Jennette McCurdy Bra Size, Height and Weight

BRA SIZE 32C. She usually wears Victoria’s Secret bras. She confirmed her bra size on Twitter. HEIGHT 5′ 2″ (1.57 m) WEIGHT 51 kg (112.5 lbs) On Reddit, she mentioned her workout regime. To stay fit, she takes fitness classes. Currently, she’s in running though she usually hates to run and makes all kinds of excuses about how […]

Daniella Monet Bra Size, Height and Weight

BRA SIZE Daniella Monet’s bra size is 34B. HEIGHT 5′ 3″ (1.6 m) WEIGHT 53 kg (117 lbs) MEASUREMENTS 34 – 25 – 36 (US) 87 – 63.5 – 91.5 (EU) EARLY LIFE Daniella was born in West Hills, California as Daniella Monet Zuvic. She’s of French and Croatian heritage. She has four sisters and […]

Mother Daughter Tattoos

86 Amazing Mother Daughter Tattoos

Being close to your mum is the most amazing relationship you can ever have and wish for.  Mother… the most important woman in every daughter’s life.  There’s always a special bond between a mother and a daughter.  Every daughter and mother can confirm this statement.  The bond is strong and special because a woman understands […]

Top 12 Jewelry Brands for Women

Women can’t get enough of pretty jewelry. Some love it colorful, some bold, some statement and some just simple. There are many different jewelry brands and designers that’s sometimes hard to follow their work. Luckily, we made a list of 12 top jewelry brands for women. So, let’s check which jewelry brands are currently on the […]

Kate Beckinsale Net Worth

The 41-year-old English actress, Kate Beckinsale, has an estimated net worth of $16 million. Kate earned her wealth as a model and film actress. ACTING CAREER Kate started her acting career in a film ‘Much Ado About Nothing‘ in 1993. She was only 20 years old and on her first year at Oxford. Starring in this […]

Top 44 Cool Henna Designs

Henna is a symbol of happiness, beauty and art! It’s meant for everyone because it works on all skin colors and types. You don’t have to have a traditional background with henna to wear it. What’s henna? Name henna stands for two things – plant and temporary body tattoo. Henna plant is a small tree or […]

What to Wear with Floral Shoes?

Floral print is a classic pattern in the fashion. It’s one of those prints that never gets old or boring. It looks really nice on clothes, accessories and shoes. The only problem for many women is – how to wear it? Most floral prints are colorful and strong so it’s hard to style them with […]

Top 13 Most Expensive Purse Brands

Expensive purse is the main item on every fashion follower’s sartorial list. Anyone paying a couple thousand dollars for a bag wants to make sure that the brand itself can provide value. We made a list of the most expensive purse brands in the world. 1. Chanel Chanel bags are iconic and that’s why women are so […]

Jennifer Lopez Bra Size, Height and Weight

BRA SIZE 34 C. HEIGHT 5′ 5″ (165 cm) WEIGHT 130 lbs (59 kg) MEASUREMENTS 34 – 26 – 37 (US) 86 – 66 – 94 (EU) EARLY LIFE Jennifer Lopez was born in Castle Hill, Bronx to David (computer specialist) and Guadalupe Lopez (kindergarten teacher). She’s middle child and has two sisters – Lynda […]

Kat Dennings Bra Size, Height and Weight

BRA SIZE 34DD. HEIGHT 5′ 3″ (1.61 m) WEIGHT 128 lbs (58 kg) MEASUREMENTS 38 – 27 – 34 (US) 96.5 – 68.5 – 87 (EU) EARLY LIFE Kat Dennings was born in a small town near Philadelphia to Gerald (molecular pharmacologist) and Ellen Litwack. Her mother is speech therapist and poet. Kat’s the youngest […]