Maroon Nails

23 Chic Ways to Wear Maroon Nails This Fall

Can’t decide which color to paint your nails? Then why not try maroon?! Maroon is such a stylish and rich color. Not only that, but it can be glammed up or down for any occasion too. So, the versatile color can be worn every day or for a night on the town. If all that […]

Best Pastel Pink Hair Colors Right Now

23 Best Pastel Pink Hair Colors Right Now

Now the spring is here and summer is not far away it is a good time to have a change of hairstyle. One of the must-have hair colors is pastel pink! Pastel pink is a fun and light color that will brighten up your look so it is perfect for the warmer seasons. Some of […]

Oval Nails

23 Elegant Nail Designs and Ideas for Oval Nails

There are so many different nail shapes to try. We have covered many of the popular ones such as coffin and stiletto. Today, it is time to showcase oval nails. Oval nails have a rounded shape and can be created in any length. We love the more rounded shape because it looks elegant and also […]

Sunflower Nails

23 Sunflower Nails That Will Make Everyone Jealous

Floral nail art is so popular. This is no surprise since flowers will suit any occasion and you can choose flowers in all different colors and shapes. Now the sunny weather is here, sunflowers are back in the spotlight. These sunshine yellow flowers are the new favorite and the flowers look amazing when used in […]

Dip Nail Designs

21 Trendy Dip Nail Designs You Will Love

If you are a regular at the nail salon, then you will have come across acrylics, gel nails and more but have you head about dip nails? Dip nails are set to be the biggest new thing in nails but of course, this is not a new technique for some. If you haven’t heard of […]

Casual Outfit Ideas for Summer

23 Casual Outfit Ideas for Summer 2020

The summer is just around the corner so now is the time to create your summer wardrobe. This year our summer plans may be a little different to the ones before, so that has changed the fashion trends too. As this summer, it is all about casual fashion. Think sneakers, t-shirts and stylish one pieces […]

Short Nail Designs for Summer

21 Short Nail Designs for Summer 2020

When looking for new nail art you will often find amazing designs for long nails only. Sometimes it can seem like the best art is for sharp stiletto nails or the popular and trendy coffin shape. But what about those with short nails? Well, we at StayGlam are here to help. We have done some […]

Yellow Nail Designs

23 Yellow Nail Designs That Will Brighten Your Day

If you think of a color that makes you feel happy, many will instantly choose yellow. There is just something about the bright and warm color that makes everyone think of summer and fun. As it is such a pretty color, we thought it would look amazing on your nails. Not only will the nails […]

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

21 Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If Halloween is one of your favorite holidays and you have found out that you are expecting a baby, then this is place for you. Today, we have 21 of the best Halloween pregnancy announcement ideas. With these you can make this year extra special by sharing your exciting news. We have announcements with classic […]

Nail Art Inspo

25 Nail Art Ideas and Trends to Try in 2020

We don’t know about you, but we are always on the lookout for new nail art designs. The nail trends, must-have colors and more are always changing, so there is always new nail art to try. With that said, we have brought to you today 25 nail designs and ideas to get you inspired in […]