43 Pretty Lily Tattoo Ideas for Women

Tattoo designs are often inspired by nature and flowers. One of the most popular flowers used are lilies. It is no surprise as lilies are beautiful flowers that come in a variety of different shapes and colors. Not only do the flowers look gorgeous, but they can also be symbols of prosperity, elegance, devotion and more. We love lily tattoos, so would like to share 43 gorgeous tattoo designs. You will find everything, from vibrant lilies to small and subtle tattoos. There is a lily tattoo for everyone.

1. Lily Tattoo with Diamonds

First up, we have this stylish lily tattoo idea with diamonds. The lily has been beautifully tattooed in black ink with two diamond outlines. We love this tattoo because it is trendy and the detailing on the lily is stunning. Recreate this tattoo or maybe choose your own shapes. You can have only one outline or even add some color.

Lily Tattoo with Diamonds

Source: @lucasmilk

2. Delicate and Colorful Lily Tattoo

Next, we have a colorful lily design to show you. The lilies have been delicately tattooed with soft lines and multiple shades of color. This is a gorgeous tattoo that will suit anyone. You can have a similar tattoo to this one or take inspiration from it and try different colors.

Delicate and Colorful Lily Tattoo Idea

Source: @zihee_tattoo

3. Lily and Moon Tattoo Design

Looking for a pretty tattoo idea? Then this design could be perfect! This tattoo features multiple lilies and a crescent moon with subtle charms dangling from it. All these elements create a magical tattoo that will enchant anyone who sees it.

Lily Flower and Moon Tattoo Design

Source: @aeri_tattoo

4. Bold and Beautiful Lilies

You can create a bold look with lilies. There are so many stunning colors and beautiful designs that you can choose. Here is an example of a vibrant lily tattoo. It is a rib tattoo that features multiple purple tone lilies. It is a gorgeous idea that will wow. Have a tattoo like this or choose your own bright colors.

Bold and Beautiful Lilies Tattoo Design

Source: @koray_karagozler

5. Badass, Lily Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Create a statement and have a lily sleeve tattoo! The arm has been covered in beautiful lilies. A tattoo like this is perfect for anyone who loves tattoos and wants their ink on show most of the time. For this one, the lilies look like a half sleeve on the forearm but you can have lilies tattooed all the way up the arm. Choose black ink like this for a simple but stylish look, or be bold with vibrant colors.

Badass, Lily Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Source: @lucasmilk

6. Geometric Lily Tattoo

Geometric tattoos have become very popular, which is no surprise as these designs look trendy and suit everyone. Here is an example of a geometric lily tattoo. A black ink lily has been tattooed with a triangle and on the inside of the triangle there is a lot of detail, but on the outside there is just the lily outline. This is such a cool and unique design! Recreate this look or you can even add color to the inside of the triangle and keep black ink on the outside.

7. Unique Lily and Map Tattoo Design

Searching for a unique tattoo? Then this lily design could be just what you are looking for! This tattoo features a map of the world with lilies around the outside. Ink like this is perfect for someone who loves traveling. You can recreate this tattoo with any map.

Unique Lily and World Map Tattoo Design

Source: @aeri_tattoo

8. Watercolor Lily Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos look so stylish and beautiful. These tattoos actually look like they have been painted onto the skin. Here we have a lily design that uses this technique. As you can see, the lily is unique and creative. A design like this will suit anyone and you can have a watercolor lily in any color of your choice.

9. Small Lily Ankle Tattoo

Our next idea is so cute and feminine. Here we have a lily tattoo on the ankle. An ankle tattoo like this is perfect for someone who wants to show off their ink and cover it up easily. As the design is small and subtle, it would also be great as a first tattoo, too.

Small Lily Ankle Tattoo

Source: @lucasmilk

10. Two Lilies

There are so many different types of lilies so why choose just one? Here we have a beautiful tattoo that uses two different lilies – calla lily that signifies magnificence and beauty and a true lily that signifies humility and devotion. As you can see, the two lilies compliment each other beautifully and the overall tattoo is so elegant and pretty. You can also pair lilies with other flowers, too.

Two Lilies Flower Tattoo Idea

Source: @aeri_tattoo

11. Simple Lily Tattoo Design

Next, we have a very pretty lily tattoo to share with you. We love this simple but beautiful design that has been tattooed in a cool place. Recreate this black ink design or add some color. The watercolor technique would be gorgeous on a flower like this.

Simple Lily Tattoo Design 

Source: @___danyul

12. Vibrant Lilies Arm Tattoo

Our next idea features vibrant lilies. The lilies have been tattooed beautifully in a dark pink tone. You can have a tattoo like this placed anywhere on the body. It is a cute and vibrant design that will suit anyone. If the dark pink is not for you, try a different bold color.

13. Black Ink Lily with Jewelry Feature

Lilies are a delicate and beautiful flower so they suit jewelry charm designs perfectly. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this next tattoo. This design has been tattooed on the wrist and features a black ink lily with jewelry charms dangling from it. This is a gorgeous, wrist tattoo that you can recreate in any color.

