21 Comfy & Stylish Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

It’s getting close to that kinda of year again – the festive part of the year when dinner and drinking party invitations seem to be dropping through every couple of days. So many parties, so many outfits to choose. How about we make life a little easier for you by giving you 21 fall inspired outfits you should be wearing for Thanksgiving 2015!

21 Comfy Stylish Thanksgiving Outfits

1. Black Martens Boots

Thankfully fashionable footwear is bang on trend and with the cold weather coming and the promise of rain, fog, freezing temperatures and snow, nothing is more important than sensible, appropriate footwear.

Be sensible and appropriate this Thanksgiving season in style with these black Martens boots. The black makes them perfect for almost any outfit and the durability of them means you can wear them right through winter too. Just as the model has done here, wear them with leather skirt and a casual tee for a look that is both comfortable AND chic! Perfect for a comfortable Thanksgiving!

2. Scarecrow Style

What more could you possible want from a great, on-trend Thanksgiving outfit? It’s warm, cozy and looks great to boot! The stacked, square heel of these great over-the-knee boots are great for comfort, practicality and look, and if you go with stretchy jeans or jean-leggings, you’ll have plenty of room for all that food you’re planning on eating!

The hassled cape adds to the Fall-appeal of this outfit and you could add a hat, or even tie a belt around your waist, to change the appearance of your outfit completely. Add a white, smart shirt underneath for a smarter look, or a casual tee for a more lazy-day feel. This one’s a versatile one!

3. 70’s Style



Another look that is very on trend for Fall 2015 and we come to the 70’s! This inspired outfit is perfect for those days where it turns out to be a little warmer than it looked and let’s face it, we all want an excuse to get those legs out one last time! You could even add a pair of tights if you wanted to carry this look right through the winter months.

Brown knee-high boots go great with little denim mini-skirts, and by keeping the top simple with a neutral / nude colored top and a matching shade of coat to your boots, it’s elegant, simple and girly all at once. Fabulous sunglasses are optional of course.

4. Perfect Ripped Jeans

These jeans have been in fashion for a little while now and you’ll be happy to know the trend won’t be ending any time soon. Ripped jeans, especially ripped boyfriend jeans, are a great way of using your summer wardrobe and layering it up for the colder months. In this look, the ripped jeans have been paired with a simple oversized roll-neck sweater and some killer black stilettos. You could keep things more casual with black pumps and you could even spice the look up a bit by wearing coloured or patterns rights underneath the jeans too, just letting a hint of the pattern show through the ripped areas.

5. Summer Dress Swag

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t still rock those pretty little summer dresses you keep longingly looking at. Pair them with a pair of tights and some knee-high boots (or thigh-high if you’re brave like this beautiful model) and a cute fringed jacket and you have the perfect way to mix and match your seasonal closet. The red jacket adds a great splash of color to the look, right?

6. Old School Style



Okay so it looks like something you once would have worn to school but it’s such a smart look and one that you definitely could rock for this Thanksgiving!

Pair a fitted, sleeveless dress with a white shirt and a pair of tights and you have the perfect casually-comfy look. The beautiful bling necklace stops the look from being too boring and you’ll be happy to know all the big designers were rocking the big-blunged look for Fall 2015 – Balenciaga and Prada are just two!

7. Colorful Coats

It doesn’t matter how dark the rest of your outfit is, a colourful coat can instantly revive it. Even black jeans, a black pair of boots and a black tee can be livened up with a bright coat. Go for something bold and daring, it’s not like there aren’t enough colors out there. Dare you wear canary yellow like this beautiful oversized blazer look?

8. Burgundy and Nude

Burgundy and nude are two shades that go brilliantly well together especially with the rusty, brown hues that Thanksgiving and fall brings with it. Why not pair a simple combo of jeans and nude top with a comfy-cozy burgundy sweater for a look that is super cute and warm at the same time. Finish the look with a pair of burgundy over-the-knee boots.

9. Patterned Jeans



Colorful and patterned jeans have been all the rage over the spring and summer of 2015 and the trend is set to continue right through till Fall, giving you the perfect excuse to jump on the bandwagon to perfect your Thanksgiving outfit. You don’t need to as daring as this beauty has with the baby-blue shoes but a simple pair of colorful or patterned jeans with a simple white or black sweater works perfectly for this time of year. You could team it with cute pumps, stilettos, knee-high boots… The possibilities are endless.

10. The Flirty Midi Skirt

Another look that can be carried through from spring and summer are those beautiful flirty skirts. Except instead of pairing them with cute cami-vests, you’d pair them with a simple sweater, or even a collared shirt and a sweater. Throw on some pumps and your outfit is complete. Cute and girly but kinda festive at the same time! 

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