23 Henna Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Women

Henna is a beautiful and temporary way to decorate the body. There are so many stunning Henna tattoo designs that you can wear, from traditional patterns to modern looks that feature birds and more. Not only are henna tattoos versatile in design, but also in how you can wear them. Mehndi designs can be worn for weddings, birthdays and other special events. Also, they can be worn on vacation and for more casual occasions. The possible ways to wear are endless. To give you some inspiration, we have found 23 amazing henna tattoo designs. There is something for everyone and we also have different and unique color options. If you are new to henna and how it looks, then you are in for a treat!

1. Elegant White Henna Tattoo Designs

The first idea that we have to show you is so elegant. This henna was created for a bride and both hands are adorned. It is a stunning white design that includes flowers and more. Sparkly glitter has also been added. It is a beautiful idea and it is perfect for anyone who wants to wear henna for a wedding.

Elegant White Henna Tattoo Designs

Source: @airamyhenna

2. Floral Henna on the Feet and Legs

A lot of henna designs are for the hands but another popular place to have the temporary tattoo is on the feet. Here is a beautiful example and this is one of our favorite ideas. Arabic henna has been used and a floral design is placed on the feet and legs. The flowers look stunning and the placement is amazing. Henna like this will be perfect for the summer.

Floral Henna on the Feet and Legs

Source: @mehandibyfareedaandstaff

3. Bold Red Henna

There are different colors of henna available. If you want to make a bold statement, then we recommend red. As you can see in the image below, red henna looks so bright and beautiful. For this look, a leafy design has been placed across the hands and fingers. There is also a chevron design on the tops of the fingers too. It is a vibrant and stylish henna look to try.

4. Pretty Hummingbird and Flower Design

When choosing a henna design, you can be unique and creative. You don’t have to choose a traditional pattern, you could go for something cute and modern like this. This mehndi design features a hummingbird and a tropical flower. You could choose henna like this if you are going on holiday or it would be great for the summer too. Recreate this or choose any bird and flower combo.

Pretty Hummingbird and Flower Design

Source: @hauoli_henna

5. Beautiful Hand Henna

The next idea is beautiful and intricate. Here we have another henna design for the hands. The tips of the fingers and a section of the hand feature block color, while the rest of the hand is decorated with dots, flowers and more. It is a stunning design and you can view a YouTube tutorial for this henna on the link below.

Beautiful Hand Henna

Source: @taec_henna

6. Wrist and Finger Henna

Next, we have a simpler idea to show you. For this, bracelet style henna has been used on the wrist. The design extends onto one finger too. It is a cute and floral design. We love this because it looks like henna but also like a pretty piece of jewelry. This is another henna tattoo design that would look amazing during the summer.

Wrist and Finger Henna

Source: @radhashenna

7. Group Henna Tattoo Designs

If you are having a party or other celebration, then you could choose group henna. Here we have a group of five that have chosen to have stunning henna tattoo designs placed on the hands. Each design looks amazing! Recreate these with your friends or family. You can also just recreate one of these designs on yourself.

8. Glam Gold Henna

We love this next idea because it is so beautiful and glam. The design is again on the hand and it features an ornate and elegant design in gold and silver henna colors. This gold and silver combination is just amazing and a similar henna tattoo would be perfect for a special occasion. Recreate this or try and create your own mixed metal mehndi.

9. Floral Henna with a Pop of Color

Add a pop or of color to your look with henna like this! Here we have a beautiful floral pattern that is placed on the palm of the hand. The design extends onto the fingers and ends with a bright orange color on the tips. We love the orange because it is bright, bold and stunning. You can recreate this or try a different design with a different color on the tips of the fingers.

10. Ornate Henna on the Feet

If you love the ornate and intricate patterns, then you need to see this next idea. Here we have a henna tattoo for the foot. The design covers the top of the foot, some of the sole and it extends onto the ankle. Lots of different styles of henna have also been used including nets, repeat patterns, flowers and more. It is an amazing piece of art. Try this on one foot or both.

Ornate Henna on the Feet

Source: @tanuusmani_henna

11. Hand and Wrist Henna Design

Next, we have a beautiful henna design for the hand and wrist. There is one large section of henna that begins on the index finger and it ends on the wrist. The other fingers are adorned with intricate patterns too. This is a large piece of body art and it makes a stunning statement. Recreate the whole design or you can just use sections of it.

