65 Badass Thigh Tattoo Ideas for Women

Thigh tattoos – we love them because you can hide them or show them off, depending on your mood that day. If you’re in the market for badass thigh tattoo ideas for women, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve found 65 designs that we think will blow your socks off … Although we’ll warn you, it might sting a little!

Are you sitting comfortably? Shall we begin?

1. Red Roses Thigh Tattoo

This red roses piece is a beautiful idea for a badass thigh tattoo for women, but you should know of the prep work you’ll need to put in. For example, did you know that’s you can’t drink before a tattoo? Drinking heavily the night before isn’t advisable either. Not only can this make your bleed more throughout the tattoo, but it’ll also hurt more. Your sensitivity will be heightened, and because you will also be dehydrated and hungover, you’ll probably find that you feel ill / like passing out. The moral to this story – drinking before a tattoo is a bad idea.

Red Roses Big Thigh Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @fflowerporn

2. Mandala Elephant

Elephant tattoos can signify a number of different things. The elephant is a strong animal, determined, dignified and wise. This mandala elephant could mean that, or it could mean prosperity and good fortune. Those are two more significant meanings to the elephant ink. Isn’t it amazing how something can mean one thing to one person, and something else entirely to someone else? That’s the beauty of tattoo work.

Upper Thigh Mandala Elephant Tattoo Idea

Source: @matt_stopps

3. Lotus Flower

Lotus flower tattoos have very spiritual undertones surrounding them. Badass thigh tattoo ideas for women like these are great for showing off some of your inner spiritual side, without making it too obvious at the same time. Very few people would actually see your thighs, meaning he tattoo would be a very private one for you. That’s if you wanted it to be private, of course. We LOVE to show ours off!

4. Stunning Side Thigh Tattoo

This diamond inspired thigh piece is a beautiful tattoo, but you should know that a hearty breakfast is vital before you head off for ink work like this. You definitely won’t want to sit for this kind of piece on an empty stomach. There’s a good chance you won’t be able to handle it.

5. Unique Flower Design

We love the bee design on this unique floral little number, and the bee tattoo is said to signify a really hard worked. And isn’t that just what bees are? Hard working little insects pollinating all those flowers and scaring the heebie-jeebies out of those of us who are scared of them … Often used in tattooed to symbolise family, teamwork and nobility, the humble bee tattoo works perfectly in this floral thigh design.

Bee and Flowers Thigh Tattoo Idea

Source: @matt_stopps

6. Colorful Flower Design

While we’re on the subject of floral tattoos, rose tattoos are one of the most common and popular tattoos you’ll see these days, and there are many reasons for that. Once upon a time, these were tattoos considered suitable for women, but more and more men are choosing to have them as well. With origins in American culture, the rose is a classic symbol of love, much as the flower itself is. We know one thing – we love this badass thigh tattoo for women.

Colorful Flower Thigh Tattoo Design for Women

Source: @_rostra_

7. Upper Thigh Tattoo

Tattoo care is very important and that’s the case whether you’re going for a colourful design, or a black and white one just like this beautiful design. Your tattoo artist will give you instructions on how to care for it to ensure it lasts beautiful for as long as possible, and you should listen to and follow all advice given. Your tattooist will know what they are doing if you have opted for a reputable, reliable and fully-trained one.

Mandala Thigh Tattoo Design for Women

Source: @tiny.tatts

8. Moths

Moth tattoos are not just beautiful tattoos, they are tattoos with meaning too. They are used to symbolise a number of different things, but they are mostly attributed to secret knowledge and dreams. They are nocturnal by nature, and this is what gives them the link. You should be aware they are also used to show other character attributes however, determination and faith being just two of them. Have you ever seen a moth trying to fly into the light? That’s sheer determination – the flying flutter just doesn’t want to give up!

9. Whale Tattoo Design

Whales are truly magnificent animals, both in size and stature. They’ve been around for a very long time, and they manage to stay silent and almost unseen in the depths of the ocean. Some of these depths we won’t ever get to see or hear about in our lifetimes. The gentle giants are becoming more and more popular in the tattoo world, often linked with spirituality. They can also show peace, love and understanding, as well as motherhood, guidance and protection, ands also harmony and intuition.