14. Lily Sternum Tattoo with Geometric Design

Sternum tattoos look so stylish! Here is a gorgeous example of a lily sternum tattoo. The design features two lilies, diamonds and a circle. Some outlines are a black line and some of the outlines are dotted. Overall, this a trendy tattoo that will look amazing on anyone!

Lily Sternum Tattoo with Geometric Design

Source: @lucasmilk

15. Double Lilies Flower Tattoo

Next, we have a double lily tattoo design. These lilies are very pretty and look like stargazer lilies. Around the outside, there is a moon. We love how the moon fits in with the stargazer lily theme. It is a cute and quirky tattoo that can be placed anywhere.

16. Delicate Lily Tattoo

Our next tattoo idea features a delicate and beautiful lily. The inked lines in this are so stunning and light. It actually looks like a drawing. Recreate this tattoo in black ink or add some color. Watercolor would look gorgeous, as it really will look like a sketch.

17. Lilies and Small Moon Tattoo Idea

Loved the moon and lily idea featured earlier? Then you may like this design too. Here are two small lilies that have been placed with a small moon. It is a simple and cute idea. Something like this would be great as a first tattoo and it can be tattooed anywhere.

18. Vibrant Yellow Lily Tattoo

Looking for a vibrant tattoo? Then this lily design may be for you. This tattoo features a bright yellow lily attached to a leafy green stem. It is a gorgeous design that captures the natural beauty of lilies perfectly. Have one lily like this or have multiple yellow ones for a statement making piece of body art.

19. Triangle Lily Tattoo

Next, we have another geometric design. This one features a lily that is inside a triangle frame. It is a cool, creative and unique tattoo. Recreate a black ink tattoo like this or add color. You can add color to the parts inside the frame and not the outside. Maybe even try the detail and outline design from earlier in the post.

Triangle Lily Tattoo Idea

Source: @lucasmilk

20. Lilies and a Hummingbird Tattoo

Lilies look beautiful when paired with other natural things such as birds. Here is a pretty example. This tattoo features lilies and other flowers with a gorgeous hummingbird. Hummingbird tattoo often represents overcoming difficult times. The overall design looks tropical and bold. Take inspiration and create something similar or try a different bird and different flowers with the lilies.

21. Bold and Colorful Lily Shoulder Tattoo

Thinking about having a bold tattoo? Then you need to check out this lily design. The lily is large and has been tattooed on the shoulder, it features a beautiful bright tone and looks inspired by a stargazer lily. We love this pretty tattoo idea!

22. Lily Arm Tattoo Idea

Our next idea is a stylish arm tattoo. On the arm, there is a black ink lily. The shading and detailing on this lily design is amazing. A tattoo on the arm will suit everyone. If you want a tattoo that is easier to cover up, have it higher on the arm, and if you like to show off your ink most of the time, have it on the lower arm.

Pretty Lily Arm Tattoo Idea

Source: @aeri_tattoo

23. Pretty Lily Tattoo with Jewelry Feature

Last on our list is this lily tattoo with a jewelry feature. The lily has been tattooed on the rib and it is a beautiful purple color. Underneath the lily, there is a stunning charm design. There is also a name, but you can recreate this with or without the name. You can also use a quote instead of someone’s name.

24. Beautiful Botanical Heart with a Lily

Next, we have a beautiful and unique botanical design. This tattoo features a heart shape that is made of flowers and there is a gorgeous lily too. You can recreate the heart or try a different shape. Also, keep it simple like this or you can add more flowers and color. No matter how you wear it, this tattoo will look cute!

Beautiful Botanical Heart with a Lily

Source: @ladyhans

25. Chic and Stylish Lily Tattoo

The next tattoo that we have to show you is so chic and stylish. Here we have two lilies that have been tattooed on the top area of the arm. The lilies are black ink and they look like a beautiful illustration. A design like this is timeless and will suit anyone. Recreate this tattoo or you can try a similar lily design in a different size, elsewhere on the body.

Chic and Stylish Lily Tattoo

Source: @aeri_tattoo

26. Bright and Beautiful Lilies

Looking for a bolder tattoo? If so, you need to check out this next idea. This design features lots of different lilies that are tattooed along the top area of the shoulder. The tattoo begins on the shoulder and ends on the chest. It is a stunning design and the bright shades used for the lilies are just beautiful. A tattoo like this will make you stand out from the crowd. Try the red design or try the lilies in a different color. Soft pink would look amazing.

27. Cute Lily and Daffodil Design

You can add different flowers to the design too. This next tattoo is a great example. Here we have a small tattoo that features one lily and one daffodil. Both are brightly colored. As you can see, the two flowers look so pretty together. Recreate this beautiful design or you can try a lily with any flower of your choice.

28. Dainty Lilies and an Arrow

This next tattoo is dainty and pretty. The tattoo features two pink lilies with a trendy arrow. We love these two designs together because a lily can symbolize seeing the beauty in life even though you may be going through a tough time and an arrow can represent strength, power and having a sense of direction. So together these create one empowering tattoo. Try this design or add some brighter color.

