91 Best Short and Long Pixie Cuts We Love for 2021

Short hair, don’t care is the attitude for this article. I know it sounds like a cliche but it’s true. If you haven’t had short hair, you don’t know the feeling so these photos of great pixie cuts may temp you to go short! When you do transform from having long hair to short hair, you feel so refreshed.  Trending hairstyles nowadays are becoming shorter and shorter.  The shorter the better, in many people’s eyes.  To be honest, having looked at our selected pixie cuts, we can see why.  It is a very convenient haircut for busy women.

Many people choose to have short pixie cuts because they cannot maintain long hair.  They live a hectic lifestyle and realize that shorter hair works better for them. Other love short hair regardless of their lifestyle and many celebrities opt for a short cut too.  There are so many pretty, pixie cuts to choose from.  If you have thinner hair, pixie styles may work better for you as your hair will feel fuller and adds an element of height and dimension.

1. Pixie Cut with Bangs

This is a classic, neat and sexy pixie cut. Mix a classic pixie cut with bangs and you get this.  It consists of one heavy side and the other side, is shorter.  Even though it’s short, this style is very versatile.  You can dress it up and down.

2. Longer, Messy Cut with Bangs and Highlights

A pixie cut doesn’t have to be very short. Take this longer pixie version with bangs and highlights.  This is an ideal hairstyle for those not wanting to go too short and still want full texture and a heavy fringe.

Longer Messy Pixie Cut with Highlights

Source: @ezmialove

3. Short Cut for Natural Hair

This is a sexy cut for naturally curly hair. Show off your sexy curls with this short pixie cut. It has minimal maintenance and looks perfect for any occasion.

Short Pixie Cut for Natural Hair

Source: @itstoian

4. Blonde Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

If you are looking for a total change, have this style. Dyeing your hair blonde and having a short pixie cut with side bangs, looks great.  One side is considerably shorter than the other and it works.  Having a new hairstyle can be an experience alone but when you go for a radical change and have your hair dyed too, you feel great.  Treat yourself to a makeover and have a pixie cut and colour for summer.

5. Longer Pixie Cut with an Undercut

A pixie cut will emphasis your face. If you choose to have this style, a longer pixie cut with an undercut, it will still show off your beautiful face.  At the same time, you will have the longer hair to play with.  Many people who choose to have the chop to a pixie cut, go for a longer pixie style before having the traditional shorter pixie.  This is because they aren’t too sure if the style will suit them or if they will like it.  Nine times out of ten, they will revisit their hairdresser to go shorter.

Long Red Pixie Cut with an Undercut

Source: @jejojejo87

6. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical pixie cuts are as popular as ever. Frankie from The Saturdays is a great lover of this style.  It is an all year round style and looks so good with outfit.  It’s girly and looks classy.  Victoria Beckham also had this style at one point, both as a blonde and brunette.

7. Curly Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts do not have to be straight. If you were to ask someone what they thought was a pixie style, they would probably say very short and straight.  If you said to the same person that this is also a pixie style, they would be shocked.  We think adding curls to pixie cuts look amazing and unique.  They are so cute and sexy.  The curls will add texture and make you hair fuller and thicker.

8. Grey Pixie Cut

Come on girlies, grey is trending and you could be the highest fashionista by mixing grey and a trending pixie cut! We all love the grey colour that everyone is going crazy about.  It is a soft, delicate hair colour and hairstyle.  It has a retro vibe about it and stands out from the crowd.

9. Purple Pixie Cut

If you have been there, done that with grey hair, try purple hair. Even if you haven’t tried grey hair, purple alone is a powerful, striking colour with vibrancy and it’s fun.  Teamed with a pixie cut and you will be catwalk ready.  It will complement your face and you will look amazing.  Remember, if you have dark hair,  to achieve a light purple colour, you will have to bleach your hair at the hairdresser then they will add the colour toner after.  This is to lift the colour beforehand and then you will achieve better results.

