43 Must-Have Makeup Vanity Ideas

If you love makeup, then you need a makeup vanity table. A vanity table will keep all your makeup organized and will give you a comfortable place to apply it. You can create a makeup area that suits your style. If you’re thinking of buying a vanity table or want to spruce up your used one, then you need to check out our 43 best makeup vanity ideas. Whether you have a big area to work with or need a compact storage solution, there is something for you.

1. Ultimate Glamour Makeup Vanity Table

First up we have this ultimate glamour vanity table. It features a stunning white table with a glass top and through the glass, you can see silver glitter too. This vanity table is complete with a light up mirror and a luxury looking chair. A vanity like this is functional and is a must have for any glam makeup lover.

2. Simple and Stylish Vanity

You don’t have to buy the table and mirror attached, you could buy them separate. This vanity was created with a table with a draw and a funky gold mirror. A setup like this could be created with any table and mirror. This way you can have a vanity that fits your unique style. We love the gold mirror!

Simple and Stylish Makeup Vanity

Source: @pulsefashn

3. Designer Makeup Vanity

If you like your designers and luxury items, then this vanity is for you. This is a large vanity idea that uses a table and two sets of shelves. There is also a chair with a designer cushion. You could recreate a glam setup like this with or without the shelves and you can add in your favourite designer cushion. We love the pictures on the walls too as they make the area unique.

4. A Place for Everything Vanity Table

Our next vanity idea is for someone who has tons of makeup and beauty products. This vanity is made up of two tables and creates an L shape. The tables have a lot of space on the tops and have drawers. You can be very organized with a vanity like this but it will take up a lot of space, so you will need a big room.

White Ikea Vanity Table

Source: @chantelschnider

5. Big Light Vanity Mirror

Mirrors with lights around are very popular for makeup vanities. Usually we see large mirrors with smaller lights however, here we have a smaller mirror with large lights. This is a great way to get the glamorous celebrity dressing room look in a small area. This vanity is beautiful, practical and you will have somewhere to put all your makeup.

Big Light Vanity Mirror

Source: @genlvilla

6. Vintage Style Makeup Vanity Idea

If the modern furniture isn’t for you, then you could go for a vanity that looks vintage like this one. It is a stunning wooden table and stool with a beautiful mirror. You could have a table like this painted in any color to suit your room.

7. Stylish White Makeup Vanity

Vanities can provide a lot of storage for all your makeup, brushes, perfumes and other beauty products. If you do require a lot of storage, then a vanity like this could be perfect for you. It has a large table top with drawers. It also has little pots next to the table that could be filled with things you need. We love this clever, chic and stylish vanity idea.

Stylish White Makeup Vanity

Source: @aestheticdecor3937

8. Funky Makeup Vanity with Purple Lights

Add some color to your makeup vanity with funky lights like these! This table has been decorated with purple lights. The lights just give the vanity a vibrant and glamorous finishing touch. You could recreate your vanity with any color lights you like. A table like this is also perfect for anyone who needs a lot of storage.

9. Chic, Simple and Small Vanity Table

If you do not have a lot of space to work with or you just want a small makeup vanity, then our next idea could be for you. The vanity is a small dressing table with two small drawers. You can fit quite a lot of makeup on the top of this, so it is a practical and functional vanity that also looks beautiful.

Chic, Simple and Small Vanity Table

Source: @stephnalepa

10. Cute and Compact Makeup Vanity

Here is another small vanity idea. This table has been put into the corner so the wall next to it can be used for two small shelves. The shelves are part of the vanity set up and are full of beauty must-haves. If you do have a smaller room, then make your vanity area bigger with shelves.

11. Soft Pink Vanity Table

If you love pretty and feminine decor, then consider a vanity with a soft pink color scheme like this one. The pink is beautiful and works well with white and gold. All these colors create one glamorous makeup area. Flowers in vases like these are a gorgeous finishing touch.

12. Vanity Table with Wall Stickers

Jazz up your makeup area with wall stickers. This vanity table has a sticker with an eye design above the mirror. The glam eyes are perfect for a vanity area. You could have any sticker, maybe one with your favourite makeup related quote. If stickers are not your thing, you could have some artwork on the wall instead.

Vanity Table with Wall Stickers

Source: @lvvanitys

13. Chic Makeup Vanity

Is chic and minimal more your style? Then this vanity could be for you. This makeup vanity has a simple white table with matching mirror and the mirror has very soft lighting. The chair used is modern but subtle. Together, these pieces create a coordinated and stylish design. A vanity like this will suit any room decor.

14. Boho Vanity Table

Next, we have a beautiful vanity that has a bohemian vibe. The light up vanity has been decorated with a salt lamp and there is a dream catcher on the wall. These two accessories have changed the style of the vanity and gave it a different look. We also love the clear storage that has been placed on the wall. This is a unique and storage savvy makeup vanity.

