Top 50 Foot Henna Designs

Henna (or mehndi) is a temporary tattoo that’s exotic and beautiful adornment to the female body. This type of a tattoo enables women to play around with different designs and shapes on different places on their body, without any pain.

Different countries and regions have different henna designs. Arabic henna designs have bold, abstract lines. Their henna tends to feature larger floral designs. Indian and Pakistan henna is more complex than Arabic’s. Indian henna tattoos are more delicate and detailed. Their designs often involve dots, lines and paisley. Smaller floral designs, elephants and peacocks aren’t often used.

To get the darkest color, henna needs to be applied on the feet and hands. We collected some of the most interesting foot henna designs from artist all around the world.

1. Mandala Foot Henna

The first idea we have to show you is this mandala henna. For this design there is a beautiful and intricate pattern all over the foot, including the toes. The pattern also continues onto the ankle and leg. There are lots of different designs but the most striking is the mandala in the center of the foot. This really creates a statement. You can recreate with any mandala pattern.

Mandala Foot Henna 

Source: @zarjam

2. Peacock Henna Design

Next, we have a stunning henna idea that features a peacock. The feet are covered in a beautiful pattern and this continues onto the legs. Once on the legs, the design turns into a stunning peacock. Peacocks are gorgeous birds and are often used in henna design. These birds are commonly used for wedding henna.

3. Stylish Foot Henna

Henna looks amazing on the feet. You can have a henna design created on your feet for a special occasion or just to make a stylish fashion statement. Check out this henna idea to get some inspiration. This pattern is on the top of the foot and it is on the toes too. It features dots, lines and flowers. Recreate this look or try your own gorgeous pattern.

Stylish Foot Henna Design

Source: @sarahennaseattle

4. Paisley Foot Henna Idea

The next idea we have to share features a beautiful paisley design. Paisley patterns are often used in Indian henna. This paisley henna has been created on the foot and the toes. It is a stunning and intricate look. Try and recreate henna like this or try paisley on the hands, that would look amazing too.

Paisley Foot Henna Idea

Source: @hennalounge

5. Maroon Foot Henna

You can choose henna in maroon too. Maroon henna has a stunning red color like the design featured below. This pattern has been created with flowers and leafy shapes. Henna like this will look beautiful on anyone. Recreate this henna pattern or try the maroon color with a design of your choice.

Maroon Foot Henna

Source: @hennabydivya

6. Anklet Henna Design

When choosing your design, you do not have to choose one that covers your foot. You can choose henna with a smaller pattern like this. Here we have a henna anklet. The design has been beautifully created around the ankle and ends with a stunning design on the top of the foot. You can try something like this or have just the anklet. We love this idea because it looks like an ornate piece of jewelry.

Anklet Henna Design

Source: @hennaforallny

7. Intricate Foot Henna

Henna is known for the stunning and complicated patterns. Shapes, lines, dots and more are used to create amazing designs that cover large areas of the body. Here is an example of an amazing piece of henna art. The foot has been completely covered in geometric patterns. This kind of design is popular in Arabic henna. It is a beautiful and decorative idea that will suit everyone.

Intricate Foot Henna

Source: @hennainspire

8. Statement Henna Idea

Next, we have a henna idea that is bold and statement making. This design has been created on the feet and legs. The pattern features circles and it has a lace look to it too. It is an amazing piece of henna and you can try and recreate this pattern or choose your own. You have lots of space to work with and lots of patterns can be added.

Statement Foot Henna Idea

Source: @hennainspire

9. Pretty Henna Design

Henna can be used to decorate your body but the design is not permanent. This makes it a great idea for someone who wants to have a tattoo but does not want to make the commitment. Here is a great example of this. This henna design has been created on the foot and has pretty swirls, floral shapes and leafy patterns. Henna like this would be perfect for the ladies that want to try a foot tattoo as you get the look but not the pain or the design that lasts forever.

10. Floral Foot Henna Design

Our next idea is another henna design for the feet. This one features flowers and beautiful patterns. It is not as intricate or as big as some of the other designs which makes it great for anyone who wants to try henna without being very bold. It is a stunning idea that will suit everyone.

