Top 50 Funky Hairstyles for Women

They say redheads are wild, brunettes are the smartest, and blonds have the most fun, but what about purple-, pink-, blue-, and green-heads? The trend for crazy coloured hair is getting bigger and better.

Few years ago, crazy colored hair was pretty unique type of thing that wasn’t worn by many women. Today, it’s a lot more common to see someone with the whole hair dyed in blue, pink or green color.  Just like any other color of hair, it has to go with the person. However, nontraditional hair colors can be high maintenance. They rinse out really quickly so you can expect to visit your hair salon every few weeks. Be prepared if you decide to dye your hair in blue, pink, green or red.

If you love “crazy” hair, your gonna love our funky hairstyles below. Enjoy!

1. Long Ombre Blue Hairstyle

Funky Ombre Blue Long Hairstyle

One way to express your creativity can be through your hair. This woman decided to rock ombre blue hair and she looks amazing! It’s a real attention grabber.

2. ‘Cruella de Vil’ Hairstyle

When we first saw this hairstyle on Scarlett Johansson, it immediately reminded us on Cruella de Vil from The Hundred and One Dalmatians. This hairstyle is perfect for women who don’t want to have a boring hairstyle.

3. Medium Length Light Pink Hairstyle

Light pink hair looks good because it stands out and it is a total showstopper. With these big curls, it looks pretty sexy, too. Pink hair, don’t care!

4. Long White & Blue Hairstyle

Long White and Blue Hairstyle

This hairstyle is for cool girls only!

5. Long Pastel Blue Hairstyle

Long Light Blue Hairstyle

With the right attitude, on the right person, light blue hair can be really striking. This girl knows how to wear her crazy hair color. It suits her well!

6. Curly Medium Pink Hairstyle

Curly Medium Pink Hairstyle

With this hair color, you can’t have a bad hair day.

7. Medium Light Red Hairstyle

Medium Light Red Hairstyle

Gorgeous color! It’s perfect if you’re looking for a softer color for your hair.

8. Purple & Blue Updo Hairstyle

Purple and Blue Updo Hairstyle

With this up-do, you don’t need jewelry or accessories – your hair is a statement piece. Would you agree?

9. Long Ombre Funky Hairstyle

Long Ombre Funky Hairstyle

When you see these pretty colors, you instantly want to rock this hairstyle.

10. Long Hot Pink Hair with Rainbow Braid

Long Hot Pink Hair with Rainbow Braid

With this hairstyle and color you can’t be ordinary or boring. This hair color and rainbow braid will make you stand out from the boring crowd.

11. Long Dark Green Hairstyle

Long Dark Green Hairstyle

This girl pull it off quite well. With green eyebrows and red lips, she looks like a mermaid!

12. Long Brown Hair with Colorful Tips

Long Brown Hair with Colorful Tips

Coloured tips are the new hair trend! You don’t need to dye your whole hair – if you don’t like it, you can easily trim your tips. It really looks cool!

13. Long Blonde Hair with Pink Tips

Long Blonde Hair with Pink Tips

If you still aren’t brave enough to dye your whole hair in light pink color (or any other crazy color), you can start with just dying your tips. It looks pretty cool, too!

14. Medium Light Pink Curly Hairstyle

Medium Light Pink Curly Hairstyle

This hair color and soft curls are so romantic. Don’t be afraid to match your hair with your lips for that extra ‘wow’ effect.

15. Light Green Highlights & Curly Hair

Light Green Highlights and Curly Hair

These highlights are amazing and they look perfect on darker hair. Something similar wore Kylie Jenner few months ago. Cool hairstyle for cool girls!

16. Long Light Pink Hairstyle

Long Light Pink Hairstyle

Perfect cotton candy pink hair! It’s a stylish, bold way to showcase your individuality.

17. Colorful Short Hairstyle

Colorful Short Hairstyle

Many of us consider ourselves rebellious when it comes to our hair but are we brave enough to color our hair in rainbow colors? This girl surely is. These colors can brighten up a rainy day!

18. Purple Hair with Blue Tips

Purple Hair with Blue Tips

If you want to dye your hair in some vibrant, unusual color, purple can be a good starter color. Also, some black colors come with a purple or violet tint if you want see how purple would suit you.

19. Long Hot Pink Hairstyle

Long Hot Pink Hairstyle

With this hot pink hairstyle, you can’t be unnoticed in the crowd.

20. Short Light Purple Hairstyle

Short Light Purple Hairstyle

Umm, can we have this cut and color right now?

21. Light Blue & Grey Ponytail

Light Blue and Gray Ponytail

One day, we will all start growing in grey hair. However, some women rock the grey color even before it starts growing on its own. This woman combined her grey color with blue and it looks pretty amazing!