Purple Colored Pixie Cut

Source: @beautsoup

10. Blonde Pixie Cut for Round Face

This is the perfect hairstyle if you have a round face. Pixie cuts do look good on all kinds of hair types and face shapes but specific haircuts can flatter your face even more so.  This blonde pixie cut will enhance your round face and you will look fantastic.  Having side bands will narrow the shape of a round face.  If you look at the celebrities with round faces, they all look great with a pixie cut.  Take Agyness Deyn and Keira Knightley, they both have looked stunning with this style.

Blonde Pixie Cut for Round Face

Source: @amandalooma

11. Vintage Pixie Cut

Are you feeling this Betty Boop style?  We are!  You too can channel your inner Betty by getting this hairstyle. This is an amazing vintage hairstyle that will show off your character and style.  It looks exceptionally great with darker hair.

12. Short Pixie Style for Black Women

Many people tend to think that a pixie haircut won’t suit them. How wrong are those people!  Today there are so many short haircuts that are so versatile and look great.  Pixie cuts on black women, whose hair is naturally thick and curly look stunning.  This pixie cut is short and the hair is relaxed which gives off a sexy pixie cut.

Short Pixie Cut for Black Women


13. Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

If you have thicker hair, a pixie cut will look great on you. Having a pixie cut will instantly boost you hair as you hair is thicker and creates that extra boost.

14. Short, Beige Blonde Style

Going short and blonde is the perfect pixie cut for many people. We are thinking this is very Emma Watson.  It is low maintenance, elegant and classy.  It will enhance your eyes and make you feel fantastic!

Beige Blonde Short Pixie Cut

Source: @yntza

15. Curly, Red Pixie Cut

Rock your curls. If you love your curls and want to embrace them, dye you hair a vibrant colour like this red shade and have a pixie cut.  Everyone will comment on how fabulous you look!  So don’t delay, go and book your hair appointment so you are ready for summer.

16. Cute Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Having a pixie cut doesn’t have to be daunting. Many people that go from longer hair to short, pixie cuts are petrified because all they know is longer hair.  If you really are set on having a pixie cut and your hair is currently long, then why not opt for this style to begin with.  It is still a pixie cut but with the comfort of having longer bangs, which will make you feel confident.  When you do get used to this, you may chop off your bangs!  Try it and see.

17. Voluminous, Layered Cut

The traditional pixie haircut, is short and quite flat. If this is not for you, choose this voluminous, layered pixie cut.  It will always be bouncy and full of live.

Longer Layered Pixie Cut

Source: @hairbyelena

18. Short, Platinum Blonde Cut

Are you ready to join the platinum pixie club? Brighten up your hair and go platinum blonde.  It is a gorgeous colour for this hairstyle if hairstyle and will show you hair and your face off.  Will you be the next member?

19. Long & Curly Style

We are loving this heavy long and curly pixie cut. Having a heavy fringe will give the illusion that your hair is longer but the back will be short.  It is very sexy and chic!  It is a great style for a daily or evening look.

20. Edgy Pixie Cut for Bold Women

Take the bold and brave route with this pixie haircut. Show your character and fun side with this kick ass style.  It’s striking, stunning and will make your edginess shine through.  The colour will bring attention and then it will show off your pixie cut!

Edgy Pixie Cut for Bold Women

Source: @eliza_knows

21. Longer, Shaggy Pixie Cut

Shorter pixie cuts aren’t your thing? Short pixie cuts may be too scary to even think about for some girls.  This is understandable as we know our hair means a lot to us.  If you are thinking about cutting your hair and love the thought of a pixie cut but don’t want to go that shirt, don’t worry, we have thought about you too!  The photo above shows a longer pixie, shaggy cut, which we love.  It is shaggy style means you can play about with the longer lengths and style it in many ways.  It is versatile and looks great in this colour!

22. Longer, Blonde Cut

Check out this longer pixie cut with a choppy and edgy style. This looks stunning and with the blonde tone, it shows off the hairstyle even more.