Boho Vanity Table

Source: @s0nja182

15. Pretty Vanity Table With Lights

Lights can really transform a room. This simple white vanity table has been jazzed up with stunning fairy lights. The lights have been used as a backdrop behind the mirror. You could just have twinkling lights or put a soft sheer piece of fabric over the top. The fabric curtain softens the light. This is a beautiful and glamorous vanity idea.

16. Elegant and Chic Vanity Table Idea

You don’t have to choose a vanity with a huge mirror, you could go for something like this instead. This makeup area features a beautiful marble effect table with all the makeup essentials on the table top. There is also a small mirror and light. You could also put your makeup away and use the table for other things. This is a multi-functional idea.

Elegant and Chic Vanity Table Idea

Source: @haley_renay

17. Multi Mirror Vanity Table

If you want a professional makeup vanity table, then our next idea is for you. The table is simple and has plenty of space available. There is also a large light up mirror with a smaller version too. A shelf has also been used next to the table too. Something like this would be great for makeup artists.

Multi Mirror Vanity Table

Source: @crowderkat

18. White Elegant Vanity Table

Next, we have a great example of how you can put together separate furniture to create an elegant makeup vanity. A white desk has been put with a beautiful long mirror and a set of shelves next to it. These three pieces compliment each other and create large and organized makeup area. We love the small faux fur piece that has been added too. This gives the table a luxury look.

19. Dressing Room Glamour Vanity Table

Makeup vanities can remind us of celebrities getting ready for their next movie or show. This next idea shows you how to have the A-list dressing room look at home. The vanity has the classic large lighted mirror with a simple table. To really get the Hollywood look, you can even add some pictures on the wall of iconic celebrities like Marilyn Monroe.

Dressing Room Glamour Vanity Table

Source: @iamnyaflawless

20. Large Makeup Vanity

Our next makeup vanity idea is perfect for anyone who has a lot of makeup and beauty products. There is so much storage space where you can display your makeup, jewelry, bags and still have room for more! This is a great idea for someone who has a big room to work with. We love this makeup vanity!

21. Simple Vanity Table with Lights

Next, we have a vanity that is simple to recreate and that will suit any room. This makeup area features a simple white table with drawers and a mirror with fairy lights wrapped around the frame. The stool is also super cute and fits under the table very well. Something like this is a great for space saving and looks great too.

22. Small Mirror and Wall Decor Vanity Idea

This next vanity shows how you can jazz up a desk to create your perfect makeup area. In this room, a white desk with drawers has been used. Two long bookcase style shelves have been placed next to it for extra storage. The table is full of all the beauty essentials needed and the walls have been decorated with cute artwork. Something like this would work in a small or big room.

23. Vanity With Everything You Need

Next on our list is a close up view of a vanity table. It shows how you can organize the table top to create the most space and to have everything you need on display. Try to get little pots like those for your brushes and pull out drawers for your makeup and other beauty products. You could stack up any palettes you have too.

24. Compact Vanity Table

If you only have a small amount of space, then a compact vanity table like this would be great for you. Here we have a small white table and when you open the lid, it turns into the perfect makeup area. The lid has a mirror and there is lots of storage space inside for all your beauty products. It is multi functional too because when the lid is closed, it could be used as a desk or table.

25. Hair and Makeup Table Idea

Next, we have a vanity table for anyone who needs a lot of storage space. There is a desk style table with lots of drawers, a large mirror and there are shelves going all the way up the wall. You can store all your makeup, hair products and more on a vanity table with shelves like this. If you don’t have this much space, then you can just create a smaller version.

26. Glam Vintage Vanity Table

Add a touch of vintage glamour to your room with a vanity table like this one. This vanity table is from the 1930’s and it is just stunning. A table like this could be hard to find but you could transform a newer table with some fabric and fringe to create a similar look. A beautiful mirror like this could be found online too.

27. Black Vanity Table

Looking for something a little edgier? Then this could be perfect. Here we have an ornate black vanity table with matching black chair. It is just a stunning piece that will give your room a stylish, Victorian and Gothic vibe. There is plenty of storage space too, so a similar table would be perfect if you have lots of hair and beauty products.

28. Stylish Vanity Table with Suitcase Stool

The next idea we have to show you is chic and unique. Here we have a white table with a silver Moroccan design. There is also a super stylish suitcase stool too. Suitcase stools just like this can be bought online. We love it because it is unusual, yet cute idea. A vanity table like this is pretty and practical.

Stylish Vanity Table with Suitcase Stool

Source: @maisonberi

29. Vanity Table with Cute Cat Decor

Next, we have a cute vanity table to show you. Here we have a white table with a small makeup mirror. There is the prettiest cat light in the background, too. This is one of favorites because it is so stylish and as you can see, it is very practical too. You could recreate this or try and choose a light in the shape of your favorite animal.