Thigh Whale Tattoo Design for Women

Source: @j_a_s_a_n_d

10. Sexy Lace Design

You will need to both leave the tattoo alone, and take care of it, all at the same time. This doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it does when you break it down. You should be washing it carefully with an antibacterial soap that is unscented. This is to keep away any infections and bugs that may get in. An infected tattoo is not a nice one. Just Google the photos and you’ll see what we mean.

Wrap Up Lace Thigh Tattoo Design for Women

Source: @tiny.tatts

11. Small Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolour tattoos are another type of inking that is becoming increasingly popular, and when you see how beautiful they have the opportunity to be, you can understand why. A really unique look, the watercolour paints are literally inked into your skin in a way that makes them seem very wispy and romantic. This floral design is a stunning example, but there are so many others you could choose from.

Small Thigh Flower Watercolor Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @graffittoo

12. Cool Wolf Design

The wolf, when used in tattoos, is usually a sign of family and strength. This is an animal that has become well adapted to living life alone, usually exiled by family members, but can also live and even thrives perfectly in a pack. It can signify both pulling apart and coming together, and that’s why so many people love them, especially in this kind of 50/50 format. It’s definitely one of the most badass thigh tattoo ideas for women we’ve come across!

Cool Wolf Mandala Thigh Tattoo Design for Women

Source: @matt_stopps

13. Unicorn Design

Unicorns are everywhere right now, aren’t they? And we love them because they are mythical creatures that are never going to exist. Scientists do think there is some truth to the unicorn theory, however, and that is a type of dinosaur-like animal that had a horn. We’d much prefer to continue thinking they looked like this little beauty though, wouldn’t you?

14. Pretty Elephant Tattoo

Elephant tattoos can hold so much meaning, and very recently we came across a friend who’d got herself an elephant tattoo for her grandmother who sadly passed away from dementia. The elephant never forgets, as the old saying goes, and we think this one is totally beautiful.

Elephant Thigh Tattoo Idea

Source: @pissaro_tattoo

15. Big Flowers

If you really wanted to stand out with badass thigh tattoo ideas for women like this, you should be aware that there is a good chance you won’t be able to sit for the full tattoo in one sitting. This is more likely to be the case if this is your first tattoo ever. Make sure you’re aware of the length of time you’re gong to be under the needle. Can you commit to the entire length of time. You won’t be happy with a half-finished tattoo.

16. Mandala Lion

The lion is a very clear symbol of courage and strength, the leader of the pack so to speak. Pride, royalty and commitment are also links often made to this majestic creature, and they’re an animal often used in tattoos. The mandala look is a relatively modern one, but when you combine a modern effect with a very classic tattoo style, you can come up with some pretty impressive results.

Mandala Lion Thigh Tattoo Idea for Women


17. Purple Flowers on an Upper Side Thigh

We’re obsessed with this purple floral design, the flower design cleverly woven so that it is in the shape of a heart. It’s amazing how many opportunities you have open to you when it comes to customising and building your own tattoo design, and it’s well worth having a chat with your tattoo artist before making any final decisions. You may find that they suggest an idea that you never would have thought of, but love nevertheless!

18. Deer & Lotus Tattoo

The lotus tattoo is another very popular one, especially when you’re looking at badass thigh tattoo ideas for women. They represent so much as well – enlightenment and understanding, often on a spiritual level, and also knowledge. The deer section of the tattoo, on the other hand, often represents gentleness, nature, fertility, and a quiet power. It also brings in a wonderful nature theme.

Mandala Deer and Lotus Thigh Tattoo Idea

Source: @mika_schorr

19. Watercolor Flowers & Whale Tattoo

You’ll need to think very carefully about the kind of clothes you wear to your tattoo appointment for these badass thigh tattoo ideas for women. Tight jeans, for example, are going to be a complete nightmare to get on after the tattoo session is completed. The leg will swell somewhat, and it’s likely to be incredibly tender to touch. Maybe opt for something loose and free-flowing when you go under the needle, and make sure you don’t mind getting tattoo ink, blood, or cream residue on it too.