Floral Foot Henna Design

Source: @zarjam

11. Delicate Henna Idea

Henna is beautiful in many ways but we love how delicate and pretty the patterns are. As you can see with this foot design, the pattern is intricate and dainty, it almost looks like lace. The flower in center is stunning too, it looks like an illustration. Henna like this is a stunning piece of art.

12. Side Foot Henna

Henna is often seen on the top of the foot but it looks amazing on the side of the foot too. Here is a gorgeous example. A floral henna design was created all along the side of the foot. Foot tattoos are known to be painful so with henna you get the pretty design without pain! It is a win-win. Recreate this design or try your own.

13. Gold Henna Design

Gold is another color choice when choosing to have henna. This floral henna design was created with what looks like gold henna. As you can see, it gives the design a glamorous look. A design like this one would be a great choice for a special occasion.

Gold Foot Henna Design

Source: @hennavisa

14. Bold Henna Design

Our next henna design is a little bolder. The pattern is larger than some of the others, instead of small flower shapes and other patterns these ones are quite big. It is a gorgeous design with beautiful shading. Try henna like this if you want to make a statement and if you like tattoo style henna.

Bold Foot Henna Design

Source: @smeerariaz

15. Barefoot Henna

Barefoot sandals became very popular for beach weddings and for looking stylish on the beach. If you have not seen these before then it is like a sandal but without the sole. This next henna idea is like these sandals. The design has been created all the way down the foot and creates a sandal look but it is on the skin. This is a gorgeous idea and would be perfect for a beach bride.

Barefoot Henna Design

Source: @hennainspire

16. Lace and Mandalas

Earlier we featured henna with a mandala pattern. Here is another example of this stylish look. The design features a stunning mandala pattern on the top of the foot with a lace design around the outside. It is so pretty and elegant. Try and recreate this look or try a mandala with a different pattern.

Lace and Mandala Foot Henna

Source: @hennainspire

17. Henna on the Sole of the Foot

Another popular place for henna is the sole of the foot. This is such a unique and amazing idea. Henna like this would be great for weddings or if you just want an unusual design. You can have any pattern on the sole of your foot but this is a gorgeous example. The floral shapes, patterns and dots are just beautiful.

Henna on the Sole of the Foot

Source: @zajram

18. Ankle Henna Design

Our next henna design is on the ankle and toes. There are dots and swirls on the toes and a beautiful pattern on the ankle. It is a stunning design and this is another one with a lace look. You can recreate a pattern like this on both feet like featured or choose one foot.

Ankle Henna Design

Source: @hennavisa

19. Floral Foot Henna Idea

Next, we have a floral henna idea. We love this design it is one of our favorites. There is a flower in the middle of each foot with a pretty pattern around the outside. This reminds us of the old school flower tattoos but with the beauty of henna. With a henna design like this you get the best of both worlds – stunning henna art with a tattoo look.

Floral Foot Henna Idea

Source: @hennavisa

20. Pretty Foot Henna Designs

When choosing henna for both of your feet, the designs do not have to be the same. You can choose two completely different patterns like the image below. One foot has a pretty, patterned flower while the other design has a bold flower with leaves. Recreate this or try two patterns of your own.

21. Dots and Patterns

Our next idea is very intricate. Both feet have been covered in two different amazing patterns. One features lots of lines and dots with half circles on the sides of the feet. The other uses more shapes and lines. This is for the women that want to show off their henna in style. Try both designs or choose just one for both feet.

22. Delicate Henna Design

Next, we have a delicate and pretty henna design. The henna art features lines dots and a cute flower design in the center of a circle. This is a beautiful henna idea that would look amazing throughout the summer or for a special occasion. You can also try a design like this in a different color too.

23. Paisley and Mandalas

Throughout this post we have featured henna designs with paisley and mandalas. This henna idea combines the two! There is a mandala on the top of the foot with a paisley design on the ankles. You can also see a floral and leafy design on the toes. We love this idea because it uses lots of different patterns to create one amazing design.

