23 African Hair Braiding Styles We’re Loving Right Now

One of the most popular hairstyles for black women are African braids. There are so many different ways to wear the braids so each style can be unique. It isn’t just the endless design possibilities of the braids that make them a must-have. These styles suit all ages and most of them suit any occasion too. So, they are stylish, versatile and easy to wear. With all that said, we have 23 gorgeous African hair braiding styles to show you. We have lemonade braids, feed in braids, cornrows and more. There are even some funky color ideas for women that like to go all out with their hair. Make sure to take a look!

1. Rainbow Lemonade Braids

We would like to begin our list of African hair braiding styles by showing you these amazing rainbow lemonade braids. For this look, the hair is beautifully braided into a long side swept style. The hair starts black and then different colors are added to six of the braids. The colors range from red to purple. It is such an awesome idea and it is great way to wear bold colors. This fun hairstyle is perfect for the summer season.

2. Beautiful Braided Bun

Braided buns are another popular protective style that is loved by many women. The hair is styled into chunky cornrow braids and they are tied up into an elegant bun. This is a stunning hairstyle and it can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. You can recreate this bun or wear it higher or lower on the head.

Beautiful Braided Bun

Source: @elizabethmichaelofficial

3. Blonde Lemonade Braids

Next, we have another must-have hairstyle. Here we have honey blonde lemonade braids. The braids are long, beautiful and have a simple and stunning braided pattern. Hair like this is easy to wear and will suit everyone but it is also a trendy look loved by many celebrities. Try the honey blonde version if you want to wear a new color as well as style. If the blonde isn’t for you, then you can recreate the braids in any color of your choice.

4. Stylish Cornrow Braids

If you like to wear stylish braided patterns, then this hair idea is for you. Here we have five long feed in braids. The feed in braids are chunky with smaller braids one each side. It is a gorgeous hairstyle and it will give you an edgy and unique look. We think this hairstyle would look amazing in a different color such as red or even blonde.

Stylish Cornrow Braids

Source: @thechair_beautyloft

5. Bob Braids with Triangle Parts

This next braided hairstyle is one of our favorites! For this look, the braids are bob length with triangle parts. The hair is also a warm multi tone copper shade. This style is complete with glam gold accessories. It is a statement making style and it will wow. You can recreate the whole look or you can try the accessorized bob in a different hair color.

6. Knotless Box Braids Bun

Looking for a cute and easy to wear hairstyle? If so, this is for you! This look features simple and long knotless braids that are styled into a sky high bun. Hair like this can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion and it will suit all ages. This hairstyle is great for the summer season because all your hair is up and easy to manage.

7. African Cornrows with Cords

Next, we have beautiful and simple cornrows. The hair is braided into a stylish pattern and is accessorized with gold and colorful cords and a cute heart charm. This is a pretty hairstyle and you can recreate this or use different accessories. Try to keep the gold cord because that really jazzes up the hair.

Long Braids with Cords

Source: @cutelooksdar

8. Trendy Patterned Braids

We love this next hairstyle because it has such a chic and trendy braided pattern. So, here we have six feed in braids with two mini braids on each side. The different braid thicknesses and the simple pattern really make a statement. This is a gorgeous hairstyle, that you can easily recreate or use a different amount of braids. A five braid version would look great as well.

9. Bohemian Feed in Braids

When braiding your hair, you don’t have to braid all of it. You can leave the feed in hair loose to achieve another popular braiding hairstyle. This hair idea shows how to wear the bohemian look in style. The hair is braided into feed in braids and some of the hair is left loose and curly. This is such a beautiful and stylish way to have the best of both worlds – you can have those trendy braids with luscious curls.

Bohemian Feed in Braids

Source: @_jazitup

10. Gorgeous Zig Zag Twist Braids

Another way that you can jazz up your braids is by using different partings. There are lots of different patterns to try but this one features zig zag! The hair is styled into beautiful twists with zig zag parts. As you can see, this really makes the simple style unique and statement making. Recreate this look or you can use the zig zags with any type of braid.

11. Cornrow Braids

We’re always on the hunt for trendy African hair braiding styles, so we were pretty happy when we stumbled upon these pretty cornrow braids. For this look, the hair is styled into six long braids. There are also mini braids on either side of each one which creates a unique and trendy pattern. Hair like this is bold and easy to wear. You can recreate this or you can try adding accessories or try a different hair color. Ombre color would look amazing with a style like this.

