41 Amazing Star Tattoos and Ideas for Women

Stars are one of the most popular tattoo designs. There are so many styles and meanings so every tattoo is unique. We love star tattoos and think you will too, so we have found 41 of the best star tattoo designs. From simple outlines to vibrant pieces of art, we have something for everyone.

1. Three Stars Tattoo Idea

Our first tattoo features three stars. While the tattoo will have different meanings to each person it is said that three stars symbolize the journey we take. It can be about the road we have traveled, or it can be about growing up. No matter what the meaning is, it is an awesome tattoo.

Three Stars Tattoo Design

Source: @x_pandarchy

2. Star Constellation Tattoo Idea

Star constellations have become super stylish tattoo designs. This constellation art features small stars and dots. You can recreate your own design with a constellation of your choice. There are also lots of different styles you can choose from. We like this one because of the unique design and the story it can have behind it.

Star Constellation Tattoo Idea

Source: @smalltattooberlin

3. Kawaii Star

Next, we have a tattoo idea that was inspired by the Japanese style kawaii. Kawaii style is all about being cute and colorful. The featured tattoo uses bold pink, blue and purple colors and the star is super cute looking! A tattoo like this is perfect for someone who wants a fun and vibrant design.

4. Sparkle Star Armband Tattoo

Armband tattoos look cool and stylish. This armband tattoo features stars and sparkles. We love the sparkly stars because they make the tattoo look magical. You could have a similar design created as small tattoo rather than an armband. It is a pretty idea that would suit everyone.

Sparkle Star Armband Tattoo

Source: @thorn_pokes

5. Simple and Stylish Star Outline

One of the most popular star tattoos is a simple outline like this one. We can see why many love the design because it is stylish, subtle and will suit anyone. Not only that but because of the simplicity, the actual tattoo doesn’t take too long to create, which makes it great for a first tattoo.

6. Multi Star Back Tattoo

You don’t have to choose just one star. Why not have multiple stars designed like our next tattoo? This back tattoo has been created with stars in different sizes and some colored in. It is such a pretty design. You can recreate this idea with more or less stars and you could even add some different colors. Rihanna has a similar tattoo design on her back.

7. Cute Star Ankle Tattoo

If you are looking for a cute tattoo, then this next idea could be for you. Here we have a small yellow star that has been inked onto the ankle. It also has some background color and other star shapes surrounding it. You can have a similar tattoo created but you could try choosing a different color for the star or maybe try no background.

Cute Small Star Ankle Tattoo

Source: @tattooist_dal

8. Pretty Star Design

We love this next tattoo idea! The tattoo is made up of small stars and dots to create a large star shape. Some of the stars have also been colored in vibrant ink. It is a very pretty and feminine tattoo that would look beautiful on anyone. You could have a smaller design created and have it placed elsewhere on the body.

9. Ornamental Star Tattoo

Looking for a more detailed star tattoo? Then you need to check out this idea. This ornamental star has been decorated with an intricate pattern, dots, shading, coloring and more. It is an amazing work of art. You could take inspiration from this design and create your own star with your own patterns and colors.

Ornamental Star Tattoo

Source: @davidkafri

10.  Star and Initial Tattoo Idea

Got someone special in your life? Maybe a family member, friend or partner? Then consider a star tattoo with their initial. Initial tattoos are a way to show someone how much you care. This tattoo idea could show them that they are a ‘star’ in your eyes and have a special place in your heart (and on your body also).

11. Rainbow Stars

Next, we have a colorful star tattoo idea. This person had six colorful stars tattooed on their arm. We love this idea because it is creative and unique. You could recreate a similar tattoo with your favourite colors or for a subtler design choose one star in your favourite color.

12. Cute Starfish Design

You don’t just have to choose the classic star shape or a star in the sky. Maybe choose a quirky design like this starfish tattoo. Not only are these creatures super cute but they are also a symbol of guidance, salvation, renewal and more. This is one of our favourite star tattoo ideas.

13. Multi Star Foot Tattoo

Foot tattoos have become very stylish and popular. This next tattoo shows how cool stars can look as a foot tattoo. The stars are in different sizes and some are colored in. This is a pretty design that you can show off in the summer. You can also think about a design like this with added color too.