12. Intricate Henna for the Hands

This next henna tattoo is amazing! For this, both hands have been decorated with the same pattern. Block color is used on the tops of the fingers and the rest of the hands are covered in intricate patterns. We love the floral patterns because they are so pretty. Try and create a similar look or henna like this would look amazing in red or white too.

13. Elegant Henna on the Side of the Foot

If you like the henna tattoos for the feet, then you need to see this idea. The mehndi pattern has been placed on the sides of both feet. It is a beautiful red design and we love this because it looks like intricate lace. The placement, pattern and color all compliment each other perfectly. Recreate something similar or have the design on one foot. You can also try using other dye colors too.

14. Henna Design on the Thumb

Looking for a unique henna design? If so, this could be perfect for you! Here we have henna for the thumb. The design begins at the top of the thumb near the nail and extends down onto the wrist. Flowers, swirls and more patterns have also been used. The placement is amazing and we think it is a beautiful tattoo design. Try only this design or you can use patterns from this henna on the other fingers for a bolder piece of body art.

Henna Design on the Thumb

Source: @nida_creatives

15. Pretty Elephant Idea

The next idea is another one of our favorites! Here we have more henna on the sides of the feet. This time the design carries on onto the ankle too. It features a gorgeous red pattern that includes paisley and each foot is also decorated with an elephant. The elephant looks so pretty and the overall design is amazing. Try similar mehndi or you can use the elephant but experiment with different colors and patterns.

16. Botanical Red Henna

Leafy designs are very popular in henna and next we have a bright and bold design to show you. For this, a red botanical pattern has been placed along the top of the hand and onto three fingers. Flowers, dots and chevrons have also been added. It is a simple design but it makes such a statement. Try this or you could try the leafy pattern on the feet and legs too.

17. Matching Henna on the Feet

If you are looking for henna that will wow, this is for you. Here we have henna tattoos on both feet. The design includes a leafy net with a swirl pattern and more. These mendhi tattoos look amazing because they are so neat and intricate. Recreate the design on both feet or you can try the look on one foot. You can also make the design more subtle by maybe only having the net. There are many ways to make this henna look unique.

18. Floral Henna Design Idea

Love the floral henna designs? If so, this could be perfect for you! This mehndi tattoo features one large flower in the center of the hand and the fingers have smaller flowers too. Intricate patterns have also been used on all of the flowers. It is a stunning and pretty design. Try this or you could just have the large flower. A flower like this can be placed anywhere on the body.

19. Ornate Henna for the Hands

This next idea is just amazing. For this, the hand and and wrist have been adorned with very intricate patterns. Flowers, swirls, dots and more have all been used to create a gorgeous piece of body art. Henna like this is perfect for someone who wants a larger design that makes a stunning statement. This is another design that would look great in white or silver.

20. Stylish Henna Designs

A lot of the henna designs you will see will be matching. However, you can try using different patterns too. Here we have two different henna tattoo designs. One has been placed on the wrist and the other on the arm. Even though they aren’t matching, they still compliment each other because of the patterns and color. Recreate these stylish designs or try just one.

21. Red and Black Henna

Next, we have a stunning red and black henna design. This one features a black leafy design on the hands with two black lines on the fingers. Above the lines, red block color has been used on the tops of each finger. Red and black is a beautiful color combo and the red really makes a statement. Try this or you could try using orange color like the design we featured earlier.

Red and Black Henna

Source: @syiba.henna

22. Beautiful Design on the Hand

The next henna tattoo is on the hand. Instead of it covering the whole hand like on most of the others, this one has more of a unique design. This time, floral patterns are placed along the bottom of the hand and the design extends on the little finger only. It is a gorgeous idea and the placement looks amazing. This is an unusual and pretty design. Try on one hand or use on both.

23. Stunning Red Floral Henna

Last on our list of amazing henna tattoo designs is this stunning red design. An intricate floral pattern is placed across the tops of both hands. There is also a swirly pattern on the tops of some of the fingers. It is a very elegant, stylish and bold piece of body art that would be perfect for a special occasion. If you want to wear this design for a wedding, you could try it in white.

We hope you have found a beautiful henna tattoo to try.

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    Stunning designs. I am a fairly new henna artist but I know that henna is only one color unless you add dye which can be dangerous. Please use and show only natural home mixed henna to teach and show your work. Thank you.

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