43 Creative Crown Tattoo Ideas for Women

Crowns have become a tattoo favourite. Not only will a crown tattoo look stylish, but the design possibilities are endless, you can have any color and style. These designs are also great for sleeves and multi art ink work, you could even have a crown and add to it in the future. The crown is said to be a symbol of power, royalty and wealth. So, check out our 43 best picks that will make you a tattooed style queen.

1. Crown and Rose

Our first pick is beautifully detailed. It features a gorgeous crown and a shaded rose mandala design. Something like this is a work of art and will look amazing anywhere on the body. You could re-create your ink like this or even add some color.

2. Cute Behind the Ear Ink

If you want something subtle then go for a small design like this. This cute behind the ear tattoo can be hidden or shown to people when you choose. You could move this design to other places on the body like the wrist or the ankle. Ink like this would be great as a first tattoo.

Small Crown Design Behind the Ear for Crown Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @skym_tattoo

3. Pink Diamond and Crown

Crowns and diamonds are popular tattoo designs. Both these things are symbols of wealth and luxury. If you like the finer things in life this could be the design for you. The pink gives the tattoo a pretty and feminine splash of color. You could also just have the crown for a smaller tattoo idea.

4. Shoulder Tattoo

Our next crown tattoo has been placed on the shoulder. This is another great place to get inked as it can be covered but also shown off. The crown is quite small and very detailed. It is an awesome piece that would suit any girl. You could choose a shoulder design with some color to.

Shoulder Crown Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @tattoo_grain

5. Rib Ink

Want something creative? Then choose something artistic like this. The tattoo has a watercolor design and looks like an illustration. You could have a watercolor tattoo in any color. It also has a nice phrase running along the bottom. This design has been placed on the ribs which is a very trendy place to get inked.

6. Floral Crown

The great thing about a crown design, is that it can be unique. This floral design isn’t like the traditional idea of a crown which makes it look super stylish. You could have any flowers put into the crown and even add a splash of color. A design like this is a great place to get inspiration.

7. Back Tattoo

Back tattoos are bold and beautiful. If you’re thinking about getting inked on your back then this floral crown idea is a perfect place to start. There are so many ways you could re-design it to make it personal to you, from adding color, different flowers and more. We love this tat and it is giving us serious style envy.

Floral Crown Back Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @vladiliu

8. Matching Crown Tattoo

This article is for crown ideas for women but that doesn’t mean your man can’t get involved to. You could have a gorgeous couple tattoo like this one. The ladies ink has cute hearts and a ribbon, it compliments her guys crown perfectly. A stylish design like this is a perfect matched tattoo idea.

Matching Crown Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @nito_ink

9. Small Crown Design

If you want something small and trendy, consider a finger tattoo. A crown design like this is just effortlessly cool. You could even cover it with a gorgeous ring when you don’t want it to be seen. Something like this is unique and can be as subtle or as bold as you want to make it.

10. Crown and Rose Thigh Tattoo

Crowns make an amazing thigh piece. This tattoo features a large and detailed crown with two pink roses. The pink roses give the tattoo a pretty vibe and the crown is bold and feminine. Something like this is great on its own or you could even add to it in the future. One thing is for sure ink like this will wow in the summer.

11. Foot Ink

Here is another example of a crown and diamond design. A tattoo like this is perfect for the girl who loves luxury. To re-create this, you could keep the design with the traditional colors or you could add in some of your favourite shades. The ink would look stunning on other places on the body to.

12. Pretty Floral Design

Our next crown tattoo is very delicate and feminine. It features a small crown with dainty flowers around the edges. A design like this is great for someone who wants a soft and light tattoo instead of a bolder one. You could re-create this with any flowers of your choice.

Pretty Floral Crown Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @numa_an

13. Hand Tattoo

Want an eye-catching tattoo then think about a hand design like this. The simple crown has been colored in black ink which makes it bold. This is a beautiful crown that would also look great on the wrist, on the ankle or behind the ear to. You could even just have the outline for a subtler tattoo.

Black Ink Crown Hand Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @lisatattoos

14. Crown and Rose Art

Roses and crowns are very popular. Here is another example of how to style these two together. This design features a vibrant red rose with a black ink crown. It is a very stylish piece that could be added to in the future. Would make a great arm tattoo. You could even add some color to the crown.

15. Meaningful Phrase Tattoo

Tattoos are more than just a trendy accessory; these designs can also be very meaningful. This ink features a bold crown with the words stronger underneath. For someone looking for a strength tattoo something like this would be perfect. You could also replace this phrase for something personal to you.

