43 Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2020

Halloween is almost here. If you are looking for makeup ideas that are more of a treat than a trick, then you are in the right place. We have found 43 pretty Halloween makeup ideas. These ideas are for the girls who want to enjoy the fun of dressing up without the blood and gore. We have something for everyone from animals to mystical creatures. So, take a look to find your favourite.

1. Pretty Day of the Dead Skeleton

First on our list is this white sugar skull look. Even though this makeup is a skull, it still looks beautiful. Choosing to do the detail in white instead of black gives it a lighter, softer and prettier look. Not only that, but there are even some pearls dotted around. This pearly white skull will look amazing for any Halloween occasion.

2. Magical Mermaid Makeup

Mermaid makeup is a very popular choice this Halloween. This mermaid look has been created with a pink and purple color palette. These colors make her look mystical and pretty. There are a few ways to recreate the mermaid look including stencils. You could go for a look like this and use sequins instead.

Magical Mermaid Makeup for Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @aboutface01

3. Glam Spider Web Makeup

We have seen a few different spider web makeup looks but this one of the most glam. This one uses dramatic purple smokey eyes with a big web over one eye. The web is jazzed up with glitter and gems. You could recreate this with different gems and colors. We love this pretty Halloween makeup look.

Glam Spider Web Makeup for Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @amyg_makeup

4. Cute Deer Makeup

Deer makeup is one of the must have looks for Halloween, if you aren’t looking for something scary, of course. It is quite simple to recreate and can be done for any last-minute parties. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you but the deer makeup featured is one of the cutest we have seen.

Cute Deer Makeup for Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @dramaticmac

5. Pink Skeleton

Skeletons are not usually considered cute but this has all changed thanks to this makeup look. This next idea uses all the skeleton features but they were created in pink and glitter instead of black. The use of pink transforms the look from scary skeleton to pretty skeleton. Makeup like this will suit everyone and will be a hit at any party.

6. Cute Doll Makeup

Our next pick is a doll makeup look. Dolls can look creepy but they can look cute as well. There is a fine line between the two but the makeup featured shows you how to wear pretty doll makeup. It is a simple look to create just apply your eye makeup as normal and draw on some lashes with an eyeliner. Add some freckles and create the small lip look with lipstick and you’re good to go. You could also add in the cracked look if you want to. There are tutorials to help you with this.

7. Stunning Cat Makeup

Next, we have a cat makeup idea that will wow anyone that sees it. We have seen many cat looks but this one is one of the prettiest! She has created a smokey eye look and carried the eyeliner further from the eyes to create a cat eye. Then she has finished off the look with a black nose and whiskers. What really makes this looks stand out is the contacts. These are a must have for a stunning cat look.

Stunning Cat Makeup for Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @kelseymacs

8. Vampire Makeup

There are so many different vampire looks from the traditional Count Dracula to the beautiful vampire brides in Van Helsing. Our next pretty Halloween makeup idea is kind of a mix of the two. It has the Gothic vibe but she looks very glam too. She has created a dramatic smokey eye and has red lips. The vampire touches are the blood and the contacts. We love this look and you can easily recreate this at home.

9. Pretty Clown Makeup

Clowns are known to be scary however this next pick shows that clowns can be also cute! She has created a look with the classic clown features but the way she has styled it makes her look glam and party ready. This look will be simple to recreate with some black face paint and a smokey eye palette.

10. White and Pearl Skeleton Makeup

If you liked the white skull look from earlier in the post, then you might like this one too. Instead of a white sugar skull this one has used a similar technique to create a pretty skeleton. It has a ghostly vibe to this look. It would take some practice but when mastered this will be a Halloween look that everyone will remember.

11. Vibrant and Pretty Halloween Makeup

Our next pick is unique and creative. It features light eye shadow colors and lipstick and vibrant sequins. This style of makeup isn’t any character in particular but you could use it as inspiration for other looks. You could use this technique to create mermaid makeup, fairy makeup and more. If you wanted to look very bold, you could go for the purple eyebrows!

Vibrant Halloween Makeup for Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @junimakeup

12. Wolf Halloween Makeup

Wolves are iconic characters for Halloween. However, this wolf is not scary and hairy it is stunning and striking. She has created a dramatic smokey eye and finished off the look with wolf ears and contacts. If you wanted to create a look that is slightly scary, you could add in the scratches. The contacts are the key to making a wolf look that will wow.

13. Sparkling Sugar Skull Makeup

Here is a skeleton makeup look that will bring some sparkle to any party. Instead of using face paint or makeup to create the features, she has used glitter and gems. She has used some white makeup for the mouth. This is a gorgeous look that everyone will love.