Vanity Table with Cute Cat Decor

Source: @sortofobsessed

30. Trendy Vanity Table Idea

If you love bohemian style furniture but want your vanity table to look glam too, then this could be perfect for you. Here we have a simple white table. There is the most amazing, ornate gold mirror above the table and there is a trendy rattan chair too. It is a very stylish set up and it is perfect for the chic, modern woman.

31. Pretty Mirrored Vanity Table

Our next vanity table is perfect for the glamorous ladies. The actual table is mirrored and there is a large mirror above it too. We love the mirrors because they can make your room look bigger. There are also pretty decorations like pink flowers, a regal crown and wall decorations. With a vanity table like this, you will feel glam and gorgeous every time you apply your makeup.

32. Chic Up-cycled Table

If you prefer more unique furniture, then this could be perfect for you. Here we a beautiful up-cycled vanity table. Before, this table was old-fashioned and brown. Now it is a stylish and bright piece of furniture that would look gorgeous in any home. You can create something like this or let out your inner interior designer and make your own individual vanity table. You can check out what the table look liked before on the page below.

Chic Up-cycled Vanity Table

Source: @littlesuburbanfarmhouse

33. Vintage Glamour Vanity Table

Next, we have another vintage style vanity table. This one is all wooden and it has a bamboo design. It is super glam and it has a 60’s to 70’s look. A similar table would be perfect for the stylish ladies who love vintage decor. It is a small table too, so it would be perfect for smaller rooms.

34. Trendy Vanity Table with Everything You Need

Do you own lots of hair and beauty products? If so, this is for you. Here we have a large corner table that has been turned into a vanity table. There is a cupboard, lots of space, a mirror, makeup storage and small holes for different hair appliances too. This is stylish and cleverly designed. It is perfect for the ladies have lots of items that all need to be in one place.

35. Cute Vintage Vanity Table

If you are looking for a vanity table that is simple, practical and stylish, then this could be perfect for you. It is a small wooden table with a large mirror. There is a trendy black stool too. A table like this will fit in any room and it will suit any decor. We love the cute candles and accessories like this, they will make any vanity table unique to you.

Cute Vintage Vanity Table

Source: @lovebird67

36. Modern Pink Vanity Table

Love the color pink? The this vanity table could be perfect for you. The actual table is pink and the chair is pink too. It is a vibrant, bold and fun piece of furniture that will brighten up any room. Of course, if the pink is not for you, then you can have a vanity table in any color you like!

Modern Pink Vanity Table

Source: @2lgstudio

37. Glam Gold Vanity Table with a Green Plant

Next, we have another glam vanity table to show you. This is another mirrored table with a large mirror above. There is also a gorgeous gold stool too. We love the large green plant that has been placed next to it because it just jazzes up the area where you will get ready in the mornings. A vanity set up like this would look stunning in any room.

Glam Gold Vanity Table with Green Plant

Source: @arqteturas

38. Trendy and Minimal Vanity Table

Sometimes less is more and this vanity table proves it! Here we have a simple white table with a black mirror and tall lights. It is a very minimal design and it looks very trendy. Something like this is perfect for the ladies who need a small, easy to use and compact vanity table. You could also use this table for other things too.

Trendy and Minimal Vanity Table

Source: @travellightcollection

39. Chic Vanity Table with Round Mirror

If you see a table you like, then you can easily turn it into a vanity table. You can just buy a separate mirror and put it above. Maybe you could try something like this. This vanity setup includes a mirrored table with a large round mirror above. A vanity table like this would look beautiful in any room and you could recreate it with any table and mirror. This can be a low cost way to have a vanity table.

40. Boho Vintage Vanity Table

The next table we have to show you is unique and it has a boho vintage vibe. This table features two glass shelves with a mirror on the top. It is a gorgeous vanity table idea. You could accessorize a similar table with any boxes, stool and lamp. A similar table would look glam in any home.

41. Small Vanity Table Idea

Our next idea is another small vanity table. This one features a white table with drawers and there is a small mirror on the top too. We also love the stylish chair and the photos on the wall. By adding photos, you can make the vanity table unique to you. A vanity table like this is perfect for smaller rooms.

42. Vanity Table with Glam Curtains

When choosing an area to place your vanity table, you could consider putting it next to curtains just like this. As you can see, the vanity table looks extra glam because of the stunning curtains next to it. You could maybe put the vanity table in front of a large window. If you do not have window, then you could put some fabric on the wall like a wall hanging to make the area look stylish.

43. Vanity Table for the Trendsetters

Like chic decor? Then this vanity table could be perfect for you. Here we have a sleek black table with a trendy black stool. There is also a circular mirror above with two glam lights at the side. A vanity table like this will make you feel like a trendsetter everyday. We love this setup, it is one of our favorites.

We hope you have found the perfect makeup vanity, we want to try all of them!

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