61 Easy DIY Halloween Makeup Looks

I know it’s summer, but some things are worth planning ahead, for instance, Halloween.  This is the time of year when it’s great to play around with your makeup.  More people are celebrating Halloween and maybe it’s because they get to look great and practice their makeup skills!

We have 61 easy DIY Halloween makeup looks for you to try.  Remember to practice before October!

1. Cute Cat Makeup

If you are wanting a sexier look, rather than a scary look, take a look at this. This is a cute cat look, which is easy to do at home.  Don’t be afraid to go a bit wild with your makeup, I know it will seem strange at first, but you will love it.

Cute Halloween Cat Makeup Look

Source: @_fk26

2. Pretty Skull Makeup Look

This is scary and pretty at the same time. It is unbelievable how makeup can transform your face.  You can look like this on Halloween, and you don’t need to buy any fancy dress costumes!  You can achieve this face with your daily makeup bag!  Use eyeliner for your cheeks, eyes and mouth.  The shading on your cheeks, you can use eyeshadow.  To add a little glitter, make a lovely design on your forehead as the photo above and you will be Halloween ready.

3. Masquerade Makeup Mask

Who needs to buy a mask?  Not you when you see this!  You can make your own. This is a gorgeous design made by makeup and rhinestones.  Apply your usual daily makeup but slightly heavier.  Use dark colours for your eyelids and purple for your lips.  Then you can start to design your masquerade mask with eyeliner. Apply rhinestones using a false-lash adhesive.

Easy Masquerade Makeup Mask for Halloween

Source: @missj15

4. Spider-Man Inspired Makeup Look

Peter Parker aka Spiderman is the inspiration behind this makeup look. It is girly, sexy and simple.  Make sure you have big red luscious lips and glitter in the corners of your eyes.  This will make the spider web softer and sexier.

Spiderman Makeup Mask for Halloween

Source: @jadedeacon

5. Cute Deer Makeup Look

This may be the most simple, yet cutest Halloween makeup look, we have ever seen. This is cuteness overload.  The best thing about it is that it’s quick and easy to do yourself.  Concentrate on drawing attention to your eyes and you can achieve this by using false eyelashes or keep applying the mascara.  Many people tend not to use eyelashes and prefer to let the mascara work their magic.  Make the ears and your cheeks stand out with bronzer and don’t be afraid to apply lots!  Remember this isn’t your daily look so it needs to look radically different.

Cute Deer Makeup Look for Halloween

Source: @adilenexoxo

6. Half Face Pop Art Zombie

Opting to have a pop art zombie on one side of your face, will look incredible. If ever you have wanted to express your style and experiment with makeup, now is the time to do so.  Besides, who will notice you made a mistake!  It’s all about having fun.

7. Mermaid Makeup

This is simply gorgeous. Turn half of your face into a mermaid with some shimmer and glitter.  The more you use the better.  Draw on the mermaid design with either face paint or colourful eyeliner.

Pretty Mermaid Halloween Makeup Look

Source: @missj15

8. Gangsta Clown

This looks so good and freaky! It will certainly scare your friends.  If you have a check shirt, this will look amazing with this makeup.  You can either wear a wig or clip in colourful strands to finish the look.

Gangsta Clown Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @chrisspy

Here is a YouTube tutorial by Chrisspy to help you re-create this look:

9. Skeleton Makeup Look

Skeleton makeup is timeless and simple. You can either use face powder or face paint for this type of Halloween makeup.  The only colour needed is for your eyelids.  The rest of your face will be black and white.

Halloween Skeleton Makeup Idea

Source: @giuliannaa

Watch the tutorial for this look by Giulianna Maria down below:

10. Broken Porcelain Doll

The effects of this makeup look awesome. You don’t need to be great at art to achieve this!  Don’t forget to use subtle makeup colours on your eyes so the attention is on your face.

Broken Porcelain Doll Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @hotonbeauty

11. Pop Art Makeup Look

Who doesn’t love a bit of pop art! Pop art is fun and so is Halloween.  This is a very easy makeup look, that can be done within 5-10 mins.  Don’t forget to pop art your fingernails too!

