41 DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween

Let’s face it, it’s hard work trying to come up with a unique and original Halloween costume these days. Everyone seems to have done all the ‘classic’ characters already, and putting your own individual spin on the outfit as a whole has never been so important. One thing you can do to ensure you definitely get it right this year is to look at DIY couples costumes for Halloween. Why wouldn’t you want your BAE to get in on all the action?

1. Mexican + Piñata

It’s a little naughty for some, but with the assistance of some brightly coloured paper, some creative skills, and a boyfriend / significant other who doesn’t mind carrying a fake baseball bat and ‘bopping’ you with it from time to time, you could have amazing Mexican + Piñata DIY couples customers for Halloween. For a more exciting and scary twist, you could even add more graphic makeup to the mix – how about a ‘Day of the Dead’ type look? It’s the season to be scary after all.

2. 1920’s Couple

Of course, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated Halloween look this year, you could always look to this 1920’s couple for inspiration, and again, you could zombie / death the entire look up if you wanted to. It just depends on how scary you want things to get. A flapper dress is easily enough purchased these days, and that pinstriped suit will help to complete his look. The only thing we think could have made this costume better is if he had been rocking a killer mustache. But that’s just our opinion…

1920s Couple Costume for Halloween

Source: @ali_hager

3. Mulder + Scully

We loved the X-Files the first time around, and when Mulder and Scully came back to our screens again recently, we couldn’t help but jump for joy. In fact, when we’re talking all things supernatural and scary, you can’t go far wrong with a little bit of X-Files inspiration. What do you think? Could you and your significant other rock this for Halloween? It’s a simple one to achieve – you just need the right clothing choices. And a fake FBI badge … obviously.

4. Butterfly + Butterfly Catcher

It’s hardly scary but there’s something very cute about DIY couples costumes for Halloween like this one – the butterfly and the butterfly catcher. It’s like the cutest look you could go for. He just needs the right hat, a net, and some beige coloured clothing to complete his look, and a bit of well-constructed facial hair seems to be a must, judging from this amazing costume. Her look is a simple butterfly costume, and you can get those from most fancy dress stores. It’s simple yet effective. Great for a last minute idea when all the other scary costume designs have been exhausted.

Butterfly Catcher DIY Couple Halloween Costume

Source: @ashbrat7

5. Magician + Bunny

An age-old classic, the magician and the bunny rabbit is a great idea for a DIY couples costume for Halloween, and it’s actually not that difficult as long as you plan this one out in advance. If you want to get an actual costume from a fancy dress store, you may want to enquire in advance – the Halloween stuff will sell out long before the big day comes around! Thankfully, this couple have DIY’d it brilliantly. She’s wearing white leggings and a white tee, with a fluffy white waistcoat / body warmer over the top, and then a pair of bunny ears and some cute bunny-like makeup has been added to finish it all off. His look is a simple black suit – white shirt combo, with an added black waistcoat and top hat, and rather than wearing the jacket, a black cape has been added instead. You can buy these from most places for super cheap, especially online.

Magician and Bunny DIY Couple Halloween Costume

Source: @b_post

6. Walter White + Blue Sky

Breaking Bad was such a huge hit all over the world, so it just makes sense to recreate the look for a good ol’ fancy dress part. We love this – the idea of using Walter White and Blue Sky (otherwise known as the product made and sold by Heisenberg), as a DIY couples costume for Halloween. It’s all about the outfit and hat when it comes to Walter White, plus that brilliant facial hair too. If you’re trying to get your other half to dress up as him, encourage him to grow his beard soon! You’ll want to let him embrace his hairy side for this look. And for yours – a big zip lock bag filled with anything blue that looks like it could be Blue Sky. Genius idea, right?

7. Harry Potter + Hermione

We think this DIY couples costume for Halloween is a simple genius idea – Harry Potter and Hermione, a look that’s definitely going to get people talking for all the right reasons. If you don’t have the chance to get your Halloween costume together nice and early, you can DIY this look with ease. She’s wearing a white shirt, black skirt, black knee-high socks and black shoes, and the Harry Potter scarf added around the neck just completes the look. For Harry, it’s all about the glasses. Add a striped shirt, black trousers, and a black cape (you’ll want to make sure you buy this in advance), and you have the perfect Harry Potter costume – wand not always necessary!

Harry Potter DIY Couple Halloween Costume

Source: @chailatte87

8. Wayne’s World

There’s no way you can dress up as the dudes from Wayne’s World without singing Bohemian Rhapsody at least once, and according to Mike Myers, the film wouldn’t have gone ahead at all if that song hadn’t been in it. He threatened to walk if they took out the song. Coming back to Halloween 2019, and this Wayne’s World DIY couples costume for Halloween is easily replicated with some good old 80’s classics. Those jeans are a particular favourite, and don’t forget all about the wigs either!