20. Dark Flowers

You’ll need to use a cream or ointment on your tattoo for a few days, usually about three or four, to make sure that it is kept well hydrated. This will not only help the tattoo to heal better, and brighter too, but it’ll also ensure that any itchiness as it heals is kept to a bare minimum. And trust us when we tell you the itching will drive you mad.

Dark Flowers Thigh Tattoo Idea

Source: @fflowerporn

21. Rose Design

You’re going to need to avoid tight clothing for a good couple of weeks after you’ve opted for badass thigh tattoo ideas for women like these. Tight clothing will irritate the skin that has just been inked, and you’ll also find it’ll make those unsightly flakey scabs come off too. You might think that’s a good thing, but if you pull the scabs off, you’re basically just puling the colour out of your tattoo. The moral to this story – leave the unsightly scabs alone!

22. Elephant Tattoo with a Pop of Color

Everyone asks if tattoos hurt, and the short answer is yes. You’re having a needle penetrating your skin a number of times per second, shooting ink into the skin at the same time. It is a painful process, but there are definitely places on the body that are considered to be more sensitive than others. The upper thigh area is quite a sensitive area, but if you make sure you eat in the morning, have plenty of sugar, and take fluids with you, you should be just fine.

23. Jaw-Dropping Design

Dot work tattoos have become increasingly popular recently, especially chandelier-style inkings on the sternum / under-boob. This is a perfect example of how to use a similar style in your badass thigh tattoo ideas for women, and it’s also something that you could easily add to later on, if you wanted to. Many people we’ve come across has found that one tattoo just isn’t enough, and most tattooists will tell you that clients will often have the second one planned before they’ve even finished having the first one inked. There’s a little prior warning for you. They are somewhat addictive, and you really do forget about the pain each time.

24. Watercolor Calla Lily

This beautiful watercolour calla lily would make a perfect tattoo for a memorial tattoo. Calla lilies are often used in both wedding and funeral flowers, and it’s because they’re so beautiful. They really are just elegant and sophisticated flowers, and the idea of using them in tattoo work has come from so many different cultures over the years. They have origins in a lot of different places, and they can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some perceive the flower as being symbolic of the Virgin Mary – innocence, chastity, and purity. This is also why they are often used for wedding flowers.

Calla Lily Watercolor Thigh Tattoo Design

Source: @simona.blanar

25. Beautiful Flower Design

The peony is a beautiful flower with some pretty beautiful symbolism behind it too. Another common tattoo found within Japanese ink, this floral number is often considered to be the “King” of the flower world. Not only being significant of wealth and power, it also represents elegance, and also wealth in knowledge as well as monetary values.

26. Dream Catcher Mandala Tattoo

This thigh tattoo features a dream catcher mandala design. It has the classic hoops and feathers that you would usually see on a dream catcher but it has beautiful patterns instead of the web. A tattoo like this is intricate so will take a long time to complete, but it is a stunning piece of body art that will be worth it.

27. Phoenix Thigh Tattoo

A phoenix is a badass tattoo idea that is for the survivors. The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and rising out the ashes. It is a design that says you have survived no matter what you have been through. It is a beautiful tattoo idea full of hope and positivity. As you can see, it really makes a statement too! We love this idea.

28. Pretty Floral Garter Tattoo

Garter tattoos are stylish and sexy. Here is a beautiful example. This design features pretty pink flowers that delicately wrap around the thigh. It is just a different take on the classic lace garter designs that are often seen. You can recreate this look or try different flowers.

29. Sun and Moon Thigh Tattoo

Next, we have a trendy sun and moon tattoo design. A tattoo like this can represent a balance between two energies like yin and yang. This sun and moon design is amazing and it is perfect for the ladies who love boho styles. There are many different ways to design a tattoo like this so you can choose something similar to the one featured or choose something unique to you.

