23 Most Amazing Halloween Makeup Looks We’ve Ever Seen

Still not decided on what makeup to wear this Halloween? Then we have you covered. We have found 23 of the most amazing Halloween makeup looks that will make your jaw drop from either fright, awesomeness or freakiness. Take a look and see what there is to offer! We have a a range of Halloween makeup ideas from glam skulls to weird illusions.

1. Skeleton Makeup with Rhinestones

The first idea we have to share with you is this crystal skeleton makeup. This skeleton Halloween makeup has the classic design features like the dark eyes and nose but with a glam twist. The artist has added Swarovski crystals and spikes to create eye sockets, teeth and more. You can buy crystals and spikes online to create your own sparkly skull.

2. Witch Doctor Halloween Makeup

Next, we have a unique and creative idea. This artist has created a creepy witch doctor look with feathers, beads and skull like makeup. Makeup like this will look awesome at a party and it is perfect for whoever is looking for a different idea other than vampires and other classics.

Witch Doctor Halloween Makeup and Costume Idea

Source: @nikki.paint

3. Intergalactic Skeleton Makeup

Our next pick is out of this world. Here we have an intergalactic skeleton makeup idea. The face has a skull design with added stars while the body has been painted with ribs and a galaxy inspired background. If you are going to a party just recreate the face and wear a costume, but if you just want cool makeup to try, then have a go at the whole look.

4. Scary Cracked Doll with Spiders

Cracked face makeup is very popular at Halloween but here is a scary design that is different from the rest. This artist has created a cracked doll like face with the addition of huge spiders! It is illusion makeup where it appears spiders are coming out of the cracks in her face. Makeup like this would freak anyone out who sees it.

Scary Cracked Doll Makeup with Spiders

Source: @real.alterface

5. Pop Art Zombie Halloween Makeup

Next, we have a pop art inspired zombie idea. Pop art is bright and bold so many may not think of a design like this for Halloween. However, as you can see, this pastel pop art zombie makeup looks awesome. You can recreate a similar look to this one or use your own color palette of vibrant shades.

Pop Art Zombie Halloween Makeup

Source: @ellie35x

6. Scary Half Face Pumpkin Makeup

Half makeup designs are loved at Halloween and this idea uses that look in an unusual way. Generally, the half makeup runs down the face, however this artist has created the look across to create a mask like design. We love this idea because it is unique and creepy. You can use the half pumpkin look like featured or use a different scary creature.

7. Nightmare Before Christmas Sally

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an iconic movie about Halloween and Christmas, and this next idea was inspired by the character Sally. The artist has created an amazing look with the makeup, costume and hair. She has also added 3D stitches rather than painting them onto the skin. You can find tutorials for this online. 3D stitches will give your makeup a jaw-dropping look.

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Halloween Costume

Source: @cheestarr

8. Illusion Pumpkin Clown

Clowns can be terrifying which is why they inspire so many Halloween costumes. Our next idea features unique clown makeup. The artist has created illusion makeup with a pumpkin clown design. Makeup like this is perfect for Halloween! We love the mouth design as this would look amazing when it’s dark.

9. Wonder Woman Makeup & Costume Idea

Want to be a superhero this Halloween, instead of a villain? Then this idea is for you. Here we have a jaw-dropping Wonder Woman Halloween costume idea. This look is a pop art version of the popular character. We think this idea is amazing because the makeup has completely transformed her face. You can find the list of products you will need on the featured artists page.

Amazing Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Idea

Source: @jordanhanz

10. Colorful Skull Makeup

Add a pop of color to your Halloween look with colorful skull makeup like this. The makeup is a half design and the skull side features vibrant shades including pink and blue. This is a unique idea perfect for anyone who wants to join in Halloween but doesn’t want to be dark and gloomy.

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