9. Joker + Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad was a massive hit this year, and whether you loved it or you hated it, you can’t deny that the Joker and Harley Quinn come together to create one of the best love stories ever. Admittedly he’s tried to kill her a lot over the years, but somehow they always manage to make it work … or do they? (Don’t worry, we won’t ruin the movie!) We think this couples costume for Halloween is genius, and great if you want to get a little creative!

10. Ghost Buster + Ghost

Who doesn’t love Ghostbusters, let’s be honest. Although, to be fair, the new one was met by mixed reviews but we haven’t seen that yet so we couldn’t possibly comment… Let’s take things back to the eighties though, and dress up as our favourite Ghostbusters character, complete with ghost and ghost-gun! Brown coveralls could be used to recreate this look, and you can buy Ghostbusters patches if you don’t feel creative enough to come up with your own. Either way we love it. How about you?

Ghostbuster DIY Couple Halloween Costume

Source: @ellensarahh

11. Skeleton Couple

The ‘Day of the Dead’ / skeleton look is very big this year, and when it comes to DIY couples costumes for Halloween, we think this one gets it spot on. With the right makeup skills (and the help of a few tutorials online), you could be a scary skeletal couple, and with the right outfit, it’ll be a Halloween to remember for all the right reasons. Here’s a fun piece of Halloween trivia for you – it was apparent immigrants from Europe who brought the traditions of All Hallow’s Eve to the States, and the idea behind it was to start a big fire and have a good song and dance around it dressed as everything spooky. Back then it was said to symbolise the celebration of a good harvest.

DIY Skeleton Couple Halloween Costume and Makeup Idea

Source: @emfoo

12. Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is an amazing film, and the two main characters – Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace – provide the perfect DIY couples costume for Halloween. Think about it – it’s all very simple really. She’s wearing a fitted white shirt and black pants, he’s wearing a white shirt, black suit, and cowboy-esque neck tie. Stick a short dark coloured wig on her, and some beautiful bold red lips, and what do you have? A great Halloween costume idea, that’s what.

DIY Pulp Fiction Couple Halloween Costume

Source: @emily_rita

13. Astronaut + Alien

It seems that NASA are releasing new space every other day, and with astronauts like Chris Hadfield and Tim Peake becoming more and more popular, we can’t think of a better time than to come up with a Halloween costume that’s space and galaxy themed. And for once, we aren’t talking about Star Wars. There are plenty of space styles you could for this year, but we think this astronaut and alien couples costume is a great idea. You could get super creative with the alien, making it look exactly how you think an alien should look, and the astronaut is simply a white boiler suit with some cleverly placed patches, and a white helmet.

Astronaut Alien DIY Couple Halloween Costume

Source: @ianwalsh

14. Dee Dee + Dexter

We think this would make for a great DIY couples costume for Halloween, and we also think it would make a great daddy / daughter costume too. Genius idea, right? Perfect for when you’re struggling to come up with interesting ideas to take the kids trick or treating this year. The idea of dressing up as ghosts, ghouls and all things spooky for All Hallow’s Eve actually comes from the old Celtic tradition and celebration of Samhaim – the harvest. They believed that in dressing up, they could prevent actual ghosts and ghouls from working out who they were. It seems like a great plan to us.

15. Pablo Escobar + Cocaine

Do you know where trick or treating first started? Not that we’re saying you’re going to go trick or treating, of course, but with Halloween costumes as great as these, it sure would be a shame not to go … Imagine the free candy! Anyway, coming back to our Halloween trivia, and the practice of trick or treating actually comes from Ireland and not the USA. Back then, the poor would collect a bunch of stuff from the rich, and everyone would celebrate. Although, to be fair, everyone would be celebrating if Pablo Escobar was spreading the ‘love’ / white stuff!

16. Amish Couple

Although not traditionally known as creepy or particularly Halloween-y, an Amish couple is a great way to dress up and embrace other cultures at the same time. Could you give up your cell phone for the night though? Or your iPad? iPod? Alcohol … ? The Amish have pretty strict rules when it comes to living life – they don’t like things that make life easy. They prefer horse-drawn carts to tractors, and they ban things like smoking, drinking alcohol, and even coffee. That all sounds pretty scary to us!

DIY Amish Couple Halloween Costume Idea

Source: @la_reinita

17. Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill … not something that would usually be scary, unless you’re Netflix Chillin’ with some of the people that we’ve Netflix and Chilled with! But what a great idea, and a simple one at that. In order to get this DIY couples costume for Halloween kicked off, you’ll need to make a Netflix pass – a big piece of cardboard and a bit of craziness with the red paint will sort that out. She’s wearing an all-black outfit which most of us could recreate without even trying, and he’s basically in his pyjamas, the word ‘chill’ thrown in to make everything nice and obviously Because there’s nothing worse than endless questions like, “What have you dressed up as?”