Sun and Moon Thigh Tattoo

Source: @alinatu

30. Matching Thigh Tattoos

When choosing a thigh tattoo, you don’t have to choose just one, you can have both thighs tattooed like this. This idea features two matching tattoos that have a beautiful patterned design. You will have to endure the tattoo twice but as you can see, the results are amazing!

31. Geometric Lotus

Lotus tattoos are so popular, and here is a unique thigh tattoo that you need to see. The lotus features a stylish geometric pattern with a beautiful ornamental design below. You can recreate the whole look or just the lotus. Either way, you will have one trendy thigh tattoo.

32. Scarab Beetle Thigh Tattoo

Our next idea is a badass design inspired Ancient Egypt. The tattoo features a scarab beetle with an orb and wings. A scarab was a sacred symbol and represented rebirth, protection and more. This is a unique and creative tattoo. It is perfect for the history lovers or for those who are looking for a stylish tattoo with a cool meaning.

33. Feathers and Flowers

If you are looking for a bold piece of body art, then this is for you. This large thigh tattoo has flowers and feathers. We love this idea because it combines two beautiful designs together. You can recreate something like this or add color. Both flowers and feathers come in array of stunning colors so there are many possibilities.

34. Big Peacock Thigh Tattoo

Next, we have a tattoo that will wow! Here is an amazing peacock tattoo that covers the thigh and continues onto just above the hip. It is a stunning and artistic design. You will have to be prepared for long tattoo sessions with a tattoo like this, but at the end you will have an awesome piece of body art. Keep the design in black ink or add some of the beautiful colors that the peacock is famous for.

35. Floral Skull

Not many designs get more badass than a skull! This next idea shows a skull tattoo with style. The skull here has been tattooed with beautiful pink watercolor flowers. By adding the flowers, you still get the cool skull but with a softer and more feminine look. You can recreate this or use flowers of your choice.

36. Sexy Ornamental Thigh Tattoo

Love the matching thigh tattoo designs? Then you need to check out this next idea. Here we have two beautiful, ornamental tattoos. The patterns and shapes used are just stunning. There are also gorgeous charms dangling from the main design too. Create a similar look to this or consider putting the designs on the back of the thighs. This will look super cool.

37. Mandala and Roses

Next, we have another mandala tattoo idea. This one features beautiful patterns with two pretty roses. The combination of roses and the mandala is stunning. If roses are not your thing then you can choose other flowers too. It is a unique and stylish idea that will look lovely on anyone.

Mandala and Roses Thigh Tattoo

Source: @iliana_rose

38. Badass Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Dragons are powerful and majestic. So, it is no surprise that these mythical creatures inspire tattoos. A dragon tattoo can be a symbol of strength, wisdom and good luck so they not only look cool, but have a positive meaning too. This thigh tattoo features a dragon with beautiful flowers. You can create something pretty like this or try a more fierce design. Either way, you will have one awesome tattoo. This tattoo can be a great way to honor Daenerys Targaryen if you are a Game of Thrones fan!

Badass Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Source: @maxim_rtatt

39. Pretty Heart Tattoo

Our next idea is a pretty heart. The heart features gorgeous patterns and has a lace look to it. With a tattoo like this, you get the best of both worlds. You get a beautiful design with a badass twist as the heart has been placed on the thigh.

40. Stylish Skull

Earlier we featured a skull design, if you liked that tattoo then you should check out this one out too. This skull is unique and creative. It features a very detailed skull with mandala patterns and flowers. This is such a stylish and artistic take on the classic skull tattoo. You can have a similar tattoo to this one or choose different flowers and create your own mandala patterns.

41. Stunning Floral Tattoo Idea

Next, we have another floral idea. This one is just stunning. It features beautiful pink flowers that use the watercolor technique. Watercolor tattoos look amazing, like a work of art. This is a gorgeous floral design with a badass edge. You can have any flowers created with this technique.

42. Snake Tattoo

Snakes are another badass symbol. The snake symbolizes transformation, eternal life and more. Not only that but snake tattoos look super cool too! Here is an awesome snake idea. The snake has a geometric design and has been paired with flowers. You can choose a snake design with or without flowers, maybe add some color too.

