25 Deer Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2019

Deer makeup is one of the most popular looks for Halloween. This is no surprise because it can be so versatile. Whether you want to look cute and pretty, mystical or a little scary, there is a deer makeup idea for you. To give you some inspiration and to show you how awesome these makeup looks can be, we have found 25 of the best deer makeup ideas for Halloween. You will find simple looks for the ladies who are new at Halloween makeup and more intricate looks for the makeup pros. There is something for everyone and any one of these will help you celebrate Halloween in style!

1. Classic Deer Makeup

First up, we have this classic deer makeup to show you. When you search for deer makeup inspiration, then makeup like this is generally what you will see. It has the cute white dots, black nose and mouth. This is a pretty and easy to wear look that will suit everyone. It will be quite simple to recreate too.

2. Glam Makeup and Antlers Idea

Next, we have a glam makeup idea to show you. The makeup artist has created white dots, a black nose and mouth. She has also painted her neck and shoulders and finished off the look with stunning flowers and antlers. The eye makeup really stands out and looks gorgeous. This is perfect for those who want to look pretty and join in the Halloween fun. You can find a full list of all the products used to create the makeup on the page below.

Glam Deer Makeup with Flowers and Antlers

Source: @havrri

3. Scary Deer Makeup Look

Want your deer makeup to stand out from the rest? Then consider creating a design like this! For this look, half of her face has deer makeup and the other side has glam makeup. The face has been divided with a gory wound too. With this, you get to try everything. You can look cute with the deer makeup, still look glam and look a little scary for Halloween too!

4. Cute and Easy to Wear Makeup Idea

The next makeup idea that we have show you is easy to wear, simple to create and is super cute! This is a classic deer look but the mouth and nose are even easier to create. As you can see, the winged eyeliner looks amazing with deer makeup. Something like this is great as a last minute makeup idea. We love this deer idea.

Cute and Easy to Wear Makeup Idea

Source: @curlsfothegirls

5. Spooky Halloween Deer Makeup

Looking a more gory and scary makeup idea? Then take a look at this! Here we have deer makeup that features a bloody wound on the head. This creates a hunted deer look. The makeup artist used red for the nose, but we recommend black as it is Halloween. There are tutorials online that can show you how to recreate a similar look.

Scary Halloween Deer Makeup

Source: @sarahnewsfx

6. Beautiful Makeup + Floral Headband

Next we have a beautiful makeup idea. For this look, the makeup artist has kept it simple and has only added a few white spots. She has created stunning eye makeup and created the classic deer nose and mouth. What really makes this stand out is the amazing floral headband. As you can see, it creates a glam statement. You can recreate this or you can try using black for the nose. A black floral headband would also look awesome.

Beautiful Deer Makeup with a Floral Headband

Source: @maly_mojo

7. Pretty Deer Costume Idea

This next makeup idea is pretty and unique. The makeup artist has painted her face and her shoulders too. She has created white spots, a black nose and amazing eye makeup. We love the bold eyelashes because if you look at real deer’s eyelashes, they are quite long! So, the look has taken inspiration from actual deer. You can check out the products used for this deer makeup on the page below.

Pretty Deer Costume Idea

Source: @sn0ok

8. Deer Makeup with a Heart Nose

Want to make your deer makeup look even cuter? Then take a look at this! This deer doesn’t have a regular nose, this deer has a super adorable heart nose! Just by changing the shape of the nose you can create a different look. You can keep it red for a love heart or have a black nose in a heart shape. Either one will look cute. A pink nose would be pretty too.

9. Fantasy Deer

Halloween makeup doesn’t just have to be cute or scary. You can go for something magical and mystical like this! Here we have deer makeup that has more of a fantasy vibe. The artist has created amazing two tone lips with stunning pink eye makeup. Her eyebrows also look super cool too. The deer look is finished off with elf like ears and decorated antlers. Makeup like this looks straight out of a fantasy novel and we love it!

10. Rudolph Inspired Makeup

Add some glamour to your deer makeup by using pearls for the white dots! Here is a beautiful example. For this look, the makeup artist has created stunning eye makeup, a sparkly nose and glittery black lips. She has finished off the makeup by using pearls instead of white dots. This is such a unique idea and as you can see it looks fabulous. Makeup like this would be perfect for a party. You can find the products used and view a tutorial on the page below.

Rudolph Inspired Makeup

Source: @beatsbydeb

11. Pretty Makeup Idea for Halloween

Next, we have a pretty makeup idea. For this look, the artist has created the classic white spots and black nose. The rest of the makeup is beautiful and glam like you would wear for any occasion and the eyes are just stunning! This is an easy to wear look that allows you to enjoy Halloween, but also show off your gorgeous makeup skills too.

12. Deer Makeup with a Wound

Earlier in the post we shared a hunted deer makeup look. If you loved that, then you need to see this next makeup idea to. The makeup has an illusion to make her eyes look big and she has the cute black nose and glam red lip color has been used too. This look has been finished off with a wound on the head. The wound is painted on and it looks quite bloody and scary. This is a quirky look that will make you stand out this Halloween.