24. Geometric Henna Design

Henna with geometric shapes is very popular and here is an awesome example. There is a diamond design on the top of the foot with a similar pattern on the toes. This is a trendy idea that will wow everyone who sees it. Geometric patterns are popular in Arabic henna. Try this pattern or add in your own funky shapes.

25. Dots, Patterns and Swirls

Our next idea features a super stylish pattern. There is a diamond shape on the foot with only a little henna inside. On the outside, the skin is covered in intricate patterns. This such a stunning idea! We love everything about it from the swirls to the dots. Henna like this will look amazing on anyone.

26. Stunning Foot Henna Idea

We have featured henna with different designs on the feet. This idea features two identical henna designs on both feet. This is really a work of art, both the designs are exactly the same and this creates a striking and stylish look. This design is beautiful and looks a little like sandals. Henna like this will be amazing for the summer.

27. Beautiful Henna Flowers

Next, we have another floral henna idea. Two flowers have been created on the top of the feet. There is also a stylish design on each toe too. This is a stunning idea and it will look beautiful on everyone. Try and recreate this henna design or consider having just the flowers without the toe patterns.

28. Tribal Henna Design

Always wanted a tribal tattoo but do not want to go through the pain of a real tattoo? Then this idea is for you! Here we have a tribal style henna design that has been created on the sole of the foot. You can try a pattern like this anywhere on your body, so you can have that amazing tattoo after all!

Tribal Henna Design

Source: @sarahennaseattle

29. Half Foot Henna Idea

Our next pick is so unique! This henna tattoo features intricate swirl patterns and the design stops just after the toes. We love this idea because usually henna covers most of the foot so this is quite unusual. There is a also a pretty leaf pattern too. Recreate this look or choose your own half henna design.

30. Trendy Foot Henna

Looking for a trendy henna pattern? Then this is for you! Both of the feet feature the same design. It is a gorgeous pattern that has a little of everything. There is a swirl pattern on the toes, a lacy geometric pattern on the top of the feet and a dotted pattern near the ankle. It is a stunning idea and it will suit everyone. We love this design!

31. Red Anklet Design

Next, we have another anklet idea. This one is a beautiful, rich red color with a paisley pattern. It is such a pretty and stylish design! You can try this one or come up with your own funky anklet pattern. If you prefer the darker henna then that will look awesome with this type of design too.

Red Anklet Henna Design

Source: @hennaforallny

32. Statement-Making Henna

Looking for henna with lots of patterns and detail? Then try this ornate henna design. For this look the toes have been decorated as well as the ankles and the legs. There are so many different designs included here from mandalas to swirls and dots. Henna like this is perfect for the women who want to make a statement.

33. Symmetrical Henna Design

Another henna idea you can try is symmetrical henna. For this design both feet have the same pattern and there is a line down the center which creates a symmetrical look. To get both patterns the same is no easy task, this is a beautiful work of art. However, the hard work is worth it because it creates amazing designs like this one.

34. Swirl Design

Earlier we featured a henna design on the side of the foot. If you love that one, then you may like this one too. Both feet have a swirl pattern. It is a stunning design because the lines flow so beautifully. You can recreate this look or try a similar pattern on just one foot.

35. Beautiful Henna

Our next idea features beautiful henna. There is a line down the center of the foot with pretty flowers on either side. On the outside of the main pattern there are more intricate designs. It is a lovely henna idea and it would look gorgeous in the maroon color.

36. Stylish and Intricate Henna Design

Love the henna designs full of intricate patterns? Then check out this idea. Both feet are covered from the toes to the middle of the foot with different designs. Henna like this will take a long time but the end result will be worth it! This is another idea where you can recreate the look on both feet or just one.

37. Paisley and Flowers

Paisley and flowers is another beautiful combination! Don’t just take our word for it, check out this henna idea. This is a beautiful design that features gorgeous flowers and patterned paisley. It is another henna idea that has a tattoo look to it. This is a pretty idea that would be amazing for the summer or beach vacations!