Longer Blonde Pixie Cut

Source: @amyelaine_

23. Super Long Bangs + Short Back

This hairstyle looks great from every angle. This oozes sexiness and style.  These super long bangs create a style of its own.  It’s fun and girly and you can style it so many different ways every day!

Faux Hawk Pixie Cut for Black Women

Source: @khimandi

24. Shaved Blonde Pixie Cut

Shaving your hair is becoming increasing popular. I know it may come as a shock to you but it is true.  Many girls are opting for the shavers not the scissors now.  A daring and bold cut which will definitely get a lot of attention.  It is a fabulous hairstyle to show off your gorgeous face.  Even though it is quite a short style, you have the ability to play with the longer section of your hair.  You can even tie it back or cover the shaven parts.

Shaved Side Blonde Pixie Cut

Source: @heatheraustrie

25. Classy Cut with Bangs

This pixie cut is so classy and sassy. The style and colour is great.  If you have ever wanted to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and not have to do a lot to your hair, this is the style for you.  It is low maintenance and you can style in differently every day. Everyone will love it!Classic Brunette Pixie Cut

26. Two Toned Pixie Cut

A pixie hairstyle mixed with two colours, looks great. See for yourself in the photo above.  You can see that the sides are a dark brown shade and the heavy top is a lighter shade.  It is the perfect contrast and again, you don’t have to always have the same style.  Maybe change your parting and have the heavier top, over the other side.  Whatever you decide, will look great!

27. Longer, Layered Pixie Style

Layers can help thinner hair feel thicker and textured. Having layers can add texture, weight and make you hair feel thicker and fuller.  Take this sassy longer, layered pixie style.  The longer side looks healthy and so shiny.  If you are a fan of voluminous hair, add a little hair product to lift it even more so!

Longer Black Pixie Haircut


28. Greyish Blue Style

We have seen how good blonde, brunette, grey, red and purple look but what about blue? If you love the blue shades, you will love this.  It is a cool blue tone which will compliment any skin tone and will stand out from the crown.  We are totally loving this.

29. Pixie with Curls and Swirls

It is all about the swirls and curls for this style. Go for a pixie style with an edgy.  Take it back to the vintage swirls and curls and you will not regret it.  It is sexy, sassy and sophisticated.

Pixie Cut with Curls and Swirls

Source: @TheLivingRoomHairLounge

30. Long Bangs + Undercut

Go for it with this long band and undercut style. Having mentioned it earlier in this article that shaving your hair is quite popular nowadays, the undercut is also popular.  This is a slightly less daunting shaving experience with your hair.  It tends to be a small section of your hair, which can be easily covered with the longer sections.  Are you feeling it?  Go for it!

31. Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs and Longer Sides

The choppy pixie cut is still around guys so don’t forget about it. It has been around for quite a long time and it never goes away.  With all the new trending techniques and hairstyle coming into play, we tend to forget about the older classic styles.

32. Pastel Pixie Cut

We all love the pastel colours for pixie haircuts. The best thing about experimenting with pastel colours with short pixie styles is that if you don’t like it, start again!  It’s not like you have longer hair to dye, so have fun with your pastel colours this summer.

Pastel Pixie Cut Style

Source: @andyjamespaints

33. Shorter Back, Longer Front

This is ideal if you want a longer fringe. Having a great pixie cut will enhance your face but if you want your hair to be the main focal point, choose a longer front with a shorter back.

Elegant Pixie Cut for Black Women

Source: @khimandi

34. Messy, Modern pixie Cut

Messy haircuts are a girl’s best friend. We don’t need to worry too much about our hair during the day with a messy hairstyle.  Messy hairstyles are perfect for any occasion, day or evening.  They look great with any outfit and will show off your sassy side.

35. Long Blonde Pixie with Choppy Bangs

Blonde have more fun… As the saying goes.  Are you willing to try this out?  Opting for a light blonde colour will show off your pixie cut even more so than darker shades.  It will highlight all the choppy cuts and bangs.