Snake Thigh Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @tattoomink

43. Lily of the Valley Thigh Tattoo

Our next tattoo idea features Lily of the Valley flowers. These flowers symbolize happiness and loyalty. So, they have a beautiful meaning and look gorgeous too. Here is a cool tattoo that features the lilies with the a trendy background pattern. A tattoo like this will look awesome on anyone.

Lily of the Valley Thigh Tattoo

Source: @iliana_rose

44. Matching Gem Thigh Tattoos

Here is another matching thigh tattoo idea. These tattoos have stylish heart gems with a trendy design around the outside. Tattoos like this are cool, edgy and will look amazing on everyone. You can recreate something similar or take inspiration from it and create your own design. A way to make this unique to you is by choosing your favorite gemstone or maybe your birthstone.

45. Floral Mandala

If you are looking for a piece of body art that makes a statement, then this is for you. This thigh tattoo has a stunning mandala with flowers surrounding it. A design like this will take a long time due to the intricate patterns but in the end you will have an amazing tattoo that you can show off. So, well worth it!

46. Tarot Card Tattoo

Next, we have a mystical and unique tattoo to show you. This design features a Tarot card. It is an awesome tattoo that will spark conversation when seen. You can recreate any Tarot card and use any deck as design inspiration. Maybe choose the card that means something special to you.

47. Badass Skull

Nothing is more badass than a skull, and next we have a cool skull tattoo. This skull has been placed on the thigh and there are flowers coming out of the top. We love the flowers because they soften the design so it is perfect for those who want a skull but like pretty tattoos too. You can recreate this or have a skull with no flowers. A pop of color can be added to the flowers.

Badass Skull Thigh Tattoo

Source: @s0phiefox

48. Peacock Feather Tattoo Idea

Peacock feathers are quite popular in tattoo design and with body art like this, we can seen why! Here we have a thigh tattoo that features two peacock feathers. As you can see, the colors are stunning and the feathers are so detailed. Recreate this tattoo or you can just have one feather. Either way, it will be an awesome tattoo.

Peacock Feather Tattoo Idea

Source: @nastyafox

49. Amazing Dream Catcher Tattoo

The next tattoo idea features another dream catcher. This one is large and it starts on the thigh and covers the leg up until the knee. It is a stunning dream catcher with a more traditional design and a tattoo like this will look amazing on everyone. You can try a similar tattoo or you can go for a smaller one. This is perfect for those who want a statement making thigh tattoo.

50. Watercolor Thigh Tattoo with a Quote

Quotes can be so empowering, so it is no surprise that they are often used in tattooing. Here we have a beautiful thigh tattoo that features a quote with a watercolor background. As you can see, the tattoo looks amazing. You can choose any quote for your tattoo and you can recreate it with any watercolors. Maybe even just have the quote for a smaller piece of body art.

Watercolor Thigh Tattoo with a Quote

Source: @abrahaoana

51. Stylish Lotus Design

Next, we have a stylish thigh tattoo. This one features a lotus with beautiful patterns on either side. The placement is stunning as is the design too. A tattoo like this will look amazing on anyone. You can recreate this or choose the same style of tattoo but use different flowers and patterns.

52. Mystical Mandala

Looking for a unique tattoo? If so, you need to see this! Here we have a mystical mandala tattoo. The design features a colorful and beautiful mandala pattern. There are star signs, cats and more added to the design which gives it magical look. A tattoo like this will wow! Try something similar or you can opt for other symbols and colors.

Mystical Mandala Tattoo Idea

Source: @abrahaoana

53. Floral Thigh Tattoo with a Tiger

This next tattoo is fierce and gorgeous. The tattoo starts on the hip and ends at the top of thigh near the knee. It features stunning flowers with a tiger. We love this because it shows the balance of feminine energy. It shows that you can be beautiful and delicate like a flower but also be badass. Recreate this or add some color for an even bolder piece of body art.

54. Beautiful Moon with Patterns and Charms

The next tattoo is just amazing! Here we have a patterned mandala moon with dangling charms. This is another bold and beautiful tattoo that will suit everyone. Recreate something similar or you can have a simpler moon without patterns. It can also be moved down the thigh if you would like it to be more visible when wearing shorts or skirts.