12. Pink Bunny

Do you randomly have a pair of bunny ears and you want to make use of them? This is for you!  Maybe you bought your bunny ears for a fancy dress party but now they are gathering dust.  Bring them out and we can guarantee you’ll love this look.

Cute Pink Bunny Halloween Makeup Look

Source: @alvajay

13. Scary Clown

Looking at this face makes me want to try it. Clowns are scary but when they come out on Halloween night, it’s even more scary.  Not many people are a fan of a clown so make sure you make a scary impression!

14. Trippy Double Vision Makeup

No, you aren’t seeing double or even triple! This is amazing and we love it.  It does mess with your mind so be warned!

Check out the tutorial!

15. Sugar Skull Makeup

Mix the sugar sweet with a scary theme and you will get this! This is truly remarkable.  It’s scary and looks like you have put so much effort into Halloween, everyone will be jealous.

Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Look

Source: @_heartwork_

16. Ariana Grande (Dangerous Woman) Inspired Look

Are you a fan of Ariana Grande? This is inspired by Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman look.  Again, this is another daily makeup look turned into Halloween style.  Apply your daily makeup as usual, then start to make your eye mask with your eyeliner pen or pencil.

17. Cheshire Cat

Keep smiling like a Cheshire Cat! This will look freaky and you can match it with your hair and outfit!

Cheshire Cat Halloween Makeup Look

Source: @alvajay

18. Scary Doll

Don’t rule out a scary doll… Especially, with a stitched mouth!  It will go with any dress you decide to wear and it looks so good with a hair bow.

Scary Doll Halloween Makeup Look

Source: @coco_mckim

19. All Black Sugar Skull Makeup

This is quite easy and quick to do. All you need is black makeup or face paint.  Sugar skull makeup comes from Dia de los Muertos, which means Day of the Dead.  It’s a Mexican holiday that has been celebrated for years.  It is becoming increasing popular across Latin America, United States and Europe.

All Black Sugar Skull Makeup Look

Source: @astmog_mua

20. Pixelated Face Makeup Look

This may look strange when applying but don’t give up. The outcome looks fab!

Tutorial for the look is here:

21. Easy Fairy Makeup

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. You can make your face look beautiful like this easy fairy makeup look.  You can add a few flowers to add to the look but your eyes need to be the main focal point.

22. Cute Werewolf Makeup

This next idea is cute and classic. Here we have werewolf makeup. The artist has painted her face so it looks hairy and she has even added some sharp teeth too! This look is finished off with super cool contact lenses. You can find tutorials online which can show you how to create the furry look and you can buy werewolf contact lenses too.

Cute DIY Werewolf Makeup

Source: @alex21andra

23. Bride of Chucky Costume Idea

If you love watching horror movies, then you need to see this next idea. Here we have makeup and a costume inspired by the character Tiffany from the movie Chucky’s Bride. As you can see, makeup like this will be quite easy to recreate and the costume is also simple. This is a unique and scary idea. It would be great for any last minute events.

24. Easy Beetlejuice Makeup

Beetlejuice is one of the most popular Halloween costumes so we had to show you a cool makeup look to try. This makeup artist has created a simple but spooky version. She has the pale face with green, purple eyes and she has finished off the look with green hair. This is an awesome and easy makeup look to try. Wear a striped top, jacket or dress and your costume will be complete.

25. Classic Halloween Vampire

Vampire costumes are a Halloween classic and next we have a beautiful version to show you. The makeup artist has created glam eye makeup using dark purple tones and she has dark lip color too. This look is complete with blood and fangs. It is such a simple but amazing idea and you can use the makeup you already wear. So, you will just need the blood and fangs. You can choose a similar Gothic costume too. A black dress would look stunning.

26. Magical Unicorn Makeup

If all the scary makeup, blood and gore is not for you, then you can try something pretty like this! Here we have magical unicorn idea. She has created beautiful makeup using purple tones and has completed the look with glitter, gems and a unicorn horn headband. This is a cute look that will allow you to dress and up and celebrate Halloween but without the terror. You can view a YouTube tutorial for this makeup down below.

