43 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2019

Want to give everyone who sees you a fright this Halloween? Then you are in the right place. We have put together 43 scary Halloween makeup ideas. We have gory makeup, unique ideas and makeup that looks straight from a nightmare. Take a look if you dare.

1. Gory & Scary Halloween Makeup

The first scary Halloween makeup idea we have to show you, is this gory masquerade mask. This is a very unique and horrifying makeup idea that will look amazing at a party. For the blood and gore Ben Nye Makeup Nose & Scar Wax, Liquid Latex, Scab Blood & Stage Blood was used.

You can check out the YouTube tutorial by Karolina Griciute here:

2. Scary Clown Makeup

Clowns are a Halloween classic and our next idea features a scary circus clown. The artist has used the fun and bright colors that clowns use with the addition of fake blood and contact lenses which gives her a sinister look. You can recreate similar clown makeup or choose your own colors.

Scary Clown Halloween Makeup

Source: @giuliannaa

Luckily, we have a YouTube tutorial for this look also! It’s created by the talented Giulianna Maria.

3. Devilish Demon and Skeleton Makeup

Next, we have a unique Halloween makeup idea that combines two scary creatures together. This makeup features a skeleton and demon design. The look was created with Ben Nye Makeup Water Activated Paints with Urban Decay Total Spectrum Palette for the eye makeup. The horns were created by the artist. You can create both looks or just the red one for a devilish Halloween costume.

4. Mummy Makeup Idea

Our next idea is another Halloween classic. Here we have a mummy makeup idea. The artist has wrapped most of her face in bandages, leaving the eyes and mouth free. She has created stunning Ancient Egyptian style makeup with gold eyeshadow and black eyeliner. What makes this look really scary is the white contacts. We love this mummy idea!

Mummy Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @caitmarks

5. Scary Voodoo Doll Makeup

Looking for a unique Halloween idea? Then this next pick is for you. Here we have a Voodoo doll inspired makeup. Voodoo dolls are small dolls that can be used for good and bad. This makeup features the classic stitches and heart. You can take inspiration from this or make it scarier by adding contact lenses and darker makeup.

Scary Voodoo Doll Makeup

Source: @aninha

Video tutorial for the look is here:

6. Scary Witch Halloween Makeup Idea

Next, we have an idea inspired by a doll the artist had seen called Hecate. Hecate is the Goddess of witchcraft, ghosts and more. The look features white eyes with blood around the nose, eyes and head. This is a very scary look that will frighten the whole Halloween party. To create the blood and wounds Mehron Makeup Paradise paints, coagulated blood, drip blood, nose and scar putty was used.

7. Illusion Pumpkin Makeup

We love illusion makeup because it can completely transform the face. Here is an amazing example of illusion pumpkin makeup. Black makeup has been used to create the classic carved pumpkin look. The artist has also used the black and orange on the eyes too. There are lots of tutorials online to help you achieve a similar look to this one.

Scary Pumpkin Halloween Makeup

Source: @mila__mua

8. Terrifying Horned Demon Makeup

Our next idea is perfect for whoever is looking to horrify at Halloween. The artist has created a look that features white eyes, blood, an upside down cross, horns and more. It looks like a nightmare straight out of movies. You can recreate this makeup or try a simpler version.

Terrifying Horned Demon Makeup for Halloween

Source: @embergrim

9. Creepy Clown Makeup

Next, we have another clown idea. This one uses darker makeup and white contacts to create a terrifying look. We love this idea because you can recreate a similar look from the image. It is scary and perfect for Halloween but not too difficult to create at home. You can use any colors for your clown.

Creepy Clown Makeup for Halloween

Source: @ggabbzz

To recreate the look, just follow the easy steps from Gaby’s YouTube tutorial.

10. Scary Devil Halloween Makeup

You can use your hair to add to the scariness of your makeup. Here we have a devilish makeup idea that features dark eyes, an upside down cross and fake blood near the mouth. The hair has been styled into two red horns. You can see that the hair has become part of the makeup and overall look. This would be perfect for a party.