55.  Swan Tattoo

Birds are another popular tattoo design but this next idea is more unique. This one features a magical swan with a moon and a Sagittarius star constellation in the background. It is a stunning tattoo and is very unusual. We love how it’s personalized with a zodiac sign. You can recreate a similar tattoo with the constellation that represents your star sign.

Big Swan Tattoo

Source: @nastyafox

56. Beautiful Disney Inspired Tattoo

Are you a fan of Disney and in particular Beauty and the Beast? If so, this tattoo is for you. The design features the delicate glass jar with the magical red rose inside. This one is quite unique because the jar is smashed. A thigh tattoo like this is a must-have for those who love either of the Beauty and the Beast movies. You can recreate this or have the complete and unbroken jar tattooed.

Beautiful Disney Inspired Tattoo

Source: @yavonnie_a

57. Butterfly Design with Flowers

Next, we have a stunning butterfly tattoo to show you. This one covers most of the thigh. There is a butterfly in the center with flowers around the outside. A tattoo like this will wow and it will look amazing on anyone. Recreate this or you can add some beautiful color to the design. Watercolor would look amazing.

58. Bird and Bird Cage Design

This next tattoo is another one of our favorites. The design features a bird and a bird cage. Both the bird and cage are beautifully adorned. There are also two flowers on one side of the cage. It is a stunning thigh tattoo. You can recreate this just because you like it or maybe because it can symbolize how you may have broken free from a situation or event. We love this elegant and meaningful tattoo.

59. Delicate Mandala Tattoo

Mandala tattoos are so beautiful and popular. If you love these designs, then you need to see this next tattoo. Here we have a thigh tattoo that features a delicate and gorgeous mandala. It is stylish tattoo and even though it is large, the overall design is soft and subtle. Recreate this or you can even try a smaller version.

60. Floral Thigh Tattoo with a Bold Gem

We love this next tattoo! The design features a variety of beautiful flowers and a bold gemstone has also been added too. As you can see, the flowers look amazing and the crystal really glams up the tattoo. Try a similar design or you could personalize the tattoo and add your birthstone color to the gemstone. Color can be added to the flowers as well.

61. Magical Cat Thigh Tattoo

If you love tattoos with a magical vibe then this is for you. The tattoo has a stunning cat design with flowers above the cat and stylish patterns below. We love the cat because it look so mystical with the black ink and gems on its head. Recreate the whole tattoo or try a design with just a similar cat. Either way, the tattoo will look amazing.

62. Watercolor Flowers

Next, we have a stunning watercolor tattoo. Here we have floral design that has been tattooed on the thigh. Each flower is also colored with vibrant watercolors. The watercolor technique is perfect for flowers as it captures the elegance and daintiness that flowers have in real life. Create a similar tattoo or use different flowers of your choice.

Watercolor Flowers Tattoo

Source: @abrahaoana

63. Cute Elephant Design

The next tattoo features another beautiful elephant design. This tattoo has a simple elephant illustration that is surrounded by geometric patterns and flowers. It is a cute design that will suit everyone. You can recreate this or you can try just having the elephant without the outside patterns. This will give you a simpler piece of body art.

64. Unique Bonsai Tree Tattoo

Looking for a unique tattoo design? If so, this is perfect for you. Here we have a thigh tattoo that features a Bonsai tree. As you can see, it looks so cute and quirky. Not only that, but the tree can represent peace, truth, beauty and more. This is a must-have for those who love Bonsai trees.

65. Flowers and a Mandala

Next, we have another mandala design. This time the tattoo covers most of the thigh and features flowers with a mandala in the center. It is a delicate and stunning tattoo that will look amazing on anyone. A tattoo like this will be great when you wear skirts, shorts and swimwear as then you can really show it off.

There you have them – 65 badass thigh tattoo ideas for women that we think you’re going to love. Do you have a favourite? Have any of these designs given you some inspiration to come up with a thigh tattoo design of your very own? Be proud of your body artwork – show it off! We simply can’t wait to see it.

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