43 Easy Halloween Costumes Using Only Makeup

When searching for a Halloween costume, you will come across a lot that have complicated makeup and outfits. These costumes can be difficult to get hold of or you may have to make them yourself, both of which cost money. What if you could create a Halloween look where the focus was on the makeup? That is why we have found 43 easy Halloween costumes that only use makeup. So, you can recreate these makeup looks and not really have to worry about your outfit. You can wear almost anything. Take a look, we have makeup for everyone, including skeletons, scarecrows, clowns and more.

1. Illusion Bratz Doll Makeup

The first idea we have is this doll illusion makeup. This design isn’t like the classic scary doll but more like a fashion Bratz doll. You can recreate something like this or take inspiration from other dolls like the Monster High dolls which have a similar face but are spookier for Halloween.

Illusion Bratz Doll Makeup

Source: @maly_mojo

2. Comic Book Wonder Woman

Next, we have a super creative makeup idea. This one features a comic book style Wonder Woman. There are lots of tutorials online to help you recreate the look and you can find a list of the products used on the featured artist’s page. Wonder Woman’s outfit has had a lot of changes over the years so just concentrate on the makeup and wear a red top with a blue skirt, shorts or pants for an easy look.

Comic Book Wonder Woman Halloween Makeup

Source: @cakefacerj

3. Fortune Teller Costume

Our next idea is a mystical fortune teller. The artist has created very detailed makeup with the third eye but you can just take inspiration from the rest of the look if the third eye is too difficult. So, try the dark lips, bold eye makeup and glitter. Pair with statement earrings, black scarf and a black dress and you’re good to go.

4. Leopard Halloween Makeup

Half makeup is a great choice for Halloween as you get two looks in one. Here is a brilliant example. One side of the face features pretty makeup while the other has a glam leopard design. This is such a fun and cute idea. Recreate a sparkly leopard or maybe try something spookier. Either way, try to wear one contact lens because, as you can see, it finishes off the look perfectly.

Half Leopard Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @rubymediamakeup

5. Spooky Half Skull Makeup

Skull makeup will instantly make you look ready for Halloween. It doesn’t matter what you wear with skull makeup as you will look spooky and ready to celebrate. This artist has created an awesome skull design with glitter. There are tons of tutorials online to help you achieve a look similar to this one. Makeup like this is great for any last minute Halloween costumes.

6. Bride of Frankenstein

Next, we have a unique version of the Bride of Frankenstein. The artist has used the classic Frankenstein stitches but changed up the hair and makeup. Instead of the large hair, she has sleek, long hair and she also has different eye colors too. Makeup like this would look great for a party. There are lots of tutorials to help you create different stitched looks.

Easy Halloween Costumes - Bride of Frankenstein

Source: @ellycatt

7. Cute Scarecrow Makeup

We couldn’t have a makeup list without featuring a scarecrow which is a Halloween classic. This scarecrow makeup look features pretty eye makeup with stitches and a patched nose and mouth. It is a cute design that is quite simple to recreate. Take inspiration from this or make it scarier by using darker colors.

Cute Scarecrow Makeup for Halloween

Source: @sarahnewsfx

8. Slit Mouth Halloween Makeup Idea

Looking for Halloween costumes and makeup that is more gruesome and scary? Then this pick is for you. Here we have a slit mouth idea. There are lots of different tutorials online to help you achieve this gory design. You don’t really need anything else with this, but you can use dark eye makeup to finish off the look.

9. Easy Clown Makeup

Our next idea is a scary clown. This makeup is quite simple but very spooky. The artist has just used black smudged makeup to create the classic clown features. Wear with any outfit, but a black dress would be perfect. You can also add contacts or other colors to your makeup too. Makeup like this is perfect for Halloween costumes that are needed in a rush. You will be able to make that unexpected party just in time.

10. Werewolf Makeup Idea

Next, we have another Halloween classic. This one features a werewolf. The artist has created a furry effect with brown makeup and  has also created red bloody claw marks. She has finished off the look with contact lenses. This makeup would be an amazing choice for a Halloween party.

11. Half Pumpkin Makeup

Love the half makeup looks? Then this idea is for you! Here we have a design that features pretty makeup on one side and dark pumpkin makeup on the other. This is such a fun and spooky look, perfect for Halloween. You can use any pumpkin design for this.

12. Sugar Skull Makeup

Sugar skull makeup is so popular at Halloween and with designs like this one we can see why! This makeup is simpler than some of the other sugar skulls but it still looks spooky. You can find tutorials online to help you achieve the look. Makeup like this would look amazing for any Halloween celebrations from a party to a night out.

Sugar Skull Makeup for Halloween

Source: @laurabadura

13. Cracked Doll Halloween Makeup

Cracked doll makeup looks very creepy, so we couldn’t let Halloween pass by without featuring one of the designs. This artist has created an awesome doll design. She has created cracks on the face and the cracked pieces are in a different color. One of her eyes is also a different color and has different eye makeup. You can find all the products used on the page featured below.