36. Cute & Short Look

This cute and short pixie cut will draw attention to your face. If you were to walk into a hairdressers today and say “I want a short pixie cut” this is what you will get.  It is the classic, short and basic pixie cut that speaks for itself.

Cute Short Pixie Cut

Source: @salsalhair

37. Grown Out, Grey Pixie Cut

Once you have a great pixie cut, enjoy it when it’s growing out. When you walk out of the hairdressers once you get your pixie cut, you will feel fresh and great.  Once you get a great haircut, when it starts to grow out, it will look amazing too.  Embrace the growing out stage by celebrating with a unique colour such as grey.  Don’t rush to the hairdressers to have it trimmed again, you will look the longer grown out, grey version.

38. Wavy Longer Pixie Cut

This is for naturally wavy hair. If you have naturally wavy hair, pixie hairstyles look so cute and girly.  They will frame your face and look adorable.  This photo shows a longer pixie haircut with waves and you can see how good it looks!

Wavy Longer Pixie Cut

Source: @moriahlaz

39. Asymmetrical, Layered Pixie Cut

Adding layers will add texture. Instead of just adding layers to your pixie cut, play around a little and add an asymmetrical side.  It will compliment your hairstyle and your face.

Blonde Pixie Cut with Longer Bangs

Source: @hairbyelena

40. Curly Pixie Cut with Design

If you are feeling the shaven pixie look, then maybe you want to customise your hairstyle. Having a unique hairstyle feels great and nobody will have the same.  Be your own trend setter with this shaven design.  You have the trending pixie hairstyle so why not make it your own.  A gorgeous patter, design, or wording can be shaved into your hair and we think it looks great.

41. Short & Slicked Style

If you already have a pixie cut and need inspiration on how to style it, take a look at this. Or maybe you are looking for a short and easy pixie hairstyle that you can maintain quick and easy every day.  Look no further than the short and slicked style.  It will highlight your face and bone structure and will look amazing for any event.

42. Voluminous & Layered Pixie

Who doesn’t love bouncy and voluminous hair. Anyone that says they don’t are fibbing guys.  When we have healthy, uplifting hair, we feel great and we love to run our fingers through our hair.  This is the ideal style for that.

Bouncy Pixie Haircut

Source: @hairbyelena

43. Pixie Cut + Short Bangs

This is a classic and timeless pixie hairstyle that will wow everyone. It will show off your gorgeous face and we can guarantee than many of your friends will follow in your footsteps, so be the first to shine.

44. Short Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

This is another shorter pixie cut with low maintenance. It is simple yet effective and so sexy.  Who needs to have a lot of hair hiding our face, when you can show it off like this!  Book your hairdressers appointment now!

Short Blonde Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Source: @lani.true

45. Classy, Longer Cut

Classy, sophisticated, elegant and chic. This hairstyle is all of those things wrapped up in one.  You may not need to use any hair product on a daily basis with this cut, only when you want to style it differently.  It will look amazing when you wake up and amazing when you go to bed.  This cut is great for all hair types, from thin to thicker hair.  It also looks great for any hair colour, light, brunette, dark or vibrant colours.

Longer Pixie Cut for Black Women

Source: @voiceofhair

46. Blonde Pixie Cut with Purple Bangs

Mix it up a little by adding a bright colour. Pixie hairstyle are far from boring hairstyles!  You don’t have to dye the whole head but to your long bangs only.  This is a sexy, bold and the purple  goes well with the blonde shade.  When you dye your hair this light blonde, the purple will be a great, vibrant shade and it will look stunning.  You can always choose another colour but we think purple looks good.

Blonde Pixie Cut with Purple Bangs

Source: @jejojejo87

47. Short Cut + Choppy Bangs

Choppy haircuts are a favourite for many people. They are raw and edgy. If you a choppy style, the colour can enhance the cut and make it look beautiful.  Make sure you have a trusted and great hairdresser to cut your choppy locks.  The better the cut, the better it will look when growing out.