Cornrow Braids

Source: @braided__

12. Chunky Braids with Triangle Parts

The next hairstyle features more must-have parting patterns. So, we have chunky and long African braids. Each braid also has mini braids with triangle parts. The hair is also finished off with gold accessories. We love everything about this style from the trendy triangles to the glam accessories. It is perfect for the ladies who want a stylish, fresh and beautiful hairdo.

13. Long African Braids

If you want hair that is easy to wear and that looks effortlessly gorgeous, then this is for you. Here we have long braids with a unique braided pattern. The mini pattern is stylish and quite subtle so it isn’t too over the top. So, it is great for the ladies who want to try something new without being too bold. Recreate the long braids or this style would look also beautiful in a shorter length such as a bob.

14. Braided Half Up Bun

This next hairstyle is another one of our favorites! Here we have braided hair with a few different elements. The front of the hair is styled into four big cornrows while the back of the hair is styled into jumbo box braids. All of the cornrows are also tied up to create a half bun style. If that wasn’t enough, the braids are also accessorized! It is a stunning and statement making style and you will give everyone hair envy if you recreate it.

15. Criss Cross Braids

Next, we have another beautiful braided pattern to show you. This time the braids have an intricate criss cross design. It is such a stunning and amazing hair idea, it looks like a work of art. Hair like this is stylish, easy to wear and it will suit everyone. You can recreate this or even try the pattern with a shorter braid length.

16. Braided Bob

Love the braided bobs? If so, you need to check this out! This version of the style features a long bob length and a beautiful braided pattern on one side of the head. This is a cute and pretty hairstyle. Try something similar or the hair can be even shorter. You can also use a different braided pattern on the side. The possibilities are endless with a stylish bob.

17. Ombre Braided Bun

If you are thinking about trying a beautiful braided bun, then this is for you. Here we have long and thin African braids that are styled into a high bun. As the braids are tied up, they show a stylish pattern underneath too. Not only that, but the braids have ombre color which gives the bun that trendy multi tone look. This is a pretty hairstyle that will suit any occasion. Recreate this or try a different hair color for the ombre.

Ombre Braided Bun

Source: @fancy_claws

18. Locs, Braids and Curls

We love this next hair idea! This look features different popular styles all in one! The hair is styled into beautiful braids, faux locs and curls. All of these elements create such an amazing hairstyle. It is just gorgeous and you can try this or you can try the hair in a shorter length. This will definitely glam up your look.

Braids Faux Locs and Curls

Source: @1755braids

19. Trendy Braids with Accessories

Next, we have more trendy braids to show you. Here we have long braids. Two braids are also crossed over too. Most of the braids are also accessorized with gold cords, cuffs and more. This is an edgy and beautiful hairstyle that is perfect for the ladies who like to stand out. Try a similar style or you can jazz it up with different accessories such as beads or even with a bold hair color.

Trendy Braids with Accessories

Source: @braidsbyleesh

20. Elegant Braided Updo

Looking for an elegant braided updo? If so, this is perfect for you! For this look, the hair is braided into a simple and chic pattern. The braids are also twisted and tied up to create a low and beautiful bun. This is a gorgeous hairstyle and it would be great for special occasions, weddings and parties. Keep it simple like this or you can add accessories such as pearls and flowers.

21. Layered Braids

If all the bold hair colors and trendy braided patterns are not for you, then you need to see this style. Here we have long African braids that are simple with a center parting. As you can see, the hair is so chic and easy to wear. This hairstyle will suit all ages and it will look amazing on everyone. It can also be dressed up or down. Hair like this is versatile and no-fuss. The style would look great in a shorter length as well.

22. Beautiful Multi Braid Pattern

The next hair idea features another stylish and beautiful braided pattern. The hair has chunky braids with mini braids in-between and they do create a cool zig zag style look. This is a bold, fun and trendy hairstyle. Recreate this or try wearing a new hair color. Blonde would look amazing with this braided hairstyle.

23. Long Cornrows

Last on our list of African hair braiding styles is this stunning cornrow look. The hair is braided into long and stylish cornrows that are worn to the side. It is a sleek, neat and stunning hair idea that will suit everyone. Try a similar style or you can try the look in a bright blonde color, that would be gorgeous. If recreating the style, keep the hair long for the wow factor.

We hope you have found a stunning braided hairstyle to try!

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