Cracked Doll Halloween Makeup

Source: @missmixed

14. Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

Next, we have another popular makeup idea. This one has been inspired by Harley Quinn. It is one of those designs that is instantly recognized. The look is quite simple to recreate and would be a hit at any Halloween party. You don’t need the exact outfit with this, just wear something similar as everyone will know who you are anyway.

15. Half Pop Art Zombie Makeup

Our next idea is a pop art style zombie. Pop art usually involves bright colors and cartoon style designs. It is such a cool and creative idea. Take inspiration and recreate a similar look or try your own pop art zombie with any colors of your choice. Use the half design or try the whole face for a bold Halloween look!

Half Pop Art Zombie Makeup

Source: @joleanmua

16. Gangster Clown Halloween Makeup

Creep everyone out this Halloween with a clown makeup design like this one. It has all the classic clown features like the nose, eye design and lips but it uses dark colors. The dark colors give it a spooky, Halloween look. As the makeup is more neutral instead of the bright circus clown style, you can wear the makeup with any outfit.

Gangster Clown Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @melllani_

17. Simple Spider Makeup

Want to join in with Halloween but don’t want makeup that is over the top? Then this idea is for you. This artist has beautiful makeup with a spider design. There are spider legs coming out from the eye. This is a simple but spooky idea that allows you to look glam but have fun on Halloween too.

18. Easy Scarecrow Makeup

Next, we have another scarecrow idea but this one is simpler. Instead of the bright colors and more intricate stitching, this one has fewer colors and uses a simple stitch design. This is easy to recreate and would be great if you are new to makeup and don’t want anything complicated. It is also great for any last minute Halloween costumes.

19. Half Wolf, Half Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a classic fairy tale and this next makeup idea has been inspired by it. The artist has created a half design with Red Riding Hood on one side and the wolf on the other. You can recreate this or just Red Riding hood or just the wolf.

Half Wolf, Half Red Riding Hood Halloween Makeup

Source: @lorettasinku

20. Saw Makeup

Saw is one of the biggest horror movie franchises so it is no surprise that it has inspired many Halloween costumes. This artist has created a makeup look based on the puppet Billy from the movies. This is quite a simple look but everyone will know what it is, and it will give everyone chills.

21. Masquerade Makeup

Next, we have a masquerade makeup. This mask has been painted on her face with makeup. We love this idea because you can create a simple mask or an intricate one. It also makes you look instantly ready for Halloween and you can wear it with any outfit.

22. Pixelated Makeup

Looking for quirky and unique Halloween costumes? Then this is for you. This artist has created a pixelated design on her face. She has used different colored squares to give her a pixel look. You can recreate this in any color palette. It is a simple but different makeup idea that will be remembered.

23. Half Skull Makeup

Next on our list of easy Halloween costumes is this half skull makeup idea. One side of her face features gorgeous makeup and the other has a spooky skull design. You can see all the products used to achieve the look on the artist’s page featured below. This would look amazing for any Halloween celebration.

Half Skull Makeup Costume for Halloween

Source: @ohmygeeee

24. Gold Circus Clown Makeup

Next, we have a glam and glittery circus clown idea. The makeup artist has created a classic clown design but she has made it look unique by choosing a white and gold color palette. It is such a cool idea and you’ll just need a white or gold dress to complete the look. To make the makeup even scarier, you could wear contact lenses too.

Gold Circus Clown Makeup

Source: @jadedeacon

25. Modern Bride of Frankenstein

The next idea is described as a modern Bride of Frankenstein. This artist has been inspired by the stitched look and she has created a unique version. Instead of the classic green makeup which is usually worn for Frankenstein costumes, she has instead kept the makeup simple with bloody stitches. This is a very cool idea and you can see tutorials online for creating stitches.

26. Half Werewolf Makeup

Werewolves are a Halloween classic and this next idea features a cool twist on werewolf makeup. For this look, the makeup artist has created a half human and half werewolf design. The human half does have bloody scratches and the werewolf side looks furry. We love this makeup idea, it would be great for a party!

27. Halloween Prom Queen

This next idea is cute and creepy. Here we have a Halloween prom Queen idea. The makeup is simple and glam with added blood. This costume is finished off with a tiara and a sash. Makeup like this is a great last minute idea and you can wear any dress. You can be as beautiful or as scary as you like.

28. Glam Sugar Skull Makeup with Headband

Sugar skull inspired makeup has become one of the most popular looks for Halloween and here we have a spooky and pretty idea to show you. This look is quite simple compared to the more ornate designs but that means it is easier to recreate. The makeup is complete with a glam floral headband. Your makeup will look even spookier if you wear contact lenses too.

29. Scary Bat Makeup

If you are looking for a more unique makeup design, then you need to see this next idea. Here we have a scary makeup look that features a bat design. It is the black contact lenses that make her look super creepy. There are tutorials online that can show you how to paint bats on your face. Wear the makeup with a black dress and you will be ready to celebrate Halloween.