48. Short Sides, Long Top Style

Glam, glam, glam!  We are feeling this. This is a super, uber fashionista hairstyle.  Calling all the trend setters and stylist, this is an amazing hairstyle that cannot be missed.  Look how sexy, edgy and unique she looks.  It’s multiple trending hairstyle in one… you have the pixie cut, the shaven sides, the pattern in the shaven sections, the colour and curls!  What more could you want?

Short Sides Long Top Pixie Cut

Source: @khimandi

49. Super Long Bangs

Channel your longer pixie hair with this style. Don’t be afraid to go from long hair to short hair.  They do say, short hair, don’t care and we understand that completely, especially if you have been through this experience.  Going from long hair to a short pixie style is like a whole new world for you.  It is a start of your short hair journey in life and if you don’t seem to like it, it will soon grow, so enjoy it while it lasts!

This is the perfect solution for you if you want to keep your long hair around your face.  Have a short pixie cut at the back but keep longer bangs.  You can always tie your bangs back or style it differently.  You have the security of having a variety of different styles you can choose from.  Don’t think that pixie cuts, need to be short all over.  This hairstyle above just goes to show, how good a longer fringe can look and it still have the pixie style about it.

50. Short Layered Cut + Bangs

This is a popular style with many celebrities. Who says you have to have long hair to feel feminine and sexy?!  They are crazy.  They need to live in the real world where many girls are opting for a short pixie style to show off their gorgeous locks inside and out.  This is a fun, sleek and sexy hairstyle and will look amazing for any occasion.

Short Layered Pixie Cut with Bangs

Source: @yntza

51. Trendy Pixie Cut

Have a trending pixie cut so you are on-trend. Opting for a short pixie cut will instantly draw attention to your face.  If you love your face and love to show it off, this is the ideal hairstyle for you.  Many people love shorter hair and we can see why from all of these hairstyles in this article.  Most girls hide their face with hair and there’s no need to.  Show the world how fabulous you are by concentrating on a hairstyle that will do this for you.  Try it and see for yourself, you will feel liberated and sexy.

Short Choppy Pixie Cut for Modern Women

Source: @1hairbygina

52. Icy Pixie Cut

Looking for a trendy haircut and color? Then check out this hairstyle. Here we have an icy pixie cut. The hair around the back and sides is quite short and the hair is longer on the top. This hairstyle has been finished off with a cool, light blonde color. It is an edgy and stylish hair idea and it will be great for the spring and summer.

53. Short Pixie Cut with Curls

Pixie cuts look amazing with curly hair too. Here is a beautiful example. This hair idea features wavy short hair around the back and sides of the head with long curly hair on the top. It is a chic hairstyle and it will suit everyone. You can recreate this look or have sleek and straight hair at the back and sides.

54. Glam Short Hair

Glam up your look with our next hair idea. This is a short pixie that is slightly swept to one side. It is a chic hairstyle that can be dressed up or down. A pixie like this is perfect for the ladies that want a simple and trendy haircut that is easy to wear and style. It will look gorgeous in any hair color.

55. Long Red Pixie

You don’t have to choose a pixie cut with very short hair. A lot of pixie hairstyles have shaved hair but our next idea shows that you can have longer hair too. This pixie is longer on the top and only little shorter around the back and sides. It is a gorgeous hair idea and it is great for anyone who isn’t ready to try the shaved looks. The hair color is awesome too!

56. Trendy Pixie Cut

Next, we have a trendy pixie idea to show you! The hair on the top of the head is quite long and we love the textured style. As the hair is a little longer on one side, it creates subtle side swept bangs. It is a beautiful hairstyle and it will give you a boho beachy look just in time for the spring and summer.

57. Cute Pink Hairstyle

Want to transform your hair? Then this is a stylish way to do it. This is a long pixie cut that has been dyed light pink. The pink hair is so trendy and a color like this will make you stand out from the crowd. You can choose a pink color like this or try another vibrant shade. Recreate the haircut or try pink on any other short cut that you like.

