21 Stunning Lace Tattoo Ideas for Women

Choosing a tattoo design is no easy task. There are so many amazing techniques, patterns and art styles to try. One that seems to be gaining popularity are lace tattoos. Yes, that’s right – lace. So, these tattoos feature that delicate and pretty fabric design. We love this tattoo trend because it is stylish, feminine and lace stands the test of time so the design will never go out of fashion. It is timeless, unique and beautiful. To give you some inspiration and to show you how gorgeous these designs can be, we have found 21 stunning lace tattoos. We have something for everyone – floral lace, unique tattoos and even some animal designs. Take a look, you will love lace after this.

1. Beautiful Back Lace Tattoo

First up, we have this beautiful and bold back tattoo. This design starts in-between the shoulders and ends on the lower back, so it is a larger piece of body art. The lace itself is stunning, it features gorgeous floral designs and delicate lace patterns. This is a gorgeous tattoo and it will look amazing. You can recreate this or try a similar design on the leg or a body part of your choice.

2. Lace Feather Tattoo Design

The lace pattern can be used with almost any other design from flowers to animals. Next, we have a unique one to show you. Here we have a beautiful feather that has been adorned with a lace pattern. It is such an unusual and stunning idea. The lace really compliments the delicate feather. This is a stylish tattoo and you can try this or have a feather with a different lace pattern.

Lace Feather Tattoo Design

Source: @diamantnoirtattoo

3. Lace and Roses Tattoo Design

This next tattoo is one of our favorites! It is a leg tattoo that covers the lower leg near the ankle. The design features stunning black lace with pretty white roses. We love this design because the black lace looks amazing and the roses really add a beautiful and feminine touch. Recreate this or you can try using a different rose color.

4. Stylish Wrist Tattoo

If you are looking for a stylish and statement making tattoo, then this could be perfect for you. Here we have a delicate lace pattern that has been tattooed around the wrist. As the lace is around the wrist, it almost looks like a piece of jewelry. So, it is like a glam and permanent accessory. It is a gorgeous and unique idea.

Stylish Wrist Tattoo

Source: @tattoomink

5. Delicate Lace Design with Flowers

A lace tattoo looks great anywhere on the body and this next idea shows how to wear it on the foot. As you can see, the tattoo is quite large and it covers most of the top of the foot. The design features a delicate lace pattern with flowers. This is such a pretty tattoo and it will look amazing with all your stylish summer shoes.

Delicate Lace Tattoo Design with Flowers

Source: @valleyink

6. Ouija Board Inspired Tattoo

If you like magical tattoos, then you will love this next idea. Here we have a thigh tattoo that features a Ouija board planchette. The planchette features mysterious designs such as an eye and moons. This design is finished off with a lace pattern around the outside. We love this because the lace looks pretty and it just adds a mystical vibe.

7. Gorgeous Design with Lace and Gems

Next, we have a statement making design to show you. This is an arm tattoo with large gems, a dragonfly, pearls and lace. It is a stunning and bold design and the crystals look so regal! We love everything about this, from the lace to the rich colors used. If you want a unique tattoo that will wow, this is for you.

Gorgeous Tattoo Design with Lace and Gems

Source: @jennakerrtattoo

8. Lace Arm Tattoo

Loved the tattoo that went around the wrist? If so, you need to check out this arm tattoo too. This one has the same idea but the lace band has been moved up onto the forearm. Of course, a different lace pattern has been used as well. This is just a trendy and unique version of the arm band tattoos.

Lace Arm Tattoo

Source: @lucasmilk

9. Unique Bat Design

The next tattoo is another unique one! Here we have a black ink bat and the actual bat itself has been adorned with lace. This tattoo is finished off with beautiful charms. It is a stunning tattoo and it has a cute but Gothic look. This tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body.

Unique Bat Tattoo Design

Source: @sharonn7

10. Lace Garter with a Rose

Garter tattoos have become very popular for women. Here is a beautiful lace version. The design features lace around the thigh with roses and dangling charms. It is a very pretty, feminine and stylish design. You can recreate this or you can try a subtler version with just the lace and no flowers or charms.