14. Unique Ear Tattoo with Star Design

Looking for a unique tattoo? Then you will love our next idea. This star design has been placed on the ear. Ear tattoos are very cool and creative. You could have a similar design or just choose one star. No matter what you choose, you will have an awesome tattoo that not everyone has.

15. Watercolor Star Design

Watercolor tattoos look amazing. The technique makes tattoos look like works of art. Next, we have a star idea that has a blue watercolor design. This is a beautiful idea that would suit anyone. You could have any star designed and use any color for the technique.

16. Tiny Vibrant Stars

If you want a very subtle tattoo, then this next pick could be perfect. Here we have an ankle tattoo with three tiny stars. The stars have been inked in vibrant colors. A design like this would be perfect as a first tattoo as it is tiny. You can choose any color of your choice.

17. Star Outline Finger Tattoo

Next, we have another star outline idea. This star has been tattooed onto the finger. Finger tattoos are super cool but combine it with a star outline and you have one stylish tattoo. You could also have a star tattoo with an outline in a different color too.

Star Outline Finger Tattoo Idea

Source: @sangreal_yang

18. Hand Poked Star Tattoo

Our next star tattoo was created using the hand poked technique. A hand poked tattoo is created by using a needle attached to a stick to poke the ink into the skin. This technique creates a different finished look and style to the tattoos created with a machine. You can have a delicate star like this created or your very own design.

19. Small Star Wrist Tattoo

Wrist tattoos have become very popular. This next idea shows how stylish stars can look as a wrist tattoo. There are four small black ink stars in a line on the wrist. You could recreate a similar design with a different amount of stars and maybe with a different color.

Small Star Wrist Tattoo

Source: @_jose_g_p_

20. Snowflake Star Mini Tattoo

We love this next idea. For this design, a tiny star was created with the addition of small lines to make it look like a snowflake. The tattoo looks like a star from far away and then closer up you can see the snowflake design. This is a unique tattoo that kind of gives you two looks in one. It is a cute star shaped snowflake.

Snowflake Star Tiny Tattoo Idea

Source: @sop_tattoo

21. Moon and Stars

Next on our list is this beautiful moon and stars tattoo idea. This is a gorgeous tattoo that starts off as dark blue and blends into light blue. It has magical look to it and it would suit anyone. You could have something similar created in different colors.

22. Galaxy Star

Next, we have a unique star tattoo to show you. Here we have a five pointed star with an amazing galaxy design on the inside. The moon, stars and more is included. This tattoo is one of our favorites because it is so unusual and the detail is amazing. A tattoo like this will suit everyone and you can recreate it or try a different galaxy scene.

23. Three Small Stars

If you are looking for a small and stylish tattoo, then this is for you. This design features three small stars that are tattooed near the wrist. It is a beautiful tattoo idea and can be tattooed anywhere on the body. A tiny design like this would be perfect as a first tattoo and you can recreate this or try a different number of stars.

24. Patterned Star

The next tattoo we have to show you is unusual and super stylish. This tattoo features a large star that is tattooed on the wrist. The inside of the star is decorated with amazing patterns. A star design like this will make a statement. You can try a similar design to this or you can try a star with a different pattern.

25. Peter Pan Stars

Love Disney and the move Peter Pan? If so, this tattoo is for you. Here we have two small stars that look straight out of the movie. It is a beautiful tattoo and is a subtler Disney design. A tattoo like this will suit anyone and it would be great as a first tattoo because it is small.

26. Small Stars Back Tattoo Idea

Our next tattoo idea is very pretty. Here we have a back tattoo that features lots of small stars. Some of the stars look blue and some are dark. We love this design because the stars start on the neck, go across the back and then end on the shoulder. A tattoo like this will look amazing and you can recreate it in any color.

27. Planets and Stars

If you love the stars, the night sky, space or stargazing, then this tattoo could be perfect for you. This arm tattoo features stars, a moon and a planet. It is a trendy and unique tattoo idea that will suit everyone. You can recreate this or you can try a similar tattoo with a different planet. For a bolder design, you could add some color too.

Design with Planets and Stars

Source: @andrejoz

28. Trendy Shooting Star

Next, we have a trendy and unusual star tattoo. This collarbone tattoo features a minimal shooting star design. The actual star is made of three black lines that cross each other with two lines as the tail. It is a very simple and stylish design and it is perfect for those who like unique and small tattoos.