Sparkling Sugar Skull Makeup for Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @__mariatmua

14. Fortune Teller Makeup

Looking for a unique and pretty Halloween makeup idea? Then this next pick is for you. She has created an awesome fortune teller costume. With some simple makeup and accessories, you will have an awesome Halloween party look. You could recreate this makeup in any color.

15. Cute Unicorn Makeup

Unicorns are very popular this Halloween. Our next pick shows you how to create a simple and pretty unicorn look. All you need is some pink, purple and blue makeup and apply it like the picture. Finish off your look with a unicorn horn and you are good to go. You could recreate this with any color palette.

16. White Skeleton Makeup

Our next pick is another skeleton look. However, this one isn’t as sparkly or dainty as the others. This one is more of the classic Halloween skeleton. Even though it has the features as no black has been used, it still has a pretty look. The makeup is finished off with gems. This is a glam finishing touch that makes the skeleton look party ready.

17. Flower Fairy Makeup

Next, we have this vibrant fairy makeup idea that will put you in the spot light at any Halloween party. This look uses a purple color palette and has used lots of sequins and sequin flowers. You could go all out like this or just take some elements from it. For a more toned-down look, try creating the purple eye makeup and just use the sequins. This will give you pretty Halloween makeup.

18. Halloween Clown Makeup

Here is another makeup idea that proves clowns can be cute. This makeup look uses the classic clown features but instead of a big red nose, she has a heart nose instead. You could make it even more glam by using a classic red lipstick. This is perfect for the girls who want something pretty with a Halloween vibe.

19. Pretty Makeup with Spider Web

If you need a cute last-minute party look, then this next idea could be just what you are looking for. She has created a dramatic smokey eye and a spider web design on her neck. This is a glam look that will be a hit at any party. You could wear the contacts but it would look awesome without them as well.

Pretty Makeup with Spider Web for Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @gemmagilfoyle_mua

20. Deer Makeup

Liked the deer makeup from earlier in the post? Then you may like this one too. This deer makeup is little simpler than the previous look. All you will need is some eyeliner and your usual makeup. Makeup like this is great as a last-minute party look.

21. Half Skull Halloween Makeup

Here is another way to create a pretty sugar skull look. She has created this makeup with simple patterns. The eyes almost look like butterflies and she has a heart design on her head. Little touches like these create a feminine skull look. If you want something cute with a Halloween vibe, then this is great makeup to try.

22. Pretty Fairy Makeup

If you like fairy makeup, then our next pick is for you. It shows that you can create a Halloween party look easily. All you will need is a pink eye shadow, purple lipstick and some gems. Add the flower headband for a cute look. You could recreate this with any color if the pink isn’t for you.

23. Masquerade Mask

Next on our list is this masquerade mask makeup. This can be created with face paint or eyeliner. It is a very intricate design but with practice you could recreate it. You could choose any design though, so you could use this as inspiration. Pretty Halloween makeup like this will wow at any occasion.

24. Red and Black Sugar Skull Makeup

Next, we have an amazing sugar skull makeup idea to show you. The color palette is red, black and gold. It features beautiful patterns and sparkling rhinestones. This is perfect for those who love the glam sugar skull makeup. You can buy rhinestones for your face online so you can try this look at home.

Pretty Red and Black Sugar Skull Makeup

Source: @anduangel

25. Beetlejuice Makeup Idea

Love the movie Beetlejuice? If so, this is for you. This makeup idea features a prettier version of Beetlejuice himself. She is wearing glam purple eyes with purple lip color. The makeup is complete with green sections. This is an awesome makeup idea and it is a must-have for fans of the movie. Finish the costume with a striped blazer (that’s a must!).

Beetlejuice Makeup Idea for Women

Source: @keilidhmua

26. Skull Makeup with Rhinestones

If you really want to go all out with your makeup, then this is for you. As you can see, the makeup artist has created purple skull illusion makeup. The look is complete with loads of rhinestones! This an intricate and amazing makeup idea. It is perfect for those want something more unique.

27. Catwoman Halloween Makeup

Catwoman is always a popular choice of Halloween costume for women. Here is a cool makeup idea you could try if that is your costume this year. The artist has painted the mask on her face. It is such an awesome idea and with the painted mask, you can wear any black outfit. You will find tutorials online for catwoman makeup.

28. Pulp Fiction Makeup

Like the movie Pulp Fiction? If so, this makeup idea is for you. This makeup is inspired by the character Mia Wallace. Something like this is easy to recreate and wear. The makeup is simple so all you will need is a black wig. Something like this will be great as a last minute costume!

Easy Pulp Fiction Makeup Idea

Source: @aimebbyyy

29. Cute and Classic Cat

Next, we have a cute and classic Halloween cat. As you can see, she has the feline flick eyes complete with a heart shaped nose, ears and whiskers. This a fun and easy to wear look. The makeup can be created with beauty products you already have. A cat costume will look great for all Halloween events.