Netflix and Chill DIY Couple Halloween Costume

Source: @lizbacon

18. Winnie the Pooh Maternity Costume

Being pregnant isn’t easy, especially when it comes to the big events – Halloween, Christmas, New Year, that kind of thing. Why not embrace everything that pregnancy brings this Halloween however, and even make a play on it. In this case, the big belly very reminiscent of Pooh Bear’s honey-filled gut. It’s a very simple outfit, and one that’s definitely cute. But if she’s wishing she wasn’t pregnant at this festive time of year, she probably should have remembered to keep him out of her honey pot!

19. Litter Box + Kitty

Do you want to know what’s super scary? Cleaning the cat litter. It’s a job that none of us relish, and this couple have made a brilliant play but dressing up as a cat and it’s litter box as a DIY couples costume for Halloween. The cat outfit is simple enough to recreate – haven’t we all done it a thousand times before? And the litter box is easily recreated at home using a large cardboard box and some imaginative creative skills. A job well done, we’d say!

Litter Box Kitty DIY Couple Halloween Costume

Source: @mitchilino

20. Dexter + Victim

If you were as obsessed with Dexter as we were, you’ll appreciate this DIY couples costume for Halloween as much as we did. And the good news is, with this outfit, you have options! Dexter is super simple to recreate, and for the most part, as long as you’re wearing something beige or khaki underneath and that big apron over the top, you can get away with most things. The female side of things could either be a victim of Dexter’s (and we love this cling-film look), or Dexter’s sister … Just some food for thought.

21. Hippie Couple

The hippie couple isn’t exactly a scary one, but when it comes to spreading love and peace, you can’t beat them. These are a must-have couple for any party to help calm things down if they get too heated! This really is a costume that’s loads of fun to play around with, and you can be as bold and as bright with it as you dare. One thing is for sure – you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Hippie DIY Couple Halloween Costume

Source: @srrydarlin

22. Cute Mermaid and Sailor

Next, we have a couples costume with a little bit of magic. One has dressed up as sailor and the other is dressed up as a mystical mermaid. It is such a cute idea and it is quite simple to recreate too. You can try similar costumes to these or you can go all out with the mermaid and wear more shells, wear mermaid scale makeup and more. Either way, you both will look awesome.

23. Britney and Justin Costumes

This next idea is one of our favorites! Here we have a costume inspired by those iconic double denim outfits worn by Britney and Justin in 2001. This is such a creative and unique idea. A costume like this will require some creativity but once you are armed with lots of denim, you can recreate something similar. You could also be inspired by this and wear a different celebrity couples memorable outfits.

24. Peter Pan and Tiger Lily

Are you a fan of the movie Peter Pan? If so, you will love this next idea. This couple have chosen to dress up as Peter Pan and Tiger Lily. It is perfect for the couples who want a fun, magical and unique costume. You can recreate this look or you can base your costumes on two different characters from the movie.

25. Harry Potter Inspired Costumes

The next costume idea is inspired by Harry Potter. One is dressed up as Harry Potter complete with the lightening scar and the other is wearing a Hermione costume which even includes a Time Turner. As they are wizards, it is perfect for Halloween. Wear similar costumes to these or wear costumes that look your favorite characters from the Wizarding World.

Harry Potter and Hermione Couples Costume

Source: @jnnfr__k

26. Game of Thrones Costume Ideas

Love Game of Thrones? Then check out these costumes. Here we have a version of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. The Jon Snow costume has the hair and cape while the costume inspired by Daenerys is complete with a tiny dragon. It is a cool idea that is a must-have for GOT fans. It would be perfect for a party.

Game of Thrones Costume Ideas

Source: @jnnfr__k

27. Puppet and Puppet Master

If you want to look creepy this Halloween, then this idea is perfect for you. This couple have dressed up as a puppet and a puppet master. The puppet has a spooky doll face and she has strings attached to her too. We love this idea because it is a unique version of the popular Halloween doll costumes. There are tutorials for doll makeup online and you can make the strings yourself with yarn.

Puppet and Puppet Master Couples Costume

Source: @angelomunji

28. Funny Breakfast Club DIY Costumes

This next costume is one of our favorites because it is fun, unique and creative. The two have created a costume inspired by the movie The Breakfast Club. One is wearing an egg with the word breakfast written on it and the other is holding a golf club with a sign that says club. This is perfect for the couples who want to have a laugh. It would be a great last minute costume too.