Scary Devil Halloween Makeup and Hair

Source: @ciaciaxo

11. Slash Halloween Makeup Idea

Next, we have a scary Halloween makeup idea that features slash wounds. The face has slashes and there is one on the top of the wrist too. Not only that but one side of the face is more bruised and has a white contact. This half and half style makeup is grisly and you can recreate it in a couple of ways. Maybe wear two contact lenses for a ghostly look or add fake blood for a more gory look. Either way, you will have ghastly Halloween makeup.

12. Face Mask

Wearing someone else’s face is the stuff of nightmares thanks to movies like Face/Off and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which makes it perfect for Halloween! Here we have a creative makeup idea where the artist has created an outline around the face to suggest it is a mask. You can create something that combines scary and glam like featured or you can add blood for a horrifying look.

13. Gory Demon Makeup

Our next idea is a gory demon look. The artist has created bloody horns and a pentagram on the chest. She has also used dark makeup with fake blood on her hands. This is terrifying makeup that may make everyone afraid of you at a party but it is a scary Halloween look that will be remembered.

Gory Demon Makeup for Halloween 2018

Source: @ciaciaxo

14. Spider Makeup

Spiders are scary! So, why not create Halloween makeup inspired by them? Here we have a makeup idea that features multiple black eyes and fangs. You can recreate this for Halloween or even add some fake cobwebs to your hair to complete the look. As for an outfit, you can go all out and make an eight legged creation or wear a black outfit.

Scary Spider Halloween Makeup

Source: @bellabm

15. Scary Pumpkin Makeup

Next, we have another pumpkin makeup idea to show you that is very creepy. The artist has created illusion makeup with black and other tones to make the pattern actually looked carved onto her. This would be so scary at night or at a party. We love this!

 Scary Pumpkin Makeup for Halloween 2018

Source: @sadie.shill_makeup

16. Scary Halloween Clown

If you have liked the clown ideas featured earlier then you may like this one too! This clown idea uses black, white and silver to create a ghostly clown look. The contacts and color palette used looks amazing and will scare everyone! You can recreate makeup like this at home with practice.

Scary Halloween Clown Makeup

Source: @ellie35x

17. Blair Witch Voodoo Doll

Our next idea is a unique take on The Blair Witch Project. If you have seen the movies you may know that some of the iconic wooden dolls are actually Voodoo dolls. This artist has created a Voodoo doll look inspired by this. It features the classic stitches with the addition of the Blair Witch doll symbol on her head. This is perfect for anyone who loves horror movies.

18. Gruesome Halloween Makeup

Next, we have a gruesome makeup idea to share with you. The makeup features a ripped mouth. This is gory and scary which is perfect for Halloween. The look was created with Mehron Makeup Liquid Latex, Mask/Creamblend Palette, Pro Coloring Bruise Palette, Coagulated Blood and Stage Blood. The tutorial is available on the featured artists page.

19. Broken Doll Makeup

Cracked face makeup is great to learn as it can create a scary look. You can use this technique for dolls, ghosts and more. Here we have an example of a broken doll makeup. It just gives the already creepy doll makeup an extra spine-chilling look for Halloween.

20. Scary Red Riding Hood Makeup

Our next idea is a scarier take on Little Red Riding Hood. As you can see she has been clawed by the wolf. We know this is not as terrifying as some of the others but think it could be. You can take inspiration from this and create a super scary, gory Little Red Riding Hood look. Add more blood, maybe flesh like featured on our first idea, bruising, and you will have one horrifying Halloween costume.

21. Demon Makeup Idea

Next, we have another scary Halloween demon idea. This one features black horns, white contacts and illusion makeup. This looks amazing and if not done by a professional will take practice, but it will be worth it. You can take inspiration from this and add blood or maybe try using different colors.

Demon Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @desiperkins

Check out Desi’s YouTube tutorial for this amazing Demon makeup look!

22. Scary Sugar Skull Makeup

We couldn’t have a Halloween list without mentioning sugar skulls. Here we have a sugar skull makeup idea that is quite scary but could be made more so. Use this look as inspiration and use creepy contacts and lighter tones for the skin. Also make the face look more skeletal with shading.  This idea has the potential to be spine-chilling!

