23 Cool Back Tattoos & Ideas for Women

Thinking about a new back tattoo? Then you are in the right place. We have found 23 of the best back tattoos for women. The back has become one of the favorite places for people to get tattooed. It is a large area that can be covered in stunning designs. Not only that but you can show it off or cover it up. We have ideas for everyone from beautiful flowers to meaningful quotes.

1. Bearded Iris Tattoo

The first tattoo we would like to show you is this flower back tattoo. The flowers featured are bearded irises. This is a beautiful design idea because the stem is on the spine. You could have a similar tattoo with the irises or you can choose a different flower.

2. Watercolor Hummingbird Bird

Next, we have an artistic watercolor tattoo idea. The design is a vibrant hummingbird that has been placed at the top of the back. You can take inspiration from this and create your own watercolor bird or maybe a more realistic hummingbird. Either way you will have a statement making back tattoo.

Watercolor Hummingbird Bird Back Tattoo

Source: @dopeindulgence

3. Dainty Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoos are very popular. We can see why with designs like this next one! Here we have a delicate dreamcatcher back tattoo. The dreamcatcher itself has a classic design with beautiful feathers. There is also a blue rose on the top. This is a stunning tattoo idea, you can have any dreamcatcher designed and you can choose any or no flowers.

Dainty Dreamcatcher Back Tattoo Idea

Source: @aeri_tattoo

4. Moon Phase Tattoo

Love space and the moon? Then this next tattoo is for you. Our next pick is this moon phase back tattoo. A full moon is in the center and then the rest of the phases follow. We love this design idea because it is on the spine. You can have moon phases or you could have planets instead.

Moon Phase Back Tattoo Idea

Source: @equilattera

5. Mandala Back Tattoo

Next, we a mandala tattoo idea. Mandalas are spiritual symbols that have intricate patterns. This mandala has a floral pattern and has been tattooed at the top of the back. You can have a mandala created with any pattern and you can even add color. These tattoos are perfect for someone who wants a unique design.

Big Mandala Back Tattoo

Source: @lucasmilk

6. Vibrant Floral Back Tattoo Idea

Looking for a bold tattoo? Then you need to check out this next idea. This back tattoo features vibrant flowers and plants. We love that the tattoo is full of all different botanical designs. You can take inspiration from this and have any colors, plants and flowers created.

7. Compass and Quote

Quotes are always good choices for tattoos. This can also be said for back tattoos too. This next idea features the quote “not all who wander are lost” with a compass. There is also some beautiful watercolor. A tattoo like this would be perfect for someone who likes traveling. You can have any quote tattooed too.

Watercolor Compass Back Tattoo Idea

Source: @georgiagreynyc

8. Beautiful Back Tattoo Idea

Our next idea is a lotus back tattoo. The lotus has been tattooed at top of the back and there is a patterned line going down the spine. This is a beautiful tattoo. You can have a similar design created or have a different flower and pattern.

9. Statement Animal Art

Love animals? Then this next idea is for you. Here we have a back tattoo that features stunning animal art. The animal is a stag with flowers, crystals and feathers. A tattoo like this will amaze anyone who sees it. You can choose a stag for your tattoo or you could choose your favorite animal.

10. Disney Tattoo Idea

If you are a Disney fan then you should consider a Disney tattoo. Our next idea features a back tattoo with villain The Evil Queen from Snow White. You can have this villain or your other favorite character. If you prefer the heroes of the stories, you can have those too!

11. Bold, Phoenix Tattoo Design

Next, we have a bold bird tattoo idea. The large bird looks like a Phoenix and has vibrant colors and a galaxy design. This is a beautiful, statement making tattoo. You can have a tattoo like this created or you could choose a different bird and color palette.

12. Unique Matryoshka Doll Idea

Our next idea is a unique design with a Matryoshka Doll. A Matryoshka Doll is also known as a Russian resting doll. These dolls usually feature vibrant colors and cute floral designs, which makes them great tattoo inspiration. This back tattoo features one of these dolls with a floral design around it. A tattoo like this would suit anyone, you could even add some color.

Unique Matryoshka Doll Back Tattoo

Source: @iliana_rose

13. Back and Neck Tattoo Idea

When you have a back tattoo, you can have the design on the neck too. As you can see in this next photo the mandala design changes into flowers that are tattooed on the neck. You can have any design that is on the neck and back. Maybe even have a similar tattoo to this one.

Beautiful Mandala and Floral Black Tattoo

Source: @anna_bravo_

14. Gladiolus Back Tattoo

Next, we have another floral tattoo idea. This one features Gladiolus flowers that have been tattooed onto the spine. It is a stunning tattoo that uses beautiful colors. Gladioli are great choices for people with birthdays in August as this is their birth flower.

Pretty Floral (Gladiolus) Back Tattoo

Source: @limanya_art

15. Beautiful Lion Tattoo Idea

Our next tattoo is another idea for the animal lovers. Here we have a statement making lion tattoo. It is an amazing piece of art and it would look stunning on anyone. Lions are a symbol of courage and strength, so not only do they look good but are meaningful too.

16. Delicate Flower & Quote Idea

If you are looking for a quote design, then this next tattoo could be for you. This idea features the quote “follow your heart” down the spine. The design is clever because the quote makes the stem of flower to, so you get two tattoos in one. You can have any quote and flower tattooed together like this.

Delicate Flower & Quote Back Tattoo Idea

Source: @o4enalla

17. Lotus Back Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a large back tattoo idea. The design features a beautiful lotus with geometric pattern. We love this tattoo because it is unique and creative. You can take inspiration from this tattoo and have any pattern, maybe even add some color to the design.

18. Pretty Floral Back Tattoo

Floral art looks beautiful when tattooed on the back. As you can see in the photo featured, you can create a colorful and pretty floral design. Body art like this is perfect for someone who wants a vibrant, delicate and feminine design. You can recreate the tattoo with any flowers.

19. Hamsa Hand Design Idea

Our next idea is this Hamsa Hand tattoo idea. The Hamsa Hand is a symbol of protection, peace and success. So, not only do the hands look great but they also mean something to. This is can be considered a smaller tattoo so it would be great as a first tattoo.

Hamsa Hand Tattoo Design for Back

Source: @jorgemcarvalho

20. Stylish Back Tattoo with Moth Design

Looking for a unique tattoo then this next idea could be for you. Here we have a tattoo that goes down the spine. It has beautiful patterns and a stunning moth design. The detail and black ink make this design look striking. A tattoo like this would look amazing on anyone.

21. Owl Back Tattoo Design

Next, we have an amazing owl tattoo idea. The owl has been tattooed onto the back with beautiful patterns. You can have this tattoo recreated or maybe try different patterns, you could even add color. Owls are also a symbol of wisdom so not only can you show off your new ink but you can show your cleverness too!

22. Mandala Peony Back Tattoo Idea

Not all back tattoos have to be on the upper back. You could have a tattoo mid spine like the design featured. There is a peony flower and you can see the tips of mandala pattern. A tattoo like this will wow when shown off. It will look great with backless dresses and summer clothes.

23. Delicate Flower Design Idea

Last on our list is this delicate flower tattoo. The flower itself has a watercolor effect which makes it look like it has been hand drawn like it would be on paper. It is a very artistic and creative tattoo that could be recreated with any flower.

Watercolor Flower Black Tattoo Idea

Source: @arodinho

We hope you have found the perfect back tattoo!

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