Scary Bat Makeup

Source: @jodiehulme

30. Magical and Mystical Fortune Teller

The next idea that we have to show you is mystical and magical! This makeup design is inspired by fortune tellers. Her makeup is dark and she even has a third eye too. She has also painted her chest with a moon and sun design. You can recreate this or you can create just the makeup on the face. There are third eye makeup tutorials online.

31. Unique Frankenstein Inspired Makeup

Frankenstein is another popular Halloween costume and this next idea is a glam version of the makeup. The artist has painted her face and neck green and she has gorgeous eye and lip makeup. This look also features gory stitches. With makeup like this, you get the best of both worlds – scary and cute. You can find tutorials for creating stitches online.

32. Bride of Chucky Costume

This next idea is a must-have for horror movie fans. Here we have a makeup look inspired by Tiffany from the movie The Bride of Chucky. This is an easy costume to create and it will suit everyone. It is creepy, which is perfect for Halloween. This another great idea for any last minute events.

Bride of Chucky Costume

Source: @emzeloid

33. Creepy Spider Makeup

Next, we have a scary spider makeup idea. The look features dark eye makeup with a creepy spider on her face. This will give anyone who is scared of spiders a fright. There are tutorials online which can show you how to paint spiders and you can see the products used on the page below. You can recreate this or add some spider webs too.

34. Elegant Sugar Skull Makeup

The next idea features another beautiful sugar skull design. This one has a more ornate look and the patterns are amazing. We love the glam eye makeup and the red lip color too. The red really stands out. You can check out all the products that were used to create this look on the page below. Makeup like this will take practice but it will be worth it.

35.  Creepy Stitches for Halloween

Looking for makeup that is creepy for Halloween but kind of cute too? If so, this idea could be perfect for you. The makeup artist has created pink and sparkly eye makeup and her face is covered in stitches. This has a scary doll vibe. You can recreate this with the pink eye makeup or you can be a little scarier with darker eyes and maybe even contact lenses.

Creepy Stitches for Halloween

Source: @nicoleetait

36. Gory Bullet Wound

This next idea is perfect for those who like gory and scary Halloween makeup. Here we have simple makeup with a bullet wound. As you can see, the wound looks so bloody and it is perfect for Halloween. You can view what products were used and check out a YouTube tutorial on the page below. Recreate this or go for full on horror and add more blood, wear contacts and more.

37. Easy Beetlejuice Costume

Next, we have another idea for the horror movie fans. This time we have makeup inspired by Beetlejuice. She has created similar green hair and gone for glam eye makeup. The look is finished off with a jacket that has the iconic black and white stripes that he wears. This is a simple and cool costume that would be perfect for a party.

Easy Beetlejuice Costume for Women

Source: @luisacristinamua

38. Magical Mermaid Makeup

If all the scary makeup ideas are not for you, then you can choose something more pretty and cute like this. Here we have gorgeous mermaid makeup. The makeup artist has created a mermaid scale design with stunning eye makeup and the look is finished off with gems. This is a beautiful look that allows you to celebrate Halloween without the terror. You can find a full list of the products used on the page below.

39. Scary Spiders

This next idea features another spider design. For this look, spider eyes have been painted around the eyes. When the eye is shut, it creates the illusion of the spider. This is such a cool and creative idea. You will definitely stand out from the scary Halloween crowd with makeup like this. There is a YouTube tutorial for this look down below.

Scary Spiders Eye Makeup

Source: @tinahalada

40. Mystical Sun and Moon Makeup

Love the more magical makeup ideas? If so, you need to see this next look. Here we have makeup that features a mystical sun and moon design. Sun and moon designs often appear on Ouija boards so it is a creepy and cool look for Halloween. Recreate this vibrant makeup or choose darker colors.

41. Easy Skull Makeup and Costume

Next, we have an easy and stylish costume idea to show you. She is wearing a white and bloody dress and she has cute sugar skull makeup too. All you will need to recreate the look is black and white makeup and what you usually use on your face. For the costume, you can wear any dress.

42. Wednesday Addams Makeup

The Addams Family is another iconic movie that people often use as inspiration for their Halloween costumes. Usually people go for Morticia costumes but this time we have makeup inspired by Wednesday Addams. The makeup artist has created a simple but spooky makeup look complete with the braided pigtails. This makeup is easy to create and you can wear any black dress with white collar. There is a full list of the products used on the page below.

Wednesday Addams Makeup

Source: @makeupbymaritsa

43. Creepy and Cute Doll Face

The next idea is creepy and a little cute too. Here we have doll makeup that looks like a mask with a heart shape. It is such a cool idea and you will give everyone a fright for Halloween. Recreate this prettier look or you can make it scarier by using darker makeup colors. You can even wear some contact lenses.

We hope you have found inspiration from these easy Halloween costumes and makeup designs!

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