16. Simple Crown Design

Here is a design for the women who love minimal style. This simple, black ink crown creates a trendy piece. A tattoo like this will suit everyone. You could have it bigger or smaller and place it almost anywhere on the body. It is cool tattoo that will never go out of fashion.

Simple Black Ink Crown Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @edutattoo82

17. Water Color Ink

Our next pick is bold and vibrant. This watercolor piece features gorgeous blues, purples and pinks. It is a fun tattoo that could be re-created with your favourite shades. You can have bright colors or softer ones, the choice is yours. The crown design is super cute to.

18. Crown Shoulder Design

Shoulder tattoos look very trendy as you can see with our next pick. The simple black ink creates a chic look that will suit any woman. You don’t just have to have a design like this on the shoulder you could move this somewhere else like the wrist, ankle or foot to. It is a simple but gorgeous design.

19. Initial Tattoo

Have someone special in your life? Maybe it is a best friend, partner or family member. If so consider a crowned initial like this. It is stylish and subtly shows someone they are important to you. Any crown design would look cool, you could also choose any font for your letter.

Initial Crown Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @thomtats7

20. Roman Numeral Crown

Next, we have a unique crown and roman numeral piece. The crown used is bold and stylish, you could pretty it up a bit with flowers or color. Roman numerals are a clever and creative way to remember a special day. You could have a special date like a marriage or birthday. If you want a personalized crown tattoo this is a great source of inspiration.

21. Pretty Pink Crown Tattoo

Here is an example of a pretty crown. This crown has floral features with a beautiful pop of soft pink. It is perfect for someone who wants a feminine tattoo. You could re-create this smaller or bigger and have it on the arm, foot or ankle.

22. Trendy Arm Ink

Forearm tattoos are very popular for both men and women. A crown design looks gorgeous on the arm as you can see on this trendy girl. It is a bold and eye-catching piece. You could add some color to make it unique to you. A watercolor design would look great on the forearm to.

23. Small Creative Crown Tattoo

Last on our list is this cute and creative crown. It is a small piece that only uses black ink, the design gives it an almost floral look. This would be a great choice for a first tattoo. It would look gorgeous on the arm, wrist, foot, ankle or on the back of the neck.

24. Colorful Crown Tattoo Idea

The next tattoo we have to show you is beautiful and vibrant. This crown is tattooed on the arm and it is colored in with gold, pink and blue. It does have a watercolor effect which makes the crown look like an artistic illustration. This is a unique tattoo that will look amazing on anyone. Recreate this or try a different color combination.

25. Beautiful Crown with Flowers

Our next tattoo idea would be perfect for a princess! This design features beautiful black ink flowers with a stunning jeweled crown at the top. We love how the gemstone is the only part of the tattoo with color as it really stands out. Try a similar tattoo to this or choose your favorite flowers instead. Also, try using your birthstone for the gem in the crown to make the tattoo unique to you.

26. Tiny Heart and Crown Tattoo Design

Looking for a cute and subtle tattoo? Then this is for you. Here we have a small tattoo design that is placed behind the ear. The tattoo features a crown with a beautiful heart underneath. It is a stylish design that can be covered up or shown off when you choose. This would be perfect as a first tattoo. Recreate this or try just the crown without the heart.

Tiny Heart and Crown Tattoo Design

Source: @cx.tattoox

27. Regal Crown Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a regal crown design. This crown is tattooed on the arm in black ink and it looks like a stunning crown that a Queen would wear. It is just a stylish tattoo that will suit everyone. You can recreate this or you can add some color like the tattoo we featured earlier. A gold shade in the watercolor technique would look amazing.

28. Simple and Subtle Crown Tattoo

If all the fancy crowns are not your thing, you can try something subtle like this. Here we have a very simple black ink crown that is tattooed on the arm. It is a cute and minimal design that can easily be covered up. You can have a crown like this tattooed anywhere, the wrist or foot would be a great choice.

29. Vibrant Botanical Crown

Like tattoos that stand out from the crowd? If so, this design is for you! Here we have a beautiful crown that has been placed above a cactus and succulent plants. The tattoo is finished off with charms and is colored in with bright shades. This is a unique and creative tattoo, you can try something similar or have the crown designed with your favorite plants.