23. Scary Stitches Makeup

Next on our list of scary Halloween makeup is this creepy stitch design. You can use makeup like this for Voodoo dolls, zombies and dolls. There are tutorials available online to help you with stitches like these. To make the look gory you can even add blood around the stitches.

24. Creepy Circus Clown

Next, we have another clown idea. This time the makeup is white with dark and sparkly clown features. We love this makeup because it looks so creepy and sinister. This is another makeup idea that is easy to create, but also very scary. It would be great as a last minute makeup look because all you need is white and black makeup, the glitter is optional.

Creepy Circus Clown Makeup

Source: @letsfaceit.mua

25. Demon Makeup

If you really want to give everyone a scare this Halloween, then this is the makeup idea for you! Here we have makeup inspired by demons. She is wearing large horns and the makeup is dark with black drips and it is all finished off with scary contact lenses! You can buy horn headbands online and then all you need to do is recreate the makeup. You can wear any outfit with this makeup, just wear something dark.

26. Makeup Inspired by The Nun

The Nun was one of the scariest movies to hit cinemas and next we have makeup inspired by the film. For this version, the artist has created makeup similar to the movie poster. It features a good and evil look with half of her face looking like the scary demon and the other half looking like the person trying to stop it. It is such a cool and creepy idea. This is perfect for those who love the movie.

27. Half Skeleton and Half Muscle Makeup

Love illusion makeup? If so, you need to check out this idea. Here we have another half makeup design, this time half of her face is skeletal and the other half is covered in muscles. This is such a creative and kind of gruesome idea! You can recreate the whole look with the body paint or just paint your face. The makeup was created with Mehron Makeup Paradise Paints and Bruise Wheel and Camo Eyes contacts.

Half Skeleton and Half Muscle Makeup

Source: @ellie35x

28. Missing Eye Illusion

This next makeup idea is so gruesome, gory and perfect for Halloween. For this look, the makeup artist has created the illusion that her eye is missing! Makeup like this will take practice but the end result will be worth it, as it will give everyone who sees it a fright! You can check out what products were used to create the look on the page below. There are also lots of tutorials online for this type of makeup too.

29. Scary and Gory Halloween Makeup

The next makeup idea that we have to show you looks straight out of a nightmare! This makeup artist has created a very grisly version of Snow White. She has created the classic black hairstyle with the red bow and she is even holding an apple. The difference is the mouth! She has a gory, ripped mouth. This is a terrifying makeup look that is perfect for a Halloween party as it will scare everyone. There is a full list of the products used on the makeup artist’s page.

30. Unique Frakenstein Makeup Idea

Frankenstein is one of the classic Halloween costumes. This next idea features a unique version of Frankenstein makeup that will make you stand out from the ghoulish crowd. The artist has created the stitched look that is usually seen on Frankenstein but she has used different shades of green and has used purple tones too. There is also a star shape on her chest. This is a cool and creative idea. Recreate this whole look or just paint your face.

31. Mummified Makeup

Another popular costume for Halloween is a mummy and next we have a creepy mummy makeup look. For this, most of her bandages are painted on and she has grey and green skin. The makeup is complete with contact lenses. We love this scary mummy makeup idea. You can recreate this or just paint your face. Extras like real bandages can also be added too. This look was created with Mehron Makeup Paradise Paints and Camo Eyes contacts.

Mummified Makeup

Source: @ellie35x

32. White Ghost Makeup with Blood

This next makeup idea has been inspired by a Banshee. A Banshee is a ghost that screams and cries and she is an omen for death. The makeup artist has created white makeup with white hair and she has used red on her eyes and lips. This look is complete with ghostly contact lenses and blood. It is a very creepy and unique idea that will be quite simple to recreate.

White Ghost Makeup with Blood

Source: @ghoulfang

33. Zombie Illusion Makeup

If you love zombies, then this makeup idea is for you! Here we have amazing zombie makeup complete with an illusion mouth and nose. This will scare everyone at a Halloween party. You can recreate this or add extras such as blood. There are lots of tutorials online for zombie illusion makeup.

