41 Cute and Creative Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

Planning a girls baby shower? Then you need to check out these gorgeous ideas to get inspired. From beautiful decorations to tasty food we have you covered. Each idea is fun, creative and will be a great feature to any baby shower.

1. It’s a Girl Cookies

Sweet treats are a must have for any party. These cookies have been made into it’s a girl, bottles, rattles and baby clothes. Cute cookies like these will look gorgeous at any baby shower and are almost to pretty to eat…. almost.

2. Baby Shower in a Jar

If you’re looking for something a bit different for a baby shower then take a look at these gift jars. These cute jars can be put on tables on or given as gifts. Each jar can have different baby essentials inside or can be kept as a keepsake for the mother-to-be to remember the special day.

Baby Shower Gift Jar Idea for Girls

Source: @eventsinajar

3. Baby Rattle Cake Pops

Cake pops have transformed the way we decorate cakes for special occasions. These rattle cake pops are just perfect for a baby shower. You could have any color, pattern and style. We love these and think the guests will to! The rattles will be a fun and tasty addition to any food table.

4. Tutu Jars

If you are a bit creative and like to craft why not have a go at these tutu jars. These jars are cute and girly perfect for a girls baby shower. Just take some clear jars and glue some pink tulle fabric around the edges. You could put these on tables as decoration or put little gifts inside.

Pink Tutu Jar Idea for Girls Baby Shower

Source: @dgweddings

5. Glam Food Table

Baby showers don’t have to be all pink you could add a touch of glamour like this. The color coordinated bottles, stars and food look beautiful. This is one trendy table.

6. Fruit Carving

Fruit carving has become so popular, with a stunning sculpture like this you can see why. This arrangement has been carved out of a watermelon and features yummy fruit inside. It is a gorgeous center piece for any table and is healthy to.

7. Cute Invitations

Every baby shower needs invitations. These beautiful invitations would be perfect for a girl’s baby shower. The stars, quote and color scheme are super cute. Any family member or friend would be delighted to receive one of these.

Cute Party Invitations for Girls Baby Shower

Source: @bowpeepcreations

8. Baby Baskets

At a baby shower family and friends bring gifts for the mother-to-be. A baby basket is a brilliant gift idea. You could make it very personal and unique by starting with an empty basket and putting your own items in. This way mom gets a beautiful gift full of all cute baby items she will need.

Baby Essentials in Basket for Girls Baby Shower

Source: @joyboxlb

9. Unicorn Cake

Give a baby shower a touch of magic with a unicorn cake. These gorgeous cakes have become a must have and would look amazing on any table. A cake like this is cute, fun and will be remembered by all the guests.

10. Sash

The mother-to-be is the guest of honor at the baby shower. Give her something special with a mommy to be sash. It is a fun item to wear on the day that she can keep as a memory of the special day. You could get a sash in any color.

11. It’s a Girl Candy

It’s a girl candy boxes are so cute! These will look beautiful on each table. The pink candies inside are a nice finishing touch. You could put any treat in these boxes.

It's a Girl Candy Box for Baby Shower

Source: @mugsandtees

12. Cutie Gift Tags

Give the guests a party favor with a cute gift tag like this. These just add an extra special touch to any small gift given. The tags are lovely and will be a huge hit with everyone at the shower.

13. Pink Food Table

If you want a shower that is pretty in pink then take a look at this party table. It’s got everything needed for a girl’s baby shower, flowers, treats and lots of gold. A table like this special and will look gorgeous at any shower.

14. Baby Boot Cake Topper

A cake for a baby shower needs to be special. Consider having a cake with a topper like this. The cute little pink boots are just beautiful and will create stunning cake that all the guests will love. You could have any design that will make the cake unique to your shower.

15. Baby Shower Theme

If you want a baby shower that is different to all the others, then consider having a theme. For this shower, they had a Mexican food theme. Something like this would be quirky and fun for everyone who attends. You could have any theme you want; the possibilities are endless.