Magical Unicorn Makeup

Source: @sarahnewsfx

27. Glam Sugar Skull Makeup Idea

Next, we have a beautiful sugar skull inspired makeup look to show you. The makeup artist has one glam eye and one skull eye. She has also decorated her face with stunning patterns. We love the red lip color because that really makes a statement. Makeup like this is spooky but pretty and it will be perfect for a party. You could make yourself look scarier by wearing contact lenses.

Glam Sugar Skull Makeup Idea

Source: @makeupby_makenzie

28. Spider Eye Makeup

Looking for simple but scary makeup? If so, this could be perfect for you. Here we have spider eye makeup. When your eye is open, it looks like spider legs are coming out of your eye and when you close your eye, the black makeup creates a spider illusion. It is cool and creepy idea. You can find lots of YouTube tutorials for spider eye makeup so you can create a similar look yourself.

29. Spooky Scarecrow

We couldn’t have a list of Halloween makeup looks without featuring a spooky scarecrow! It is a Halloween classic. This makeup artist has created a colorful and creepy scarecrow. The look is complete with patches, stitches and even a hat made out of a grocery bag. There are scarecrow makeup tutorials online and you can be as scary or as cute as you like.

30. Joker Makeup Idea

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up as your favorite villain. The next idea features a cool makeup look inspired by the Joker. This makeup is easy to create and everyone will instantly recognize your costume. It is a fun idea and you can check out the products used on the page below. We love this idea because she kind of looks stylish, especially with the purple eye makeup.

31. Wicked Witch Makeup

Next, we have another Halloween classic. This makeup artist has created wicked witch inspired makeup. She has the pointy black hat, warts and green makeup. It is a pretty and spooky look. You can recreate this or paint your face green like we often see with witch makeup. Maybe even wear contact lenses for a more scary and mystical look.

Wicked Witch Makeup

Source: @lissypink10

32. Gory Halloween Makeup

The next makeup idea features a gory illusion. For this look, the artist has created the illusion that her jaw is stitched on and that there is a gap in-between the two halves of her face. She has completed the look with dripping blood. This is such a scary and creative idea, it is one of our favorites. You can find tutorials online that will show you how to create stitches.

33. Cool and Creepy Circus Clown

Give everyone a fright this Halloween with circus clown makeup like this. The makeup artist has taken inspiration from classic clowns to create a dark and scary look. She has also painted circus style stripes on her body. This is a cool and creepy look that is perfect for a party. You can check out the full list of the products used to create the makeup on the page below.

Cool and Creepy Circus Clown

Source: @ohmygeeee

34. Pumpkin Illusion Makeup

Next, we have another illusion design. The artist has created the illusion that her face is cracking to reveal a pumpkin underneath. It is such a cool idea and it is perfect for Halloween. This look was created with Mehron Makeup Paradise Paints. There are tutorials for this type of makeup online.

35. Cute Deer Makeup Idea

If you want to look more cute than creepy this Halloween, then this idea could be perfect for you. This makeup artist has created a pretty deer look. She has glam eye makeup, a heart nose and a dotted pattern. This look is finished off with antlers. Makeup like this will suit everyone and you can recreate this or try a simpler version.

Cute Deer Makeup Idea

Source: @jwmua

36. Scary Spider Makeup

Spider makeup is very popular and with makeup like this, we can see why! The artist has painted spiders on her skin. She has also created the cool spider eye makeup and she has stepped up the game by painting a spider on her mouth too. It is so creepy because it looks like the spider is coming out of her mouth! You can view the products used on the page below and you can find spider makeup tutorials online.

Scary Spider Makeup

Source: @jodiehulme

37. Sunflower Scarecrow

The next idea features another scarecrow. This time the scarecrow has a beautiful sunflower design. She has a sunflower painted around her eye and she has one on her nose too. The rest of the makeup is quite classic with stitches. We love this makeup look because it is sparkly and quite glam, but it also celebrates Halloween.