Vibrant Botanical Crown Tattoo

Source: @nidtattoo_din

30. Unique Crown with Runes

Our next tattoo idea is so unusual and cool! The tattoo features a crown with a geometric design, there are also runes underneath. Runes is an ancient alphabet and if you add the letters to your tattoo, it will look quirky, trendy and not everyone will know it’s meaning, so it will be mysterious too. You can recreate this or choose a different crown, the message underneath can say anything you like.

31. Elegant Crown

The next idea we have to show you features a beautiful and elegant crown. This crown is tattooed on the arm and features delicate lines and flowers. It has a simple pattern but it really makes a statement. You could have a crown like this placed anywhere on the body, a smaller version will look amazing on the wrist.

32. Small Crown Tattoo Idea

Looking for a small and pretty tattoo? Then you need to check out this idea. Here we have a very small crown and it has a beautiful, regal design. We love how white has been added to the tattoo as it creates an elegant and unique piece of body art. It is just a simple and chic tattoo that will suit everyone.

Small Crown Tattoo Idea

Source: @arodinho

33. Pretty Heart Crown

Next, we have a cute crown to show you. This crown has a minimal black ink design with small hearts added to the top of the crown. The hearts look so pretty and really jazz up the simple design. This is a nice tattoo and the simplicity means it will not take long to complete, making it perfect as a first tattoo. You could even add a pop of color to the hearts too.

34. Simple and Stylish Crown Tattoo

A crown does not have to be over the top, full of jewels and intricate patterns to look stylish. You can choose something simple and trendy like this. This crown is black ink with an uncomplicated design. We love how this tattoo is minimal but it still makes a statement. You can have a small crown like this tattooed anywhere.

35. Cute and Colorful Watercolor Crown

Earlier we featured a colorful crown that looked like a vibrant illustration. If you loved that tattoo, then you may like this one too. This tattoo uses a different crown design but it uses similar bright colors like gold and blue. It just shows how versatile these designs are and how you can use a tattoo as inspiration to create something new. Try a tattoo like this or choose your own colors with the crown.

36. Pretty Crown with a Bow

Next, we have another pretty crown idea to show you. This crown features an intricate and regal design. The crown is finished off with a beautiful bow. We love the bow idea because it is stylish and different. You can create any crown with a bow in any color. A crown like this can be placed anywhere on the body too.

37. Unique Crown and Heart Key

The next tattoo idea we have to show you is unique and super stylish. This design features a key, a heart and a crown. It has a very royal vibe as the key looks like a scepter that a ruler would have with a crown on the top. We also love the heart on the key as it can show that someone has unlocked your heart. Maybe it could be a symbol of you and your other half being a King and Queen.

38. Regal Crown with Flowers and Charms

Looking for a tattoo that will wow? Then this tattoo idea could be for you. Here we have a stunning crown design that is perfect for a Queen. Underneath the crown, there are three flowers and dangling charms. It is a beautiful design that will really make a statement. You can recreate this or choose any crown design and you can choose different flowers too.

Regal Crown with Flowers and Charms

Source: @ahyunkkkkk_

39. Beautiful Crown Back Tattoo

Our next idea features a beautiful crown design that has been tattooed on the back. The crown is stunning and there is a big initial underneath it. You can try a similar tattoo to this or try the crown without the initial. Either way, it will look amazing. A tattoo like this will suit everyone.

40. Matching Crown Tattoos with Hearts for Couples

Earlier in the post we featured a simple crown design with hearts. If you loved that tattoo, then this next idea is for you. Here we have a similar design but this one has been tattooed on two people to create matching tattoos. This is such a cute idea and it is perfect for anyone who wants a cool tattoo that shows the special bond they have with another person. You can recreate this or choose any crown for a matching design.

41. Cool Crown Tattoo Idea

Next, we have another cool crown tattoo to show you. This crown is elegant and regal, there is also a leafy design underneath too. A tattoo like this will never go out of style and it will suit everyone. Recreate this or try a different crown with a botanical and leafy design.

42. Watercolor Crown

Like the watercolor tattoos? Then you need to check out this idea. Here we have a stunning crown with splashes of vibrant color. We love this design because it is so unique, bright and colorful. You can have a similar design to this, and add any watercolors. Also, you can have the crown design without the word Queen.

43. Artistic Crown Design

The next tattoo we have to show you is trendy and unusual. This tattoo features a design where half of it is a crown and the other half has geometric shapes. It has an artistic vibe because it looks like an illustration. This is cool and quirky idea and it can be created with any crown.

We hope you have been inspired by these crown tattoos, we have!

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