Funny Breakfast Club Costumes

Source: @ce.jordan

29. Huntsman and the Deer

Next, we have a cool and unusual costume for couples. This time one is dressed up as a beautiful deer complete with floral antlers and the other is dressed as a huntsman. With costumes like these, you will look great as individuals as well as a couple too. You can find deer makeup tutorials online.

Huntsman and the Deer

Source: @oryan_makeup_artist

30. Spooky Skeleton Costumes

If you want to look spooky and scary this Halloween, then you need to see this costume. Here we have a glam and Gothic skeleton couple. One is wearing skull makeup with a stunning black lace dress and the other is wearing similar skull makeup with a suit and top hat. Costumes like these are perfect for a party!

31. Couples Costumes Inspired by the Handmaid’s Tale

The next costume idea is inspired by the Handmaid’s Tale. One is dressed up in the iconic red outfit and she has a baby bump too, while the guy is wearing a black suit. It is a cool and popular look that many will instantly recognize. You can buy Handmaid’s Tale costumes online and it is a great maternity costume too.

32. Cute Ice Cream Costumes

This next idea is so cute and unique. One half of the couple is dressed up as an ice cream and the other is wearing an ice cream man’s costume. It is a quirky idea and you can recreate the costume in any ice cream flavor, so make sure to pick your favorite. The ice cream costume is great for those who like to make their costume or you can buy costumes like these online.

Cute Ice Cream Costumes

Source: @shopthepinkdinosaur

33. Spooky Sugar Skulls

Sugar skulls are one of the most popular Halloween costumes and next we have a spooky version for couples. These two have color coordinating sugar skull makeup. Both are wearing vibrant versions of the sugar skull and the flowers on his face match her floral headband. You can wear any clothing with the sugar skull makeup and there are lots of makeup tutorials online so there is a sugar skull look for everyone.

34. Incredibles Couples Costumes

Next, we have costumes inspired by the Incredibles! One is dressed up as Edna and the other is wearing a Jack-Jack costume. This is a fun idea that is perfect for those who love the movie and superheroes. You can recreate these costumes or you can dress up as the other characters in the movie.

Incredibles Costumes

Source: @kaestlecast

35. Sexy Couples Costume Idea

The next idea features a sexy couples costume. Here we have a bride and groom inspired look. The guy is wearing a suit and his other half is wearing a white veil with lingerie and the costumes are complete with blood. If this look isn’t for you, then you create similar version with a white lace top and skirt or a dress.

36. Carmen Sandiego and Where’s Wally

Looking for unique costumes? If so, this idea is for you. This couple are both dressed as different characters. One is dressed up as Wally from Where’s Wally and the other is wearing a Carmen Sandiego costume. It is a fun idea and these costumes would be great for couples who travel as both characters are often seen in different locations.

Carmen Sandiego and Where's Wally

Source: @slevitz

37. Bonnie and Clyde Inspired Costumes

This next couples costume was inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. They are both wearing vintage style clothes and they have fake gory bullet wounds. It is a creepy and unique idea. It is perfect for those who want to dress up as something different. You can find tutorials for bullet wounds online and you will be able to find similar clothes online.

38. Funny Old Married Couple

Are you and your other half like an old married couple? If so, this idea could be perfect! These two have dressed up for Halloween in their pajamas complete with rollers, cups of tea and glasses. So, they look like an old married couple! It is a funny idea and these will be the comfiest costumes too. Also, this look is easy to create and they will be great last minute costumes.

Funny Old Married Couple

Source: @jessicakojder

39. Unique Movie Inspired Costumes

The next costumes are perfect for those who love the movies. One is dressed up as a box of popcorn and the other is wearing a Wolverine costume. You can take inspiration from this and dress up as popcorn and your other half can dress up as their favorite movie or the other way around. It is a fun idea and the possible costumes that you can create are endless.

Unique Movie Inspired Costumes

Source: @v_wayfarer

40. Costumes Inspired by The Purge

Next we have scary costumes that are based on the movie The Purge. Both are wearing stylish clothes with super creepy masks. They both have fake blood on their clothes to and one is carrying a baseball bat. Costumes like these are quite simple to create and you can Purge masks online. You will give everyone a fright with these costumes!

41. Mermaid and Sailor Couples Costumes

Earlier in the post we featured mermaid and sailor costumes. If you liked that idea, then you need to check out this one too. This is another version of the look. As you can see, you can create many different mermaid and sailor costumes. We love this one because it has an Ariel vibe.

Mermaid and Sailor Couples Costumes

Source: @jnnfr__k

So there you have them – some of the best DIY couples costumes for Halloween. Which one do you feel inspired by? More importantly, which one do you think you could get your significant other to agree to? We’d love to see what you come up with!

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