Stunning Sunflower Scarecrow Makeup

Source: @alex21andra

38. Unique Skeleton Makeup with Hearts

Stand out from the spooky crowd with makeup like this. Here we have skeleton makeup with a twist. The artist has added hearts to the design. As you can see, the hearts look so cute and they create a more pretty look. The black makeup looks quite elegant too. Wear makeup like this with a floral headband and a black dress and you will have one stylish Halloween costume.

39. Fortune Teller Makeup and Costume

The next idea is one of our favorites. This makeup artist has created an amazing costume inspired by fortune tellers. Her makeup is so pretty and magical. She has bright eye makeup complete with a little sparkle. You can check out the products used and view a tutorial on the page below. We love this mystical idea.

Fortune Teller Makeup and Costume

Source: @manal

40. SAW Inspired Makeup

If you are a horror movie fan, then you need to see this next idea. Here we have makeup inspired by Billy the Puppet from the movie SAW. She has the swirl pattern on her cheeks and has a doll like mouth. It is an easy look but it will creep everyone out. You can keep it simple like this or go for the black wig and white face.

41. Bat Halloween Makeup with Scary Contact Lenses

Next, we have a creepy look that is perfect for Halloween. This makeup artist has created a bat design on her face. The look is complete with glam eye makeup, red lips and scary contact lenses. We love this because the bat design is so creative. You can find tutorials online for painting bats and you can recreate with any color contact lenses.

42. Mystical Makeup

Next, we have a mystical makeup idea to show you. The artist has created dark eye makeup complete with dark lip color, stars and a moon on the forehead. This is mysterious idea and it will look amazing with a fortune teller costume. The makeup is quite simple to recreate, so you could try this for last minute events.

43. Simple Circus Clown Makeup

The circus can delight or fright and this time this makeup is definitely  creepy. This makeup artist has created circus clown makeup. You can find tutorials online for the makeup and you can find clown costumes online. Add some contact lenses or illusions to make it really scary.

44. Glam 1920’s Makeup

If you like the 1920’s, then you need to see this idea. Here we have illusion makeup inspired by the decade. The artist created dark makeup with red lips and she has made her eyebrows disappear. This is a fun and glam costume and it reminds us of silent movie stars.

Glam 1920's Halloween Makeup

Source: @madykennedy

45. Creepy Stitches

Next, we have creepy stitches! The artist has made it look like her face has been split and sewn back together. It is such a scary idea and it can be used with doll and scarecrow makeup. You can find tutorials online for stitch makeup. Maybe even add some blood for a gory look.

46. Gangster Clown

Gangster clowns have become very popular and here is a cool version. She has classic clown features with black and white patterns. This is another great last minute look and you could even add contacts if you want to make it scarier. Any clothing and costume can be worn with this look.

Gangster Clown Halloween Makeup Look

Source: @addybeauty

47. Egyptian Queen

Look like the Queen you are with this next costume. This one is inspired by Ancient Egypt and it has Cleopatra vibes. This is a cool costume and makeup idea. You can find tutorials for this type of makeup online and you can buy the wig and costumes online as well. You could even make this creepy by adding a mummy costume or makeup illusion.

Egyptian Queen Easy Halloween Makeup

Source: @caro_losada

48. Pretty Leopard Makeup

Show off your wild side this Halloween with leopard makeup like this. As you can see, the artist has created glam eye makeup and she has added a leopard nose and spots. It is such a cool makeup idea and you can look pretty but also dress up, so it gives you the best of both worlds.

49. Werewolf Makeup for Halloween

Next, we have a classic werewolf to show you. The artist has made her face look furry and she has whiskers and ears. This is such a fun idea and it is perfect for those who like the more classic Halloween characters. You can find tutorials for wolf makeup online and you can see all the products used to create the look on the page below.

50. Halloween Ghost Face Makeup

The next makeup idea is more unique. Here we have glam eyes and lips. But the artist has given it a Halloween twist by adding ghosts. This is such a cool idea and it is great for those who want to try something different. You can wear any costume or clothing with this and it will suit any Halloween event, too.

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