35 Bright Summer Nail Designs

Nail designs are a way to show off our character and to be original.  When you see someone with exciting nails, your eyes are instantly drawn to them.  Let’s face it, we all want sexy summer nails this season but some of us aren’t that great at nail design.  Nail designs can look amazing but daunting to do yourself.  Don’t panic, we at Stay Glam have come up with 35 bright summer nail designs for everyone.  We have simple, bold, glittery, striking and stunning nails for you to try.  When you see these gorgeous nail designs, you’ll not look back and maybe you’ll be having these styles all year round and not just for summer.  You can always add darker colours to your design.  Have fun looking at our summer nails and we hope you try a few styles out!

1. Perfect Summer Nails

The more colours the better.  That’s what summer is all about. With these perfect summer colour nails, you will show off your summer side and your fun side.  The black colour is not so harsh with bright colours.  This is a way to tone down the dark colours in your nail box.  Go for bright colours for the thumb and first finger then mix it up with a touch of sparkle and nail art.  This gorgeous sunset nail art design stands out and relates to summer.

2. Cute Watermelon Design

For the past few years, fruit has been a popular choice for nails and fashion. This cute watermelon design will melt your heart.  OK, it’s not a definite watermelon but gives the illusion of a watermelon.  It’s easy and anyone can do this.  Pastel pink, mint green and white shade work so well together.  Finish the look by adding the watermelon look to your accent nail.  Don’t forget to wait for the nail polish to dry until you start with another colour.  The black 3 dots is needed for the watermelon so don’t forget this!

Short Watermelon Nail Design for Summer

Source: @lettslooks

3. Glitter & Flowers Design

Glitter and floral nails are a match made in heaven. Both glitter and floral prints are very feminine and girly so why not combine the two for extra wow effect.  Add a few pale colours to complement the detailed nails.  Mint green and pale pink work well together.

4. Neon Orange Ombre Nails

You have to have a neon orange nail polish in your nail collection. If you have orange ombre nails, I can guarantee your friends will comment on how great they look.  It may become your nail polish style go-to of the season!  For the extra shine on your nail tips, add a glossy super shine topcoat.

Summer Neon Orange Ombre Nails

Source: @housewifenails

5. Colorful Stripes

Stripes are always fun. If you’re feeling the summer vibe, go for this style.  Grab a few bright colours from you nail box and decorate the two middle fingernails.  As you can see from the photo, you don’t have to follow a sequence, just go with what you feel.  Take two colours from your chosen selection and paint the other nails without the stripe effect.

Colorful Striped Nail Design for Summer

Source: @nailistayco

6. Rainbow Nails

If you’re looking to stand out, go with the rainbow nails. This is unusual and people will wonder how you actually painted your nails like this!  Very summery and would look fabulous with any outfit.

Rainbow Ombre Nail Design for Summer

Source: @xxlovelauren

7. Pineapple Nails

We all know that food is fashionable… why not add it to your nails too! Pineapples are everywhere now and they are so easy to draw.  Have fun with your nails by adding some glitter to your pineapple.  It’s fun and vibrant.

Pink and Yellow Pineapple Nails for Summer

Source: @superflynails

8. Pink & Gold Nails

Pastel colours are lovely for summer. This pastel pink colour looks stunning and girly when teamed with glitter.  This would look ideal for any event.

9. Pretty Blue & White Design

Bring your artsy side to your nails with this gorgeous blue and white design. It may look complicated but trust me, all you need to is nail tape and you’ll be a professional before you know it.  Chose a white and blue shade and get painting.  Add the sections as you wish and remember, there are no rules when it comes to nail design!

10. Perfect Holiday Nails

Are you going on holiday soon? Even if you’re not going anywhere and are feeling a little down, paint your nails like this and it will get you in the summer mood.  These are bright, lively and perfect for this time of year.

Holiday Nail Design for Summer

Source: @mkmk1209

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