23 Cute and Creative Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Dreaming about a Disney tattoo? Then you’re in the right place! We have found 23 of the best small Disney tattoo ideas. From 1920’s Disney right through to the modern favorites like Finding Nemo. There is a cute design from all the best-loved Disney movies. A tattoo is the perfect way to show your love of the Disney classics. Take a look to find your favourite design.

1. Mickey Mouse Outline

First up we have this simple black outline of Mickey Mouse’s head. A tattoo like this is cute and shows your love for all things Disney. Small outlines are subtle which makes these great for first time tattoos. You could have this tattooed anywhere, the wrist or ankle would be cool choices.

2. Mrs. Potts and Chip

Beauty and the Beast is a Disney classic that is loved by all ages. It has been back in the spotlight with the recent live-action movie release. If you love this tale as old as time why not consider a Mrs. Potts and Chip tattoo. A design like the one featured is a cute and creative version of the movies adorable characters.

Mrs. Potts and Chip for Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Source: @bostonbarbertattooco

3. Peter Pan Tattoo

Peter Pan is a classic story. It is a movie full of magic with fairies, pirates and flying. If this movie is your favourite why not consider a cute tattoo design like this. It features the scene of Peter flying with the Darling children. The tattoo featured has been placed behind the ear, this is an awesome spot for the design. You could have a Disney tattoo like this on the arm, foot and leg.

Peter Pan Tattoo for Small Disney Tattoo I

Source: @caz_gold

4. Cute Baloo the Bear Tattoo

Baloo is one of the most loved Disney characters. He is a fun, musical bear that is featured in the Jungle Book. If you love the Jungle Book, consider a tattoo like this one. It features a small design of Baloo. A tattoo like this will make you and everyone who sees it smile.

Cute Baloo the Bear Tattoo for Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Source: @cora_linez

5. Dumbo Leg Tattoo

Prefer movies with flying elephants? Then this next pick might be for you. Our next tattoo features an adorable Dumbo tattoo. It is a vibrant piece that captures the cuteness of Dumbo. It has been placed on the leg but you could put a smaller design anywhere.

Dumbo Leg Tattoo for Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Source: @jayethejaye

6. Aristocats Marie

Our next pick is very cute! It features a cartoon style face of Marie from the Artistocats. This is a must have for the people who love Disney and who love cats. We couldn’t think of a better combination. A gorgeous tattoo like this could be put almost anywhere on the body. The leg, foot, arm and wrist would be cool choices.

Aristocats Marie Design for Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Source: @kapn_black

7. Enchanted Rose Tattoos

Here is another Beauty and the Beast tattoo idea. This one features the enchanted rose in the jar. The rose is the most iconic image of the movie and is a great tattoo design. These tattoos are a little bigger than some of the ones featured but it would look awesome tattooed a little smaller to. We love this beautiful tattoo design.

Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose for Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Source: @ladychappelletattoos

8. Cruella De Vil Design

Not all the favourite Disney characters are good. Disney also gives us some brilliant villains. One of the most iconic villains is Cruella De Vil. So, if you love Disney and want a tattoo that is different go for a Disney villain like Cruella. There are plenty to choose from!

9. Baby Pegasus Tattoo

Hercules is one of Disney’s favourite heroes. While he is a great hero he does need his sidekick Pegasus by his side. This fun and loyal horse is an awesome character in the movie. So, show your love for the move Hercules with a baby Pegasus tattoo. This is a cute design that will suit everyone. As it is small you could have it placed anywhere.

Baby Pegasus Tattoo for Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Source: @luniechan

10. Elegant Cinderella’s Shoe

Cinderella is one of the favourite Disney Princesses. Some people say the fun quote “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life”. So, if you love the story of Cinderella then consider having an elegant glass slipper tattoo like this one. It is a great choice for the people who love Disney and shoes.