Mexico Theme for Baby Shower

Source: @gugu_guru

16. Party Table

For some mothers-to-be the cute and pink showers might not be what they are looking for. If that is the case consider creating something special and trendy like this. It is perfect to celebrate the special occasion and still has the party vibe. Something like this would be great for spring and summer showers.

17. Newborn Essential Cake

Just because a gift is practical doesn’t mean it can’t look fabulous. A gift cake like this one features essentials that mom and baby need. It can be anything from diapers to toys. This is a fun and quirky way to present your gift.

Baby Essentials Cake for Baby Shower

Source: @ltbylt

18. Baby Girl Tags

Here is another gorgeous gift tag idea. All the gifts could be decorated with these to create a beautiful gift table. The font and little hearts make these gift tags extra special. You could even have a go at making tags like these yourself.

19. It’s a Girl Chocolate

It is the little extras that make an occasion special. These little it’s a girl chocolates are very cute and will look great at the shower. You could have these available with the food or even give these out as party favors for the guests.

It's a Girl Chocolates for Baby Shower

Source: @thetalkstudio

20. Notepad

A cute pad of sticky notes like these are perfect for a baby shower. You could have these on a table and each guest could write a little note. Handwritten notes will make a beautiful keep sake for the mother-to-be. She can look back at these notes for years to come.

21. Baby Girl Balloons

No party is complete without balloons. These baby girl’s balloons are super cute. You could have any balloons and could create a mix just like these. Balloons dotted around the shower will be an easy but lovely way to decorate.

Baby Girl Balloons for Baby Shower

Source: @cubeisg

22. Baby Blocks with Balloons

Next, we have an amazing decor idea to share with you! Here we have large ABC blocks that spell out the word baby. Each block is full of balloons too. This is a fun idea and you can rent blocks like these but if you love crafts and DIY, then you can create something similar out of large boxes. These will look awesome at any baby shower.

23. Tulle Pom Poms

An easy and beautiful way to decorate a baby shower for a girl is with tulle. You can add it to almost anything from jars to wall decorations and it will give you a pretty look fit for a little princess or ballerina. One thing you can try are pink tulle pom poms! As you can see, the large pom poms will look stunning when hung on the wall. You can buy pom poms or make them yourself. There are tutorials online to show how to make them in any size, and we featured a quick YouTube tutorial down below. Make sure to check it out!

24. Cute Bunny Cake

Need cake inspiration? Then look no further! This cake is perfect for a baby shower. The cake is decorated to look like an adorable bunny and the beautiful pink color is perfect to celebrate the arrival of a little girl. A cake like this can be made in any flavor and you can hire a professional or have a go at baking something similar yourself.

Cute Bunny Cake for a Baby Shower

Source: @cakeoulas

25. Cute Baby Shower Cupcakes

If the big cakes are not for you then you can try serving a smaller sweet treat. Here we small cupcakes with a similar bunny design to the one above. There are also cloud cakes and cakes with little dresses on them too. These are pretty cakes and they almost look too good to eat! These would be perfect for a baby shower.

Cute Baby Shower Cupcakes

Source: @cakeoulas

26. Floral Baby Banner

Another easy decoration idea you can try is a banner just like this one. It is a cute banner that spells out the word baby and there are beautiful pink flowers along the top too. You can buy the banner on the page below but if you like crafts, you can make something similar yourself.

27. Pink DIY Mason Jars

Our next idea features cute painted jars that are being used as vases. As you can see, the flowers look stunning. You can make jars like these yourself. Either buy jars or recycle old ones from around your home and turn them into something new. Paint them in pink colors like these and add flowers. It is a low cost and unique decor idea!

28. Watch Me Grow Baby Shower Favors

Looking for party favors to give the guests that attend your baby shower? Then these could be perfect! Here we have little succulent plants that have a label that reads “watch me grow” and there is also the due date of the baby too. This is such a cute idea because as the plant grows, the baby will too and the guests can take the plants home and be reminded of the special day. You can use any plant for this idea.