29. Stylish Wrist Tattoo

Bracelet tattoos have become very popular and here is how you can try a bracelet tattoo with stars. Lots of small black stars have been tattooed all the way around the wrist. It is such a cool and stylish idea. A tattoo like this is great for those who like statement making body art. It will suit everyone and the stars can be any color.

Stylish Wrist Tattoo

Source: @rana__tattoos

30. Stars and Flowers

The next idea we have to show you features an arm tattoo with stars and a flower. It is a quirky and stylish tattoo that will look cute on anyone. You can recreate this design or you can try adding a different flower. Your birth flower would look cool with stars and you can add some color too.

31. Red Star

Want a small and cute tattoo design? If so, this could be just what you are looking for. This tattoo features a red star that is tattooed on the arm. It is subtle but the color does make it stand out. A star like this will suit everyone, it can be tattooed anywhere and it can be created in any color. Maybe try your favorite color.

32. Subtle Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos look super cute and here is a gorgeous tattoo example with a star design. Here we have two black ink stars that are tattooed on the ankle. As you can see, it is so pretty and stylish. You can recreate a design like this or you can try having stars tattooed in different colors.

Subtle Ankle Tattoo

Source: @vikacreep

33. Small Arm Tattoo

Next, we have a stylish and beautiful star design to show you. A small sparkling star has been tattooed on the arm just above the wrist. It is a gorgeous design and because of the shading, the star actually looks like it is twinkling. A tattoo like this will suit everyone and this is one of our favorites.

34. Tiny Stars and Moon Design

Looking for a small and subtle tattoo? If so, this could be perfect for you. Here we have an ankle tattoo with a shooting star and moon design. It is such a cute and tiny tattoo idea. A design like this would be great as a first tattoo or if you want a tattoo that is easily covered up. Try a similar design to this or you can add some color. Watercolor would look amazing.

35. Tiny Star

Our next idea is another tiny tattoo. This design features a very small star outline that is tattooed in black ink. The star is on the wrist. A tattoo like this is beautiful and it will never go out of style. Try a black ink star or you could use a different color for the outline if you want a bolder tattoo.

36. Star Wrist Tattoo

Earlier in the post we shared a star bracelet tattoo. If you loved that, then you may like this tattoo too. Here we have a black line bracelet with a star just above it. You could recreate the whole tattoo or if it is too bold, then you could just have the star without the bracelet. Either way, it will look trendy. We love the bracelet and star though, it looks cool and edgy.

37. Stars, Compass and Plane Tattoo

Next, we have an unusual tattoo to show you. Here we have a small plane with stars and a compass. A design like this is perfect for the travelers and for those who love flying. Try the whole design or you can try just the compass and stars or the plane and stars. Either way, it will be stylish tattoo that will suit any globetrotter.

38. Unique Star Foot Tattoo

The next tattoo is quite unique. This design features a star that is tattooed on the toe. It is a very minimal design but it really does make a statement. You can try a similar star to this or you can choose a different star design. A star tattoo like this will look great with your summer sandals!

Unique Star Foot Tattoo

Source: @krea_jo

39. Three Tiny Stars

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, this tattoo is a must-have for you. Here we have a design that features three small stars. The stars are just like the stars on the pages of the book. Two people have got this tattoo so it would be cool as a couple’s tattoo or maybe as a matching tattoo for you and your friend or family member.

Three Tiny Stars

Source: @wickynicky

40. Trendy and Bold Hand Tattoo

If you want a tattoo that makes you stand out from the crowd, then this is the design for you. Here we have hand tattoo that features lots of small black ink stars. The stars start near the wrist and end at the tip of the little finger. It is a bold tattoo and you can recreate this or try the stars in a different color.

41. Large Star Constellation Tattoo

Next, we have a tattoo that is perfect for the stargazers. This design features the Orion star constellation. It is such a cool piece of body art and it really does make a statement. Recreate this or choose a different star constellation. You can have a smaller version tattooed too.

Large Star Constellation Tattoo

Source: @abrahaoana

We hope you have found inspiration from our impressive list of star tattoos!

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