58. Long and Textured Pixie Cut

Our next hair idea is one of our favorites! The hairstyle is another long pixie cut with a textured style. It is a casual and relaxed pixie and it looks effortlessly stylish. We also love the hair color, and warm highlights like these will lift and brighten the hair. A hairstyle like this will suit everyone and it would be great for the ladies that are trying short hair for the first time.

59. Curly Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Love the hairstyles with bangs? Then you need to check out this next look. This pixie has short hair around the back and sides but the hair on the top is quite a lot longer. All of the hair has been styled onto one side which creates side swept bangs. The purple color is fabulous too. You can try the whole look or try the cut without the purple color.

60. Chic and Simple Short Pixie

Next, we have a chic and sophisticated style to show you. The hair is short and it is a little longer on the top. It is a trendy haircut as it features baby bangs. Baby bangs are shorter than average bangs and the style has become a must-have, the celebs love the look too! This is beautiful hairstyle and it will suit everyone.

Chic and Simple Short Pixie

Source: @thecutlife

61. Curly Pixie

Have you got curly hair? Then you need to check out this hair idea. Here we have a short pixie with curly hair on the top. The curls make the short cut look so stylish. If you want a bold new look then try the silvery grey color, but you can always try the cut with your natural hair color.

62. Edgy Pixie

Our next idea is a little edgy. The hair is textured, has curls and is very short around the sides. It is the perfect hairstyle for letting out your inner rock chick! It is a versatile haircut and it can be dressed up or down. Hair like this will be easy to style and easy to wear. We love this pixie cut.

63. Sleek and Modern Short Haircut

If you have had the same hairstyle for years and are now bored and want a change, then this is a hairstyle for you. This pixie is quite long and it has a side part. It is a sleek and modern haircut that will give new life to your hair. You can try the pixie in black or in any color of your choice.

64. Light Blonde Long Pixie Cut

Need a new hairstyle for the summer? Then take a look at this! Here we have a long pixie cut with light blonde highlights. The short cut is great for the summer as it will keep you cool and looking stylish too. Blonde highlights like these will give your hair a sunkissed look ready for the warmer season. Recreate this hairstyle or you can try warmer highlights too.

Light Blonde Long Pixie Cut

Source: @sjun.p

65. Swept Back Pixie

Next, we have trendsetting look that will make you stand out from the crowd. The hair is cut short around the back and sides while the hair on top is long and swept back. Styling your hair like this gives you a gorgeous pixie cut and it will show off your edgy and unique style.

66. Stylish Short Pixie Cut

Our next idea is another stylish short cut. This one is also styled on one side and has a textured look. There are also blonde highlights too. The blonde looks so stylish and you should consider adding blonde to you hair if it’s feeling a little dull. It will refresh your hair ready for the summer.

67. Trendy Hair Idea

Love the icy grey hair colors? Then check out this next style. This pixie cut is short and is styled straight which gives it a sharp and edgy look. The grey color finishes off the hairstyle perfectly and gives it a trendsetting vibe. It is an awesome hair idea and it is perfect for the bold ladies who want to make a statement.

68. Purple Pixie

Another cool color you can try is purple! This pixie cut shows how to wear purple in style. The haircut featured here is quite long, has bangs and is dyed in a dark purple shade. Purple is great for anyone who wants to try something new. If you don’t want to be too bold, then you can try an even darker shade and with highlights instead of full head color.

69. Curly Short Pixie Cut

Next, we have another curly hair idea. The hair is very short around the back and sides while the hair on top is longer and very curly. Not only are the curls gorgeous, but the hair color is too. Hair like this is chic and super stylish, it will suit everyone. You can recreate this look or try the style in a color of your choice.

Curly Short Pixie Cut

Source: @thecutlife

70. Fiery Pixie Cut

If you love the vibrant colors, then this hairstyle is for you. The hair is graduated at the back which means the hair is very short and gets longer towards the top. This creates a unique pixie cut that stands out from the rest. What we really love about this hairstyle is the color, it is a fiery red shade. Hair like this is perfect for the ladies that want a bold new hairstyle that will make them look and feel amazing.