29. Pretty Cloud Baby Shower Theme

Want to have a baby shower with a theme? Then why not try something sweet and cute like this! This theme features adorable clouds, rainbows, delicious desserts and more. This is great for the moms-to-be who want their day to be magical and fun. It is also perfect for celebrating a baby girl too. For more baby shower themes for girls, make sure to check this article.

30. Pink Tulle Wreath

Next, we have another pink tulle idea. This time the tulle is used on a wreath. A wreath like this can be used as a beautiful wall decoration or it can be put on the front door. It is a cute and pretty idea that will look amazing at any baby shower. You can buy a wreath on the link below or you can have a go at making one yourself.

31. Cute Baby Cake Toppers

Our next idea is one of our favorites! Here we have beautiful baby girl cake toppers. These are so cute and will look awesome at any baby shower. You can put toppers like these in any little cakes. Have them as desserts at the baby shower or give to guests as party favors. You can buy these cute handmade toppers on the page below!

32. Princess Cake Idea

Expecting a little princess? Then this cake is a must-have for the baby shower! It is a stunning white cake with gold and pink decorations. The cake is complete with the word princess and the baby’s surname with a gorgeous pink crown on the top. This is a stunning cake and it will look fabulous at a baby shower with a glam, regal theme.

33. Cute Pink Tulle Jars

Next, we have cute little jars that can be used as decorations or filled with sweet treats. The jars are decorated with pink lace and there is a flower, bow and pink tulle on the lid. These are just adorable and can easily be made yourself. This is a great idea for anyone who wants low-cost and beautiful decor.

34. Flamingo Theme Baby Shower Idea

Another cool theme you can try is flamingos! Flamingos look beautiful, are pink and the flamingo designs are trendy too. Here is a gorgeous baby shower to give you some inspiration! There is a pineapple banner, flamingo wall hangings, flamingo cupcakes and a large cake too. Recreate something similar like this for a baby shower that will be remembered!

Flamingo Theme Baby Shower Idea

Source: @mundopink3

35. Floral Welcome Sign

All the guests need to know where the best baby shower of the year is taking place. So, why not have a beautiful welcome sign like this one. It is a large board with an elegant welcome message and pretty pink flowers along the top and bottom. You can recreate something similar or choose your own unique message and flowers.

36. Pink Candles

Our next idea can be used as decorations or as party favors. Here we have gorgeous pink candles. We love these because the candles are a beautiful color and are presented in an elegant glass jar. You can buy the candles on the page below and there are different designs to choose from. These will be perfect for a baby shower.

Pink Candles

Source: @tiny_candle

37. Cute Cake Pops

Another delicious dessert that you can serve at the baby shower are cake pops. These are presented upside down and are decorated beautifully. This is another idea that can be given to guests at the celebration or given as party favors afterwards. If you like to bake, have a go at making similar cakes yourself. There are lots of tutorials, recipes and decorating ideas online.

38. Pink Tulle Chandelier

Want your baby shower decor to be unique? Then why not try a pink tulle chandelier?! This chandelier can be hung anywhere around the room but is best suited to somewhere you want people to notice, so maybe over the cake or over a main table. It is a stunning and creative idea that everyone will love. You can buy one of these chandeliers on the page below.

39. Amazing Rose Bear

If you want decor that will wow then this is for you! Here we have a giant bear that is made out of white roses! The bear is finished off with a beautiful pink ribbon. This is a stunning and unique idea that will look amazing at a baby shower. You can of course go for a smaller version of this. If you like crafts, you can even make one yourself, there are plain foam bears available online that can be decorated. Already made bears like this one can be bought online in any size.

40. Baby Shower Letter Board

Looking for cute, simple and easy decor ideas? Then you need to check this out. Here we have a letter board that welcomes guests to the baby shower and it also features the date too. This is so easy to recreate and you can even use the board afterwards for a different event.

41. Small Dessert Idea

Next, we have another dessert idea. These are so adorable! Here we have mini desserts that are served in cute little glasses with a pink ribbon around each one. Desserts like this will look amazing at a baby shower! You can use any elegant glasses and fill them up with any dessert you like.

We hope you have found the perfect feature to add to your baby shower. Enjoy your day and congratulations on your baby girl!

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