11. Watercolor Dumbo Design

Watercolor tattoos are beautiful. This technique makes the tattoo look like a work of art. You could get your favourite Disney character tattooed this way. Our next pick is a super cute watercolor design of Dumbo. A tattoo like this will suit everyone.

Watercolor Dumbo Design for Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Source: @maytatt00

12. Cute The Lion King Tattoo

The Lion King is a Disney classic, making it a popular choice in tattoos. This awesome tattoo features the Simba cave painting as the outline with some of the movies favourite characters. A tattoo like this is a fun and creative way to show your love of the Lion King.

13. Small Mickey Mouse Outline

If you liked the Mickey Mouse outline from earlier in the post, then you might like this one to. It is a cute outline with a little heart on the ear. A tattoo like this will suit everyone and it would be great as a first tattoo. You could recreate this as a Minnie outline to.

14. Cheshire Cat Tattoo

Alice in Wonderland is a wacky and wonderful movie. If Alice in Wonderland is one of your favourite movies, consider getting a Cheshire cat design. This cheeky cat would make a cute tattoo on anyone. You could have this tattooed anywhere and even go for a smaller or bigger design.

15. The Little Mermaid Watercolor Tattoo

The Little Mermaid is one of the best loved Disney movies. So, if you are a fan of the movie why not get an Ariel tattoo like this one. This tattoo has an extra special touch because it uses the watercolor technique. This gives that tattoo an arty look and it suits the design of sea.

16. Cute The Three Good Fairies Tattoo

Add some magic to your next tattoo design with The Three Good Fairies. These fairies are from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. This super cute tattoo is designed to look like Flora, Fauna and Merryweather are flying. A tattoo like this would look great on the foot to.

Cute The Three Good Fairies Tattoo for Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Source: @redwoodlisa

17. Finding Nemo Tattoo

Finding Nemo is one of the more modern Disney movies. The little fish’s journey in the ocean and in the Dentist’s fish tank is well loved by all ages. If you are a fan of Finding Nemo then consider a Nemo tattoo. It is a vibrant piece that will suit everyone. You could even add in some of other characters.

Finding Nemo Tattoo for Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Source: @sandytattoo

18. Enchanted Rose Tattoo

Here is another beautiful enchanted rose tattoo. This one features the single rose with petals falling. It shows that the rose tattoo looks gorgeous without the jar. Something like this is pretty and feminine. It is a tattoo that will never go out of style.

19. Mickey and Minnie Tattoo

Liked the outline tattoo ideas? Then this next pick could be for you. This one features a Mickey and Minnie outline intertwined. It is a lovely tattoo design. It could show your love of Disney and could also be a cute couple Disney tattoo for you and your loved one.

Mickey and Minnie Outline for Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Source: @sophx_princess

20. Just Keep Swimming Tattoo

Just keep swimming has become of the best loved Disney quotes. It is a reminder to us all to just keep going, it is a cute and motivational quote. Our next pick features the quote on the arm with Dory next to it. We love this idea! It is a tattoo that will suit anyone.

Just Keep Swimming Tattoo for Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Source: @toxic

21. Ariel Black Ink Design

If you want something subtler, why not go for a simple black ink tattoo. Here is a design featuring Ariel from The Little Mermaid. It is a small and cute piece that could be tattooed anywhere. You could get any Disney character designed in this way.

Ariel Black Ink Design for Small Disney Tattoo Ideas

Source: @venomdaddy

22. Vintage Disney Tattoo

Disney has been loved by people for generations. This next tattoo design goes all the way back the 1920’s. This vintage design of Mickey as Steamboat Willie is a great tattoo choice for anyone who loves Disney. You could have this recreated bigger or smaller and have it put anywhere on the body.

23. Simba Cave Drawing

Last on our list is this beautiful design from The Lion King. The design is the cave painting of Simba that is colored with a stunning watercolor technique. This tattoo is a must have for any fan of The Lion King. You could have this Disney tattoo placed anywhere on the body. The colors could also be changed to create a unique design.

We hope you have been inspired by our small Disney tattoo top picks!

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