13. Simple Deer Makeup

If you need a last minute Halloween costume, then this makeup could be perfect! Here we have simple and stylish deer makeup. She has the black nose and lips, and a few white dots too. The eye makeup is gorgeous and has stunning winged eyeliner. We love this idea because it can be created with items you probably already have in your makeup bag. Wear the makeup with a black dress and you’re good to go. You could even make a quick floral headband too.

14. Magical Deer Makeup Idea

Bring some magic to Halloween with deer makeup like this. The makeup artist has created gorgeous eye makeup, white spots, a cute black nose and two tone lips. There is just something about this makeup that makes us think of snowy magical lands out of a fantasy movie. It really is a beautiful look and it is perfect for someone who wants to dress up for Halloween without being scary. You can check out the full list of products used on the page below and it includes the accessories too.

15. Cool Face and Body Makeup

Next, we have a cute and cool makeup idea to show you. The makeup artist has created beautiful deer makeup, but she hasn’t just painted her face. She has also used deer makeup on her body. By creating makeup like this, you kind of get costume too! Just wear with a low black top or dress and you are ready to celebrate Halloween.

16. Red Nose Deer

The next makeup idea is cute, trendy and edgy. This deer makeup features bold eyeliner with white dots and two tone lips. We love the brown and black combination on the lips, it is so stylish. The look is finished off with a red nose. As it is Halloween, a black nose would probably be the better choice. This makeup idea is one of our favorites and you can wear eye makeup like this for any occasion, so it is good to learn.

17. Stunning Deer Makeup

This next makeup idea is one of our favorites! The makeup artist has created stunning eye makeup with a black deer nose and two tone lips. She has also added white dots to her face and shoulders. The look is finished off with botanical antlers. We love everything about this makeup, it ticks all the boxes – it is cute, has a mystical vibe and it allows you to dress up in style for Halloween.

18. Creative and Unique Makeup Idea

If you want a more unique and creative version of deer makeup, then check this out. This makeup features white dots, two tone lips, a red nose, beautiful eye makeup and artistic brows. The eyebrows look amazing because they completely transform how the deer makeup looks. Makeup like this will be amazing for all Halloween celebrations. To make it a little more spooky, you could create a black nose instead of red.

19. Gory Deer Makeup for Halloween

Next, we have another gory makeup idea with a wound. This look features amazing eye makeup and the other deer classics. What makes the makeup different is the wound on the neck. By having the wound on the neck, it creates a unique look and it is different to the hunted deer. It also makes the deer makeup more scary for Halloween. There are lots of tutorials online that can help you create fake wounds.

Gory Deer Makeup for Halloween

Source: @alvajay

20. Pretty Makeup Look

If scary really is not your thing and you want to look pretty and elegant on Halloween, then this idea is perfect for you. Here we have stunning makeup that is just like how you could usually wear it. The only difference is the added white spots and black nose. You will look beautiful for any Halloween party with this makeup and it will suit everyone. This is another great last minute look and it was created with Tarte Cosmetics In Bloom Palette and Nars Raquel lipstick.

21. Glam Deer Makeup with Floral Headband

The next idea is fun and floral! This makeup artist has created beautifully bronzed deer makeup. It is completed with a red nose, two tone lips and glam eyes. The look is finished off with a gorgeous floral headband, too. This makeup would be perfect for a party or trick-or-treating. You can make a floral headband with fake flowers, a plain headband and a glue gun. There are lots of tutorials online which you can take a look at.

22. Mythical Deer Costume

This next makeup idea has a mystical and magical vibe. The makeup featured here has amazing detail and the eyes are just stunning. What really makes the deer look unique is the beautiful white antlers. These color match the white makeup used and they give the deer an other-worldly look. Makeup like this would be perfect for a Halloween party.

Mythical Deer Costume

Source: @sinairuelas

23. Cute Makeup Look

Like eye makeup that is bold and statement making? Then this idea could be perfect for you. The makeup has the classic deer design with the white spots, black nose and black lips. However, the eye makeup is so unique and creative. The artist has created large and wide eyes with cute little eyelashes. Makeup like this will make you stand out from the crowd this Halloween.

Cute Deer Makeup

Source: @merrbz

24. Deer with a Gunshot Wound

Next, we have another hunted deer makeup idea with a gunshot wound. The wound makes the deer look ready for Halloween while the actual makeup itself is very glam. We love the eye makeup and think this would look amazing for a night out on the town! This is another great idea if you need a last minute costume.

Deer with a Gunshot Wound

Source: @mila__mua

25. Christmas Deer Idea

We know that this deer is for Christmas, but we think the makeup would look amazing for Halloween too. If you actually look at the makeup, the antler design is fabulous, the eyes are very glam and the nose and lips look awesome too. Simply make the nose black, ditch the Santa hat and you will look ready for Halloween. Of course, if you wanted to mess with people and have a joke, you could celebrate both holidays and wear Christmas deer makeup this Halloween.

We hope you have been inspired by these deer makeup ideas for Halloween!

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