Dainty Lilies and an Arrow

Source: @tattoojune

29. Lilies and Stars

Next, we have another unique design. Here we have a tattoo with a lily and star constellation. We love this idea because it is so unusual and it combines two popular tattoos together. A design like this is also perfect for those who are born in may. The lily is your birth month flower and you could have the star constellation of Taurus or Gemini added to the design. That way the tattoo will be very personal to you.

Lilies and Stars


30. Lily Chest Tattoo

Another popular place to have a tattoo is the chest and with designs like this one, we can see why! Here we have a black ink lily that is tattooed on the chest. It is an elegant and stylish design that will look amazing on everyone! A tattoo like this is perfect for those who want a bold and beautiful piece of body art. Recreate this or add some color.

31. Magical Moon and Cat Design with Lilies

The next tattoo that we have to show you looks so magical! Here we have a beautiful crescent moon with a cute cat looking up at the stars. The design is finished off with delicate pink lilies. This is a very pretty design and it is great for those who like more unique tattoos. You can recreate this or you could make the cat look similar to your pet. Different animals can be used too.

32. Subtle Lily Tattoo Design

Maybe the bolder tattoos are not your thing? If so, this subtler design could be perfect for you. This thigh tattoo features two black ink lilies. As you can see, the lines are so delicate and light and this creates a soft and subtle look. A design like this can be placed anywhere on the body and it will suit everyone.

Subtle Lily Tattoo Design

Source: @tattooist_doy

33. Unique X-Ray Tattoo Idea

This next tattoo has been described as an x-ray flower. The design features a lily that is tattooed on the shoulder and it does have a transparent x-ray look. We love this tattoo and it is one of our favorites because it so unique. The dark shades are beautiful and it is such a creative idea. This is perfect if the soft and delicate lilies are not for you and you want something bolder and more striking.

34. Beautiful Purple Lily

Next, we have another bright lily design. This tattoo features a purple lily. We love the color because it is pretty and bold. Recreate this design or you can have a purple lily tattooed elsewhere on the body. You can also try a different shade of purple too. A pastel purple would look stunning.

Beautiful Purple Lily

Source: @aeri_tattoo

35. Stylish Lily Arm Tattoo

This next idea features a stylish arm tattoo. The design has two lilies that are beautifully tattooed with delicate lines. It is a stunning design that will suit everyone. You can keep it subtle and low-key or you could add a splash of color. Use the watercolor technique or choose a light color to keep that dainty look.

Stylish Lily Arm Tattoo

Source: @aeri_tattoo

36. Lilies, Tropical Flowers and Stars

Earlier in the post we shared a lily and star tattoo. If you loved that idea, then you need to see this one too. Here we have more lilies and stars but this time tropical flowers have also been added to the design! By adding more flowers you create a more unique and personal tattoo. These look like hibiscus flowers but you can add any flowers you like. You can also make the design even more striking by adding color.

37. Lily and Carnation Design Idea

The next tattoo is pretty and also features more than one type of flower. This time we have a lily and what appears to be a carnation flower. Pink carnations can represent good luck and love and they also look beautiful with the lily. You can recreate this design or check out the language of flowers to choose a flower and color that means something special to you.

38. Lily Ankle Tattoo

Next, we have another ankle tattoo idea. This one is placed above the ankle bone and features multiple black ink lilies. We love this design because it is timeless, cute and easy to wear. Keep it black ink like this or you could add color. Subtle watercolor in a pink or purple shade would look stunning.

Lily Ankle Tattoo

Source: @renan.sampaio

39. Unique Lily and Gramophone Design

If you love unusual body art, then this is a must-have for you. Here we have a gramophone and lily design. We have never seen a tattoo like this one before so we had to share it! Something like this would be perfect for those who love music and flowers. Maybe it could represent the month you were born with the lily and also celebrate your love of music. Whatever it means to you, there is one thing for sure, which is that this tattoo is so cool!

40. Small Lily Tattoo Idea

Looking for a small tattoo? If so, this could be perfect for you. This design features a tiny lily that has been tattooed behind the ear. It is so subtle and beautiful! A design like this would be great as first tattoo because you won’t be in the chair too long. As it is small, a lily like this can be placed anywhere on the body. It would look super cute on the wrist.

41. Vibrant and Bold Lily Tattoo

Next, we have another vibrant and bold tattoo to show you. This design features a red lily that is tattooed just above the ankle bone. It is a stunning tattoo and the vivid colors are just beautiful. A tattoo like this will stand out. Recreate this or you can have a similar lily with different colored petals. Try to choose a bright color though to keep that statement making look.

42. Creative Smoke and Lily Design

Earlier we shared a lily design that had an x-ray vibe. If you love that unique look, then you need to check out this idea too. Here we have another x-ray style lily but this one has a creative, smokey design. This is such a chic and gorgeous tattoo. We love the smokey look and think that this tattoo will look amazing on anyone. You could also try the transparent lily with smoke in a different color too!

43. Girl Power Tattoo Idea

This next tattoo shows girl power. The design features the Venus symbol which is used to represent women and it is decorated with lilies. Lilies can symbolize beauty, femininity and more, so it compliments the Venus sign perfectly. This is a tattoo that celebrates women. Recreate this or you can add some color too.

We hope you have found inspiration for your next tattoo!

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