71. Short Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Our next idea is perfect for the ladies that want a short haircut with bangs. The hair is very short around the back and sides while the hair on the top is long and styled into side swept bangs. The hair is curly and full of volume which means the bangs really make a statement. It is a chic haircut that will keep you looking stylish every day.

72. Short Pixie with Short Bangs

Next, we have a very short pixie to show you. The hair is cut very short with micro bangs. It is a very chic and cute pixie that will suit everyone. This cut will look so trendy in a platinum blonde color or a vibrant color like red! Grey would also look fabulous. You can try this pixie with longer bangs.

73. Chic Pixie Haircut with Long Bangs

The next hair idea is very chic. This time the hair is quite short around the sides with longer hair on top. There are also bangs. This is a very elegant hair idea that will glam up your look. You can recreate this or try the cut with shorter bangs. Hair trends do come and go but this timeless cut is here to stay.

Chic Pixie Haircut with Long Bangs

Source: @ohhhlolo_

74. Platinum Pixie Hair

If you want a pixie that will make you stand out from the crowd in style, then this is for you. Here we have a short pixie with a side part. The hair is also a bold platinum color. We love this blonde color and it is so bright so it is perfect for the summer. Recreate this or you can try a different blonde shade if platinum is not for you as all will look great.

75. Coppery Hair Idea

Another hair color that has become a must-have is copper. Copper is a red, spicy and warm tone that will really jazz up your hair. The coppery shade is paired with a classic and short pixie. We love the cut and color, they look so trendy together. This style is perfect all year round. The short cut suits the summer and copper suits the fall and winter.

76. Simple and Trendy Pixie

Next, we have a cute, simple and trendy cut. The hair is short and choppy with a slightly textured look. It is such an easy to wear hair idea and it is a versatile cut that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. You can jazz up the hair with a bold color. Maybe a bright blonde or pastel pink. Those would look stunning.

77. Curly Pixie Cut

Those with curly hair can be put off trying short cuts but you don’t have to be. Here is how to wear a curly pixie in style. The hair is very short on one side and it is longer on the other which creates a side swept bangs look. Lots of curls are in the longer side of hair. It is a trendy and gorgeous look. It can, of course, be created on straight hair too.

Curly Pixie Cut

Source: @kris_tastic

78. Pastel Pixie

Pastel hair colors have become so trendy and here is a cute color and cut you could try. For this, the hair is cut into a very short and straight pixie. The hair is also a pastel minty green. We love the pastel green, it is so unique and it looks amazing with the short cut. This hair will be perfect for the spring. Recreate this or try a different pastel color.

79. Side Swept Hairstyle

Next, we have a sophisticated and stylish pixie to show you. This is one of the longer styles and all of the hair has been swept to one side. It is such a chic and trendy look. This is another style that will look very glam or very edgy depending on how you wear it. You can find styling tips for this type of hair online.

Side Swept Pixie Haircut

Source: @autumnhartt

80. Summery Blonde Cut

Looking for a new cut for the summer? If so, this could be perfect for you. The hair is cut very short and it is colored in a very bright blonde. This is a beautiful and easy to wear hair idea that is perfect for the hotter seasons. Add some waves and you will have a beachy pixie cut.

81. Rainbow Pixie Hair

Be daring and try rainbow hair! Here is a great example of the style you could create. The hair is cut into a short pixie. Most of the hair is blonde but there are rainbow stripes. It is such a bold and fun look. Recreate this or you can put the rainbow colors all over your hair. This is another great style for the summer.

Rainbow Pixie Hair

Source: @hstylze

82. Rich Red Pixie

This next hair idea is another one of our favorites. Here we have a classic pixie cut that is a rich red shade. We love the color, it is stunning. It really jazzes up the classic pixie. Recreate this or try a brighter red. Dark red tones like the one featured are great for the fall and winter.