Zombie Illusion Makeup

Source: @sarablood

34. Scary Halloween Makeup with Spiders

Spiders are so scary and the arachnids are the inspiration behind this next idea. The makeup artist has created bold eye makeup and she has used black lip color. This look is complete with sharp teeth, contact lenses, spiders and webs. It is such a creative and creepy idea. It will definitely scare anyone who is afraid of spiders! You can check out all the products used to create look on the page below.

Scary Halloween Makeup with Spiders

Source: @cicirincon

35. Gory Clown Makeup

The next idea is perfect for those who love the clown makeup. This time, the makeup artist has created a very gory version of a clown. The classic design on the eyes and mouth are there but this time they are all bloody. This is a very terrifying makeup idea. Complete your costume with a wig and clown outfit and get ready to give everyone a fright!

36. Demon Makeup with Horns

This next makeup idea was inspired by Black Phillip from the movie the Witch. Those who have watched the movie will know that the goat Black Phillip was believed to be Satan. It is a unique and scary version of the goat complete with horns, blood and contact lenses. We think that this would also be great demon makeup, so whether you want to look like a devil or a demon, this makeup has you covered.

Demon Makeup with Horns

Source: @smayraee

37. Ouija Board Inspired Makeup

Next, we have makeup with a mystical Ouija board design. The makeup artist has painted her body to look like a Ouija board and the planchette looks like it is sticking out of her eye. This look is finished off cracked makeup, red lips and a black contact lens. It is such a scary and unique idea! You can check out what products were used on the page below. Recreate the whole look or you can just paint your body or face to look like a Ouija board.

38. Red Skeleton Illusion

Like skeleton makeup but want to look more unique? If so, this makeup idea could be perfect for you. Here we have skeleton makeup with a peppermint design. The makeup artist posted this around Christmas time so that is where the peppermint colors came from. Even though the inspiration behind it was Christmassy, we think it looks a little gory like muscles. It is such a cool idea and we think it would be perfect for Halloween.

Red Skeleton Illusion

Source: @ellie35x

39. Mystical Fortune Teller

Bring mystical magic to Halloween this year and choose fortune teller makeup like this. The makeup is complete with a third eye, creepy contact lenses and amazing eye and lip makeup. This is perfect for those who want to wear something different and more unusual for Halloween. It is very cool look and it is one of our favorites.

Mystical Fortune Teller

Source: @ellie35x

40. Scary Ghost Makeup

There is nothing more scary than a classic Halloween ghost, so our next makeup is perfect for giving people a fright. The makeup artist has created a white ghostly face with red eyes and lips. This look is finished off with contact lenses. Makeup like this is easy to recreate and wear. It would be great for any last minute events.

Scary Ghost Makeup

Source: @ellie35x

41. Bloody, Sliced Makeup Idea

Next, we have another gory makeup idea. This time it looks like her mouth was covered in skin and then sliced open. It is such a gruesome and gristly design! When recreating makeup like this, make sure you leave enough space for your mouth to move so you can talk, eat and drink. However, if the makeup is just for cool photos, then this won’t be a worry! You can check out what products were used on the page below.

42. Creepy Nun Makeup Idea

Earlier in the post we shared a makeup idea inspired by the movie The Nun. If you loved that, then you may like this makeup too. This version features a different type of nun. The artist has created stitches, ghostly pale skin and is wearing contact lenses. This is just another scary way to wear nun makeup. You can view a makeup tutorial and see all the products used on the makeup artist’s page.

43. Terrifying and Bloody Illusion Makeup

This next makeup idea is probably the scariest one on the list! The makeup artist has created the illusion that half of her face is gone to reveal the bloody skull underneath. It is so gruesome and horrifying! Makeup like this will give people such a fright when they see it! You will be able to find tutorials for similar makeup online and you can see what products were used to create this look on the page below.

We hope you have found some scary Halloween makeup ideas!

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