Cute and Classic Cat Makeup

Source: @makeupbyabigailemma

30. Sunflower Scarecrow

Scarecrows are super popular costumes for Halloween. Makeup artists have made this trend more unique by creating sunflower scarecrows. Here is a gorgeous one. The makeup artist has created glitzy eyes with an illusion mouth and a sunflower over the eye. This is perfect for someone who wants something different to the classic scarecrow.

Sunflower Scarecrow Halloween Makeup

Source: @ivanasmkup

31. Fallen Angel

Angels are another classic but as it is Halloween, you could make the costume a little darker, just like this. This makeup idea features a fallen angel. So, she has black wings instead of white and her makeup is smokey and dark. This is a spooky look and you can wear any outfit with the wings.

32. Spooky Version Of Ariel

Love The Little Mermaid? If so, this idea is for you. Here we have a spooky version of Ariel. As you can see, she looks like the classic mermaid on one side. However, one side looks like a skeleton with a starfish over one eye. This is a unique and awesome look. We love this one!

Skeleton Ariel Halloween Makeup

Source: @trinsmakeup

33. Pink Sugar Skull

Next, we have another sugar skull to show you. This one is so pretty and pink! She has awesome skeletal illusion makeup, even on her neck. There are also pink hearts over her eyes. This is an amazing makeup idea and it is a combo of glam, bold and spooky. Something like this is great for those who like to go all out.

Sugar Skull Makeup and Costume Idea

Source: @lilylove213

34. Cheshire Cat

If you love Alice in Wonderland, then this is for you. This makeup artist has created Cheshire Cat illusion makeup. We love this because she has created the wide grin that the cat is known for. This is a fun and unique idea and there are a few different versions of the Cheshire Cat that you could create.

Cheshire Cat Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @yadirose

35. Sally Makeup Idea

The next makeup idea is another one inspired by a popular movie. This time we have makeup based on Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Makeup like this is a must-have for fans of the movie and it is a great couple’s idea as your other half could dress up as Jack Skellington. There are lots of tutorials online for Sally makeup.

36. Fall Inspired Sugar Skull

Love the sugar skull makeup? If so, you need to see this next version. Here we have a pretty sugar skull design complete with beautiful patterns. What we really love about this is the fall colors used. The warm orange tones look stunning and they also celebrate the season that Halloween is in.

37. Sun and Moon Goddess

Bring some magic to Halloween with makeup like this. This artist looks like a goddess with the moon and sun designs on her face. It is such a unique idea and it is perfect for those who want to try something a little different. Makeup like this is also great for parties where you want to celebrate Halloween but also look glam.

Sun and Moon Goddess Makeup Idea

Source: @sarinanexie

38. Poison Ivy

Next, we have another makeup idea inspired by a villain. This time it is Poison Ivy. The makeup artist has used dramatic green makeup on the eyes and face. This look is complete with dark lip color and ivy. It is a cool idea that is quite simple to recreate. This makeup would be great for last minute events.

Poison Ivy Halloween Makeup and Costume

Source: @ciaciaxo

39. Purple Butterfly

The next idea is so unique and amazing! This makeup was inspired by butterflies and you can see it is just awesome. The artist has created purple wings on her eyes and neck. This look is finished off with 3D paper butterflies. It is such a unique look and you can recreate the butterfly in any color.

Purple Butterfly Halloween Makeup Look

Source: @annalingis

40. Fortune Teller

We love this next idea because it is so mystical and magical! Here we have fortune teller. She is covered in sparkles, rhinestones and she has glam makeup, too. This is an amazing makeup and costume idea and it is perfect for those who want to look spooky, supernatural and beautiful! It is one of our favorites.

41. Pretty Halloween Makeup Idea

Bring the bling to Halloween with makeup like this. Here we have another sugar skull but this makeup features bold and sparkly rhinestones. We love this because the rhinestones help to create the intricate patterns that sugar skulls are known for. So, it is quite simple to recreate and it looks super glam.

42. Cracked Doll

Next, we have another creepy illusion idea to show you. For this look, the makeup artist has made her face look like a cracked doll. She also has cute eye makeup. This is a cool idea and you can find doll illusion makeup tutorials online. Recreate this or you can make it more spooky with some fake blood drips.

Cracked Doll Halloween Costume

Source: @caro_losada

43. Bunny Makeup

This next makeup idea is cute and unique. The artist has created bunny illusion makeup complete with pearls and bold lashes. This is such a fun idea and it is perfect for those who want to dress up without being scary. Recreate this or you can opt for a more toned down bunny makeup.

Pink and White Bunny Makeup

Source: @niamulan

We hope you have been inspired by our pretty Halloween makeup ideas.

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