80s Halloween Costumes

21 of the Best 80s Halloween Costumes

Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Well, why not narrow down the search and choose something from the 80’s? The 80’s was a decade full of amazing and scary movies, bad fashion and iconic celebrities. So, there is a lot of inspiration. With that said, we have 21 of the best 80s Halloween costumes. […]

Gypsy Halloween Costume Ideas

21 Gypsy Halloween Costume Ideas for 2020

Halloween is not far away so if you are feeling spooky already, then you are probably on the lookout for the perfect costume. This year why not ditch the traditional ghosts, witches and vampires and try something new?! Maybe try a gypsy Halloween costume instead? We love these costumes because they are versatile so you […]

Half Face Halloween Makeup Ideas

23 Half Face Halloween Makeup Ideas

Looking for spooky and unique Halloween makeup? Then this is the place to be! Today we have 23 of the best half face Halloween makeup ideas. These designs are exactly how they sound. One half of your face will have one makeup design and the other side will have another. We love this because you […]

Quick Halloween Costumes

21 Quick Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween is not far away so you may have already started to plan your costume. But maybe you’re the type who leaves it to the last minute? If this is you, then we are here to help! We have found 21 quick Halloween costumes for women. These are great for any Halloween event and can […]

Halloween Acrylic Nails

23 Most Beautiful Halloween Acrylic Nails

During the month of October, nails with a Halloween design are a must-have. Your nail art can show your love for the holiday and it can be the finishing touch to your Halloween costume. There are so many spooktacular nail designs to try from classic pumpkin faces, to art inspired by movies. With that said, […]

Olive Green Nails

23 Olive Green Nails That Are Perfect for Fall

So, you’re deciding what color you want to wear on your nails next. You’re thinking should I choose classic nude, bold red or pretty pink. Well, why not ditch those and try something new? What about olive green? Olive is a gorgeous shade of green and it will suit every season. Not only that, but […]

Sexy Halloween Makeup

23 Sexy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women

When choosing your Halloween costume and makeup, the choices are endless. Should you be a classic character, look seriously spooky or show of your sexy side at a Halloween party? Well, we say that you can do all three! We have found 23 of the best sexy Halloween makeup ideas. You will find wild leopards, […]

Fortune Teller Makeup Ideas for Halloween

21 Fortune Teller Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Bring some mystery and magic to Halloween by dressing up as fortune teller. Fortune teller costumes can look as scary or as glam you want to make them. So, to give you some inspiration, we have found 21 of the most mystical fortune teller makeup ideas. These can be simple to create and they suit […]

White Tip Nails

23 White Tip Nails That Will Never Go Out of Style

There are so many different nail designs and patterns that you can try and new trends are emerging every season. However, there is one classic design that has stood the test of time and that is white tips. Nails with white tips are usually paired with nude or pink base colors which creates a chic […]

Spider Makeup Ideas for Halloween

25 Creepy Spider Makeup Ideas for Halloween

A fear of spiders is one of the most common fears. Even if you are not terrified of spiders, not many people like them. With that said, spider makeup is perfect for Halloween. You can give everyone a little fright by wearing makeup inspired by the creepy crawlies. To give you some ideas, we have […]