Paisley and Flowers Henna Design

Source: @hennaforallny

38. Bold Flower Henna

Next, we have a bold flower idea. The flowers on this henna design are big and statement making. On a lot of henna designs the flowers can be quite small so this is a stylish change. We love this pattern because it reminds us of tropical flowers. This is another henna design that would look stunning in red.

39. Sunshine Henna Design

The next idea we have to show you is perfect for the summer! For this look the henna is red with a floral design and the outside of the pattern looks like a sun. This is such a stylish and unusual design. If you are going on vacation or want to try henna for the summer, then consider a pattern like this one.

40. Statement Red Henna Design

If you love the large pieces of henna with lots of patterns, then this is for you. Both feet and ankles have been covered in a gorgeous henna design. The henna is red and has lots of different patterns from mandalas to dots and lines. Henna like this would be perfect for a special occasion.

41. Multiple Mandalas

When creating henna with mandala patterns, you can choose more than one. This henna design features multiple mandalas with all different patterns on the inside. By using lots of intricate patterns, you will end up with a henna design that is unique to all the others. Take inspiration from and this and create your own multi mandala henna.

Multiple Mandala Henna Design

Source: @hennabydivya

42. Peacock Feather Henna

Earlier we featured a peacock idea, if you liked that one then you need to check out this next pick. Here we have an anklet with a lotus flower and a peacock feather. This is such a beautiful way to add a peacock to your henna design. We love this one because it is a stylish anklet pattern that looks like a stunning tattoo.

Peacock Feather Henna Design

Source: @hennabydivya

43. Multi Color Henna

Throughout the post we have shown you different henna color ideas. These henna designs have all been one shade but what if you used two? You can use two or more different henna colors to create a unique and beautiful design. Here is a stylish example. This henna idea features dark ink and orange ink. It is a gorgeous combination! Try and recreate this design or come up with your own.

Multi Color Henna Design

Source: @hennabydivya

44. Heart Henna Design

You don’t have to stick to traditional looking henna, you can add new shapes and patterns to the design. This henna idea has a classic look but a few different designs have been added. There is a heart and a beautiful flower. This is like a combination of traditional henna with modern and new designs. We love this idea.

Heart Henna Design

Source: @hennabydivya

45. Design with a Pop of Color

Next, we have another color idea. This henna design features a combination of dark and blue ink! The addition of blue ink is so stylish and unique. We love the pattern too, it is amazing and includes flowers, dots and swirls. It is a very beautiful idea. You can recreate this look or use blue ink on a different henna design.

46. Henna for a Special Occasion

Henna is often used for special occasions. If you are looking for this type of henna then take inspiration from the image below. The henna used here is beautiful and the person with the henna is wearing the barefoot sandals that we mentioned earlier! You can wear any barefoot sandals with any henna pattern.

Henna for a Special Occasion

Source: @hennalounge

47. Botanical Henna Design

Our next henna idea has a botanical theme. There is a gorgeous flower design on the top of the foot with a lovely leafy pattern on the sides of the foot. Even though the designs are not connected they compliment each other perfectly because they have a similar theme. The flower also has a sun design which looks amazing too. This is another stylish design that is perfect for the summer.

Botanical Henna Design

Source: @hennalounge

48. Red Geometric Henna Design

Next, we have another red henna idea. The toes have a tribal design, the top of the foot has a geometric pattern and the last part of the design looks like a mandala. This is another intricate and stunning design. You can recreate this look but you can also try the dark ink if the red is not your thing.

Red Geometric Henna Design

Source: @hennalounge

49. Stylish Side Mandala Design

Love the henna designs that are on the side of the foot? Then check out this idea! This henna design features multiple mandalas that are all along the side of the foot. It is such a stylish idea. You can try this design or you can create each mandala with a different pattern. We love this look!

50. Gemstone Henna Design

The last idea we have to share with you is this gemstone henna idea. This henna design features a mandala with paisley patterns. The henna has been finished off with sparkling gemstones. By adding gems, you give the henna design a glam look. You can put crystals on any henna design and you can use gemstones in any color.

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