. We love this combo because it’s unique and bold. Raspberry would be a trendy choice this season. You could create a multi tone look with any of your favourite colors.

Raspberry and Caramel Ombre Idea for Brunettes

Source: @jdemariahc

6. Caramel

If you like the caramel shade then check out this style. Here is a how to add the caramel color in a subtler way. It is darker and closer to the brunette root shade. Bold isn’t for everyone but that doesn’t mean you can have the ombre look. A color like this is perfect for giving your hair a lift.

7. Blonde and Braided

Let’s cool things down a little with this icy blonde. This brunette beauty has a warmer blonde shade that goes into an ice tone. The shorter hair and ombre make this one stylish hairdo. The braided style is a great way to give your ombre a trendy and edgy vibe.

Blonde Braided Ombre for Brunettes

Source: @anggalinetti

8. Trendy Short Hair

Short bobs and lobs are favourite styles of 2017. Choosing shorter hair and adding some ombre gives it a unique edge, that will make you stand out from the crowd. Ombre can be created with endless shades so each one looks different. This one was created with a dark caramel tone and the finished hair looks trendy and chic. For a must have hairstyle think about something like this.

9. Cool Ocean Ombre

Here is an ombre color that is cool in more ways than one. It features a beautiful ocean shade that gives the hair a tropical vibe, perfect for summer. Not only that, blue is a must have for the next few seasons making it bang on trend. If you’re looking for something bold and statement making, consider choosing blue.

10. Bronde

Our next pick has been described as bronde. You might be thinking what’s that? Well bronde is a clever way to combine blonde and brown to give the hair a natural and sun kissed look. This hairstyle has taken color to the next level by adding in some ombre. The combo of bronde and light ombre create a stunning hairdo perfect for summer.

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