22. Long Light Pink Curly Hair

Long Light Pink Curly Hair

Hairdo that you want to eat! Yummy!

23. Long Bright Red Hairstyle

Long Red Hairstyle

Having red hair isn’t just for freckled women. You can also wear this energetic and vibrant color. This bright red look was pioneered by Rihanna, few years ago. Don’t forget to match your hair with your red lips.

24. Short Light Pink Curly Hairstyle

Short Light Pink Curly Hairstyle

Short baby pink hair will give you a cute and girlish look. It goes nicely with blue eyes.

25. Light Purple Bob Hairstyle

Light Purple Bob Hairstyle

Light purple color is a fun way to step outside of the box when updating your look, especially if you rock purple brows, too.

26. Long Funky Hairstyle

Long Funky Hairstyle

This hairstyle screams fun!

27. Medium Blonde Hair with Colored Tips

Medium Blonde Hair with Colored Tips

Experiment with rainbow hair colors by dying just the ends of your locks. It’s fun and subtle!

28. Colorful Braid Hairstyle

Colorful Braid Hairstyle

Rainbow hair looks great worked into a topknot or braid or just worn down.

29. Pink & Orange Hairstyle

Medium Pink and Orange Hairstyle

If you can’t decide between pink and orange, why not get both? This girl obviously had that problem and solved it successfully.

30. Colorful Braid for Medium Hair Length

Colorful Braid for Medium Hair Length

Yay or nay?

31. Colorful Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Colorful Medium Length Curly Hair

Pastel colors are so pretty! Because of its powdery color and candy-like essence, some people refer to this hairdo as cotton candy hair.

32. Dark Purple Hairstyle

Dark Purple Hairstyle

Powerful yet girly hue.

33. Long Brown Hair with Colored Tips

Long Brown Hair with Colored Tips

These purple and blue highlights look gorgeous in brown hair. It’s the perfect solution for anyone with not-so-trendy boss, school or parents.

34. Green Updo Hairstyle

Green Updo Hairstyle

Her hair looks amazing but hard to maintain!

35. Light Pink Hairstyle on African American Woman

Light Pink Hairstyle for Black Women

Light pink is the new black? This color looks amazing on this African American woman!

36. Long Light Green Hairstyle

Long Light Green Hairstyle

Green hair? Heck yes!

37. Orange Fish Braid Hairstyle

Orange Fish Braid Hairstyle

We can’t stop staring at this photo! Ever thought about dying your hair in orange? Well, after this photo, you’re probably thinking about it.

38. Black & Purple Medium Hairstyle

Black and Purple Medium Hairstyle

This hairstyle will make you grab the hair dye.

39. Purple & Red Highlights on Long Hair

Purple and Red Highlights for Long Hair

Colorful highlights are easy way to refresh your long hair.

40. Emerald Green Hair

Green Hair with Green Eyebrows

Emerald green hair is fierce! So eyecatching hairstyle.

41. Pink Highlights Curly Updo

Pink Highlights Curly Updo

Just like red heads, blondes, and brunettes get highlights to enhance their color, the same can be done with unique colors like pink.

42. Colorful Long Hairstyle

Colorful Long Hairstyle

Do you dare to dye your hair in rainbow colors?

43. Short Green & Blue Hairstyle

Short Green and Blue Hairstyle

If last year was all about ombré, this year is all about crazy coloured hairstyles. Blue hair and red eyebrows? Why not! Unusual color will always be a trend.

44. Long Purple Hair with Bangs

Long Purple Hair with Bangs

If you don’t want your hair to be all in one color, you can use your lighter color as highlights, just like this girl above. Her hair is in dark purple color (which is gorgeous and suits her blue eyes) with light purple highlights.

45. Funky Long Hairstyle

Funky Long Hairstyle

We can all use more rainbows in life, right?

46. Long Light Blue Hairstyle with Purple Highlights

Long Light Blue Hairstyle with Purple Highlights

It may be grey and dull outside right now but this girl is making her own ray of sunshine by dying her hair in light blue color.

47. Colorful Pin Up Hairstyle

Colorful Pin Up Hairstyle

Achieve the retro and fun look by dying your hair in rainbow colors. If you can pull it off, rainbow hairstyle can look fabulous for any occasion.

48. Long Brown Curly Hair with Colored Tips

Long Brown Curly Hair with Colored Tips

This is what you get when you combine ombre and crazy hair colors. We absolutely love this  hairstyle!

49. Curly Dark Purple Hair with Highlights

Curly Dark Purple Hair with Highlights

Bright, bold hair color – straight from the rainbow! Love it!

50. Neon Green Short Hairstyle

Neon Green Short Hairstyle

Be a rave girl 24/7 with this green neon hair color. Unfortunately, neon colors are one of the hardest to keep vibrant and bright.

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