11. Ornamental Back Tattoo

Next, we have a stunning tattoo idea to show you. This is a large back piece with lace and ornamental designs. It is a gorgeous piece of body art and it is perfect for those who want something more statement making. You could even recreate something similar on the sternum.

Ornamental Back Tattoo

Source: @descampsv

12. Back of the Thigh Bow Tattoo

This next tattoo is so cute and pretty! Here we have a lace bow that has been tattooed on the back of the thigh. We love the lace pattern with the bow, it looks stunning. You can recreate this or use any lace pattern. A bow can also be placed on both thighs if you wanted to have two matching designs.

13. Thigh Tattoo with a Lion and Lace

Looking for a fierce, statement making and pretty design? If so, this piece of body art has it all. This is a large thigh tattoo with a lion and lace and charms around the outside. It is a gorgeous tattoo and the lion looks edgy and powerful while the lace gives it a feminine touch. Try this or you can use a lioness instead.

14. Lace Tattoo with Roses

Earlier in the post we featured a garter tattoo with roses. If you liked that idea, then you should take a look at this one too. Here we have a thigh design but this one doesn’t look like it goes all the way around. This one just covers the front section, but it still has that lace garter look. The design is complete with roses and charms. It is a stunning tattoo and it is like a smaller and more low-key garter design.

Lace Tattoo with Roses

Source: @tattoomink

15. Floral Lace Tattoo Design

Next, we have another unique lace tattoo to show you. Here we have a thigh tattoo that looks like a floral mandala. Different layers of flowers have been put together to create a stunning pattern. All of the design looks like lace too. This a pretty and unusual design that can be placed anywhere on the body.

Floral Lace Tattoo Design

Source: @tattoomink

16. Lace Foot Tattoo

We love this next tattoo! This body art features lace and mandala patterns that have been placed on the top of the foot and the ankle too. It is another one of our favorites because it covers both the foot and ankle. It is a trendy and statement making piece that will suit everyone. Recreate something similar or use different lace and mandala patterns.

Lace Foot Tattoo

Source: @iliana_rose

17. Thigh Tattoo with Lace and Roses

If you love purple, then you need to see this tattoo! Here we have a large thigh tattoo. The lace is used as a background with purple roses, pearls and a padlock on the top. It is a beautiful tattoo and the purple roses add a bold pop of color. Try this tattoo or you can use a different color other than purple. Pink or red would be great choices.

Thigh Tattoo with Lace and Roses

Source: @amyjillaine

18. Unique Lace Tattoo Design

The next tattoo is another unusual one. This time a section of the shoulder has a tattooed lace design with charms. We love this because it looks like the lace section is part of her body. It is a stunning design that we haven’t seen before. This is perfect for those who want something a little different. Any lace pattern can be used, floral will look amazing.

19. Iris and Lace Design

Love floral tattoos? If so, check this out! Here we have an upper arm tattoo that features an iris flower with lace in the background. This is a stunning tattoo and the purple iris flower looks gorgeous. It is more unusual than the popular rose and lotus. Recreate this or you could even add your birth month flower to the design instead of the iris.

Iris and Lace Tattoo Design

Source: @madameltattoo

20. Small Lace Heart Tattoo

Next, we have a cute and pretty design to show you. This time we have a lace heart that is tattooed just under the collar bone. The heart is beautiful and the lace pattern is so delicate. This is a stylish and subtle tattoo that will suit everyone. It can be placed anywhere on the body.

21. Beautiful Rose Body Art with Gems

The last lace tattoo is just stunning. This tattoo features a large red rose with a black lace background and dangling red charms. It is another tattoo with a Gothic and pretty vibe. We love the red color because it is so rich, vivid and statement making. Recreate this or try a different rose color.

We hope you love these lace tattoos and have found a beautiful design to try.

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