83. Cute and Curly Cut

Next, we have another hair idea for those with curly hair. This cut is a little longer than some of the other pixies and as you can see, tight curls look gorgeous in a pixie cut. It is a chic and versatile hair idea that will suit everyone and it will look glam for any occasion. This style will also look amazing with looser curls.

84. Statement Making Pixie

Love the statement making pixies? If so, this hair idea is for you. This style features a short pixie. Most of the hair is an orange shade. While the top layer of hair has multi tones and includes yellow and pink. The colors are so bold and the hair demands attention. This is another summery hair idea.

85.  Stylish Bowl Style

Looking for a trendy new cut? Then check this out. This time we have a short pixie and the top layer is styled into a bowl type shape. Even though bowl shapes haven’t been that popular, we think that will change because hair like this is so stylish. If you want a modern and cool hairstyle, then this is for you.

86. Textured and Edgy Pixie

Next, we have another edgy pixie to show you. For this, the hair is cut very short and it is textured and styled up instead of being flat. This is like a pixie cut for rock chicks. Recreate the blonde version or the cut will look amazing in any other color. Warmer blonde tones will create a subtler look.

87. Warm Blonde Hair Idea

Speaking of warm blonde, this next hair idea is just that. Here we have a longer pixie and it has multi tone color. The layers underneath are darker but most of the hair is a warm blonde color. As you can see, the color looks stunning. A similar blonde color will look amazing on any pixie cut.

88. Bold Red Pixie

The next hair idea shows another red cut. This time the hair is black and then it changes to a more vivid red. We love the red because it is so statement making and edgy. Recreate the black and red look or just have red color. Try to keep the textured hair because it looks so trendy.

89. Super Stylish Short Hair

This next hair idea is another one of our favorites. Here we have a classic pixie cut that is a stylish color. The color of the hair almost looks like a soft coppery tone. We love the cut too, it will suit everyone. The whole hairstyle is just so versatile and easy to wear. It would look stunning with a more vivid copper color as well.

90. Trendy Grey Pixie

Grey has become one of the must-have looks which is great news for those who have naturally grey hair. This next style shows how to wear grey in style. The hair is short and classic with a longer section on the top which creates short side swept bangs. It is a stylish and timeless haircut that will suit any grey shade natural or dyed.

91. Long Platinum Blonde Pixie

Next, we have a longer pixie cut. This time the hair is different lengths with the longest just hitting the chin which creates a cute and stacked look. The hair is also a platinum blonde color. It is just a chic and statement making hair idea. Not only that, but it combines a classic cut with a modern color.

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  1. Milagros Nieves says:

    I like to have layers cut like a bob I have grays I am coloring my hair mulberry it covers my grays good ,my hair is thin no body I am 62 yrs young I need something nice and different help

  2. Yamile says:

    Me encantan… soy Estilista hace 30 años pero quiero aprender más…udes son facinantes

  3. Alexa says:

    Long hair

  4. Abi says:

    Pixie cuts look HORRIBLE on people with round faces, especially double chin. What do you mean they look good? Girl, to have a pixie cut you have to have PERFECT symmetrical slim bone structured face, if you don’t, it accentuates ALL your imperfections. Bobs are the best for people with round faces and double chins.

  5. L.m says:

    As a person with double chin and round face…. I look a **** with a Bob….

  6. W says:

    what is wrong with all y’all! I think anyone could look good!

  7. Donna Johnston says:

    things I would like to save to show my I think that the farthest salon

  8. Anonymous says:

    What kind of pixie hairstyle, does MNL48 Gabb have? Her pixie was so beautiful but I didn’t know what kind of pixie it is.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love the cuts

  10. Bonita Hampton says:


    Thank You for showing these pixie hair styles. I was on the phone this morning telling my daughter that I wish I could find some pixie hair styles and here it is. You did wonderful showing these pixie hair styles. Could you please show me how to do my hair like #11, #12, #37 and 83?

    Bonnie H.

  11. Hanna says:

    This was cool! I’m honestly considering cutting my hair. It’s been the same style for MUCH to long now…

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